2nd Tank - A Co (NON-SPONSORED)

2nd Tank - A Co (NON-SPONSORED) This is a page (NOT Division Sponsored) for the wives and family members of the Marines serving with 2nd Tanks Alpha Co. As we go through this deployment/journey together, I want a forum for us to come to and be able to connect with others in a similar situation.

We all miss our loved one very much, but can't bog them down as they are completing the mission. Please invite other Alpha Company Wives and Family Members, as sadly I do not know too many, hence the group. =)


Hi Alpha Co Families! I hope everyone had a happy, relaxing and safe Thanksgiving weekend! We are getting together this Wed, Dec 4th for a little Alpha Co spouses picnic! Apologies for double posting but if you haven't received my email or seen the information from the battalion page please let me know and I will send you the details. Any Alpha Co family member is welcome! This will be a very casual, bring your own lunch get together. The kids can play at the playground in the picnic area and we can chat and catch up with each other! Hope to see some of you there! -Gabriela Nostro


Happy Wednesday Alpha Co Families!

Just a little reminder for our Family Day Friday! Spouses should have received an email through eMarine last week. Another one will go out today with more details as far as location and time so keep a look out! It will be a great afternoon. We will have fun activities set up for kids and provide lunch for everyone. Mark and I are very excited to see everyone and meet those of you we haven't met. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! If you are not receiving the eMarine emails please, please let me know and I will work with you and your Marine to fix that right away. See you Friday! -Gabriela Nostro


Happy 4th Alpha Company Families!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Next week, through eMarine, I will be sending a letter with general information about Alpha Co's summer plans, family and social get togethers, along with my personal contact information for those of you that don't have it. eMarine is an online communication tool that allows us to post information. We can post more information on this site because it has no public access and membership is controlled. Spouses - your Marine should have already registered you. If you need help figuring out how to log on please ask your Marine and do not hesitate to contact me. Parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. - if you can this week, please talk to your Marine about eMarine if they'd like to include you. Please stay safe this holiday weekend. My husband Mark and I sincerely thank you for everything you do, every single day, to support your Marine and the Marine Corps. Enjoy the holiday weekend! -Gabriela Nostro


Hi ladies of Alpha Company, my name is Gabriela Nostro. My husband and I joined the Alpha Company family last month and are so happy to have the opportunity to be involved with this community. A few weeks ago, a contact sheet went around the company for the spouse/social roster. We recently had a wonderful meet and greet based on this roster. If your name didn't make it on there and you would like to be involved please privately message this account with your email address and/or phone number and we would absolutely love to have you aboard the social events! We will do most of our communicating through email and emarine so please make sure I have your info so I don't inadvertently leave anyone out. I can't wait to hear from some new ladies!


Hello Alpha Company! Hope everyone weathered the storm last night without issue!! I want to encourage you to welcome and get to know your new point of contact for Alpha - Gabriela Nostro. She is wonderfully approachable with a wealth of information and I know she and her husband with do great things for Alpha! Take care ya'll, I look forward to seeing you at Bn. events! ~ Jolynn


Happy Mother's Day!

Mike's Farm

Mike's Farm

It's looking like we will be opening the Strawberry Patch this coming Tuesday April 23rd from 8am-5pm! As long as we have plenty of berries we will be open the same hours through next Saturday. We will have our hours and conditions for the patch on our answering machine starting Sunday evening if you would like more info.


Hey folks!!! On eMarine we now have an Alpha calender listing dates through December. Remember dates are always subject to change. However, having advance notice is helpful for planning purposes with your Marines, as they don't always convey info/dates clearly :). If you are not on eMarine, see your Marine and/or the FRO. If you have questions, give me a yell, I will be happy to help!!

Remember - SAVE THE DATE - Wives Appreciation Event May 17.


Wives of Alpha Co. we have a Bn. Wives dinner/gathering tonight at 7pm - hope to see some of you there!!!

Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune


ATTENTION NAVAL HOSPITAL PATIENTS: Our Emergency Department is temporarily closed. If you are in need of emergency care, please proceed to Onslow County Memorial Hospital on Western Blvd., or to the nearest emergency room.

Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune's Laboratory experienced a small chemical spill in the staff working area around 0900 this morning. To ensure the safety of all our patients and staff members, the laboratory and the hospital's main entrance have been quartered off and temporarily closed until the clean-up is complete. The Emergency Department is temporarily closed until normal laboratory operations resume.

No staff members have been injured and the safety of our patients has not been compromised because of this incident. However, we are working with base officials to ensure the safety and standard operating procedures are followed through and we continue operating safely. We expect normal operations to resume at noon today.


Here are some dates to be aware of, keep a watch for emails and remember to check eMarine, which is really looking good!!
Thurs, 4 Apr, Bn LINKS (Kids & Teens)
Thurs, 11 Apr Wives Dinner/Night Out
Mon, 15 Apr, Bn Wives Chili Cook-off
Thurs, 25 Apr, Bn Prayer Breakfast
Fri 17 May, Bn Wives Appreciation Event
Mon, 3 Jun, Bn New Joins Brief
Mon, 17 Jun, Bn Beach Day


LINKS for Kids & Teens today!
Wives dinner out April 11th :) Hope to see some of you there!


Links for Kids and Teens being held April 4th - check your emails from the FRO, or let me know if you need additional information. Hope everyone had lovely holiday weekend - Happy (late) Easter!


Do you feel like you are in the dark about things going on in the battalion? Do you feel like you are "out of the loop"? Do you want to help out and don't know how? Are you unsure of how this eMarine thing works or how to log on? We have a way to answer those questions and any others you may have. As mentioned before, and Rob (FRO) has sent out email reminders, today is the volunteer meeting at 6:30. This is your chance to meet some of the other ladies in the battalion who are interested in doing things! This is also your chance to share your views, your ideas and your thoughts on events that are going on, or tell Tanks what you would like to see go on. 2nd Tanks wants to hear from you and explain a little on how they are revamping programs and how you can be involved. Hope to see you there!


We said our farewell to 3rd PLT tonight, so I saw some of your sons. All looked healthy and happy as they enjoyed CiCis pizza buffet. :) we will miss our Marine family. -Megan Smith


Hi Alpha Families! Today is the Bn. play date, I hope some of you are able to attend. The Lee family won't be there, we get back Friday, but I look forward to meeting Alpha families at the Egg Hunt the 23rd or Monday the 25th at the volunteer meeting! If you attend the play date today, let us know how it goes! Thanks!

2nd Tank Marines receive Purple Heart Medals
2nd Tank Marines receive Purple Heart Medals

2nd Tank Marines receive Purple Heart Medals

Five Marines with 2nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, were awarded the Purple Heart Medal for injuries sustained while deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, by Brig. Gen. James Lukeman, the commanding general, 2nd Marine Division, March 6.


Here are some upcoming dates to save, the email has been sent out with details, if you don't receive it call, text, email or FB message me:

March 20- play date
March 23 - Egg Hunt
March 25 - Volunteer meeting open to all
April 11 - Spouses Dinner/Night Out (hope to do monthly)

Also, if your interested the OPSEC/PII training is available online - if you want that information please let me know!


Thank you, Megan, for the opportunity to continue what you started! I guess I should introduce myself .....

I am Jolynn Lee. I've been married to the Marine Corps for 24+ years. We have been with Tanks multiple rotations, and been with Alpha Co. several times. We recently returned to Alpha in the Fall and I have been working to meet everyone, but it is a process as we all have busy lives. I see military life from several angles, as a wife but also as a mom and mother-in-law. Our oldest son is a Lance Corporal soon to be stationed in Okinawa. My oldest daughter is married to a Marine stationed up at Cherry Point. We have another daughter who currently attends Coastal Carolina Community College. Our youngest son, age five, is in Pre-K on base. So that is our family, and what a mix it is.

If you don't already have my contact info as a point of contact for Alpha Company, here it is: [email protected] and cell (910-382-9580). Never hesitate to text, email or call if you have questions, concerns or need info. I will do my best to help out. I look forward to meeting everyone at some point...until then thank you again for this opportunity!


Items with 2D tank logo available for purchase from the battallion!

Items with 2D tank logo available for purchase from the battallion!

Items with 2D tank logo available for purchase from the battallion!


Please welcome Jolynn Lee as the new page admin! I will be fully transitioning it to her soon, so in the mean time if you are an acttive Alpha family member please introduce yourself!


Hi all - So my families time with the Marine Corps/2d Tanks is coming to a close, I am trying to decide between shutting down the page or handing it over. If anyone would like to become teh admin on this page please message me, I see people looking at it, but since Alpha returned home it has been less active with events and such and many of our members have EASd and moved. If I hear nothing by the next Wednesday I will simply delete it. Wish you all the best, Alpha will always be part of our family. Sincerely, Megan Smith

Article by DVIDS from Gunnery with Alpha co!
2nd Tanks makes teamwork, efficiency 1st priority

Article by DVIDS from Gunnery with Alpha co!

Alpha Company, 2nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, put their solidarity to the test during a three-week long training exercise here, Feb. 1-22.

DVIDS Article on the recent Water Ops Alpha Co did!
Second Tanks crashes Onslow Beach

DVIDS Article on the recent Water Ops Alpha Co did!

The sounds of a 70-ton tracked machine interrupts the usual soothing sounds of Onslow Beach, March 1, 2013.

So happy Bravo BlueNation is home safely!

So happy Bravo BlueNation is home safely!

2nd Tanks Return Home Cpl. Joshua Talaveralittle, a tank commander with Bravo Company, 2nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, hugs his daughter at the company homecoming, Jan. 25, 2013. The company, deployed to Shir Ghazi, Helmand province, Afghanistan, provided mounted security and support for R...


If wives wish to have a Valentine sent to their husband while in the field, please get that to Jolynn by Feb. 13 - She will connect with someone to deliver to them Feb. 14th (per Company CO's direction) please contact Captain Lee's wife Jolynn at mailto:[email protected]


Be safe with the bad weather!


Almost time for gunnery! Who do you think will shoot company high?


RE: Getting Valentines to the guys at gunnery. I will post more details when they become available.

Jolynn Lee: Right now it is looking like - you get your Valentine's to me and I will meet up with whoever is sent to the rear for the day and they will deliver the Valentine's out to the guys


Get together today at 1600 at Fuddruckers on Western. Husband and kids welcomed! POC - Jolynn Lee


Welcome Home Bravo BlueNation!! American soil a last!


Some cold temps these last few days, how are you staying warm?

Some 2D tank officers in this shot!

Some 2D tank officers in this shot!

I spy some of our 2D tank corpsman participating in the Polar Plunge!!!! Personally I think they're crazy! LOL.  -Megan

I spy some of our 2D tank corpsman participating in the Polar Plunge!!!! Personally I think they're crazy! LOL. -Megan


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year this evening, remember to be safe this evening and extra cautious while driving. Enjoy that midnight kiss from your Alpha Marine who is home this year!


PSC Box 20091
Jacksonville, NC


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