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Good Afternoon all Colorado residents and voters. You are about to receive a postcard mailed by the USPS giving you instructions on receiving your ballot and returning it for this upcoming election. The 3rd statement on this postcard is going to cause MUCH confusion.

It says that you should request your ABSENTEE ballot 15 days prior to the election. Colorado is an ALL MAIL state and if you are registered and Active, you will be mailed a ballot without requesting an "absentee" ballot.

You also have the option to return your ballot by accessing the 24/7 secure ballot drop boxes or by dropping it in the ballot box located in the VSPC. You do not have to return your ballot by mail, you do have options.

Every state varies in the methods they use for voting. This postcard will confuse Colorado voters.

If you want to confirm that you will be mailed a ballot go to and answer a couple of questions to prove it is you and you will find out if you are registered, the address that your ballot will be mailed to if you are active and all of the political districts that you are in.

Call your county clerk to check on this if you must, but please remember that they are very busy working to get this election programmed, ballots printed, envelopes stuffed and mailed.
Judges are being trained, machines tested and setting up the VSPC so you can come and vote in person if you should choose to or need to.

Morgan County Clerk Susan L. Bailey (970)542-3521, option 5.

Have you made sure your voter registration is up to date? If not, today is the perfect day to do so! Go online at www.go...

Have you made sure your voter registration is up to date? If not, today is the perfect day to do so! Go online at to be sure your address is up to date and your registration is in good shape! Ballots are scheduled to hit the mail stream the week of October 12th!

Logan County Elections/Motor Vehicle/Recording

Logan County Elections/Motor Vehicle/Recording

Make a Plan to Vote! Know the facts for Colorado!

Colorado is a first ballot back state. Which means if you return your mail ballot then that is the ballot counted for you and shows in our statewide system that you already voted a ballot for that election.

If you try vote in person at a Voter Service and Polling Center after you turn in your mail ballot our statewide system flags your voter record as "Already Voted" and will not let another ballot be issued to you.

In Colorado we have preventative safeguards in place, and refer any suspected cases to the the county District Attorney for legal enforcement and possible Prosecution.

Check out the information regarding the upcoming general election.. be sure to click on the "Do You Ever Wonder"section!
Elections Department | Morgan County

Check out the information regarding the upcoming general election.. be sure to click on the "Do You Ever Wonder"section!

2020 Official Primary Election (May) Results: Morgan County Only These official results are for Morgan County, CO only. Election News - 2020 Elections PUBLIC NOTICE: 2020 General Election Equipment Logic and Accuracy Testing - Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. (Alternate date - Thursday, Se...

Some great information to share from Logan County Clerk Pam Bacon -- The official website of the Colorado Division of Mo...
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Some great information to share from Logan County Clerk Pam Bacon --

The official website of the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles will always contain in the title of the URL. If this is not in the title the website is not associated with the Colorado DMV.

Users should be aware that there are many unofficial DMV sites that attempt to represent the DMV and/or contain similar information. Some of these websites will contain links that direct users to the official site, however, that does not mean that the page is sanctioned or has any agreement with the Colorado DMV. Additionally, some unofficial websites will charge fees for their services that may mirror official Colorado DMV business. Please be cautious providing personal information when using any unofficial website.

Internet search engine results may not always list the official website as the top result. Please check the URL of the site you are visiting to determine if is part of the official Colorado DMV Website.

Please go directly to for Motor Vehicle online transactions.

Email Report a Problem or Ask a Question For technical support on online services call 303-534-3468 X 0 Please note that we are not a state agency


Update - Good Morning! The Morgan County Motor Vehicle Department is up and running! Please be patient with us as our lines will be longer than normal since we were unable to provide services yesterday, but we are here and ready to assist you with your vehicle titling and registration needs!


Update-we have been notified that the problem has been found and crews have been dispatched to repair the issue. At this point, we are hopeful that we will be back up and running first thing tomorrow morning. Please understand that our system is directly connected to the State, so we have no way of resolving this locally. The State requires a secure and direct line connecting to their system, therefore, we are reliant upon them. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Update - We are still not able to provide motor vehicle services, the state is not sure of a resolution time. Will continue to provide updates as we hear from the state.


Our office is currently experiencing a network connectivity issue in the Motor Vehicle Department. The State has been notified and is working on the problem. Our office will not be able to complete any titling or registration transactions until this issue is resolved. Updates will be provided as we receive them. Our apologies for any inconvenience to our citizens.


I realize this is a very long "read" but it is important information. I realize there are many concerns being expressed regarding the mail ballot process and I wanted to share with everyone information that I can to try and help provide some education into what we do to ensure the integrity of the election process.

Voter Information - Our office receives voter registrations through several methods and once an individual’s data is entered into the Statewide Voter Registration Database, the information is then vetted by various agencies, for example, CO Department of Corrections to check for felon status, Colorado Department of Health and Environment to check for vital statistics, SAVE which verifies citizenship eligibility and Help America Voter Verification, that vets those voters who only provide the last four digits of the SS# to ensure they are eligible to vote. A letter is sent to the new voter confirming the information that is entered into the system which verifies spelling of name, physical residential address, ballot mailing address, and affiliation. If any of this information should be incorrect, the voter needs to return the registration form provided with the letter back to our office notifying us of the corrected information.

For voters who may initiate an update to their residential or mailing address, when our office receives information from certain agencies, such as NCOA (National Change of Address) (USPS) or CDOR, (Colorado Department of Revenue), Driver’s License or by registration form, a letter is required to be sent by our office to the updated mailing address asking the voter if the physical and mailing addresses are correct. If the information is not correct the voter is given options of what to do. A form is attached to this letter to compete and correct any information or that voter can access and make the necessary changes, update or cancel their voter registration in the State of Colorado.

We are hearing a lot of concern regarding mail ballots. As you know Colorado is an all-mail ballot state, which means for every primary, coordinated and general election, voters will receive their official ballot by mail. Our office goes to great lengths to ensure the integrity of the election process. There are numerous statutes and rules that govern the mail ballot process and staff and I are required to maintain our certification status as election officials with the State of Colorado annually.

There are many different systems that keep the voter registration database up to date where our office is able to constantly compare names and addresses, for example, notifications form the Driver’s License office (CDOR) and National Change of Address (NCOA) system through the US Postal Service. Our office receives updates regularly to maintain our database and ensure it is up to date with the data that they receive. It is ultimately the voter’s responsibility to make sure their voter information is correct and up to date so they receive the correct ballot style for the physical address where they reside or to cancel their voter registration here in Colorado if they should move out of state.

Colorado is a member of ERIC (Election Registration Information Center). After each election Colorado cross checks voters who voted in Colorado with voters who vote in other states to ensure voters are not voting in both or multiple states. If Colorado finds that this has occurred, Colorado and the County Clerk will turn these finding to the District Attorney for prosecution. There are several statute citations that protect the voting process whereas an individual who may commit an election offense could be charged with a criminal act, resulting in a Class 5 Felony. This includes that of voting by persons not entitled to vote, as well as knowingly giving false information regarding the elector’s place of present residence.

Morgan County Ballots are processed and printed using a third party vendor who receives the data from our office. This vendor has stringent quality control measures in place to ensure that each voter receives the proper ballot style at the mailing address that is provided to them by our office which we retrieve from the statewide voter registration database, which is the information that has been provided by the voter through the various registration options, and vetted by the various agencies to ensure the voter is an eligible voter for the election as well as the address it is sent to. Once the ballot is printed and processed, it is mailed (this occurs 22 days prior to Election Day). The ballots will hit the mail stream through the United States Postal Service and from there the voter is to receive their ballot, we usually say within seven to eight days of the mailing at the address they have provided when they registered to vote or updated at some point. Ballots are NOT forwardable, therefore, if a voter has moved and failed to update their address, they will not receive a ballot, it will be returned to our office as undeliverable. Even if a voter should have a forwarding address on file with the post office, they will not forward that ballot, because of the strict rules that are in place in the Colorado mail ballot process.
If a voter’s ballot is returned to our office as undeliverable after two general elections, that voter becomes what is considered inactive and will not receive a ballot again unless they should re-register to vote. It is very important to maintain your voter registration to ensure the proper delivery of your ballot. If a voter should not receive their ballot, they can contact our office and we can issue a replacement ballot which voids the initial ballot sent.

When a voter receives their ballot, they can vote that ballot and return it using several methods. They may return it by USPS mail, or visit our office and drop their ballot into a secure ballot drop box. Or, there is the option of a 24/7 secure ballot drop box available, which is located in the alleyway west of our building (right up next to the Commissioner’s office). This box is secured with video surveillance and is checked daily by a bi-partisan team of staff or judges at several intervals to ensure the secure retrieval of ballots. When retrieving ballots from the post office, it also requires a bi-partisan team of staff or judges to retrieve and return those ballots.

Colorado’s voter registration system is a statewide system; therefore, if a person casts a ballot in any one of the other counties, the system will NOT allow us to accept another ballot cast by that person. This is one of the many safeguards that Colorado has put into place to assure one person, one vote. If a county already shows a ballot has been cast by a voter and the second county has a ballot for that voter, the second ballot is not counted and both counties will submit information to the DA for investigation and prosecution for attempting to vote twice. As per C.R.S. 1-13-710, voting twice carries a stiff penalty that of being punished by a fine of not more than $5000 or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 18 months or both.

Colorado has been doing mail ballot elections since 2013 when the law changed and there are many safeguards in place to ensure that the integrity of the election process. Signature verification is a critical and important process that ensures that the ballot our office receives is that voter’s ballot.

Judges are trained to perform signature verification and a bi-partisan team of judges perform this necessary task. More detailed information can be obtained by contacting our office.

On Election Night, after ballots have been opened, processed and scanned by teams of bi-partisan judges, we are able to validate and publish results after 7 p.m. Our voting equipment is standalone equipment which means there are no connections to the internet, or any other method that could allow for any kind of cyber-attack. Everything that is done on the equipment is logged, two factor authentications is completed on several of the processes, and only certified election officials are allowed to access the equipment for results.

As a responsible citizen and voter, always contact our office for any concerns you have. We are here to serve our citizens and ensure that our election process is ran efficiently, ethically and thoroughly.


Morgan County just completed Round 1 of the Risk Limit Audit for the 2020 June Primary and no discrepancies were noted!!!! Morgan County is blessed to have such awesome election judges and election staff who work diligently to ensure the integrity of the election process! Kudos to all of you who have worked so hard to serve Morgan County and keep our elections safe and secure.

The final unofficial results of the 2020 June Primary have been posted.. check our website at morgancounty.colorado.govA...
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The final unofficial results of the 2020 June Primary have been posted.. check our website at

After all counties complete the required audit and the canvass board convenes, we will be able to report the official certified results. The deadline for canvass is July 22! Just more critical checks and balances that Colorado requires to ensure and maintain the highest integrity of it's election process.

Morgan County has completed uploading results for the 2020 Primary Election. Click HERE to view the Unofficial 2020 Primary Election Results for Morgan County, Colorado. To see statewide results, please visit the state's election results page.


It appears that the state has been able to resolve the issues with the motor vehicle system so we are able to complete transactions now! Thank you for your patience!


FYI- The State has notified us that their system is currently down, so our office is not able to perform any motor vehicle transactions at this time. They are not able to provide us with an estimated time of resolving this issue, so information will be posted as we know more. You may call our office, 542-3521, option 2, and provide your name and number and staff will contact you directly once we are able to provide services. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a statewide issue.


Just a reminder! The voter service polling center is open today from 8 a.m. until noon. We are located at the Morgan County Clerk's office at 231 Ensign Street, Fort Morgan.So come on by and drop your voted ballot or see us for any questions you may have. If you should need a replacement ballot, we are here to help!

Election Day is going to be here before you know it! Drop your ballot by and say hi to these wonderful young student ele...
Meet the Morgan County election judges who are too young to vote

Election Day is going to be here before you know it! Drop your ballot by and say hi to these wonderful young student election judges!! Tuesday June 30th is Election Day, your ballot must be received by our office no later than 7 pm!

With the spread of COVID-19, elections are changing form so people can still safely participate in the June primaries, including in Morgan County in Colorado. One of those changes comes in the two …


Election Day is just around the corner! Remember to vote your ballot, sign it, and return it by 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 30th, Election Day! We have several options for you to return your ballot!

1. Drop it by the office in the drop box located in the hallway outside of the Election Department

2. Use the 24 hour Ballot Drop Box located in the alleyway just west of our building (next to the Commissioner's office)

3. Use the new and exciting option! We have a ballot box located on the front lawn of the administration building where a team of student election judges are there to greet you and provide you with any assistance you may need, if you should choose not to enter our building to drop your ballot! They can even come to you curbside if you should need that option!

As always, call our office for any questions you may have, (970)542-3521, extension 5. Remember, it is too late to put your ballot in the mail to ensure that our office receives it for processing by 7 pm on Election Day, as postmarks DO NOT COUNT.

Happy Voting! Primary Elections are very important, because you get to choose who is placed on the ballot for the General Election in November!!! So YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!


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