Morgan County CO Democrats

Morgan County CO Democrats We are the Democratic office of Morgan County located in Fort Morgan. Central Committee meets second

Operating as usual


SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 2022 FOLLOWING CAUCUS (Approximately 1:00PM)
920 Barlow Rd, Fort Morgan, CO 80701


1. Call Assembly to order by the chair of the central committee
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Selection of temporary officers
4. Presentation and adoption of report of the committee on Credentials
5. Presentation and adoption of report of the committee on Permanent Organization
6. Election of permanent chair, secretary and other officers of the Assembly and Convention
7. Report of committee on Resolutions
8. Designation of candidates for direct primary election
9. Preference Poll for US Senate
10. Selection of delegates to subsequent assemblies
11. Selection of credentials and permanent organization committee members to other
12. Ratification of Precinct Committee People/Precinct Organizers
13. Establishment of a committee to fill vacancies in nomination for public office
14. Other business
15. Adjournment

NOTE The assembly may, by two thirds (2/3) vote, change or suspend the order of business at any session.


2022 Morgan County Democratic Party Caucus
When: Saturday, March 5, 2022 10 AM, Check-in 930 AM

County Assembly follows caucus

Logan County Dems hosting Governor Polis

Logan County Dems hosting Governor Polis


Who is ready to Caucus?! Caucus week is officially one month away and we couldn't be more excited to exercise this practice in our democracy!

If you want to participate in caucus please let us know by leaving a comment below!

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Kwanzaa

Merry Christmas
2021 White House Christmas in Pictures

Merry Christmas

The White House and its residence share the holiday cheer felt by all of the country this time of year. Since 1961, the Executive Mansion decorates its halls with a holiday...

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah! We are fortunate to have life-saving vaccines available that will allow us to gather more safely, especially when complemented by other basic public health protocols. If you haven’t been vaccinated, make a plan to get protected as soon as possible. There are hundreds of vaccine providers across the state.

Thank you to all who serve.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Marks Centennial on Veterans Day

Thank you to all who serve.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’s centennial is being marked on Veterans Day with a unique ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery designed to model the original internment 100 years ago. Groups of military members, some wearing uniforms from World War I, World War II and the Korean War, marched t...

What's in the bill for Colorado?☑$3.7 billion to improve highways and $225 million for bridge replacement and repairs ov...

What's in the bill for Colorado?

☑$3.7 billion to improve highways and $225 million for bridge replacement and repairs over five years.
☑$916 million over five years to improve public transportation options across the state.
☑A minimum of $100 million to help provide broadband coverage across Colorado, including providing access to the at least 85,000 Coloradans who currently lack it.
☑1,282,000 (or 22% of) Coloradans will also be eligible for the Affordability Connectivity Benefit, which will help low-income families afford internet access.
☑$688 million over five years to improve water infrastructure across the state and ensure that clean, safe drinking water is a right in all communities.
☑$35 million over five years to protect against wildfires.
☑$57 over five years to support the expansion of an EV charging network in the state. We in Colorado will also have the opportunity to apply for the $2.5 billion in grant funding dedicated to EV charging in the bill.
☑$16 million to protect against cyberattacks.
☑$432 million over five years to improve Colorado airports

All smiles for our House Dems who led the effort in passing President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, after it passed the Senate under Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper's leadership.


🛣 $3.7 billion for highways+bridges 🚌 $915 million for public transit 🌐 $100+ million for broadband💧 $688 million for wa...
How much money will Colorado receive from the infrastructure bill?

🛣 $3.7 billion for highways+bridges
🚌 $915 million for public transit
🌐 $100+ million for broadband
💧 $688 million for water
✈️ $432 million for airports

Late Friday night, the House approved a long-anticipated infrastructure bill, paving the way for more than $1 trillion in improvements nationwide.


I'm thrilled to hear from President Joe Biden that an agreement has been reached regarding the Build Back Better Framework.

This framework, along with our state investments including our bipartisan state infrastructure package, will help move Colorado, and our entire country, forward.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Today is National First Responders Day, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the brave men and women who run toward danger, while the rest of us run from it. We are forever indebted to you.

Saddened to hear this news. Our volunteer firefighters do drop everything to assist their communities.

Saddened to hear this news. Our volunteer firefighters do drop everything to assist their communities.


The Expanded Child Tax Credit continues to be a #BFD.

Thank you Senator Bennet for helping lift families out of poverty!

Rest in peace General Powell. We will miss this great patriot and statesman.

Rest in peace General Powell. We will miss this great patriot and statesman.

Years ago, when he was asked to reflect on his own life, General Colin Powell described himself as “first and foremost a problem-solver.” It was true, of course. But he was far more than that.

General Powell was an exemplary soldier and an exemplary patriot. He was at the center of some of the most consequential events of our lifetimes – serving two decorated tours in Vietnam; guiding U.S. strategy in the Gulf War; serving as National Security Advisor, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State; offering counsel to four presidents; and helping shape American foreign policy for decades. Everyone who worked with General Powell appreciated his clarity of thought, insistence on seeing all sides, and ability to execute. And although he’d be the first to acknowledge that he didn’t get every call right, his actions reflected what he believed was best for America and the people he served.

Along the way, General Powell helped a generation of young people set their sights higher. He never denied the role that race played in his own life and in our society more broadly. But he also refused to accept that race would limit his dreams, and through his steady and principled leadership, helped pave the way for so many who would follow. It was the way Colin Powell saw the world – not as a starry-eyed idealist, but as someone with deep and abiding faith in this country and what it stands for – that made him such a central figure.

On a personal level, I was deeply appreciative that someone like General Powell, who had been associated with Republican administrations in the past, was willing to endorse me in 2008. But what impressed me even more was how he did it. At a time when conspiracy theories were swirling, with some questioning my faith, General Powell took the opportunity to get to the heart of the matter in a way only he could.

“The correct answer is, he is not a Muslim; he's a Christian,” General Powell said. “But the really right answer is, ‘What if he is?’ Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer's no, that's not America. Is there something wrong with some seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she could be president?”

That’s who Colin Powell was. He understood what was best in this country, and tried to bring his own life, career, and public statements in line with that ideal. It’s why, for all the battles he fought and problems he solved, Michelle and I will always look to General Powell as an example of what America – and Americans – can and should be if we wish to remain the last, best hope of earth.

Our family sends our thoughts to Alma, their three children and grandchildren, and everyone mourning his loss today.


SHARE -- Don't sit out this election!

Your ballot should have arrived by now. There are ballot initiatives and local candidates to vote on. Fill out your ballot by Tuesday, November 2 @ 7PM!


SHARE -- Don't sit out this election!

Your ballot should have arrived by now. There are ballot initiatives and local candidates to vote on. Fill out your ballot by Tuesday, November 2 @ 7PM!


In celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we recognize their vast contributions to the United States and honor our nation’s roots, history, traditions, and culture.


I was deeply saddened today to learn about the passing of General Ray Odierno after a battle with cancer.

General Odierno devoted his life to serving this country, from the day he graduated West Point, through multiple tours of duty, and ultimately as the top U.S. commander in Iraq and as the Army chief of staff.

As President, I relied on Ray’s deep knowledge, steady leadership, and strong judgment. It’s why I trusted him to help come up with the plan to withdraw U.S. combat forces from Iraq, and to execute it in a way that kept our forces and the Iraqi people safe.

I was far from the only person to depend on Ray’s counsel, and to appreciate both his strategic and operational talents. Today, our military is stronger and the world is safer thanks to Ray’s service, and for that I will always be grateful.

Michelle and I send our thoughts to Ray’s wife Linda, their children, and everyone who is mourning his loss today.

Internship opportunities
Internships | U.S. Senator Michael Bennet

Internship opportunities

We offer a competitive internship program for college students, college graduates, and graduate students in Michael's Colorado and Washington, D.C. offices. These structured internships provide an opportunity to learn about the role of a Senatorial office while enabling participants to serve their c...

“Most people have options if you’re selling something,” Watson said. “For farmers and ranchers, you get told by the pack...
Feeling cheated, ranchers are opting out of the meatpacking system. Biden is backing them up.

“Most people have options if you’re selling something,” Watson said. “For farmers and ranchers, you get told by the packers what you’re going to get for it and you better hope you’re happy with it.”

He and other cattle ranchers are increasingly upset by the thin margins they earn, driving a large number of farmers to bankruptcy. Meanwhile, according to the Department of Agriculture, giant meat processors have earned record profits in an industry worth well over $200 billion.

The pandemic has shined a bright light on the tension between farmers and processors, causing members of the Biden administration, a bipartisan group of politicians and advocates to push for greater oversight of the meatpacking industry. They blame meat conglomerates for driving up costs for consumers, keeping profits from farmers and leaving elements of the food supply chain vulnerable.

The Biden White House blames meatpacking conglomerates for driving up food costs and is aiming to drive greater competition in the industry through investment and regulation.

Check your voter registration!

Check your voter registration!

Good morning, Colorado! Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay!

Are you registered to vote, or is your voter registration updated?

Go see! 👉

Never forget.

Never forget.

2,977 lives lost on September 11, 2001.

7,305 days since one of our nation’s darkest hours, we must never forget the brave first responders who ran to defend our people.



We are having our meeting on Tuesday 14th, 7:00 pm. at Riverside Park by the duck pond. We need to catch up on a few things and vote on a treasury issue. So hope you all can make it. Bring food and drink if you like.


Rest in peace.


Fort Morgan, CO


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What a wonderful Saturday!! 🎂🥰🥳 No tweet storms at 3 a.m, no making fun of veterans for being caught, no making fun of the disabled, no more crazy coked up family speeches and no more making up his own rules!! We finally dumped Dumpf! 💩🥳🥰
Does anyone want a free Biden banner? It was part of my pack of Biden gear but we can’t have it at the house. It’s almost 10 feet long. I’ll be happy to give it to a proud Biden support that can put it to good use. Message me.
Fun group of anyone wants to join.
Where did the headquarters move to
Angry about those ventilators? Cory Gardner has got to go. Postcards To Voters has committed to tackling the postcard campaign for whoever wins the Democratic nomination to run against Gardner. It’s super easy to become an approved writer. Text JOIN to 484-275-2229‬ OR Email [email protected] You will receive an email giving specific instructions on how to complete your first postcard. You take a photo of the front and back and email those photos in. Presto! You’re approved. You can practice on current campaigns to get your technique down. If you are already a writer, let others know how easy it is! If you sign up as a result of this post, show us your postcard and we will cheer you on!
Asking everyone to petition the Fort Morgan movie theater "The Cover" To take down their politically divisive message. With this pandemic going around we do not need to spread political messages aimed at hurting a governor who is doing his job. The welfare of that movie theater is not more important then the welfare of the customers who attend it. You would think this business owner would be more intrested in helping their customers then their own bottom line. I for one find it appalling and have asked for the statement to be removed. Join in and ask them to remove that message.
Are y'all aware that Postcards to Voters has committed to take on the postcard campaign for whoever wins the nomination to go up against Senator Cory Gardner? You can become an approved writer: 1. Text JOIN to 484-275-2229‬ OR 2. Email: [email protected]
Are there any democrats in local elections we should be watching for on the ballot?
If you stop by the state fair swing by the Democrat booth. They could use some love and encouragement. The Polis recall folks are out in force down there.
The county wide recreation district wants to expand on opportunities for the ENTIRE county, but we must help it get there. $12,000 must be raised by Friday before this can be placed on the Ballot for a vote on the November ballot. DONATE, SHARE, SUPPORT!!