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U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division

Good morning. Today at 1200 is our virtual Town Hall. Commanders will be addressing PCS and the Army stop-movement policy.

In the meantime, please take a look at some of the frequently asked questions and answers regarding the Army's current PCS season:

Q1. Can Soldiers take leave outside of the local area?
A1. Leave outside of the local area (as defined by the senior commander) to, from, or through a restricted location requires approval of the first GO/SES in the Soldier’s chain of command. If the origin, destination, and all intermediate stops are unrestricted, no waiver is required and leave may be approved in accordance with AR 600-8-10. Exemptions for transition leave are available for Soldiers who are retiring, separating, or REFRADing.

Q2. Can Soldiers take leave in conjunction with a PCS Move?
A2. All Soldiers are entitled to the authorized travel days outlined in the Joint Travel Regulations. If your travel will be accomplished within the authorized travel days then you are by definition proceeding direct and therefore intermediate stop considerations do not apply.
Movement restrictions at intermediate stops must be considered if you are taking leave in excess of the authorized travel days, outside of the local area. If the origin, destination, or any intermediate stop is a restricted location, travel cannot proceed without a waiver from the first GO/SES in the traveler’s chain of command. If the origin, destination, and all intermediate stops are unrestricted, leave in excess of the authorized travel days, outside of the local area, may be approved in accordance with AR 600-8-10.

Q3. Are there any new restrictions on Department of the Army Civilian (DAC) personal leave?
A3. There are no new travel restrictions for DAC personal leave. Authority to approve or disapprove DAC leave remains with their supervisors. Supervisors are reminded they may deny requests for leave due to mission-related requirements. Under no circumstances may supervisors dictate the location or distance for DAC leave. Supervisors are reminded to document the reasons for denial of any leave. Departments and agencies are encouraged to approve leave and maximize telework flexibility to safeguard the health and safety of the workforce.

Q4. What if the location I am traveling to, though, or from is not listed?
A4. When considering each location, use the list of installations to determine whether the nearest listed installation within a 50-mile radius is restricted. If a travel location is not within 50 miles of any listed installation, but is within a state or host nation designated as unrestricted by the OUSD (P&R) Placemat, it is considered unrestricted for purposes of travel. If the origin, the destination, or an intermediate stop is restricted, travel cannot proceed without a waiver.

Q5. What if the location I am traveling to, from, or through changes to restricted before I depart for my PCS, TDY, or Leave?
A5. The origin, destination, and intermediate stop travel status should be verified no earlier than 10 days prior to the start of travel. If any travel location is restricted then travel cannot proceed unless a waiver is approved by the first GO/SES in the chain of command. Waivers should be initiated using the instructions provided in ALARACT 054/2020. If Soldier will not be able to report within the timeframe specified in the special instructions of PCS orders, then the Soldier should coordinate with the personnel reassignment work center to contact HRC to amend the report date. (Note: Exempt travel may proceed).

Q6. What level of coordination is required with the gaining command when requesting a waiver to PCS to a restricted location?
A6. The Secretary of the Army only mandated GO/SES involvement for final waiver approval by the traveler’s chain of command. Gaining commands make their own determination for what level they will staff and coordinate waiver requests. That coordination could be captured via DA Form 4187, email, or memorandum. The intent is to ensure the gaining command and location have adequate support available to receive travelers.

Q7. What additional documentation is required for travel?
A7. If you are traveling under an exemption, then it should be noted in the special instructions on your orders or on a memorandum from your leadership. If you are traveling under an approved waiver, then you should travel with a copy of whatever document the GO/SES signed granting the waiver, such as an approved DA Form 4187 or memo.
If your travel only involves unrestricted locations, then no additional supporting documentation is required. When your command signed you out or authorized movement IAW EXORD 210-20 and ALARACT 054/2020, that certified that the command verified travel was unrestricted and authorized.

Q8. Can the gaining unit request the losing unit initiate a DA Form 4187 for a Soldier deemed mission critical?
A8. Yes. Gaining commands can and should coordinate with losing commands in regards to Soldiers deems mission essential. PCS moves are considered mission essential and should be initiated by either the Soldier or losing unit and coordinated with the gaining command. During coordination, the gaining command may provide additional mission essential information that may support approval of the waiver request. In limited instances, Soldiers may request stabilization for COVID-19 related hardships as outlined in AR 614-100, AR 614-200 and AR 135-18.


Fort Drum, NY

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