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Gov Ikpeazu Set to Implement New Minimum Wage - Foxchannel
Gov Ikpeazu Set to Implement New Minimum Wage - Foxchannel

Gov Ikpeazu Set to Implement New Minimum Wage - Foxchannel

Spread the loveThe Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, has kicked off the process to implement the new minimum wage in the state. This was contained in a statement by…

Abia Roads: We are on itThe notion that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu should have rehabilitated all 482 roads in Aba along wit...

Abia Roads: We are on it

The notion that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu should have rehabilitated all 482 roads in Aba along with all the bad roads in Abia State within 4 years is the biggest fraud ever propagated by anyone.

1. Most of the roads they are showcasing via social media as bad or terrible are federal roads within Abia territory.

2. The state Government took over some of the federal roads, without asking for refund, and started fixing them. The list includes PH Road, Aba and Aba-Owerri Road, Aba while also executing palliative work on others like Aba-PH Highway and Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene Road.

3. We certainly do not have the financial resources to attack all the bad roads in Abia State at the same time but we have done at least 76 of them while working on 98 others.

4. Even if we have the financial resources, we do not have the power to decree that rains should stop falling in Aba and Abia State to enable us work on as many roads as possible. Even today it rained heavily in Aba and Umuahia with many of the roads undergoing reconstruction having their drains flooded with storm water.

4. None of the roads fixed by Governor Ikpeazu was in a good state as at when he came on board. Instead, he has had to redo roads done by previous administrations in a manner that guarantees them for many years to come. He introduced Rigid Pavement (Cement) Technology to guarantee that the roads are built to last.

Who was able to use Faulks, MCC, Kamalu, Ehere, Ukaegbu, Umuola, Tonimas, Chima Nwafor, Umuatako, Ovom, East by Ahia Udele, Omni, Samek roads etc before the coming of Governor Ikpeazu? Please come here and raise up your hand, if you were driving through any of them before May 29 2015.

5. Thank God that the yet to be concluded Faulks Road is having some issues, otherwise they would have continued their propaganda that it was not Governor Ikpeazu that is reconstructing the road. It is now fashionable to tell the world it is an Ikpeazu project and we no longer need to put giant billboard to confirm the truth they knew all along.
We will complete Faulks road and hand over a grade A infrastructure to the people of Aba with functional streetlights.
No project started by this administration will be abandoned.

6. Those orchestrating this campaign of recycling old pictures of Aba and Abia roads appear not to know that tribunals rule on point of law, not propaganda or sentiments. Governor Ikpeazu is a second term Governor and will not go for any other election to the office of Abia State Governor. Get that clear but know that he is self motivated to do as much as possible to fix Abia.

He is on it and will keep doing more till May 29 2023.

7. Citizens asking for more are doing the right thing and are welcomed to keep asking for more. Those circulating old pictures to score cheap political points are sponsored agents of deceit.

In all these, accept my sincere assurance that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu will do much more than he has already done in four years. His target is to deliver a minimum of 500km of new roads before May 29 2023 and the work starts this last quarter of 2019.

Keep calm and watch.




Ndi Abia ndewo nu,

On behalf of Abia State National Association of North America, I humbly announce a Time Hall Meeting in Washington DC with the governor of Abia State Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. The National President Mr. Chibuzor Ngwakwe encourages all Abia community Chapters to participate in this town hall meeting. It is also his desire for Abia community organizations within the Washington area to participate in the town hall meeting. This meeting will be held in two phases running simultaneously vis-a-vis town hall and teleconference.. Your contact for the meeting is:

Princes Agezim (443)928-0335

There will also be an accompanying brochure which offers opportunity for your business advertisement. The contact person for the brochure is also Princess Agezim. Time is of essence. Please act fast.

Venue: Comfort Inn, College Park North. 4050 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville, MD 20705

Phone: (301)572-7100

Date: Friday April 20, 2018

Teleconference #: (605)472-5752

Code: 742579

Time: 7:00 pm eastern time, 6:00 pm central time and 4:00 pm pacific time.

Flyer for this event will be provided soon.

Emmanuel Ananaba


Enyinnaya Appolos

Enyinnaya Appolos

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu at about 11:20pm Monday 02/04/2018, visited Umuatako street that was commissioned earlier in the day by Gov Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State to confirm that the streetlights are on as he promised...indeed Umuatako has changed...brand new road with streetlights ...only Okezie Ikpeazu can do God be the glory...Abia has moved on...

Abia Online

Abia Online

“I am still interested in expanding the frontiers of Abia State market for made in Aba products, it is my passion and I drive it with everything at my disposal” Governor Okezie Ikpeazu

The Abia Info

The Abia Info

Caterpillar Revolution in Abia State

Ehere Road Aba.

Abia Online

Abia Online


By Ubani Newman Ubani(UNU)

The advantages of home health care are boundless. The goals are to help individuals to improve function and live with greater independence; to promote patients' optimal level of well-being; and to assist them remain at home, avoiding hospitalization.

But the home health care for the elderly evolves far more rigorous procedures as they are especially more vulnerable to adverse events from medication errors; they often take multiple medications for a variety of comorbidities that have been prescribed by more than one provider.

Our aged parents, most of whom are pensioners, are abandoned in their respective home with no one to care for them. Families are at loggerheads because of who cares or who does not care for the aged mother, father, grandmother or grandfather suffering from one old age disease or another. This threat to the lives of our senior citizens has killed many of them who ought to have lived longer, but never again shall this menace continue as the health friendly Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu has identified it and ushered interventions FREE OF CHARGE.

In November, 2017, the health friendly Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu launched a Free Home Health Care Services for the elderly in the State.

Dr. Ikpeazu's vision in the programme is that registered nurses and other health experts will come to the comfort of the homes of these elderly people to provide these care to them. The only qualification to access this Special Free Service is having medical necessity and physical approval of the person involved.

The free medical care that are available include; blood pressure, pulse and respiratory status assessment, monitoring of nutrition and hydration status, monitoring response and teaching of medication, administering insulin, wound and ostomy care, catheter care, obtaining specimens, such as blood for lab testing, medical social workers are available for various referrals through out the communities. Also the elderly people with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, alzheimer, hypertension, arthritis, fractures and stroke are covered in the scheme.

Since the launch of the programme, the management of the health care services led by Chief Emenike Osondu has been visiting the elderly in their homes and taking care of them. So far, they have visited Ukwa East Local Government Area, where twenty elder people were treated, Obingwa LGA, where they took care of forty aged persons. Also another set of forty elderly citizens have been treated in Isialangwa South and Ikwuano Local Government Areas respectively. The programme is a continuum and targeted to reach the elderly in the entire 17 Local Government Areas of the State.

The response has been positive and the people have seen reasons to appreciate the efforts of the Governor in that regard.

Worthy of note is that the health workers were carefully selected to ensure that the quality of services delivered meet the highest standards of the World Health Organisation.

The programme is aimed at reducing the number of the elderly people in that go to hospital which of course will prefer to be treated in their natural homes. The programme would also reduce the amount of money families spend in paying hospital bills and even in burial when eventually their elderly people pass on.

By establishing this project, there is no doubt that the Governor is positioned and committed to improving the health status of individuals, most especially the elderly in the seventeen Local Government Areas of the State.

Hence, Governor Ikpeazu needs to be commended for initiating such a wonderful and lauded programme that has already affected lives positively. Of course, these elderly men and women would certainly continue to pray for the success of the administration till 2023.

It is our prayer that this initiation would continue to bring joy and happiness to the elderly as they access it.

Health, being part of the enablers of the Ikpeazu led administration, there is no fear of not sustaining this laudable programme. May God bless Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu.



Abia Online

Abia Online

Governor Ikpeazu provides Automated Road sweeper vehicles to enhance the sweeping of the newly constructed roads in Abia by ASEPA.

Kudos Dr.Ikpeazu

Keep a date with Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu...

Keep a date with Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu...

Abians in Diaspora

Abians in Diaspora

Meeting Reminder!!!

Abia State National Association Houston Chapter, will be holding their monthly meeting on Saturday , Feb 10th 2018.

Venue: HPD store Front
8605 Westplace drive
Houston tx
@ South Gessner and Westplace.
Time: 6pm
Members are encouraged to attend.
Chief George Nwosuh
Chapter President.


Meeting Reminder!!!

Abia State National Association Houston Chapter, will be holding their monthly meeting on Saturday , Feb 10th 2018.

Venue: HPD store Front
8605 Westplace drive
Houston tx
@ South Gessner and Westplace.
Time: 6pm
Members are encouraged to attend.
Chief George Nwosuh
Chapter President.

 lauds Security Personnels in Abia State
lauds Security Personnels in Abia State

lauds Security Personnels in Abia State

Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, has expressed gratitude to security personnels in the state for the synergy that exists amongst the...

The Abia Info

The Abia Info

Abia commences payment of teachers, pensioners

Abia State Government has commenced the process of paying teachers and pensioners in the state.

The state Commissioner for Information, Chief John Okiyi Kalu, confirmed this to journalists in Umuahia.

According to Okiyi, the sum of N400,000,000 has been paid into a First Bank account for the payment of state pension while the Secondary Education Management Board account also received N426,000,000 for payment of secondary school teachers yesterday.

Okiyi further stated that pensioners and secondary school teachers should receive payment alerts today.

According to him, "the state government also provided N236m for payment of subventions to some revenue generating parastatals in the state that are grappling with salary payment challenges".

He informed that the above payments were distinct from the expected disbursement of the recently received 3rd tranche Paris Club Refund of N5.715b.

According to him, "Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, has given approval for N3.2b of the Paris Club Refund to be used to further augment salary payments with emphasis on teachers salary and state pensions and the disbursement will soon commence".

He assured Abia workers that Governor Ikpeazu is committed to their well being, asserting that "the Governor delivered 100% of the 2nd tranche of Paris Club Refunds of N5.715b to workers as evidence, if any is required, of his love and commitment to them at a time no other state did same. It should also be noted that that was even while he embarked on an unprecedented infrastructure renewal efforts that saw the state government funding Hartland-Setraco with N2b to commence the reconstruction of Port Harcourt Road Aba as well as completing Ndi Oji/Ndi Okereke bridge to ease the travel pains of Arochukwu people".

He listed other road construction projects currently ongoing in the state to include the Abiriba-Nkporo road, Aba road Umuahia reconstruction, total reconstruction of Faulks road Aba with a 6.8km underground drain that has effectively defeated the flooding challenge at Ukwu Mango Ariaria area alongside other 85 ongoing road projects in the state.

The Commissioner promised to deliver a list of all the MDAs that have received November and December 2017 salary to newsmen as proof that more than 70% of the state workforce are up to date with salary payments as well as confirm the status of salary payments in all the local government areas of the state.

The Abia Info

The Abia Info

Earlier today....

MTN Foundation in partnership with Abia State Ministry of Health, delivered FREE primary healthcare to Nkpa people.

With Governor Ikpeazu opening up the road to Nkpa in Bende LGA the MTN mobile clinic was able to drive to the community and support the government's effort at delivering better healthcare to rural Abia.

No Abian will be left behind; under the watch of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

The Abia Info

The Abia Info

Abia State One day Governor Miss Joy Ezechikamnayo has declared tomorrow 12/12/2017 Abia Teens Day. She said this while she paid an unscheduled visit to BCA Father Christmas Children Party.

Abia is PDPPDP is Abia...@ the Eagle square Abuja for the 2017 National Elective Convention

Abia is PDP
PDP is Abia...
@ the Eagle square Abuja for the 2017 National Elective Convention

The Abia Info

The Abia Info

Quarterly Interaction with Abians

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu will be interacting with Abians via the following radio stations on the dates mentioned:

Tuesday 5th Dec: Magic FM 9am-10am, Aba.
Accompanied by Commissioners for Work, Finance and Agriculture
Studio lines: 09076771029, 08095551029, 08096661029

Wednesday 6th Dec: Flo FM Umuahia, 8-9am
Accompanied by Commissioners for Finance, Works and Environment
Studio lines: 08081826949 and 08116052949

Wednesday 6th Dec: BCA Radio/TV Umuahia, 10-11am.
Accompanied by Commissioners for Works, Finance, Trade and Investment.
Studio line: 08144546017

Abians are encouraged to listen/watch and also call in to ask questions on any area of governance and development of interest to them.

The Abia Info

The Abia Info

How Abia is tackling outstanding teachers salary and others

Abia state with a population of more than four million persons currently maintains a total workforce strength of 37,000 with 16,000 employed at the local government while 21,000 are employed by the state government.

Below is the composition of the current monthly wage bill of Abia State:

Local govt workers (including Political appointees)..N930m
Primary school teachers...N750m . Local Govt pension....N340m
Total N2.02b

For State workers, we have the following:
Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA)......N1.1b ..(from N1.5b)
State workers Pension....N400m Secondary Sch teachers....N460m
Total N2.41b

In summary, our LGAs and State wage bills, combined, average N4.42b monthly.

Feel free to check the wage bill of other south east states and confirm that Abia is not only carrying the heaviest wage bill but is also paying the highest rate per worker.

The Government of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu resisted temptations to pay percentages of salaries even during the worse months of the recession. For instance, in November 2015 our 17 LGAs got N1.2b in allocations while the state got N1.6b. Our wage bill then was higher than the current figures as we were yet to fully execute the BVN based verifications.

In a recent report published by BudgIT on ability of states to meet recurrent expenditures, the independent organization put monthly recurrent expenditure of Abia State at N4.78b with average monthly revenue (including IGR at N4.03b.

That report and the figures above vividly show why and how we still have salary outstanding in Abia State.

Congruently, analysis of the above figures obtained through the Commisioner for Finance in Abia State also indicate why we were not able to settle all the outstanding as expected on July 31st 2017 after receiving only N5.7b out of the expected N14b second tranche Paris Funds report. At best the Paris Club refunds can only take one month state and LGAs wage bill.

Permit me to inform you that Paris Club refund is not a loan or benevolent grant of the Federal Government as many assume but rather a refund of Abia's money to Abia coffers.

Our secondary school teachers monthly wage bill is currently around N460m from a previous N560m while that of primary school teachers is around N750m monthly. The reduction came from focused efforts to remove ghosts from our payroll.

After every monthly FAAC meeting we disburse funds allocated to teachers salary and some times it will not be enough to cover their wage bill. For instance, we might have N650m for primary school teachers in a month whereas we need N750m. In such circumstances we will pay those that can be accommodated by the N650m and then when we have next inflow the balance is paid to those yet to receive while some who previously received will get another payment.

In same month it is therefore possible for some teachers to get two months of salary.

At the moment, most of our primary and secondary school teachers have received July and April 2017 salary, respectively. Effectively we have 3 months outstanding for primary school teachers and 6 months for secondary school teachers since we are still in November.

Hopefully, by next week we will pay one month from November FAAC to teachers while our 67 MDAs will be up to date, including November salary.

With regards to pensions, we still have as much 8 months outstanding as state pensioners last received February 2017 payments. The government is determined to redress this situation and hopefully we will receive the promised Paris Club refunds in time to ensure that this December our pensioners and teachers join MDAs in being up to date with salaries.

Yet it is important to note that some of the pension outstanding are from 1999 to 2007 era, as recently confirmed by our pension association President via a publication in the Sun Newspapers of 1st July 2017. Part of the report from Sun Newspapers read as follows:

"Rising from a meeting at Umuahia Sub-Treasury Hall, the pensioners outlined debts owed as pension harmonisation arrears, five and half years pension arrears to retired primary school teachers from June 2002 to August 2007 and gratuities which had been outstanding since 1999." (

Health Management Board (HMB) is a parastatal of Government that is ordinarily expected to deliver revenue. While HMB receives subventions from government the last payment to the workers was for May 2017. That means we have 5 months outstanding as at today.

Workers at Health Management Board (HMB) are expected to benefit from the prudent deployment of the expected Paris Club inflow.

The good news is that Aba General Hospital is set to resume full medical services to residents and visitors of the commercial nerve centre of the state following quiet restructuring efforts by the current members of HMB. Some units are already back to rendering medical services.

Meanwhile workers at Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) are set to call off their strike following meetings held with the government. It should be recalled that when the Ikpeazu administration came on board ABSUTH workers had 11 months outstanding which the government settled.

The wage bill of the workers at ABSUTH is by far heavier than that of equivalent institutions in the South East region. Especially that of non medical staff, even as revenue receipts from ABSUTH continues to dwindle to ridiculous levels.

Thankfully the authorities of ABSUTH have agreed to review the lopsided wage bill this month as a prelude to sorting out other outstanding.

The bottom line remains that while 66 MDAs out of 67 that make up our core civil service are up to date on salaries, we still have challenges with teachers, HMB, ABSUTH, Abiapoly and LGAs. Those challenges will be met and overcome while still delivering on key programs of the government outside wages of 38,000 workers.

Our expectation is that we will use the 3rd tranche of Paris Club refund to as much as possible pay teachers, pensioners and others with salary outstanding.


NB: Relevant data supplied by Commissioner for Finance, Mr Obinna Oriaku.


Houston, TX





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It is with great joy that I write to you, knowing full well that my tears would be wiped off when you see this letter. I have chosen to use this medium to pour out my heart and express my burden to you.
I am a young citizen of your state, gifted with the skills of writing stories for film productions. I have written a plethora of moral and impactful stories, most of which could not be properly produced for lack of funds.
As a result, the effect and impact of the stories have been so limited and hampered that they only end up as short films for social media viewers only.
Presently I have an award-winning story that is intended to address the increasing ills of child abuse and sexual violence in our society. To achieve the desired result, I intend that the story be shot by the best of hands in Nollywood.
Unfortunately, those I approached in the industry said the budget needed to make the movie blockbuster is N20 million, which I don't have. According to them, if well financed and shot, it will remain evergreen for posterity.
Your excellency sir, I plead for your assistance in this regard, to help your daughter maximize her life dream and destiny. Making morally uplifting films are my forte, life and ministry, not just a career.
I hailed from, Umu-Ogele, in Ovom one in Obingwa Local Government Area. I am very passionate about social engineering through movies.
I have been so worried and heavy-hearted such that after prayers last night, God inspired me to write to you, that you are kind-hearted and would come to my aid.
Thanks in anticipation of your kind response. Long live Obingwa, long live Abia state.
Your Daughter
Jane Onyenaturuchi Oluchi, Okechi

Please help me share till it gets to the Governor as my life and that of others dependent on it.

You can reach me on 08100098183
Abia is our only state, let's unite with the government to build it up.
THe future belong to those that dream and do not only stop at their dreams,
But against all odds pursue them to actualization,


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