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Silent auction tomorrow at the spaghetti dinner. Bid on this delicious cooking kit. Bamboo utensils, woven utensil holde...

Silent auction tomorrow at the spaghetti dinner. Bid on this delicious cooking kit. Bamboo utensils, woven utensil holder, 3 amazing spice blends named Revolution, Justice and Outrage of Love from Penzeys and finally a wonderful cookbook put together a few years back by our friends in Weld County titled Cooking Liberally.

SAVE THE DATE! February 11 at 10AMMorgan County CO Democrats are electing new county party officers and looking for Demo...

February 11 at 10AM

Morgan County CO Democrats are electing new county party officers and looking for Democrats across Morgan County to join our committees.

Add your voice to the Party!

If you are interested in attending please RSVP using this form:



The 52-year-old Brooklyn native will become the first Black and first nonwhite party leader in Congress. He will be joined in new leadership roles by Reps. Kat...

The 52-year-old Brooklyn native will become the first Black and first nonwhite party leader in Congress. He will be joined in new leadership roles by Reps. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts and Pete Aguilar of California.


UPDATE: This is the link Club Q Colorado Springs has shared for those wanting to donate -

(You can learn more about the Colorado Healing Fund here:


Our hearts are heavy this morning, on an already somber day. Every November 20th, we take time to remember the lives of all the transgender people lost to senseless violence. Today that violence was inflicted on the wider q***r community in our own state in a deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs.

As details emerge, it is overwhelmingly clear that this was a targeted attack, and a direct result of the escalating rhetoric that has become commonplace on the political Right. These noxious lies, harmful fabrications, and willful ignorance are intended to foster brutal violence against our community. Last night’s attack is a reminder that no matter how soundly we defeat anti-LGBTQ+ hate, bigotry, and fascism at the ballot box, those corrupted with such evil will continue to target us and seek to do us harm.

Make no mistake - we will not defeat homophobia and transphobia with votes alone. We can only defeat these regressive falsehoods with forces more powerful than the weapons wielded against us last night - sharing ideas that spread compassion and understanding, replacing tolerance with inclusion, and celebrating q***r and trans joy in all its forms. To this end we revive the battle cry of our forebears - Speak up, Act out. Even in the face of horrific violence, we must remain resilient. We will continue building communities founded on love and joy and raising the families that will witness a brighter future.

We will add resources and ways to help support our Colorado Springs community as the days progress.

If you need support please reach out to any of these resources:

National Victims of Violent Crimes, 1-202-467-8700
Colorado Crisis Services, 1-844-493-TALK (8225)
Crisis Text Line, Text HOME to 741741
Trevor Project, Text START to 678-678
Trans Lifeline, call (877) 565-8860

In solidarity,

The Stonewall Democrats of Colorado



Before I was like well I still make money selling books on Twitter so I'll stick it out for a bit. Now I'm all oh s**t this thing is going down in a Bon Jovi blaze of glory with all these "verified" parodies and I want to ride it all the way to the bottom.

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Congratulations to our new State Board of Education at Large Member!


Congratulations Governor Jared Polis on your re-election!!!

Congratulations Senator Michael Bennet on your re-election!!!

Congratulations Attorney General Phil Weiser on your re-election!!!

Congratulations Secretary of State Jena Griswold on your re-election!!!

Congratulations Treasurer Dave Young on your re-election!!!


The only way to make our democracy stronger is if we fight for it.

And that starts by electing people who know you, who see you, and who understand what you’re going through.

So vote for Democrats up and down the ballot on Election Day.

Lunar eclipse before polls open on election day.

Lunar eclipse before polls open on election day.

Last Chance to See Total Lunar Eclipse Until 2025! For the second time in 2022, stargazers will have the opportunity to view a total lunar eclipse on Nov. 8. At least a portion of the phenomenon will be visible throughout eastern Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and North America. The previous total lu...


Gia — the best bus tour buddy as we visit with Coloradans across the state 🐶


Voters, it’s time to start watching your mailbox! Counties will mail ballots this week to voters.

You can check to see if your county has mailed your ballot at or

Happy birthday President Jimmy Carter!!! 98 years looks good on you.

Happy birthday President Jimmy Carter!!! 98 years looks good on you.

Former president turns 98


Come out for some grub and meet Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold.
When: Sat 9/10 1 PM
Where: Riverside Park

Hang out with the Logan County Democrats August 27th

Hang out with the Logan County Democrats August 27th


Yesterday, we had the opportunity to connect with Governor Jared Polis as he toured the Kevin Poss family farm south of Hugo. In addition to sharing a little about our families' farms and ranches, we invited him and his family to the Lincoln County Fair. We even sent him home with two pool noodle stick horses for his kids along with information about the Stick Horse Rodeo. Thank you Governor Polis for taking the time to learn more about our rural lifestyle!


We celebrate the courage and effort of the men and women who act as heroes in our lives.


We wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day


Congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche, winners of the 2022 Stanley Cup!!!!


June 19, 2022 (Sunday)

Tomorrow is the federal holiday honoring Juneteenth, the celebration of the announcement on June 19th, 1865, in Texas that enslaved Americans were free.

On April 9, 1865, General Robert E. Lee had surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to General Ulysses S. Grant of the U.S. Army, but it was not until June 2 that General Edmund Kirby Smith surrendered the Confederacy’s Trans-Mississippi Department, the last major army of the Confederacy, to the United States, in Galveston, Texas. Smith then fled to Mexico.

Seventeen days later, Major General Gordon Granger of the U.S. Army arrived on Galveston Island with about 2000 U.S. troops. On June 19, Granger issued General Order Number 3, informing the formerly enslaved inhabitants of Texas that they were free.

“The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free,” it read. “This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor.”

The order went on: “The freedmen are advised to remain quietly at their present homes and work for wages. They are informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts and that they will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhere.”

General Order Number 3 informed formerly enslaved people that they were freed from enslavement and the suffocatingly circumscribed lives, restricted movement, corporal punishment, and stunted lives to which the American system of human slavery had previously confined them. It urged them to join the free labor economy the North championed, working for wages and seamlessly shifting their former relations with their former enslavers to ones of employee and employer.

The news arrived in a state consumed by chaos. During the war, white men had gone east to join the Confederate armies as planters had rushed west from Louisiana with their enslaved people to try to preserve the institution of slavery. Mexicans and Comanches had launched raids against the unsettled population, and the long-horned cattle, bottled up in Texas as the United States blockaded southern ports and the railroad lines degraded, had multiplied until observers estimated there were eight cattle for every one person in Texas, and the animals threatened those who ventured too close to them.

The fall of the Confederacy meant the collapse of whatever order remained in the state, and former Confederates were demoralized and angry. “It looked like everything worth living for was gone,” cattleman Charles Goodnight later recalled. Planters furious at the death of their cause and desperate to get crops in refused to tell the enslaved people in the fields of the dramatic change in their circumstances with the surrender of the last major Confederate army.

Against this backdrop, Granger’s men read General Order Number 3 to formerly enslaved Texans in Galveston. They heard the news and celebrated in the streets. The order was no magic bullet for the state—on far-flung plantations, some enslavers tried to hold enslaved people at work until after the harvest—but the news of freedom on June 19 provided a focus and a rallying point for Black Americans to celebrate freedom that stood out and apart from the chaos and anger around them.

A year later, the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing enslavement except as punishment for a crime had been added to the U.S. Constitution, and on June 19, 1866, Texas freedpeople gathered to celebrate the coming of their freedom with prayers, speeches, food, and socializing.

By the following year, the federal government encouraged “Juneteenth” celebrations, eager to make sure Black citizens had an opportunity to discuss the voting rights that had been put in place by the Military Reconstruction Act in early March 1867, and the tradition of Juneteenth began to spread to Black communities across the nation.

Beginning there in Texas, the Black Americans celebrating Juneteenth emphasized that emancipation in the United States meant not just freedom from enslavement, but also freedom to shape the nation’s future.


Celebrate Juneteenth!

Look what 10 US Bucks gets you!!!Big Ten menu:Smoked brisket, slicedSmoked pulled pork and chickenBuns or tortilla Farme...

Look what 10 US Bucks gets you!!!
Big Ten menu:
Smoked brisket, sliced
Smoked pulled pork and chicken
Buns or tortilla
Farmers baked beans
Cole slaw
Potato salad
Garden salad - choice of dressing
Cheesy biscuits
Dessert - Anniversary Cake
Drinks - Iced tea, lemonade, coffee, water

Not to mention the satisfaction that 10 US Bucks can help defeat Ken Buck and other Republicans, re-elect our statewide office holders, and elect our Congressional District 4 candidates such as Ike McCorkle to replace Kenny! Give Buck the Boot, attend the Big Ten this Saturday June 11 4PM Q&A, 5 pm conversational social hour and 6 pm dinner and speeches! Where you ask? The Event Center at the Morgan County Fairgrounds, 300 Ellsworth, Brush Colorado


Fort Morgan, CO





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What a wonderful Saturday!! 🎂🥰🥳

No tweet storms at 3 a.m, no making fun of veterans for being caught, no making fun of the disabled, no more crazy coked up family speeches and no more making up his own rules!! We finally dumped Dumpf! 💩🥳🥰
Does anyone want a free Biden banner? It was part of my pack of Biden gear but we can’t have it at the house. It’s almost 10 feet long. I’ll be happy to give it to a proud Biden support that can put it to good use. Message me.
Fun group of anyone wants to join.
Where did the headquarters move to
Angry about those ventilators? Cory Gardner has got to go.
Postcards To Voters has committed to tackling the postcard campaign for whoever wins the Democratic nomination to run against Gardner. It’s super easy to become an approved writer.
Text JOIN to 484-275-2229‬
Email [email protected]
You will receive an email giving specific instructions on how to complete your first postcard. You take a photo of the front and back and email those photos in. Presto! You’re approved. You can practice on current campaigns to get your technique down. If you are already a writer, let others know how easy it is! If you sign up as a result of this post, show us your postcard and we will cheer you on!
Asking everyone to petition the Fort Morgan movie theater "The Cover" To take down their politically divisive message.
With this pandemic going around we do not need to spread political messages aimed at hurting a governor who is doing his job. The welfare of that movie theater is not more important then the welfare of the customers who attend it. You would think this business owner would be more intrested in helping their customers then their own bottom line. I for one find it appalling and have asked for the statement to be removed. Join in and ask them to remove that message.
Are y'all aware that Postcards to Voters has committed to take on the postcard campaign for whoever wins the nomination to go up against Senator Cory Gardner? You can become an approved writer:

1. Text JOIN to 484-275-2229‬
2. Email: [email protected]
Are there any democrats in local elections we should be watching for on the ballot?
If you stop by the state fair swing by the Democrat booth. They could use some love and encouragement. The Polis recall folks are out in force down there.
The county wide recreation district wants to expand on opportunities for the ENTIRE county, but we must help it get there.

$12,000 must be raised by Friday before this can be placed on the Ballot for a vote on the November ballot.