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Santa Foundation A charity based out of Franklin, Mass. that provides presents to families in need annually during the holiday season. [email protected]
The Santa Foundation was established 29 years ago to fulfill one goal. That goal was to provide gifts for families in need at Christmas time. We deliver the gifts to the recipients so that they can maintain their dignity and anonymity. We have always felt that at least on Christmas Day these families should be like every other family. They will receive presents (from the Santa Foundation) and food (provided by the Food Pantry) and maybe a little hope that things will be better in the upcoming year.

As a direct result of the increased need the Santa Foundation has been operating on a year round basis since 2004. The Santa Foundation has a reputation of never turning away a legitimate request for help in our service area. In the past we have paid for rent or mortgages to help Franklin-area families get through a difficult period. Requests for oil deliveries or packed school backpacks have been fulfilled for needy families as the situations arise. In 2006, the need for these services increased and we decided we must do year-round fundraising activities. To accomplish this goal we needed to be a recognized Federal charity, a 501(c)(3). The law firm of Doherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan & Cannon P.C. were kind enough to donate their services and The Santa Foundation Inc. is now a federally approved charitable corporation. 100% of all contributions, cash, and gifts go directly to the families in need.

Mission: The Santa Foundation has a reputation of never turning away a legitimate request for help. We strive to protect the identity of all recipients and deliver the gifts anonymously. Would you like to make a donation of new toys, a gift card, or a cash donation? Send to The Santa Foundation, Inc., One Joy Street Franklin, MA 02038 508-528-1767

Franklin Police Department

Always so thankful for the Franklin Police Department and this year we’re even more thankful for this adorable content ❤️💚 spread joy this holiday season and share this cute pup 🐶

We learned an extremely valuable lesson today. When you have a classroom full of toys ready to be shipped off to the Santa Foundation, you should...

1. Close the door to the classroom


2. Keep the toys elevated

If not, a golden retriever will slowly hoard them throughout the day and bring them back to his lair. Thanks to Officer Cusson for capturing this larceny on camera.

We regret to inform you that the founder of the Santa Foundation, Robert F. “Sully” Sullivan Jr, has passed away this pa...
Robert F.

We regret to inform you that the founder of the Santa Foundation, Robert F. “Sully” Sullivan Jr, has passed away this past Monday.

We appreciate your continued support and the Santa Foundation will continue operations as it has in the past. Thank you.

See attached obituary:

Obituary, funeral and service information for Robert F.


It has been a very busy summer. Our volunteers spent many hours organizing the gifts we will use to start this Christmas season.

At the Santa Foundation we just do the work we don’t look at our stats except once a year when we prepare our annual report. However the other day I computed how many individuals our sponsors and volunteers have helped in the last 32 years. I was stunned to discover it was almost 100,000 individuals. When we complete this our 33rd year we will exceed that 100,000 number. You should all be proud of yourselves.

We have begun our Christmas work, calling recipients and sponsors etc. . It looks as tho we will provide Christmas for over 1000 families this year.

For those of you that work for companies perhaps you could put up a giving tree in your location. We provide the ornaments with the child’s first name and gift request and we will pick up the gifts at your convince. If you need one we will even provide the tree.

For those individuals that want to sponsor families themselves just call 508-528-4715.

You should know the Santa Foundation has no operational coats so 100% of everything raised is used for the recipients.

Thank You all for your tremendous support.

Come join us this upcoming Thursday, September 13th at 5:30-9:00PM on the beach at lake pearl for great music, incredibl...

Come join us this upcoming Thursday, September 13th at 5:30-9:00PM on the beach at lake pearl for great music, incredible food, and to support two local charities The Santa Foundation and the Random Smile Project!

Thank you to Meghan Altavilla for designing and creating this fantastic sign David Altavilla for paying for it for our w...

Thank you to Meghan Altavilla for designing and creating this fantastic sign David Altavilla for paying for it for our workshop. We are ready to get back to work this holiday season and help families in need.

If you are free on September 14th come golf with us at our annual golf tournament. Check out all details at


I want to update you on our 2016 numbers. This year we provided Christmas for 907 families. We also provided family support (rent, electric, oil, etc.) for over 100 families.

When I say We I mean every person or company that sponsors a family, donates funds or gifts, attends our Golf tournament, runs in the Jingle Bell Run, attends our Breakfast with Santa, put up a giving tree, takes a tag to buy a gift for a child or buys one of our calendars.

I would also like to update you on our establishment of The Matthew Lewellen Foundation. The sole purpose of this foundation is to assist military families in need.

Matthew Lewellen was a Green Beret serving in Jordan and helping to protect that country's citizens. A Jordanian traitor executed Matthew and two other Green Berets. In his honor, we established this foundation and in 2016 Matt provided Christmas for four military families and was able to stop an eviction for one of these families as well.

Thank you all the support you have given in so many ways. It is truly an honor to work with you.


MORE thank yous and appreciation to Franklin Police Department and Medway Village Church for their very generous toy donations today... we are overwhelmed and grateful for such wonderful community partners.


Santa-sized jolly thank you to the incredible Medway Police Department members who brought over a trailer filled with toys to share with Santa Foundation families. We couldn't be more surprised, shocked and grateful... on behalf of all the families we support, thank you to all the kind officers who made this donation happen.

We think the moon, the stars, AND the sun of our dedicated team! Please read and share on your timeline:
Franklin: Local charity receives solar system

We think the moon, the stars, AND the sun of our dedicated team! Please read and share on your timeline:

FRANKLIN - This is the time of year when the Santa Foundation is giving presents - last Tuesday, its office was full of wrapped gifts ready for


I thought I would update you on the progress of our Christmas Program. To date we have helped 797 families. We get new families calling in daily so we will surpass last years total. I wish I could report the need is decreasing however it does not seem to be the case.

Recently someone who was very close to our family and a soldier was killed in Jordan by a local Jordanian who was a traitor. Our friend was due to return home to get engaged to his sweetheart.

In his honor, this year and as long there are military families in need we will help them with Christmas and other family needs.

I was asked again by a reporter "why do you continue to operate the Santa Foundation?" The answer is in my life I have been given everything I could ever want. I was given a gift from God, my wife Elaine. She tolerates me. That in itself will qualify her for sainthood. I have a loving family that is very close and enjoys each other's company. I am a lucky man.

I won't stop operating the Santa Foundation until every family in our area can feel lucky too.


The Santa Foundation would like to thank British Beer Company Franklin, Ryan and his staff for once again hosting breakfast with Santa and raising over $1000 for The Santa Foundation. They also gave a giving tree that supports the Santa Foundation


It's not too late to give new toys and gifts for adults/grandparents! Drop off during business hours to the Santa Foundation - One Joy Street Franklin.


Hi to all of our friends on facebook. I thought I would take this opportunity to update you on our ongoing progress on our Christmas Program. So far we have helped 630 families with Christmas gifts. I believe we will help over 900 families before we are done.

There were two major changes this year. First we will receive more families to help. Second we had a large sponsor that decided not to help any charity this year because of budget issues. They provided us with a good number of toys.

I know lots of charities ask for your support. The difference with The Santa Foundation is that we are local and we don't pay any operational costs.

If you were able to drop off an unwrapped toy, gift card or Financial contribution we would be eternally grateful.

We have always prided ourselves on never turning away a legitimate request for help. With your help we will continue this tradition.


1 Joy St
Franklin, MA

General information

We are grateful for our generous sponsors and volunteers. They make it possible for the Santa Foundation to help so many people in the Franklin area. Sullivan Associates Inc. has been and will continue to be the main supporter of the Santa Foundation. All expenses from housing the Santa Foundation, arranging delivery vehicles, gas and gift wrapping are paid for by Sullivan Associates Inc. (office space/storage space, gift deliveries, gas, and gift wrapping and supplies). This allows 100 percent of all contributions collected to be used to help families in need. This holiday season, the need was beyond what we could ever have anticipated. We are grateful for your support. If you are looking for support but live outside our Franklin service area, please click here to find a service organization near you:


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My name is Tim and I work in the Postal Center Store in Millis. The owners, the Walker family, are big supporters of this foundation. Before I left the store today I took the attached photo. Our bin has already been picked up twice and this is what it looks like today. Very grateful for my customers who are so supportive of one and other and for the Foundation for all of the work they do.
Already preparing for our families in need this holiday season as all *new* toys and other goods we receive will go directly to Santa Foundation. Home2Homes is a proud supporter of your wonderful work, thank you!
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