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Medical Lake Education Association The Medical Lake Education Association is the union serving certificated employees in the Medical Lake School District. Go Cardinals!

WEA-Eastern Washington

Guidance on Special Education.

From WEA this morning~
Important 🚩🚩🚩
“Clarification from the Governor's press conference on extending school closures
After the press conference Monday, we've had several people ask whether Gov. Jay Inslee and Schools Superintendent Chris Reykdal are recommending or requiring students with significant needs (special education, ELL, Title 1) to re-enter our schools to receive services between now and the end of this school year.

WEA checked in with the Governor's office and OSPI to find out.

The answer is no.

Our school facilities are closed for the remainder of the school year, with very limited exceptions (food service, childcare, other social services that are both essential and necessary).

The Governor's order would allow certain services to be provided to students such as:

Childcare for dependents of essential workers.
One-on-one connection with a homeless student by a case worker at a school because the county building is closed.
Connecting a student with a chemical dependency counselor as part of treatment in a school because a local non-profit is closed.
Behavioral health services for a student by a therapist when the school facility is the safest location to provide those services.
Food preparation and delivery.

These are very limited exceptions and the Superintendent and the Governor's office have indicated that they would be very concerned if this order was interpreted in a way that suggested 130,000 students would re-enter schools during this period of closure.

The Governor's order also was very clear that these limited services would be allowed only in accordance with public health guidelines, social distancing, and hygiene protocols.”

Rochester Education Association

Rochester Education Association

A message from our leadership team as we head into week 3 of remote learning.

Hi Medical Lake EA, Ryan here.There's a bill being heard in Olympia this week that will probably resonate with a lot of ...
Washington State Legislature

Hi Medical Lake EA, Ryan here.

There's a bill being heard in Olympia this week that will probably resonate with a lot of the new teachers especially: SB 6067 would eliminate the EdTPA as a graduation requirement. I've yet to hear a teacher say that the EdTPA made them better, but I've certainly heard a ton of student teachers talk about how EdTPA was taking all their effort and distracting them from the classroom, which is where all their attention should be during student teaching. It's a useless, costly hurdle, and if we have a chance to get rid of it, let's do it!

If this is something you believe in, could I bother you to follow this link and click on the green "Comment on This Bill" button at the top? It may ask you a few questions to figure out who your legislators are, but once you do please leave a comment about your experiences with EdTPA and ask them to support 6067.

If you have any questions, please let me know!




Picket Captain and Zone Coordinators are in the house. Signs are being assembled by more than 100 people. We don't want to strike, but we are preparing.Check the blog for more photos.

In Solidarity with the Seattle EA.

In Solidarity with the Seattle EA.

Our hardworking SEA Bargaining Team members will not give up! Here's a report from tonight's negotiations:

Bargaining between SEA and the SPS team began around noon Thursday and lasted until around 10 pm. We still do not have a contract deal. Around 7 pm, the SEA Bargaining Team presented district administrators with our latest compensation and staffing proposal. Our team waited in good faith for three hours, but administrators didn’t have anything new to offer. Negotiations then ended for the night.

District administrators have said they will present their compensation proposal Friday morning to leaders of the SEA Bargaining Team. The full SEA Bargaining Team will not meet with district bargainers until the district team has actually presented a proposal. Until Seattle School District budget officials back down from their “sky is falling” budget predictions, and until they decide to invest in what our students need to be successful, it’s unlikely there will be a settlement.

SEA Bargaining Team members are preparing to speak at the Aug. 27 general membership meeting. Because of our bylaws, any tentative agreement must be shared with SEA members at least 72 hours before the vote. That means district administrators have until Saturday afternoon to make a legitimate compensation and staffing proposal that SEA members can vote on, along with addressing other priorities, including expending and supporting racial equity teams.

Because there is so much at stake, the SEA Bargaining Team is respectfully requesting that ALL SEA members from all four units attend the Aug. 27 meeting. Your vote will count!

Ninja Warrior

Congratulations, Sandy Zimmerman!

That’s mom power! 💪Sandy Zimmerman becomes the first mother to make it up the warped wall!

We Teach Tacoma - Tacoma Education Association


Despite $30 million in reserves and a mere 4 month lapse in levy collection, TPS is moving ahead with RIFs today.
TEA is committed to fighting for the impacted staff and positions.
We know the important work our members do to support
students, staff, and community.

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

When you hear talk in the next couple of weeks about restoring levy flexibility, especially in light of what just happened in Spokane, this is what we're talking about.

In 2018, the Legislature cut $1 billion per year in local voter-approved school levies without approval from voters. This was not mandated by the Supreme Court and must be corrected before the end of the legislative session. Watch Supt. Reykdal explain why.

#WAedu #WAleg #schoolfunding

Gerry Brooks

To all you losing time and sleep, thank you.

Lemons to lemonade....

Instagram: gerrybrooksprin

If you're in need of additional clock hours for recertification, or to make moves up the salary schedule, you may want t...

If you're in need of additional clock hours for recertification, or to make moves up the salary schedule, you may want to consider the on-line offerings through the Community Colleges of Spokane--they're pretty affordable!

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Go get 'em, Ki-Be!

Go get 'em, Ki-Be!


Bargaining Update for MLEA Members

Hello friends, colleagues, community members, and anyone else interested in how the negotiations for our new contract are going:

We've met with the District four times now and had some meaningful conversations about the new state funding and our vision for where that money should go. Our commitment to our members, just as a simple function of fairness, is that we will have a competitive wage compared to other districts in Spokane County.

We have settlements from our neighbors to the west, in the Caribou Trail league, and they're looking a double-digit percentage increases. Similarly, I've had an opportunity to talk with other locals in our area through WEA-Eastern Washington, and they're asking for life changing numbers--the kind of competitive, professional salary that we've been requesting for generations in teaching.

The opportunity is NOW. We're sensitive to the need for a sustainable budget, certainly; I was president the last time we had teacher layoffs in Medical Lake, and it was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do as we sat in meetings to tell good people that they didn't have a job any more. I never want to do that again. That said, when the OSPI budget documents show a $2.5 million dollar increase for Medical Lake next year and the current salary offer from the District is less than 1/3 of that money, there's a problem.

Our next meeting with the District is scheduled for August 15th. It's my fondest hope to be emailing all of you that afternoon to say, "Hot damn! We have an agreement!" and then start presenting the good news to you so that we can all return our focus to the reason we're here--the kids.

If you have any questions about where we're at feel free to send me a message on Facebook, or call me on my cell phone: 951-1290. I appreciate the support you've shown the Bargaining Team, and here's to an amazing 2018-2019 school year.

With thanks,


From our friends in the other MLEA:Quincy EA ratified their new agreement this week. Way to go!!!BA + 0 Step Zero - Star...

From our friends in the other MLEA:

Quincy EA ratified their new agreement this week. Way to go!!!

BA + 0 Step Zero - Starting Salary is $48,269.
MA+90 Step 16 - They will earn $90,979.
The salary schedule is total compensation = base pay plus enrichment/supplemental. Longevity sits outside the salary schedule and starts at year 10 and goes to 30+ years of service.

Quincy EA ratified their new agreement this week. Way to go!!!

BA + 0 Step Zero - Starting Salary is $48,269.
MA+90 Step 16 - They will earn $90,979.
The salary schedule is total compensation = base pay plus enrichment/supplemental. Longevity sits outside the salary schedule and starts at year 10 and goes to 30+ years of service.



Many of the groups behind the opt-out campaign have long opposed not only agency fees (which the Supreme Court just ruled against), but teachers' unions in general, on the grounds that they inhibit education reforms such as vouchers and charter schools.

Over in my old stomping grounds locals are working together to make sure everyone gets a fair contract.We're doing that ...

Over in my old stomping grounds locals are working together to make sure everyone gets a fair contract.

We're doing that here in Spokane County, too--if Cheney, Reardan, or anyone else says that they need us, we'll be there for them, and if we need them, they'll be here for us. There's power in a union, and it's great to see it used!


Chehalis Education Association is gathering to join Centralia tomorrow to show their support! Thank you Chehalis! Tumwater and Rochester will be there too!

Hi MLEA members,I'll have a lot more to say about this in the coming months, but you may be approached either personally...
How Corporations Plan To Use Janus To Turn Workers Against Their Own Unions

Hi MLEA members,

I'll have a lot more to say about this in the coming months, but you may be approached either personally or through mail about dropping your union membership. This article gets into the broad strokes about the folks behind this, and why it's a bad idea--please let me know if you have any questions.



A union buster may be coming to your door.

Montana Hay Train 2017

If you can help Dave and his family, I know it would be appreciated.

One of our local Friends and Medical Lake Middle School teacher got in a serious tractor accident. He is adored by all of the kids and staff. He is truly a one of a kind person in and out of school. He has been a huge part of the West Plains community for many years. The accident happened mid May... and he has not left the hospital. He will be undergoing multiple surgeries... and is expected to begin to walk again in about 1 year. He is not the kind of man to ask for help, but anyone being in his position can use all the help they can get.

We opened a donation account at the Medical Lake WSECU Bank Acct#6938838
Name: Donation Acct David D.

Mailing Address:
Medical Lake Branch
PO Box 519
Medical Lake, WA 99022

Physical Address:
Medical Lake Branch
205 E. SR 902
Medical Lake, WA 99022

If you have any further questions feel free to PM

If nothing else please share this post to help Stephanie and David Dormaier with all the medical expenses they are going to acquire.

Thank you!
Steve and Angela Stimson

Shared with permission from the Medical Lake Community Forum page.

Shared with permission from the Medical Lake Community Forum page.

MLEA Members,In this week's advocacy alert from the National Education Association there's a link to a bill that would i...
Education Insider

MLEA Members,

In this week's advocacy alert from the National Education Association there's a link to a bill that would impact us more than any other district in eastern Washington--a proposal to create a voucher program for the children of military members. If you could click the link below and send one of the packaged emails to our legislators it can make a difference--the whole process takes maybe 30 seconds.



In a party-line vote on April 18, the House Agriculture Committee passed its version of the Farm Bill, which includes harsh changes in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), our nation’s largest anti-hunger program. Formerly known as food stamps, SNAP helps feed one in five U.S......

In Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Kentucky!
Why bluegrass teachers are seeing red

In Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Kentucky!

The temperature is rising in this "education spring." That's because teachers in states like Kentucky are turning up the heat against Republican attacks.


MLEA members--

The United States Supreme Court is hearing a major case tomorrow known as Janus; if they rule against the unions, and that's what is expected, our work as a union will get that much harder. The WEA is asking everyone to consider wearing red tomorrow, February 26th--if you'd join in, it would be appreciated.



WEA-Eastern Washington

WEA-Eastern Washington

Friends, please make sure to have your ballots postmarked by Tuesday so that they can count in the levy and bond elections around our area. The picture below shows you the return statistics for Spokane as of Friday--there's still a ton of ballots out there that could make the difference. THANK YOU to everyone who has voted so far!

Medical Lake High School Booster Club

Medical Lake High School Booster Club

Attention Cardinal fans:. The booster club needs your help this Saturday. The girls and boys basketball teams are hosting Deer Park with first game starting at 2:30 pm. Then there will be 4 more games at 4 and 6 pm. 5 of the 6 regular volunteers that man the concession stand will not be able to attend that day. We need people to fill in and take there place. Please respond if you are able to help out. Set-up begins at 1:30 pm.

Thank you and Go Cardinals!
Darin Spangler
MLHS Booster Club President

San Juan Island Education Association

Standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the San Juan Island EA.

San Juan Island teachers to strike Friday, Sept. 1
“No Confidence” in Supt. Danna Diaz

San Juan Education Association news release, 8/31/17

This afternoon teachers on San Juan Island voted to strike beginning Friday, Sept. 1, after the San Juan Island School Board and Supt. Danna Diaz refused to negotiate a fair contract settlement.

“Superintendent Diaz and the school board refuse to invest in the quality teachers our students deserve,” said Amy Hull, president of the San Juan Education Association, which represents about 55 teachers and certificated educators. “Professional, competitive pay is necessary to attract and keep caring, qualified, committed teachers for students in the San Juan Island School District.”

Superintendents and school boards in dozens of districts across Washington have reached fair contract settlements with their teachers this month, many with substantial salary increases. San Juan teachers are the only educators on strike in Washington. The last teacher strikes in the state were in 2015.
Diaz’ current proposal would put San Juan educators further and further behind their peers in other districts, which would put island students at a disadvantage.

Approximately 97 percent of the teachers at tonight’s union meeting voted to strike. School started today (Aug. 31) in the district, which has 750 students. The existing contract expired today. Teachers also voted “no confidence” in Diaz by 97 percent.

Teachers are frustrated by the lack of respect shown by Diaz and believe her refusal to negotiate a fair contract proves she doesn’t value San Juan teachers.

“We believe educators should have more control over their own professional development choices and the purchase of curriculum and support materials from dedicated classroom budgets,” Hull said. “But Supt. Diaz doesn’t trust or respect us as education professionals.”

At the meeting, the sentiment was that she treats teachers like they are replaceable.

SJEA is affiliated with the statewide Washington Education Association.

Solidarity to our colleagues in Federal Way!

Solidarity to our colleagues in Federal Way!

Great to see over 350 members, parents, and community partners in support.
FWEA members need a contract that makes Federal Way the best place to work and learn! #United4StrongFWSchools


REMINDER: The insurance brokers will be at the Middle School this Friday, August 25th from 12:00 to 4:00 to help anyone interested in hearing about the different insurance options. If you're not able to make it there, please bring any questions you might have to the Benefits Fair next Monday morning and we'll do our best to get them answered.




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We lost one of our own over the weekend. Please help if you can.
Thank you so much for your heartfelt posts, memories. cards, and flowers. Mr Cicero loved being your Art teacher and coach! Blessings to all ❤ ! Sincerely, Leslie and Conor Cicero