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Unbroken Warriors Our goal is for American war veterans to manage their PTSD symptoms & regain control of their lives

About Us:

Unbroken Warriors was founded in 2016 in Holmdel, New Jersey by an American war veteran afflicted with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The inspiration for creating this organization was from the innate desire to serve alongside American war veterans again in a new capacity. The executive board consists of seven highly motivated men and women, with diverse professional backgrounds

, who understand the devastating impact PTSD can have on the afflicted and their loved ones. Some of the trustees of Unbroken Warriors have completed residential trauma treatment and are driven to offer that opportunity to veterans in need. Unbroken Warriors is dedicated not only to fundraising for veteran PTSD care, but also for raising awareness to the daily struggles that our returning veterans are faced with.

Happy to visit and speak with local students

Happy to visit and speak with local students


It’s Beat Army week😤


A groundbreaking clinical trial launched October 16, 2023, will explore the promise of new drug treatments for military personnel and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The multi-site trial is spearheaded by the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA), p...


Ketamine treatments have made enough inroads with mitigating PTSD symptoms that the VA recently expanded its relationship with Ketamine Wellness Centers.



The failure to form secure attachments in childhood often wreaks havoc in the lives of adult survivors. In their professional lives, many struggle with triggers inside and outside the workplace that impact their productivity.

This article examines the four major attachment styles and explores how attachment wounds affect survivors in the workplace.

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People who self-harm seek emotional relief through hurting their own bodies.
The injuries sustained can be severe and even life-threatening if it gets infected or cuts too deep.

While it is not considered a mental health disorder, people who commit self-harm often have an underlying mental health condition.

This article discusses CPTSD and its role in self-harming behaviors. https://cptsdfoundation.org/2023/11/27/complex-post-traumatic-stress-disorder-and-self-harm/




The challenges veterans face are real, and the road to recovery can be difficult. But not impossible.

Research has shown that horses offer an extraordinary source of support for those living with PTSD, depression, and substance use. The transformational bond between veterans and these majestic animals has been found to have a powerful impact. Interacting with horses can reduce the weight of these mental health challenges, providing individuals with an avenue to regain their lives.

Join us in raising awareness about the profound impact of horses on mental health by sharing this post and following us to learn more.

Source: Kessler, R. C., Heeringa, S. G., Stein, M. B., et al. (2014)



Giving Tuesday 2023Your generosity has helped us assist dozens of veterans in getting the mental health interventions th...

Giving Tuesday 2023
Your generosity has helped us assist dozens of veterans in getting the mental health interventions they need to get back to the life they deserve.

Please consider paying forward your blessings today and help us help veterans.

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow! Please do not forget the thousands of veterans struggling with PTSD and the 20 plus veterans...

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow! Please do not forget the thousands of veterans struggling with PTSD and the 20 plus veterans that take their own lives everyday because of it.


Infographic presents five steps for helping someone in emotional pain in order to prevent su***de. Steps include: Ask, Keep Them Safe, Be There, Help Them Connect, and Stay Connected.


The 4 Main Trauma Responses

We can be a combination of these.

In understanding which we have - we can begin to manage them.

(Please note I say 'Main' trauma responses, but there are a few more some have written about like flop, flag, faint, fright.)

I have information on my website - which I have permission from Pete Walker to use.


~ Lilly Hope Lucario
Healing From Complex Trauma and Ptsd/cptsd


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3 Types of Flashbacks: Visual, Somatic and Emotional.

The types of flashbacks,
Visual, somatic and emotional.
Emotional flashbacks are more commonly seen in those who have Complex PTSD.

Those afflicted with the memories of trauma may seem quiet, disconnected, anxious, even angered or annoyed. This Thanksg...

Those afflicted with the memories of trauma may seem quiet, disconnected, anxious, even angered or annoyed. This Thanksgiving we hope everyone can be met with comfort, love, and care. May you all have blessed day with those you love.

Local resources for those in need 🍁🦃

Local resources for those in need 🍁🦃


The holiday season can be difficult for some, but we're here for you - 24/7/365. Text 988 whenever you need someone to talk to.

Resources for caregivers-no one knows your quiet plight

Resources for caregivers-no one knows your quiet plight

Your Guide to Mental Wellness     Mental Wellness Happens Here November 2023 Newsletter | View as Webpage     WHAT'S HAPPENING • National Caregivers Month • In the Community • Layers of Wellne


Never be ashamed to send a message like this. People care & love you 💙


With less than 24 hours of planning a community came together to honor a 101 year old WWII Purple Heart recipient this Veterans Day.

Veterans, treat yourself!

Veterans, treat yourself!

Restaurants are saluting Veterans Day with free meals and discounts for veterans, service members and their families.


It is difficult work, but so freeing


, the VA New Jersey Health Care System will be hosting its 4th Annual Caregiver and Family Resource Fair in East Orange Nov. 9 at 10 am!

For more information, call 973-676-1000 ext. 20-3085 or email [email protected].




Today’s kids won’t ever meet a Titanic survivor, sign the Declaration of Independence, march with Dr. King, demand votes for women, race against Wilma Rudolph or hold their breath as Neil Armstrong takes his first step on the moon, but through books they can become immersed in the past, imagining themselves in place of those who lived decades or even centuries ago, which helps them to better understand the present and be prepared for the future.

When children are exposed to these different time periods and walks of life via immersive fiction, they gain perspective, form invaluable connections, and feel invested. Whether they’re learning about the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge or the Industrial Revolution, World War Two or 9/11, they are growing in their knowledge of what America is, how America works, who helped build America, and who serves America today.

Our Youth Activities initiative, Patriotism through Literacy, seeks to help them with that! Our goal is getting historical fiction and creative non-fiction into the hands of students from preschool through high school, which promotes both patriotism and literacy in addition to encouraging empathy and broadening perspectives.

Download a suggested book list under Member Resources – Youth Activities behind MALTA member login or check it out online using this link: https://tinyurl.com/pfhvm2eh



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