12th Battalion ARCG

12th Battalion ARCG 12th BN, Army Reserve Careers Group, located in Grand Prairie, TX. BN Commander is LTC Abnel L. Negron, BN Sergeant Major Kimberly Bergman-Gandara

Operating as usual


We have a new member to our BN family!!! Please welcome baby Hailey Josephine Penaloza was born today at 0058 and weight is 8lbs 10oz.

Congratulations SFC Penaloza and your family!!

Where Texas Began, Where the Gladiators took Texas to the next level.

Where Texas Began, Where the Gladiators took Texas to the next level.


The 2nd ARCC in the Gladiator Battalion to cross the finish line by achieving all four mission sets this fiscal year has been confirmed! Please ensure to join the Commander, SGM McCray and SGM Riga in congratulating SFC Gary of the Area 6 "Highlanders" on this exceptional accomplishment!! Very noteworthy is that SFC Gary accomplished this with one of the highest reenlistment missions in the battalion.

SFC Gary, you showed phenomenal drive and determination in achieving this milestone. You are a true Warrrior and Team player that never quits or leaves a fallen comrade. You are there not only for your Area 6 "Highlanders", but also your peers throughout the Gladiator Battalion. Way to be. Keep up the outstanding work SFC Gary!!


The BN Command Leadership Team would also like to congratulate SSG Kellee Neal-Jackson who was also recommended for promotion to SFC on the list!!! If you don't already know, SSG Neal-Jackson serves as one of the high speed 42A (Human Resource NCOs) on the Battalion Staff.

Congratulations SSG Neal-Jackson!!

Knock out that upcoming Senior Leader Course and pin on that additional rocker!! Time to officially join the Senior NCO ranks even though you are already been serving in a SFC/E-7 capacity and being held to the standard!!

SFC Barron,Way to proudly represent 12th Battalion and demonstrate commitment to the Army values and embody the Warrior ...

SFC Barron,

Way to proudly represent 12th Battalion and demonstrate commitment to the Army values and embody the Warrior Ethos! You are a total representation of the Force of the Future!


Please welcome the newest addition to the Werner Family, Area 3 Cobras and the Gladiator Battalion. Baby Caden Charles Werner, 4 lbs. 9 oz., was born on April 14th at 1515 at Clear Lake Regional Hospital. Both baby and mother are doing well.

Congratulations SFC Werner on the newest addition to your family!


Please welcome the newest addition to the Fairchild Family, Area 4 Regulators, and the Gladiator Battalion!!! SFC Erin Fairchild had a safe and successful delivery of a baby girl, Emmalynn Nicole Fairchild on April 8th at 1440. She weighed in at 5 lbs, 15 oz.

Congratulations SFC Fairchild!! Glad to hear you and the baby are doing well. Enjoy your maternity leave....We know your newest addition will be keeping you busy!!!


The Battalion Commander, SGM McCray and SGM Riga would like to congratulate SSG Adames (Area 1 Scorpions) and SSG Moye (Area 4 Regulators) who were recommended for promotion to SFC!!

Right on to both of you!! Soon to officially join the Senior ranks although you have been performing duties at the level for some time now.

If by chance we have accidentally overlooked any names of any 12th Battalion Soldiers on the recommendation list, accept this apology in advance. Please let us know.


SFC Ponjavic,

Outstanding job in providing support to Special Operations Command-Korea (SOCKOR) with filling IMA vacancies!! Definitely great when you get accolades from a Commanding General (CG), and in this case the CG and Chief of Staff of Special Operations Command located way out in Korea. Then additional accolades from the Brigade CDR/CSM and BN CDR.

The IMA Program is definitely another great option for IRR Soldiers and you have done a great job of seeking out and finding fills for the opportunities. Please ensure to share some of your knowledge and experience with peers in the battalion who may not be as versed with navigating the opportunities assisting IRR Soldiers who may best fit for an IMA position.

Way to represent the Area 5 Outlaws alongside your Area Leader MSG McMillan!!


SFC Walley,

On behalf of the Battalion Leadership Team, Congratulations!!! It has been verified through Battalion Operations that you are the first ARCC to cross the finish line in FY 18 by achieving all four mission sets!! You accomplished this feat in under six months. This shows phenonmenal drive and determination. We appreciate all the hard work and effort put forth towards achieving this milestone and know you are continuing to push and exceed in all mission sets. You are a true Warrior that never quits and a Team player who is always there for not only his Area 2 Spartan pears, but peers throughout the Gladiator Battalion. This significant accomplishment places you in the Gladiator Battalion history for FY 18!!!


Congratulations to SSG Watson to being the Distinguished Honor Graduate for her SLC class!!! She edged out the competiton by .4%!! SSG Watson has put in the time to learn the MOS in her short time since graduating the 79V course and coming on board as AGR this past July. Her achievement is just a testament of her drive to succeed and her willing to put in the hours to be successful. Her achievement also shows the high quality of ARCCs we have in the 12th BN and the continued accolades that we receive.

Congrats to SSG Watson again on your achievement and your continuedd growth as a 79V.

12th Battalion ARCD's cover photo

12th Battalion ARCD's cover photo

335th Signal Command (Theater)

One of our supported units making it happen!

Need some motivation going into the weekend?

Check out how the 820th Signal Company (TIN) kept hammering and moved the needle from RED to GREEN in unit #readiness becoming one of the top companies in the command.

Ready Lightning video by Master Sgt. Anthony J. Florence

Welcome back home SFC Rosado from your ARCENT tour!!!

Welcome back home SFC Rosado from your ARCENT tour!!!


SGM Riga and I want to take a moment to congratulate Master Sergeant Lee on his selection for Sergeant Major and the Resident Sergeants Major Academy. MSG Lee has only been with us for a very short time, but he's already doing great things as our Senior Ops. MSG Lee was a phenomenal Area Leader for 1st Battalion, and talking with LTC Branch and SGM Rogers yesterday, he was not only their best Area Leader, but it wasn't close. He and his area consistently blew their mission out of the water, and more importantly, he consistently developed his TPU and AGR ARCCs into more effective leaders. It comes as no surprise that MSG Lee was selected based on his past performance and his incredible potential as a Sergeant Major in our Army.

Please take a moment and join us in congratulating MSG Lee!!

Gladiator 6


SSGs Driggers, Pantella and Wilkins,

On behalf of LTC Shanley, SGM McCray and myself congratulations on being recommended for promotion to the senior ranks to Sergeant First Class!!

SSG Pantella you were promoted to SFC effective 1 October!! Congrats!!

Congratulations to all of you!!

"Gladiator 7"


Phenomenal Team work and synergistic effort from all 12th BN Gladiators and way to crush all the other BNs and bridge the gap to surpass 5th BN in the final month!!! 12th BN goes down in the Army Reserve Careers Division history books as the "Top Overall Battalion from FY 17" and you were all part of this accomplishment and moment in history!!

Most definitely a great day to be a Gladiator!! Right on Team!!

"Gladiator 7"

The Battalion had the privilege of hosting the promotion ceremony of one our own fine Gladiator's to the senior noncommi...

The Battalion had the privilege of hosting the promotion ceremony of one our own fine Gladiator's to the senior noncommissioned officer ranks. Please join us in congratulating newly promoted SFC David GomezRodriguez along with his beautiful Family!!

Also, let's not forget his Army Family, the Area 8 "Thunder" Area Leader and his teammates!!

Congratulations, well-earned and deserved promotion!!!


September Gladiator of the Month: SFC Joshua Browning (Area 5)

This high speed Area 5 "Outlaw" goes by first name Joshua, as in the biblical name, and last name Browning like the Browning shotgun. Assigned to the Battalion mid-year 2016, SFC Browning always sets high goals to complete his mission ahead of schedule. He achieved 150% of his first term and 144% of his careerist reenlistment missions, and 122% of his IRR-E and 100% of his IRR-O missions in FY17. SFC Browning's IRR to SELRES accomplishments placed him in the Battalion's "Top 20 Early Finishers" andd he was the second recipient to complete all four mission categories in FY17. His ability to meet mission and end strength objectives places him in the highest caliber of professional Soldiers and Army Reserve Career Counselors!!

"I'm going to Disney World," and "I'm going to Disneyland," have irrevocably linked to the Super Bowl since Phil Simms (NY Giants football team) first uttered the phrases in 1987. Like the phrase, "I'm going to Disney World," SFC Browning's phrase after completing his mission was,"I'm going to start on my Master's in Business Administration and assist my team with their IRR missions." He plans to take the "O" out of Gladiator and excel as a professional Soldier!

Outside of doing retention duties, SFC Browning has carpenter skills in swinging a hammer and has a heart for transforming lives. This year the city of Houston, Texas was faced with one of the largest disasters the city has ever experienced. SFC Browning sacrificed his time during the Labor Day weekend to volunteer his expertise as an engineer. As the relief efforts continued, SFC Browning pledged to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey with joining others in their efforts as one team one fight. His team of volunteers raised over $10,000 in supply resources as the primary contribution to the hurricane relief. SFC Browning and his team of volunteers gave the city of Houston, Texas hope in light of their sacrifices and will forever have a personal connection!!!

Way to go SFC Browning!!! Truly outstanding accomplishments and contributions! Congratulations again on behalf of the Commander and Sergeant Major on being the "Gladiator of the Month."


Please join the Commander, SGM Riga and SGM McCray in congratulating the following Soldiers who graduated from various courses

SFCs Jessica Rivera and Adam Mead (Area 2) from SLC at Ft. Knox, KY.

SFC Josip Ponjavic (Area 5) from Battle Staff NCO course at Ft. McCoy, WI.

MSG Jerod Graff (Area 6) Security Managers course at Ft. Knox, KY.

What a way to close out the last week day in fiscal year 2017.

Congratulations to all of you and way to represent your areas and the Battalion!


Motivational Quote #286: No Limitations

Just as positive words can make someone smile or a well-timed humorous quote can make someone laugh, our thoughts react to the world in real-time. You have complete control over only one thing in the universe- your thinking- and that's where motivational quotes come in!

Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do. --Brian Tracy

It's time for the Gladiators to move into FY 18 with no limitations on what we will be, have or do!!

Let's crush FY 18 Gladiators!!!


Motivational Quote #285

"Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." --Helen Keller


Motivational Quote #284

"I offer neither pay, nor quarter, nor food; I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Let him who loves his country with his heart, and not merely his lips, follow me. Soldier, patriot and uniter of modern Italy."

--Giuseppe Garibaldi


Motivational Quote #283

"Someday, everything will make perfect sence. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason."
-John Mayer


Motivational Quote #282: Possibility/Achievement

"Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement." --Golda Meir


Motivational Quote #281: Success

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." -Maya Angelou


Motivational Quote #280: Optimism

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement." -Hellen Keller

Pictures from SGM William Pope Jr. farewell dinner

Pictures from SGM William Pope Jr. farewell dinner


Motivational Quote #279: Champions

"Champions keep playing until they get it right."
-Billie Jean King


Motivational Quote #278: Winners & Quitters

Today's quote may be one you have heard many times already and may be familiar with:

"Winners never quit and quitters never win."
--Vince Lombardi


2017 Secretary of the Army, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year Runner Up: SFC Candice Ortiz (Area 7)!!!

Welcome us in congratulating SFC Ortiz for her accomplishments in the ARCCOY competition held at the ARCD HQ this past week at Ft. Knox. She proudly represented 12th BN and her stellar performance in all events culminated in her achieving Runner-Up!!

Way to go SFC Ortiz. We know it was a grueling week for you and you represented the battalion proudly.


Motivational Quote #277

"There may be people that have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do." --Derek Jeter


Motivational Quote #275 & #276: Leadership

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
--John Quincy Adams

"When you become a leader you give up the right to think about yourself." --Gerald Brooks


Motivational Quote #274: Soldiers Message/Poem

This one is dedeicate to someone near and dear to all of us. This leader whose name is listed below has served as a mentor for many. He has touched many over his time in the Army and will continue to touch many more in the time to come. And, I have personnally, appreciated his mentorship!!

"There is a Discipline in Soldier
You can see it when he walks.
There is Honor in a soldier
You can hear it when he talks.
There is Courage in a Soldier
You can see it in their eyes.
There is Loyalty in a Soldier
That will not be compromised.
There is Strength in a Soldier
That beats in his heart.
A Soldier isn't any title any man
Can be hired to do
A Soldier is the soul of that man
Buried deep inside of you.
A Soldier You will always be."--SGM William H. Pope Jr.


Motivational Quote #273: I am a Soldier

"I am a Soldier, I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight." --George S. Patton


310 Armed Forces Dr
Grand Prairie, TX

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Vision: Develop a command of highly motivated professionals that enable the Army Reserve to provide skill-rich operational forces to Combatant Commanders. ARCD Tenets: Embrace and Live the NCO Creed and the Army Values Always Tell the Truth Ba Career Counselor to all Soldiers--SELRES and IRR Aggressively Execute all Missions with Integrity Be Results Oriented, Competent and Professional Build Command and Unit Partnerships

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Veterans wronged by State Courts listen up as we may have a fix. We are conducting investigatory research for individuals who had their military retirement or VA disability unlawfully taken as part of a divorce, child support, or civil action where as part of the settlement your monies may have wrongfully been taken. We are creating a database of individuals who may be affected and are considering bringing a class action lawsuit against the US government for allowing State Courts, as well as DFAS, the VA, DOD, and other government entities to unlawfully attach, allot, garnish, or levy your VA disability or military retirement. Below is part of the wrongs we will be pushing to recover damages for and if you believe ANY of them apply, message and I'll contact you off the group, so as to protect your identity. This idea action is the result of a veteran having his VA disability taken under Title 42, and Title 5 where neither apply to VA disability. We found that the VA has been claiming that disabled veterans have to pay under the above sections, but Title 5 only applies to ACTUAL EMPLOYEES OF THE CIVIL SERVICE SYSTEM, not disabled veterans. When they were caught at that they started taking the monies under Title 42 which only applies if the veteran is also receiving a military retirement and has converted a portion of the retirement to VA disability. We think we have finally figured out how the VA is stealing VA disability and giving it to your former spouse(s), but we need to know how many people are affected by this. So, if you feel it applies to you, or you are a member of another veterans group, please message me, and repost this on the other sites you belong to. I think we may be able to recover damages for most involved, but we need to speak first. As I said, the database will only be seen by me, the other individual involved and the attorney we will be asking for advice. If you do not feel comfortable with me passing your name on, I can assign you a "John Doe' number and that will be all I'll forward to the other researcher and the attorney. AND I WILL NOT BE FORWARDING YOUR NAME TO THE VA UNTIL I HAVE YOUR PERMISSION!!! As my page meets the legal requirement for being considered as a news network, you are protected under whistleblower laws and I'll go to jail before giving up any sources! If you contact me, and I don't get back to you right away, please give me some time as I have over 5000 followers on this page alone and have many others linked to this page, but rest assured I WILL CONTACT YOU! Lots of vets have had their benefits stolen by DFAS and the VA, and we are looking at getting your money, as well as stopping this from going on any longer. Here are a few, and we are still developing other areas where we feel we can clearly show negligence on the current and past administrations, for decades. Here is a short background identifies by a follower on another page where he was trying to say it was legal, but was using laws written back in the '90s, laws that are no longer in effect. The sections that are not numbered are in response to his claims. First off, Title 5 ONLY APPLIES to federal employees, and if you are a disabled veteran, unless you were an employee of the federal government, Title 5, in its entirety is moot! Title 42 sec 1408 and it's subsections are what apply to military retirees and military retirees who have given up part of their retirement and it is inapplicable to disabled veterans or federal employees unless they are receiving, or have converted a portion of their military retirement to collect VA disability compensation. Even then the former spouse is only entitled to certain amounts, which some courts are ignoring and we believe DFAS is applying the law incorrectly and DFAS is or has taken more than the amount allowed under Title 42, which is 50% for a spouse only or 65% a spouse and child support is included, AND a section of 1408 states that the maximum amount must include any amount due in arrears, and as such, the amount taken should NEVER exceed 65%. Title 38 applies to VA disability only, not Title 5, Title 42, or any other not specifically spoken to under Title 38, as the secretary VA is the ONLY INDIVIDUAL who can attach, levy, or garnish any monies received solely as VA Disability Compensation, see Title 38 sec. 511, and there lots of case history verifying it cannot be touched by ANY COURT. unless it is received as retirement converted to VA Disability Compensation. A recent case, Howell v. Howell a US Supreme Court case validates that. So here's a portion of the issues we plan to address if it is feasible to bring a class action suit: 1. The President is derelict in failing to ensure his cabinet officials are following the laws of this Nation, and in doing so are causing harm to the level that veterans are committing suicide as a result of becoming depressed because of him unlawfully allowing his cabinet officials to ATTACH, LEVY, AND OR GARNISH VA Disability Compensation contrary to what is allowed under Title 38. 2. That the President and his cabinet officials are complicit in unlawfully allowing veterans VA Disability Compensation to be used under Title 5, and Title 38 which does not apply to non-military retired veterans as Title 5 ONLY applies to former employees of the Federal Government and is inapplicable to veterans receiving Title 38 monies, and Title 38 monies that are not received as a conversion of Title 42 military retired pay, do not apply. 3. That the President and his cabinet are allowing military retirement to be unlawfully apportioned by State Courts, whereas amounts or percentages in excess of the amounts allowed under Title 42 are being awarded to the former spouse, whereas Title 42 sec 1408 limit the amount that can be awarded to the former spouse as a property award to 50%, if the award is for a spouse only, and 65% if the award is for spousal support and child support. And, whereas Title 42 sec. 1408(4)(d)(6) specifically states that the award made shall be consistent with the awards (allowed) ...and said award shall include any awards of payments due as arrears. 4. That the President and his Secretary of Defense has allowed veterans, who were receiving military retirement, and who were involved in a divorce award, allowed said veterans military pay to be awarded by the court without consideration of the amount that was included under disposable retired pay, where the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, made the court ordered apportionment before deducting the payments that were to be made before final calculation of the disposable retired pay spoken to in Title 42 sec. 1408, and in doing so deprived the retiree/veteran of money due them by the US government as their portion of their disposable retired pay. When advised of the issue, the veteran would be told that he/she would need to recover the money through the court when the party who wronged the veteran was DFAS and as such the US government is liable for recovery. This issue, if it is not raised by the retiree/veteran continues to happen to this date. 5. That the Secretary of the Veterans Administration is negligent in allowing his employees to create apportionments in violation of Title 38 Sec. 5301, which prohibits the Levy, garnishment, or apportionment of ANY monies received under Title 38 unless said apportionment, levy or garnishment is considered under sec. 511 of Title 38. And it goes on from there. If anyone believes they have been wronged, please message me via facebook at facebook.com/veteransnewstoday and I'll collect your information and after you complete the required documentation you could be added to the class action suit. If you are unsure if it applies, please message me and I will arrange a time for us to speak. If you are unsure if you want to be involved, but want more information, message me. We believe proceeding with this class action is the way that we are going to be able to get ALL the current issues involving VA disability, and/or military retired pay fixed and the more involved the more likely that court is going to agree. Have a good night and God bless! Paul Dionne, Editor Veterans News Today Retired USAF, 100% Disabled Veteran Veterans News Today Nonprofit Organization · 811 Likes Veterans News Today's photo.