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Meredith Gelman, LCSW Psychotherapy for Adult Women, Adolescent Girls and Parents

In practice for over 16 years. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a speciality in providing therapy to ■Adolescent Girls ■Adult Women ■Parents I work with people struggling with anxiety/mood disorders, learning/behavioral challenges, life transitions (including work with new and seasoned parents), and reworking of family of origin roadblocks. I also specialize in recovery from all types of traumatic experiences – - large or small. This could be present day trauma and loss issues or unresolved trauma from the past.

Barb Schmidt

Barb Schmidt

Wake up. Sit. Breathe. Connect to your power and grounding within. 💫

Life can be difficult, always unpredictable, and say the least right?

So often when we’re going through a tough time we think this is it, I just can’t handle anymore, I feel overwhelmed.

It’s during these times, if we can remember to breathe and call upon all our resources of power and calm within, we emerge transformed, actually blossoming.

You have been planted my loves, now bloom to your highest capacity.

Trauma-Informed Practice

Trauma-Informed Practice

We know that children need many things, but here is a good list to start with...

I love hearing this.
John Ratey, MD

I love hearing this.

"Strength training doesn't just build muscles and trim your waistline—it's also one of the best prescriptions for mental health. Here's how to stay away from stress and burn-out, and start lifting towards a calmer, more confident you!"


Thanks Robyn E Brickel MA, LMFT, LLC for sharing this..

"A grieving person is going to laugh again and smile again. Yes, they're going to move forward. But that doesn't mean that they've moved on."

Read our newest TED Book, “The Hot Young Widows Club,” a wise and humorous guide for anyone going through a challenging time:

Love this one ...❤️❤️

Love this one ...❤️❤️

from The Rhythm of life by Matthew Kelly

Zensational Kids, LLC

Zensational Kids, LLC

See them as their highest self and perhaps that is who will show up.

Zensational Kids, LLC

Zensational Kids, LLC



Love this!!
Zensational Kids, LLC

Love this!!

Great advice and suggestions in this article. Two things that stand out are: understanding the "window of tolerance" and how this relates to behavior and resilience. The second is recognizing that somatic work is essential for many students that have experienced trauma. Sitting with their thoughts is actually re-traumatizing. Get them into their body!!! #zenationalkids #traumainfromed #healingandrestoring

Take care of you....

Take care of you....

Begin today empowered, full of energy, and feeling confident.
We all have people in our lives who will never understand us, or most likely never want to understand us.
Don’t waste your energy beautiful friends.

Let them be.
Preserve your vitality for living your precious life.
We only have so much time, energy, and care to give each day.
Wish them well from afar.
This is big self care.

Thrive Therapy Center, LLC
Thrive Therapy Center, LLC

Thrive Therapy Center, LLC

“Teaching our children that there is a lesson when we struggle is so important. That there is a lesson in our pain, disappointment, anger. That problems that are hard to solve lead to opportunities.”

Thank you @postpartum support of Virginia for the list of amazing apps for new moms including ones for incorporating min...
Home - Babies Help Mommies

Thank you @postpartum support of Virginia for the list of amazing apps for new moms including ones for incorporating mindfulness and lactation and mental health support. Check out the information below from this wonderful organization and download today!

Babies Help Mommies is a FREE wellness app developed by a cardiologist and mother of three for postpartum mothers. This app’s mission is to help women live healthier, happier lives. It includes PPD screenings, articles, mood calendar, contact information for Postpartum Support International, special date reminders, calorie-burning tracker for all the feedings and other work moms do on a daily basis, and more. It highlights how making positive choices can lower a woman's risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer while boosting both physical and mental wellbeing during this rewarding but challenging time.

Matriarc helps women recover from childbirth with a series of targeted exercise sequences, meditation series, and educational information. This app helps women rehabilitate their new bodies, calm their minds, relieve stress, and restore energy levels. Matriarc teaches the fundamental techniques for safe physical fitness and mindfulness, along with important nutritional, medical, and educational information.

Motherful focuses on new mothers’ mental health by incorporating mindfulness with the goal of bringing peace and presence into daily life. Motherful uses a short, daily ritual, which can be completed in about 5 minutes, that includes gratitude journaling, brief guided meditations, and daily mantras. These mindfulness approaches can help release some of the overwhelm and stress that many new mothers face.

Pacify provides members with unlimited video calls with maternal and pediatric experts for parents, including 24/7 access to certified lactation consultants who are trained to help new parents make informed decision related to breastfeeding and infant nutrition. Pacify is dedicated to providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services in both English and Spanish and has greatly-reduced fees and special programs for WIC families.


And here are a few apps and resources with information about medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding

LactMed is part of the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®) and contains information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. It includes information on the levels of such substances in breast milk and infant blood, and the possible adverse effects in the nursing infant. Suggested therapeutic alternatives to those drugs are provided, where appropriate. All data are derived from the scientific literature, are fully referenced, and are updated monthly. A peer review panel reviews the data to assure scientific validity and currency.

MOTHERISK provides up-to-date information about the risk and safety of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding including prescription and over-the-counter medications, herbal products, chemicals, radiation, chronic diseases, infections, and occupational and environmental exposures.

REPROTOX contains summaries on the effects of medications, chemicals, biologics, and physical agents on pregnancy, reproduction, lactation, and development. REPROTOX® was developed as an adjunct information source for clinicians, scientists, and government agencies and contains information about fertility, pregnancy, lactation, and neonatal development; clinical, experimental, animal, and in vitro studies; concise, up-dated, comprehensive summaries of the scientific literature for over 5,000 agents and exposures.

TREATING FOR TWO is a program from the Centers for Disease Control that aims to improve the health of women and babies by identifying the safest treatment options for common conditions before, during, and after pregnancy. CDC is committed to working with its partners and the public to understand and communicate the safety of medicines by providing evidence-based guidance on safer medication use during pregnancy and provide products to support shared decision making among women and healthcare professionals.

NOTE: Mothers should not rely on these resources alone but should discuss all medications and treatment options with their healthcare providers.


Babies Help Mommies is a free app that helps moms live happier, healthier lives! From learning how to be more active with your baby, to creating fun memories together, to improving your overall health and fitness, Babies Help Mommies provides motivational feedback on the great things you do everyday...

Inspired EC

Inspired EC

We have no control over what other people perceive, think, say, or do. Realize deeply that their behaviors have nothing to do with you so never take anything personally. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with what's happening inside them.
You maintain your inner strength, calm, security, and peace by not allowing yourself, your day, or your life to be sidetracked by the behavior of others.

Ok darlings, so who is joining me? Thirty days of renewing our vision and our hearts and powering up our souls so we can really get this year started! You might have lost your new year motivation. Life might have happened this past month or not happened as the case may be and you are feeling in between spaces, unsure, unclear, mind foggy, the voice in your heart a little muffled. You might have made lots of wonderful plans to be hit with the futility of reality, the smallness of your surroundings, and you're thinking how you can break free into a new inner landscape and feel differently about your life. You might still have your new year excitement but are still not sure how to channel it, what to put it into first or maybe you need some time out just to get your head and heart together so that you can blitz this new year with energy new and raw. Join me darlings, for some direct self loving, authentic growing, intentional living and some hearty soul-planning for the rest of the year. If we are going to make this year feel like a beautiful, meaningful experience, we gotta make conscious time for our hearts to grow and our souls to blossom. Looking at 10 different self-love principles and sowing them into our lives we will give new life to the soulful intentions we have for our existence and we will plug into what really matters to us, and leave what's not important behind. These thirty days will have us getting into the right frame of mind and heart and when I put this together I didn't know how much I would be needing it right now. But life in January stole a bit of my mojo. January has a way of doing that especially with as many sleep deprived nights I ended up having. So I need this too and will be using the thirty days as a structure for me to really reconnect with my self and get heart-life focused. 2018 was actually a good year for me. It was hard but good, progressive, empowering, rewarding and insightful so I want to immerse myself further in some principles I stumbled across that had an impact and changed the game for me over and over again. So join me, darlings. We are in count down phase. We begin on 14th. Link in below to enrol. Let's walk together awhile x

Love this!
Zensational Kids, LLC

Love this!

In terms of learning, self-compassion is more valuable than self-esteem. It is the difference between seeking approval of others vs. yourself. "Since internal value doesn’t depend on external achievement, it frees students up to experiment, take risks and try new paths. “Self-compassion leads to learning goals instead of performance goals — such as trying again after messing up,”

Thanks Robyn E Brickel MA, LMFT, LLC for sharing your recent article on building healthy relationships. Often this is so...
Three Concepts for Building Healthier Relationships with Trauma-Informed Therapy

Thanks Robyn E Brickel MA, LMFT, LLC for sharing your recent article on building healthy relationships. Often this is so difficult when trauma survivors feel self reliance is far safer and easier, but is often isolating and lonely.

It's good, healthy and human to want love and seek it out. Yet for some people, showing emotional needs may be linked to painful memories and experiences. As attachment research shows, people learn in early childhood whether to expect to feel safe or unsafe expressing emotional needs. Feeling reject...

Thank you Finding Solutions Counseling Centers for sharing this important article on winter blues and how to combat this...

Thank you Finding Solutions Counseling Centers for sharing this important article on winter blues and how to combat this seasonal sadness .

5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues of Depression and Sadness: Seasonal Affective Disorder
Dr. Adi Moorman

Did you know that three million Americans are diagnosed every year with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

SAD is a type of depression that starts in the fall or winter and progressively gets worse. It improves around the spring and summer when the days get longer. SAD can occur also in the summer, but it is less common. Seasonal Affective Disorder has to occur in a repeated pattern for at least two years in order to be considered a diagnosis. We are going to discuss the signs of seasonal depression and how you can beat the winter blues.

Here are the signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder... to continue reading please click on this link

To read more about Dr. Adi Moorman click on this link


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