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UHCL Anthropology Program For future, current, and past Anthropology students at UHCL and for those that have an interest in our program and activities! What it is: Anthropology is a unique discipline that studies the human being as a whole.

The Anthropology Program at UHCL focuses on Cultural Anthropology—using cross-cultural research, cultural anthropologists attempt to make meaning of the different ways to be human, as well as focus on the ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ of cultural ways, the causes, connections, and effects of certain elements of culture. Studying cultural anthropology leads one to understand how culture influences our lives and how it is, often unwittingly, reproduced by parents, institutions, and media. Graduates with a Bachelors in Anthropology from UHCL have a unique skill-set and are able to work in diverse industries as experts in cross-cultural research, relations and communication. Graduates are also skilled in library research, writing, critical thinking, logic, public speaking, statistics, mapping skills, photography, ethnographic methods, and qualitative research methods.

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You Might Wanna Learn More About Trans People

You Might Wanna Learn More About Trans People

Learning new vocabulary and identities can be difficult, but many of these words actually apply to you! So for this Trans Day of Visibility, take a little time to acquaint yourself with these terms so that you can be the best, most supportive ally possible.

As we learn more about each other, sometimes it's helpful for us to create new vocabulary to describe ourselves and find other folks who are like us in s*xuality, romance, gender, or body.

We're so proud of the community work that went into creating this poster.

You can download all the files for printing in your classroom or office here: https://wannalearnmore.com/poster

If you want to be part of the wonderful community that created this graphic, come visit us You Might Wanna Learn More About Trans People.

The full text of the poster is below:

--- Full Text ---

Image description and full text transcript of the infographic poster:

❄️Image description: A cartoon human is centered on a poster. The human has a blue cartoon brain in their head, red/yellow flames in their chest, a pink heart in their chest, a green star where their legs meet their torso, and an orange aura surrounding them. There is a thought bubble over the person’s head with a question mark inside. The blue brain points to a blue section titled “Gender Identity”. The green star points to a green section titled “Assigned Gender/Sex At Birth”. The orange aura points to an orange section titled “Gender Expression”. The red/yellow flames points to a yellow section titled “Sexual Orientation”. The pink heart points to a pink section titles “Romantic Orientation”. There is a light purple box with a dark border at the bottom with extra text and a QR Code. Each section title includes a small image of a cartoon human with exclamation points over their head, and the light purple box with extra text and a QR code has a larger version of the same cartoon human with exclamation points on top of the box. The rest of this description is a transcript of the text on the poster.

❄️Gender Identity: A person’s sense of self in relation to gender

Transgender: Person is not the gender assigned at birth

Cisgender: Person is the gender assigned at birth

Metagender: person identifies as neither cisgender nor transgender

Non-Binary: Person is neither exclusively a man nor exclusively a woman. Non-binary people may or may not identify as transgender

Agender: Person does not experience a gender

Gender Fluid: Identity that varies over time (man, woman, or any other identity)

❄️Assigned Gender/Sex At Birth: The gender/s*x assigned at birth based on a person’s ge****ls.

Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB)/Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB): Generally, this assignment is made based on a visual assessment of the baby’s genitalia

Inters*x: A naturally occurring variation of s*x characteristics, reproductive organs, and/or chromosomes that do not fit the typical definition of male or female (although many inters*x people are assigned male or female at birth).

Note: Assigned gender/s*x at birth is different than s*x, which is based on many variable factors

❄️Gender Expression: How a person presents themself (such as style, actions, demeanor, and more)

Feminine: Expresses qualities and characteristics typically associated with femininity

Masculine: Expresses qualities and characteristics typically associated with masculinity

Androgynous: Expresses both typically feminine and typically masculine qualities ambiguously, or expresses typically neither

Note: Gender expression may change over time or in different situations

❄️ Sexual Orientation: Who a person is s*xually attracted to

Heteros*xual: Sexual attraction to people of a different gender than your own

Homos*xual: Sexual attraction to people of a similar gender to your own

Bis*xual: Sexual attraction to people of more than one gender
Pans*xual: Sexual attraction regardless of gender

As*xual: Experiences little to no s*xual attraction

Demis*xual: Experiences little to no s*xual attraction until a close bond is formed

❄️ Romantic Orientation: Who a person is romantically attracted to

Heteroromantic: Romantic attraction to people of a different gender than your own

Homoromantic: Romantic attraction to people of a similar gender to your own

Biromantic: Romantic attraction to people of more than one gender

Panromantic: Romantic attraction regardless of gender

Aromantic: Experiences little to no romantic attraction

Demiromantic: Experiences little to no romantic attraction until a close bond is formed

❄️ Light Purple Box with dark border:
These definitions are commonly accepted but not absolute.
Some of these terms have some overlap. That’s okay! Just describe yourself with whatever terms you’re comfortable with, and respect the terms other people use for themselves.
There are so many more identities, orientations, expressions, and definitions that aren’t shown here. Ask your teacher for more resources or visit the link in the QR Code if you have questions!

#transdayofvisibility #transweekofvisibility #tdov #TDOV #TDOV2021

Society of Black Archaeologists

Society of Black Archaeologists

For our next #TrailBlazerTuesday post we present SBA co-founder and president-elect Dr. Ayana Omilade Flewellen!

A core pillar of SBA is “to highlight the past and present achievements and contributions that people of African descent have made to the field of archaeology.” Today, as part of #BlackInArchaeologyWeek we are highlighting the presence and contributions of Black women in archaeology. #TrailBlazerTuesday is a celebration of Black female archaeologists and their efforts to further our discipline and enrich our understandings of the past.

As part of #BlackInArchaeologyWeek we present content from our friends at TrowelBlazers to highlight a few of the trail blazing archaeologists that we hold dear.

*Excerpt from article by Sakshi Surana as part of the TrowelBlazers Digital Fieldwork Project at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL

Dr. Ayana Omilade Flewellen identifies herself as a Black feminist, archaeologist and artist. She aims to express and address the issues of racism, classism, s*xism and the representation of people of color in her field and in the world. Her dissertation research was based on the Levi Jordan Plantation in Texas and looked at items of adornment of wage laborers and farmers in post-emancipation Texas, observing the shift in clothing practices from the enslavement period to post-emancipation. Her book addresses the current world issues of racism, oppression, violence and identity formation through studying how adornments and clothing provide information about social interactions in that time period and how these daily practices brought these issues on.

Ayana co-directs the Estate Little Princess project on the island of St. Croix and runs a field school there.

Read the full article at - https://trowelblazers.com/ayana-flewellen/

UHCL Cross- Cultural Studies and Anthropology Student Association -CASA

UHCL Cross- Cultural Studies and Anthropology Student Association -CASA

Our respite trip was a success! Over 30 bags of donations were distributed the families in need! A special thank you to all our CASA, Lambda Alpha, faculty, and community members who made this a reality. And a special thank you to the community leaders for collaborating and teaching us.

Students, it’s time to apply for UHCL HSH scholarships: https://www.uhcl.edu/costs-aid/scholarships/current-continuing-s...
College of Human Sciences and Humanities Scholarships | University of Houston-Clear Lake

Students, it’s time to apply for UHCL HSH scholarships: https://www.uhcl.edu/costs-aid/scholarships/current-continuing-students/human-sciences-humanities

You’re encouraged to apply for multiple awards. Apply for all you can! Deadline is December 9! Thanks! 😊

These scholarships are for College of Human Sciences and Humanities students only. The application process for these scholarships is available each year during the month of February. Awards for each scholarship are contingent on availability of funding and are made for the following academic year.

University of Houston-Clear Lake

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Visitors from the Gulf state of Oman head to campus this month to collaborate with the Texas community on ways to improve global sustainability for the future. Find out how you can join the discussions on climate, disaster recovery, public policy and more during this free event: http://bit.ly/uhcl-sqcc-conference.

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Winter 2019 and Summer 2020 ethnographic methods field school in Isla Mujeres, Mexico:


My name is Todd Pierce and I am the Director at the Isla Mujeres Ethnographic Field School (on the small Caribbean island, Isla Mujeres, Mexico).

We are currently accepting enrollment to our winter 2019 and summer 2020 Field School sessions. Our main program is our 8-week long Advanced Methods course (May 30 to July 26) where students create a professional research proposal (using the Wenner Gren Foundation format), conduct the research and present their data in an open-to-the-public conference on the island, as well as prepare academic journal style articles intended for publication.
Our students not only learn how to create a professional academic research proposal (which must be completed, with our guidance, before their arrival), receive training on the theory, ethics and methods of ethnographic research, experience cultural and linguistic immersion, conduct the proposed research (that is participatory, community based and service learning informed) and present their data in a conference, but are also guided to publish their research results in peer-reviewed academic journals. And many succeed in doing so.

It would be much appreciated if you could forward this e-mail to your students.

The Isla Mujeres Ethnographic Field School specializes in community-based projects and trains students on how to conduct ethnographic research. Located on a small Mexican Caribbean island, much of the student research is focused on community needs per their request. We also encourage students to have their research align with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This allows for the students to not only consider their research within the context of theory and previous research or how it can impact the local community, but also how it can be of service in a much larger global effort and context.
Some of our current areas of interest: Culture & Environment, Latin America & Caribbean, Medical Anthropology, Gender & Identity, History, Space & Meaning, and Economic Development. There is a wide variety of subjects for research. In the past, some students have conducted research on diabetes, body image and health, GLBT+ identity, teenage pregnancy, HIV and Dengue Fever prevention, Economic Development and tourism, Sea Turtle, reef and Whale Shark conservation.
Winter 2019 Winter Methods Practicum: December 6 - 15
We have a nice class forming up for our 9 day long Winter 2018 Methods Practicum Session (Dec 6 to 15). We are still accepting applications, so please share this information with those who might want to attend. The deadline for applications is November 15th. Undergrads to Post-Docs are welcomed to attend.

From the festival of Guadalupe here on the island to site visits to Chich Itza and Ek Balam, along with an underground cenote swim, this will be a fun and informative week for our students!

Summer 2020 Sessions:

Advanced Methods (8 weeks): May 30 - July 26

Methods Practicum (3 weeks): June 6 - June 27

For more information, please see our website: http://www.AnthroFieldSchool.com

The Isla Mujeres Ethnographic Field School (I.F.S.) is dedicated to the professionalization of ethnographic research and the training of students on how to conduct ethical, meaningful and professional research. Our mission is to train ethnographers that we are confident in and that we know can get the job done. Be it future graduate school research or projects for employers. Our trained ethnographers can tackle a research project from beginning to end with confidence, experience, and know-how.

Students will participate in formal lectures, informal presentations, service learning, government meetings and briefings, and ethnographic research that serves to assist the people of Isla Mujeres either through applied anthropological techniques or through creating a more full ethnographic record that illuminates the island's past, present, and possible future. Students will be immersed in the culture of the island and will conduct collaborative research with its residents. Students will learn the value of teamwork by helping each other on projects, talking through field research problems and supporting each other in their professional development.

We train both undergraduate and graduate students. We also have post-docs who attend the Field School for further training and career development. Our program gives students the cutting edge needed to get into good graduate school programs, develop graduate school dissertation research (which will help in securing research funding for dissertations) and will help them land the job they want in the discipline. Some undergraduates have used their experience and data for senior thesis projects, while graduate students use it for pilot research to develop their Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertations.

Todd G. Pierce, Ph.D.
The Isla Mujeres Ethnographic Field School

[email protected]
[email protected]
202-241-5325 (USA)
998-139-7122 (MX)


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UHCL is thrilled to be hosting this exciting conference on our campus on October 23. The conference is free and open to ...

UHCL is thrilled to be hosting this exciting conference on our campus on October 23. The conference is free and open to the public, we hope you’ll join us.
Please register at @www.uhcl.edu/sqcc

Call for research posters, join us for #campus_sustainabilty_day, October 23. Omani students are also welcome and encouraged to submit their work, our Office of International Admissions and Programs will facilitate printing, @Gigi Do, Ph.D.
For more information, contact Dr. Pilar Goyarzu, [email protected] .

Poster requirements: @https://lnkd.in/gQvB-Pg
Poster registration: @https://lnkd.in/gJXRPUX

DUE: September 10, 2019The Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology is pleased to announce its ...
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DUE: September 10, 2019
The Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology is pleased to announce its undergraduate paper prize competition. We are seeking student papers that address SUNTA’s interests, including urban life, space and place, transnational social processes, impacts of globalization, and refugees and immigration. The prize includes a cash award of $150. The winner will be announced at the 2019 AAA meetings in Vancouver.
Any author who is a current undergraduate or who graduated in the 2019 calendar year is eligible for the competition, as long as the submission was composed while the student was an undergraduate.
Papers should be no more than 30 double-spaced pages, 12-point font, including bibliography, notes and images/figures. The paper’s formatting (e.g., citations, bibliographies etc.) should be consistent throughout. International entries are encouraged, although papers must be submitted in English.
Please send submissions by email to Sylvia Nam ([email protected]). Please direct any queries about the award or alternative submission arrangements to her.

To unsubscribe from the URBANTH-L list, click the following link:

Welcome back everyone! Wishing everyone a fantastic 2019-20 school year! Happy Fall semester!! Model Arab League Student...

Welcome back everyone! Wishing everyone a fantastic 2019-20 school year! Happy Fall semester!! Model Arab League Student Organization UHCL A big thank you to all of our dear students, wishing you all a wonderful semester and much success! 🌹

Our faculty are having a great time in Kenya!

Our faculty are having a great time in Kenya!


The Baylor College of Medicine International Pediatric AIDS Initiative is hosting a fundraiser at Axelrad Beer Garden on the evening of May 22nd. To encourage donations, they would love to have prizes available.

The Cross Cultural Studies team is putting together a Starbucks themed prize basket and needs your help!
Items of interest include...
-Gift cards
-Ground coffee
-Any Starbucks brand items

Comment below if you have any questions. Thank you!

Brianna Etoria


2700 Bay Area Blvd, B2617
Houston, TX



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