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Legally Conclusive Results for DNA, Drug a at competitive rates.

Whether it is for DNA paternity testing or crime lab testing, National Screening Centers only works with federally qualified collectors and laboratories to guarantee authenticity of results. All labs are certified to perform the testing services (with Quest Diagnostics licenses, NIDA approved, FDA approved, SAMSHA, CLIA and CAP certifications) that they offer. That’s why we are the first choice of

legal services, hospitals, large corporations, small businesses and private individuals. From child protective services to county courts, the coast guard and multinational companies like Shell Oil we serve a diverse range of clients. Accuracy, speed and privacy are the hallmarks of diagnostic testing, and we are proud to say that our national network exceeds all expectations. Individual urine testing, hair testing or third party drug administration program; we always provide highly personalized and efficient service. We cover a large geographical area and offer competitive rates so that everyone can avail of our services when required. Over 20 years in the industry and an unparalleled depth of experience puts us in a unique position to meet all kinds of testing needs. Contact us for DNA testing, poisons testing, third party drug administration programs, crime lab testing, etc.

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Now available Covid-19 / Delta variance take home kits with PCR results. 24 hour turnaround and it is a saliva test. Less evasive then the nasal swab however we have those also with PCR results. Get tested in the privacy of your own home and free shipping. Call today and order your at home PCR test. Call 713.226.7847 and be safe.


If you want to check out to see if antibodies from your covid-19 shot worked we are testing to see if they are indeed present in your blood. If you were infected with the virus we can also check to see if you produced the antibodies for protection against covid-19. Thanks

Now offering deep cleaning EPA approved disinfectant techniques that get rid of Covid -19 and influenza virus. Start fresh today with your personalized treatment for only 350.00.

As we are all learning Covid -19 is still here and has no plans of leaving anytime soon. Now here comes the flu season along with Covid -19. So take a minute out of your busy schedule and deep clean with EPA products that destroy the Covid -19 virus and the influenza virus and start fresh in your home or office with our team of deep cleaning processes. We will disinfect your entire surrounding for only 350.00. It takes 1 hour to deep clean your surrounding so go for a walk, drive, swim or cookout while we take care of your life. We are available during the week or even weekends for your convience. Sleep better knowing that viruses and bacteria have been wiped out of your home or office. Gift certificates are available for more information call NSC, Inc. at 713.226.7847


National Screening Center , LLC. has just purchased a company as of July 8, 2020. National Screening Center LLC is now fogging homes and offices for covid virus and other deadly viruses and bacteria. Our machines and chemicals are used for the purpose of getting rid of viruses and bacteria. The price is very cost effective @ .15 cents per square foot. The chemicals are approved through the FDA , WHO organizations. Call today or e-mail us if you have any questions. Thank you and be safe.


We are announcing the beginning of our Covid -19 testing procedures starting June 19,2020. You will be tested for IGG/IGM to determine if you have had covid-19 or if you currently have the infection. This lab based test will take 2 business days . The test is very affordable so get it done before the flu season hits so all of your fears will be answered. All results are private and confidential. Set your appointment before you visit our clinic and you will not be able to enter without a face mask or have a cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose. Thank you.


Beginning May 1st Covid 19 testing call us and make an appointment.


National Screening Center is in talks as of 3/25/20 @ 5:46PM to begin testing for Covid 19. This blood test will determine if you are a carrier and we can get the results within 15 minutes. The details are rapidly beginning as I type this. The test can only be performed in Houston, Texas. Stay tuned. Thanks

Bruce Jefferies CEO, President


If you are concerned about your child or a loved one enroll them in our drug testing program that is a nationwide service. With over 6500 locations we are able to test individuals the same day no matter where they are located. Give it a try and save a life.


Houston beware the drug grey death has hit the streets and it is becoming a real problem. I will be posting a video that was taken outside our office of a man on grey death. It looks like concrete and is 100 times more powerful than morphine and if touched can kill you.


Beware of CBD Oil. Please read the label and realize that some labels have been replaced. If you use CBD Oil and your test shows positive for THC then you just made a huge mistake. THC is THC so beware.


Don't get suckered into the excuse why they failed their test for THC. CBD oil without THC will never cause a positive drug test. However the epidemic we are now seeing is the black market are now infusing CBD oil with THC. BUYER BEWARE.


Over 700 Americans have died while vaping as of October 4, 2019. There is hundreds of patients currently in hospitals suffering from lung problems due to Vaping. Several states have outlawed the consumption of vaping. When a person ingests the liquid along with THC it is now confirmed to be a bad combination. Most problems occur when the liquids are bought off the black market. Buyer beware.


CBD OIL that contains .3 THC can cause a positive drug test. If you try and say it's a patch with CBD OIL in it we can still determine if you are truly using a patch or if you are indeed smoking pot. People we are in the 21st century and testing can't be fooled. There are no such thing as false positives when they are confirmed by GC/MS.


Cannabis users may need more anesthesia for surgery.
People who regularly use cannabis may need more than twice the usual dose of anesthesia for surgery, a U.S. study suggests.


Research has now proven that Daily Marijuana Use and High Potent weed linked to Psychosis . The study published Tuesday in the The Lancet Psychiatry shows that consuming pot on a regular or daily basis and especially using high-potency cannabis increases the odds of having a psychotic episode later.


The FDA has announced that e-cigarettes can cause severe problems like brain disorders, liver problems and also seizures. Minors are inhaling strong amounts of nicotine that contain more that cigarettes. Please advise your children to stop now.


CBD Oil are currently being studied by several groups including the FDA. So far results may indicate that taking too much CBD Oil can damage your LIVER.


Buyer beware of purchasing CBD Oil. Not all CBD Oil is not always free of THC. Some labels have been replaced in order to state that you have just purchased CBD Oil that doesn't contain THC...false


The state of California is now proposing to the Federal government a ban to make selling synthetic urine a crime. Please contact your Governors office to help against the sell of synthetic urine in your own state.


False positives in a certified test don't exist. If you have a prescription and your test picks up your meds then that is not a false positive. There is no such term false positive through any or all labs that National Screening Center utilizes. Please be aware that not all labs are certified.


National Screening Centers is proud to announce the opening of another office located in Ft. Bend County . Please call 281.688.4170 to have any of your questions answered. Thank you

What may be the most important message of all is that e-cigarettes and vaping come with many health unknowns. You see pl...
Your Teen Is Underestimating the Health Risks of Vaping

What may be the most important message of all is that e-cigarettes and vaping come with many health unknowns. You see plumes of what looks like steam coming out of people’s mouths on the street when they are vaping, that they assume it’s mostly safe, mostly water. But these liquids used in vaping are filled with all kinds of stuff [like nicotine, marijuana, flavoring agents, chemicals], and we don’t always know what else is in there.

National surveys have shown that e-cigarette use, or vaping, has risen sharply among teenagers and young adults. Yale Medicine addiction experts discuss ways that parents can talk to their kids about vaping.

NIDA Director Nora Volkow looks to past successes with anti-tobacco campaigns as a model for how to tackle the challenge...
U.S. Health Official Expresses Alarm at Increase in Vaping among Teens

NIDA Director Nora Volkow looks to past successes with anti-tobacco campaigns as a model for how to tackle the challenge of runaway vaping rates among U.S. adolescents. The challenge is getting across the dangers of vaping to teens who have trouble looking at the long-term.

Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse addresses record high stats among 12th graders

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently released results from their annual survey on teenage drug, alcohol and to...

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently released results from their annual survey on teenage drug, alcohol and tobacco use and found that 1.7 million MORE teenagers regularly vape in 2018 than did in 2017. It is the largest spike in the FDA’s survey 44 year history of surveying substances, including marijuana..

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently released results from their annual survey on teenage drug, alcohol and tobacco use and found that 1.7 million MORE teenagers regularly vape in 2018 than did in 2017.  It is the largest spike in the FDA’s survey 44 year history of surveying substances...


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