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So here is another story.


Rosella Brielle



Rated 18+!

Real men love curves.
Curvy is smexy.

For a long time, Danielle Thomas was very confident about her size, her look, and her social life. After all, she has the most amazing man, Brian Ellis, as the love of her life. However, Brian called off their engagement because he wants to honour his late mother by having his bride wear his mother’s wedding gown.

Danielle could starve herself to death but she isn’t going to squeeze into size four anytime soon. Like never. She’s a naturally big girl. Crushed emotionally, Danielle begins to avoid romance and men altogether and that makes Kate worry. As her best friend, she wants Danielle to be happy. So, what better way to get Danielle over her ex-fiancé than hook her up with some hot, single man?

Kate hears there’s a phantom website called “Dangerous Curves” that will match big, beautiful women with extremely s*xy, hunky men, but only if they were deemed worthy of getting laid. Without Danielle’s permission, Kate enters Danielle’s information. As soon as Kate pushes enter, Danielle is magically teleported to where her dates await. Yeah. Dates. Not just one, but two men—tall, dark, and twins, Dane and Collin. They like to share their woman, among other naughty things.

But that’s not the best part. Dane and Collin are actually weretigers. They love Danielle for her curves and who she is, and most importantly—they play for keeps.

T. B. C.


Here is just a random series. 🤣😂

Her hands dropped from the door k**b, she felt her heart ached, her head hurt.
Her gaze rested on them, transfixed on the duo on the bed, their matrimonial bed.

Jerry moved swiftly and fast from Karen and climbed down the bed, standing naked before his so called secretary .
But does it matters? They didn't seem the stranger she is thought them to be.

He called taking his steps as slow as possible towards her. “It isn't what you think it is,”

“What was it then?”

“We. . . ”

“Yes?” She cuts him off. “You both had nothing between you?”


“And you were only trying to discuss business issues with her,”


“And somehow you had to strip her and get rid of your clothes to serve as a partical class, wasn't it?”

“Yes,” He stopped. “No, no. That wasn't was it was. I can explain.”

“No, I totally understand Jerry.” She cuts him off immediately and walked towards the bed.
His secretary moved, shivering, but she smiled and picked her phone from the dressing table. “I came to pick my phone, the files for the presentation are in it and seems I'll be needing to stop by the lawyers' on my way back.”

“Why would you see the lawyer? Come on Mariah, I told you I can explain.”

“Make sure to sign the papers when they're delivered at your desk Jerry, that should be the only possible way to explain what you needed to tell me.”

Her gaze rested on the lady on the bed, “I guess you should have a reckon on what it is he promised you, somehow you'll pass through what I passed through.”

“Babe, just. . . you can't do this.”

“Well I am already, and I'm walking out of your life, our marriage, your MISERY!”


“You can't walk out on me!”


Mariah rushed down the stairs into her car, the tears came pouring down her face freely. She sobbed, bit her lips and sniffed.

Everything she is labored for,
Her marriage, her husband, her home, she's been stolen of all.
First, it was her parent's, then her Ex and her son, and now Jerry?
What was she thinking when she climbed down the aisle, holding unto his hands? What was she thinking when she trusted him? Did she expect him to be different? Obviously not!

And to even believe he was cheating on her, with his secretary? A mere secretary that had nothing to offer; of course, her body only.

She sniffed again and wipe her face.
She had always been poise and reserved, her divorce with Jerry would be nothing compared to her Ex's death.

|| Shen Seea ||


Chapter 2


Ana's POV

I rolled on the bed several times, my pair of ember eyes traveled to the wall clock and scoffed loudly.
It was past 11, and yet mum giggles still echoed from the end of the hall. Every since the dinner, she is been on the phone, talking to no one else but her so called fiancé.

“That's so sweet of you Logan,” She laughed, her steps retreating down the stairs. Then back up again, more as though she was moving to and fro.

So sweet of you?
What's with this whole lovey dovey?!
Okay, this is the end of this s**t! I can't barely enjoy my siesta any more.

I stormed towards the door, but suddenly stopped when I heard mum called, “Ana?”

“Ana, she should be asleep,” Mum said and I froze on spot.
Is he talking about me to mum?
Oh no! Shouldn't he learn to keep things to himself?

“I'll check up on her after the call. And deliver your message.”

A message for me?
A smile crept over my lips and I jumped back on the bed.
What message?
Should I go over to mum and ask?
No, I should just wait patiently.

“Relax Ana, relax.”
I comforted myself, forcing out every drop of anxiousness and curiosity.
But it won't leave me. Now I find myself giggling and whispering all sort of stuff to myself; he sure had a charm to make ladies giggle.

I frowned when I recollected the incident at the dinner.
Heaven knows how desperately I awaited a response from him, probably we had bumped into each other and I couldn't recollect.
But this skinny blonde waitress came over to collect our orders, earning Logan's attention; which eventually he had to let go of my hand.

I was annoyed, I swear I was.
It felt like she stole my moment; my moment of getting him to say something else and send my heart exploring.
But annoyed more was that she was secretly stealing glance at him, when she was supposed to focus on the menu list and get the hell out!

I wanted to yell at her face and scream, 'He is engaged, now get your eyes off him wh*re!' but when I glanced up, she was gone and Logan gaze was back on me; maybe I really couldn't eventually.

“May I pour you a drink Dear Ana?”
His words replayed in my head several times and I blushed. I couldn't help it anymore, the feeling was just so good than for me to bury it; and now I suddenly wished I had let him pour me the drink, maybe it would have pushed our conversation further.

Oh Ana!. What's wrong with you?

“Okay, he is cute,” I stated, sitting up. “He has a nice accent,”

“He is sweet,”

“Yes, I guess he had cute eyes too.”

“He is totally my dream prince charming!” I yelled jumping down the bed, excitedly.

Mum's voice sent me the chills and I stopped immediately. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. . . rolled of the bed. Haha,”

“Are you okay?! Should I get the kit?”
She asked again, her steps closer to the door.

“NO!” I yelled, surprised at why I did. “I'm fine, I'll just go back to bed. . . and be careful. Goodnight.”

No response.
Guess she was surprised at the sudden yell; I was surprised myself.

1 minutes, silence.
Second minutes, still nothing. . .
Five minutes, still the same.

“It's Ana, she rolled off the bed.” Her voice came back active and I frowned.
Don't tell me she's still on the call?
Psst! Ugh!

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone.
I scrolled through a contact list of totally no one aside Mum, Sophie Lloyd, Mrs. Lyold, and other few contacts which I supposed was only for display.

I clicked on Sophie and hesitate before sending her a 'Hi.'

She sent a surprised emoji immediately, with an annoying haha reaction.

- Where have you been Anastacia Reynolds!!!!'

- No where, just here and there. Will you be free tomorrow?

It took three minutes before she dropped another surprised reaction.

- Sure why?

- I need help.

- On?????

Oh please Ana! Are you really doing this?
God please! Stop me from this!
But I was snapped out of my prayer mode when my phone beeped, and I glanced at Sophie's text.

- A sexy dresses? Are you kidding? Will pick you up by 9am,by the way.

I giggled at the positive end of the conversation and turned over to the bed.
Now I doubt my eye will be able to catch some rest, I'm so excited and could blow up.

* * *

Her nails glittered in the dark, her robe swept the face of the earth.
She walked majestically, her steps were timid and elegant, never slacking and each letting the heels the honor of sending through a clicking clack noise.

Approaching the dinning, she stopped and glanced across the table; from the dishes to the cutlery and then at Azle who was standing five steps behind.

“He is not at the mansion,” He said and pulled out a chair.

“Where is he then?”

“I'm afraid I failed at watching him. I'm sorry.”

Her eyes twitched in annoyance, but she let it off and sank herself into the warmth of the chair.

The maid near by came over and pushed open the cover lids, and poured out a glass of wine into the mistress's favorite glass, and then water.


“His guard said he went to,” he hesitate, “Earth.”

“Earth!!” She growled intense fully, but was quick to take a deep sigh. “What for?”

“I heard his guard saying he went in search of someone.”

The reserved mistress managed a sarcastic laugh, then cleared her throat. “Who?”

“I can't tell, I didn't hear anything else.”

Moment of silence took over, and she sighed again then picked the cutlery.

“Azle?” she called drastically and helped herself with a gulp of water. “Take whatever it is, anything, but one thing should be sure.”

“I want details, Azle! No EXCUSES!”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

T. B. C

Sorry it came late. 😫😫


🌺Touch Me,
Hurt Me Not⚒️

|| An Affair With Step Dad ||

Erotica Romance🔞

Shen Seea

CHAPTER ONE - Meeting With Logan McCoy

“Trust me Ana, you'll love him.”
Mum said for the umpteenth time before finally starting the car. “Just this one time baby, please.”

I nodded, and turned out of the window. Today seems to be happiest day for my mum's, but to me, I wouldn't say it was a bad, hopeless day. At least, not. But I won't deny I was scared.
I was scared I would lose my mum to some old man she randomly met, not like I could ask her not to live her life, but I wish she wouldn't let some stranger get between us.

My whole nineteen years had been for my mum, and her whole life had been mine.
I maintained the top student position all through high school, I had good grades, medals. And I wasn't sure, but I'd doubt if it were anyone still saint like I was.
I had no boyfriend, no male friends. I only have my mum, and Sophie, the next door girl, who told me a tale of how she seduced an handsome dude to lay with her.
Sophie was totally an opposite of me, so let's say we didn't get along well. She was always busy attending parties and didn't have the time to spare lecturing a novice as me.

So, in a nutshell. It's Anastasia Reynolds, an high school - yet - to - graduate - into - college student.
I'm nineteen, and I'll say that's all about me.
Everything about been a teen s*cks!
I suddenly wants to be like the other girls at school, but I can't, so literally my whole nineteen years is been nothing to write home about.

I was called the nerd, but who does it help?
I'm never out of the house, not because I'm an introvert, but because I didn't have anyone to drop by and say 'Hi, howdy you do?'!
My best friend is literally I and myself.

“We're here,”
My mum's voice snapped me off my thoughts, followed by the pale screech of the car coming to an halt. “Ana you should be your best, for mum honey.”

I managed to utter something, and a smile crossed mum's lips.
I liked my mum, no I loved her. She is been my everything, so if this was the only way to pay her back for everything, then so be it.

“Come on Ana, we don't want to be late.”
She urged, grabbing her bag off the backseat and board off the car, which I did afterward.

Well standing before a restaurant made my legs wobbled as over cooked noodles, it just won't move.
I was much more nervous and wish I could turn invisible while walking through the crowds. But hello, wishes should remain unwished for. Cause you won't get it, definentely.

“Hi, do you have a reservation yet?” The waiter asked as soon as we stepped into the large, busy hall. Everywhere was filled up.
Nice place for meeting up, I guess.

“Yes please, Logan McCoy.”

“Oh, a minute please.”

Whoa, cool name I guess?
Logan McCoy? Why does it sounded familiar?
We haven't met have we? Well I doubt.
For someone as me, it's the impossibility of the impossible.
But it sure sounded so familiar, just can't place a finger. Mum wouldn't even let me have a glance of his picture.
She keeps on repeating, 'When you see him, you'll understand why you should be anxious.'

Well I still don't feel excited about meeting him. I'm sure I'll hate him. I'll.

“This way please,” The young waiter succeeded to earn my attention and I turned at him.
He was leading the way over to the elevator and we did followed.
Heaven knows where we're heading to right now!

The elevator bell dinged and I glanced at our new destination, God knows where!
The waiter led the way, down the hall, and h*ll, it's deserted.
I can hear the echo of mum's heels click at the end of the hall.

“Here is our largest suite, and Mr. McCoy awaits at the pool.”

“The pool?” I said, maybe I screamed cause the young man glared at me, and clears his throat before preceeding.

“And here we are Ma'am.”

I sent my mouth shut, and muttered a 'sorry' to whoever needs to hear it.


Logan? Are we there soon?
That was mum, obstructing my view as she ran into a tight hug with whoever.
She was holding tight, and I almost scoffed.

“I'm glad you made it,” He said. “Oh look who we have here, Miss Reynolds?”

Okay, take a deep breath Ana. You just have to look him in the eye and say, 'You don't deserve my mum, I already don't like you.'
It's just as simple as that.
Okay,I can do it. Yes I can. Deep breathe!

“Ana, meet Logan. Loagn, my daughter, Anastacia.” Mum did the unnecessary introduction and he stretched out a hand.

“It's a pleasure,” He said.

Okay, I can do it.

I looked up at whoever it was, and swears! A light gasps escaped my lips.
What the…!
He looked so young! I was expecting a f*cking old man will messed up beards! But look what mum is found!
A dazzling, charming young man!

I forced myself to respond to the handshake, after receiving a hard glare from mum, God!
I'm really impressed!

And silence took over. With darling Mr Logan standing before us, looking cool in his tuxedos. While I and mum stood as well, mum probably irritated at the silence.

“Uhm,” She finally broke it. “I'll stop at the restroom,”

“Bu…” I couldn't make a full word before mum retreat out of the hall.
Now I'm alone with my supposed to be step dad, and his intriguing glance.

“Please take a seat,” He offered pulling out a chair for me.
Okay, I guess he is gentlemanly enough!

He took his seat as well, his gaze still fixed on me.
Wait. Is something on my face?

“You have a lucky mum, and she have an adorable daughter too.”
Logan said. Well I can't call him dad, not yet! Maybe never!

“Oh, sure!”

“She said a few things about you,”

I let out a chuckle, “A few things? Something I should know about?”

“Not at all. Just stuffs.”

“I'm not interested, by the way.”

He didn't say a word, just nodded and picked the menu list.

'This is the time to do this Ana!' I muttered underneath my breathe.
Mum isn't here. So she won't notice a thing.

“Well I don't like you,” I began and he dropped the book to glanced up at me, saying nothing and I was left with no choice but to stutter. “I mean … my mum would be fine without you.”

“Don't worry sweet thing, we've a longer way to get to know each other.” He said, not moved and his face emotionless.

I scoffed and pushed my hair behind my hair. Didn't he hear me just now?
And 'Sweet thing'?

“I just said I didn't like you,”
I repeated, firmly incase he heard me wrong the first time.

“I heard you,” He smiled and lean on the table, locking eye contact.
I didn't blink, no I won't be a coward, well not until I felt his hands taking mine.

“You still didn't change dear Ana,”

Can someone tell me what's going on here?
I can't even make a picture of what it is?
But strangely, I won't deny his hands felt warm, soft and welcoming, but something felt more stranger.
It felt so familiar?

“Have we met before?”
I found myself throw out the question, before I could even stop myself!

T. B. C

P. S
Not edited. 🙃

So how's that? 🦋

And was I the only one who noticed Logan doesn't seem a stranger? And what a nerve Ana?
Telling him you don't like him, so blunt! 😂


🌺Touch Me,
Hurt Me Not⚒️

|| An Affair With Step Dad ||

Erotica Romance🔞

Shen Seea


When mum introduced Logan as her fiance, I thought I was the perfect daughter on earth to have felt troubled.
I wanted for mum a better man, I thought.
I loved to remain her little naive and innocent Anastacia Reynolds.

But sooner, it was obvious I was jealous of her.
I wanted Logan, I wanted my Step dad, I wanted him badly, for myself!

But I didn't realize how desperate I was, until the night I crawled up their matrimonial bed, determined to defile it!


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