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Over the last few weeks, the Godley Police Department has been handing out copies of an ordinance that was passed in August 2019. This ordinance addresses parking on unimproved surfaces (non designated driveways). We will make two notifications at your residence before issuing citations. In addition we have handed out trash rules, phone numbers and addresses for places to discard your bulk trash. This also will garner a visit prior to the issuance of citations.

As always you may look up any ordinance at amlegal.com/godley


The Godley Police Department will begin taking some reports via telephone to limit exposure. You may call 817-556-6060 to be placed in contact with the on duty officer. The Godley Police Department will still respond to high priority calls in person.



Judge Harmon's Office has received 3 phone calls this morning from citizens saying they received a phone call from a “Deputy Blake Shaw” from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. He is telling people that they will have a warrant out for their arrest due to a missed court date in Judge Harmon’s Office. One of the reporting callers said this person asked for credit card information to take care of the fine. If you receive a call from this or any other "Deputy" please do not give him any information other that the phone number for the Sheriff's Office (817-556-6058). We would like to speak with him.

This year, the Godley Police Department is proud to announce that we will be working in conjunction with the Godley Comm...
Godley Community Christmas Outreach

This year, the Godley Police Department is proud to announce that we will be working in conjunction with the Godley Community Christmas Outreach Program. This program is comprised of the GISD, local churches and other organizations. By working with this group, those who are needing assistance this holiday season will have a single form to fill out and a centralized location to obtain their items. All donations the GPD obtain through our own toy drive, will be donated over to the GCCOP for disbursement.

This community and the surrounding area have made the last three toy drives held by the GPD a success, helping many families and the handing out of hundreds of toys. In the next month the GPD will begin placing the donation tubs around at local businesses for toy (or other items) donations, and as always one will be in the lobby of City Hall located at 200 West Railroad St.

If you are unable to make it to a drop off location, you may leave your donation with any on duty GPD Officer, who will get it to the proper location.

If you are a local business and would like a donation tub for your business PM the GPD or email [email protected].


Please complete this form to request help from Godley Community Joint Outreach. Godley Community Outreach provides help to Godley ISD children @ Christmas. This confidential form will only be sent to Cheryl Villanueva, Director of Human Resources, College & Career Readiness. Request will be taken Oc...


Good afternoon. Construction on the city park has started. For the personal safety of our guests, we will be closing the park until construction is complete. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to a completely new park experience in approximately two months.

My name is Melinda Randall. I haven’t seen my dog since 8/14/19. He is a maltipoo, microchipped and was wearing a collar...

My name is Melinda Randall. I haven’t seen my dog since 8/14/19. He is a maltipoo, microchipped and was wearing a collar. He didn’t leave on his own.
He went missing from 913 & 2331 down from the water tower (on the same side of the road as the water tower).
My phone number is 817-291-9387

New GISD phone numbers

New GISD phone numbers

Alice Williams reported her German Shepard named Chase missing. Last seen on Friday, July 12th at her residence 13800 FM...

Alice Williams reported her German Shepard named Chase missing. Last seen on Friday, July 12th at her residence 13800 FM 2331, and her phone # is 817.909.5143.


Another school year is just weeks away! We are asking for everyone's assistance as we hold our third annual school supply drive. This drive has helped many families and the school district over the last couple of years to off set the financial burden these supplies may cost. Tubs will be placed around the city at various locations, and at city hall. If you would like to help, you may drop the supplies into the tubs, give to the on duty Godley Police Officer, drop off monetary donations at city hall for the purchase of the supplies or you can mail in the donation.

Address the envelope to the Godley Police Department. Make money orders or checks payable to the City of Godley, and in memo section write "School Supplies".

Thank you for the outpouring and support you have given over the last couple of years, and lets keep this going for years to come.

Chief Jason Jordan


The thoughts and prayers of the Godley Police Department go out to the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office and to the family of Sgt. Keith Shepherd.


A cell phone was located in the Godley Hieghts addition and turned in. If this is your phone contact JCSO dispatch 817.556.6060 and ask to speak to the on duty officer. Be prepared to give a detailed description.

"During the overnight hours on 6/11/2019, Edison Power Constructors, located on S Burleson Blvd in Burleson, had 5 brand...

"During the overnight hours on 6/11/2019, Edison Power Constructors, located on S Burleson Blvd in Burleson, had 5 brand new White Ford F250 heavy duty trucks stolen. One of the trucks was involved in a hit and run this morning between the hours of 0600-0800 near Kentucky Rd and County Road 1004 in the Joshua/Godley area of Johnson County. The trucks may or may not be marked with the company logo (see last picture). If anyone recognizes or locates one these trucks, please contact your local law enforcement agency or the Tri County Auto Theft Task Force at 817-728-3910 or at [email protected]."


The Godley Police Department has taken several reports recently for telephone scams. Please, do not offer money, agree to purchase gift cards, or give out sensitive information like id numbers, bank account numbers, or social security numbers. The latest scam is targeting Direct TV and ATT customers demanding money for receivers that "were supposed to have been returned". Please always verify who is contacting you. If they identify them self as a business like ATT, tell them you will call them right back and obtain a case or reference number that you may use when you call back. Always remember that law enforcement agencies, or government agencies like the IRS will never contact you for payment(s). With all the warnings and information out there, unfortunately there are those who will still fall for this type of scam. Be wise, not a victim! The latest numbers (probably cloned) are 1-800-692-7753 / 1-800-860-4032 and address of E-Commerce PO Box 300474 Brooklyn, NY 11230

Supporting local businesses one at a time!

Supporting local businesses one at a time!

Godley Police Department's cover photo

Godley Police Department's cover photo

Godley Police Department

Godley Police Department

Godley Police Department

Godley Police Department


Warrant Round-up through out North Texas is in full effect. Do not wait. The City of Godley is giving those with active warrants a chance to address them. From today 3/5/2019 through the end of March 3/31/2019, if you pay your warrants, the City of Godley will give you a 50% discount on the fine, and waive the warrant fee. For some this will save hundreds of dollars. The City of Godley and the Godley Police Department are asking those who have warrants to take care of them, before the offer ends. If you are arrested for the outstanding warrants, the offer WILL NOT apply.


Unfortunately, on another FB page, people voice their disdain for GPD, and that nothing better can be done by the officers then to harass people. So here are a few tidbits for 2018 for the Godley Police Department.

May 2018, working with the GISD, the GPD held a Health and Safety Fair (also in 2017) at the high school.

August 2018, GPD held its 2nd annual school supply fundraiser for GISD.

September 2018, working with GISD assisted with the high school homecoming and parade.

October 2018, GPD officers handed out candy to children who were trick or treating. (2017 gave away free pizza and showed a movie on a large screen just behind the GFD)

December 2018, GPD held its 3rd annual toy drive for children and families in and around the Godley area, giving away over 300 toys)

December 2018, GPD assisted with the Christmas party at the park and parade.

In 2018, the Godley Police Department was involved in an armed standoff (2017 our officers were shot at during another standoff). The Godley Police Department worked 5 child sex assault crimes, 1 possession of child porn case, 18 disturbances, multiple drug offenses, 7 weapons charges, 27 thefts/burglaries, 12 suicidal person calls, and many other types of situations for a total of 1,736 calls for service. The Godley Police Department filed over 118 cases to include 36 felonies, in addition to having 65 arrests due to warrants of all kinds.

Yes, the Godley Police Department conducts traffic enforcement. GPD issued 1,904 citations. May sound like alot, but that comes out to 19 citations per month per officer, or 4 a day per officer. In 2018 GPD issued nearly as many warnings.

There are City Council meetings every month, sometimes twice. I encourage everyone to attend so you see the real story, and not from keyboard warriors, who only look to cause harm to this community and this department. As the Chief of Police, my door is always open, and I will do everything I can to meet with everyone and listen to your concern.



On 01/03/2019 a Johnson County resident reported that while driving in the area of CR 913, CR 913 B, he was flagged down by a white male driving a white Camry.
Once the citizen did not stop, the driver of the Camry tailgated the citizen. The driver of the Camry then passed the citizen and got out of his vehicle while the citizen was passing in his. At this time the driver of the white Camry pulled a small caliber semi-automatic pistol from his black rain jacket and pointed it at the citizen. No rounds were fired. License Plate was not observed.
The driver was wearing a black rain jacket and black beanie type hat.
The Sheriff’s Office is wanting to remind citizens to stay vigilant and aware while driving and not be distracted and report any suspicious activity.


We have several toys left age group is 2 years old to about 10 years old. If you are in need of some toys, please visit at City Hall or an on duty GPD officer.


There is now a 3 way stop at Links and Turner Streets. In the coming days the school zone will extend to the intersection of Links and Nelson. Proceed carefully and with caution. There are many children on this path home and to school.

Thank you to everyone who had donated to the toy drive this year!!

Thank you to everyone who had donated to the toy drive this year!!


With 12 days until Christmas, we are still accepting donations and applications for assistance. Please stop by a local business and drop a new unwrapped toy in our blue or clear bin.


We are experiencing a great toy turn out. Thank you all who have contributed so far! Reminder, if you are a family that is needing assistance with toys, you may pick up an application at Godley City Hall located at 200 West Railroad Ave. Godley Texas 76044


Over the Thanksgiving Holiday a local family that had been saving and borrowing, finally had enough money to put towards a home. Pre occupied with small children, the money that had recently been withdrawn from the local bank was placed on top of the vehicle, and forgot about. The money blew from the vehicle and along Hwy 171. If you or anyone you know may have picked up any of this family's money, please contact the Godley Police Department so that it can be returned.


The Godley Police Department is kicking off its 3rd annual toy drive for the Christmas Holiday. This toy drive will run up to December 20th. You may drop off toys anywhere you find our toy bins, or at Godley City Hall. Over the last 2 years individuals in and around the Godley area had donated over 400 toys and other items, helping 45 families in and around the Godley area. I know the residents in this area will not disappoint again this year. If you would rather donate a check, money order or cash to the cause, label the envelope "Toy Drive". Thank you in advance!


The City of Godley is experiencing telephone issues. The only number currently working is 817-389-3539

Pct. 1 Constable's Office in partnership with the DEA will have a drug take back bin set up in front of Godley City hall...

Pct. 1 Constable's Office in partnership with the DEA will have a drug take back bin set up in front of Godley City hall October 27, 2018 from 10am to 2pm. You can bring ANY unused medications and drop them off.

The Godley Police Department is currently working a theft from the Rowlett Hardware Store. Any information please contac...

The Godley Police Department is currently working a theft from the Rowlett Hardware Store. Any information please contact the Godley Police Department 817-389-2500

City of Godley Fire Department

City of Godley Fire Department


Our three newest additions
Officer Hughes, Officer Alvarez, and Officer Rodriguez


****School Supplies Update****

We have received several donations, but far short of where we where at this time last year. We are still in need of the following items:

1. Ear Buds ($1 each at Dollar Tree)
2. Construction Paper (large and small)
3. Manilla Paper (large and small)
4. Pencils
5. Pens
6. zip lock bags (gallon and quart sizes)
7. back packs
8. paper towels
9. play-doh ( all colors)
10. Hand Sanitizer
11. kleenex

Contact JCSO (817-556-6060) and ask for an on duty officer to meet you at city hall or you may drop off at Carmen's Cafe or Chisolms.

Lets get this done!


We are running out of time. School starts in less than two weeks and we are no where we need to be. In this last election it was discussed about community involvement, so here is your chance to live up to the complaints that were put out. We are asking that the community come together and help the local school children with a donation of school supplies or monetary donation to purchase the supplies.

Cleburne Police Department

Cleburne Police Department

Help Us Identify these two thieves. (CPD Case 18-01512)

Suspect 1 distracted an employee at one Cleburne business and Suspect 2 removed her wallet from her purse that was under the counter. Suspects proceded to Wal-Mart and purchased items totally over $2,000.00.
SUSPECT 1: Black male adult, 5 ft 9" to 5 ft 10", muscular build with a thick/long pony tail held in a net or rag.
SUSPECT 2: Black female adult, heavy set build, long cornrow styled hair

If you recognize either of these suspects, please contact: Cpl. Dennis Ney, Financial Crimes Investigations, Cleburne Police. Telephone: 817-645-0976 or Email: [email protected]

Cross Posted to Johnson County Crime Stoppers "If you know something, say something"! Contact jccstexas.org with your tip!



On 7/18/2018, Officers with the Godley Police Department received a call that a wanted felon, John E. Reedy 28 yoa was at a residence located at 300 E. Godley Ave. Godley Officers were made aware that Mr. Reedy has been in possession of a stolen firearm over the last week, keeping it on him at all times and has made comments of shooting the police to avoid returning to prison.

Upon arrival Godley Officers made contact with the tenants of the residence, and escorted the occupants out of the residence and to a safe location. Mr. Reedy fled to the rear of the residence where he entered into the attic through an access inside of the home.

Godley Police Department contacted JCSO and requested additional units. Texas DPS, Texas Parks and Wildlife (Game Warden - K9), JCSO, and JC Constable 2201 arrived on scene to assist.

After approximately 1 hr of trying to get Mr. Reedy to come out of the residence, Burleson SWAT team was notified and asked to deploy to our location.

Upon the arrival of the SWAT a plan was put into motion to negotiate and have Mr. Reedy come out of the residence. After multiple failed attempts, the SWAT team introduced gas into the residence, and received no response. SWAT team made entry into the residence and located Mr. Reedy hiding under a bed in a front room. Mr. Reedy was unresponsive but breathing.

Mr. Reedy was transported by AMR to JPS Hospital where he was treated for symptoms to include high levels of Methamphetamine.

Early this morning Mr. Reedy was released and transported to the Johnson County Jail where he was booked on his Felony and Misdemeanor warrants. Mr. Reedy was out on bond for additional felony charges at the time of this incident


The Godley Police Department has again began the school supply drive. We apologize for the late start this year, but are asking for everyone's assistance and support to ensure ALL Godley ISD students have the supplies they need to be successful.

All supplies collected will be given over to the Godley ISD, and they will distribute as needed.

We are in need of the following items:

Map Pencils
Washable Markers
Construction Paper large and small
Manilla Paper large and small
Glue Sticks
Elmer's Glue
Notebook Paper (wide rule)
Spiral notebooks
Composition Notebooks
Zipper Pouches / Boxes
Paper Towels
Play Doh

We will accept monetary donations and will purchase the above items.

You may drop the items off at the Godley City Hall or any business location you see a designated bin.

Thank You for your support!



200 W RailRoad Ave
Godley, TX

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(817) 389-2500


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