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Drill for this weekend, 5-6 Oct, has been canceled.

Promotions and Recognition

Promotions and Recognition

Change of Command

Change of Command

Fort McCoy Aug 2013 - Range Trip

Fort McCoy Aug 2013 - Range Trip

317th En CO, ARMY Reserve's cover photo

317th En CO, ARMY Reserve's cover photo

ECT 2013

ECT 2013


Just wanted to say a VERY SPCEIAL GOODBYE to SFC William Kenes. I hope your new unit will Honor, RESPECT, Care and Love you as WE DO!!!!!!
To the soldiers of the 317th EN CO, Let's make sure that we continue on the path and the level that SFC Kenes has left behind.


Wombat Huuup!!
Volume 2, Issue 1
Produced for the 317th Engineer company
Winter 2011/2012 edition

Commander’s Corner
By Cpt. Richard Hamilton and Cpt. Jason Androff
2011 has been an outstanding year for the 317th Engineer Company. We look forward to next year and our hopes are that it can be as fruitful as this year has been. I ask that you take a moment and reflect on where the Soldiers of the 317th were two years ago. The holiday season in Baghdad was nowhere near as pleasant as it is in the company of our family, friends, and loved ones. Please reflect, remember, and enjoy this holiday season.
I would like to welcome and congratulate the incoming Company Commander, Captain Jason Androff on his assumption of command of the 317th Engineer Company. Captain Androff will assume command in January 2012.
No one understands how much time flies by when you are having fun as much as I do. It has been nearly three years since I assumed command of the 317th. We have accomplished many tasks including a deployment and redeployment from Iraq. I will miss commanding the 317th Engineer Company and all the Soldiers of the unit will remain a piece of me in all my future endeavors.
I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and seasons greetings.
Captain Richard Hamilton Commander, 317th Engineer Company

Soldiers and Family,
I am due to be the new commander this coming January, it will be my first command and I am enthusiastically looking forward to being a member of the 317th EN CO team. If you did not meet me on Sunday at the Exline Club then don’t be afraid to introduce yourself this coming Battle Assembly.
My most recent deployment was from May 2010 to May 2011 with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers functioning as a Project Engineer and OIC. Now with taking command, I have a lot to learn, but with a great AGR staff, NCO’s and 1SG Lehr I’m positive that we can achieve the same excellence that CPT Hamilton had over the past 3 years.
I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season,
Captain Jason Androff

From the Top
By 1SG Dave Lehr

Now that I have spent a Christmas in Iraq, it is hard not to think about it during the Holiday Season. Two years ago at this time, we were about two months into our tour. We were conducting our horizontal mission in the muddy desert far from home. Back then, I missed my family and friends, but having a job to do made it a little easier. After being home for one Christmas and now going into the next, I can really see the impact on those left at home. I almost think it is harder for our family than it was for us. We know our jobs, performed them well and had an idea of what was going on. At home, the families have to get through without their Soldier, they do not know what is going on, and worry that they may never get to spend another Christmas with their Soldier. So during this season, I want to thank you and your families for your sacrifices. I send my prayers out to those deployed and their families at home. I ask you to do the same and if your able, do something to help the family members that have a Soldier deployed away from home this Holiday. Please have a safe and Happy Holiday! See you on the 21st of January at 0730. (0700 in APFU if you haven’t passed the APFT yet this year)
“Always Ready”
1SG Dave Lehr
New Leadership
We’ll be presenting other “Corner Pieces” from new leadership in the company and from other leaders in the company in issues to come. This issue we have on from SFC David Wenner.
Motor Sergeant
By SFC David Wenner
As the new Motor Sergeant for the 317th EN CO, I look forward to the challenge of being in an Engineer unit for the first time in my over 25 year career. A little about myself, I'm married going on 23 years and have two daughters that are 23 & 20 years old. I did almost 10 yrs Active Duty stationed in Frankfurt, Germany; Ft Benning, GA, while there went to Airborne school & Ft Bragg, NC. I was TPU for four years before going AGR in 2000. I spent 10 yrs in two unit's in Michigan, which is where I'm originally from, then I PCS'd to Southern California. Where I spent the past five years in a Sustainment Brigade HQ's as the Motor Sergeant for two years, in SPO Maintenance for deployment and then in the S-4 as the SR Maint NCO for the last two years. I was also the Brigade Army Substance Abuse Program coordinator over seeing seven BN's with over 200 UPL's. One of my biggest challenges is coming back down to Company level. I have deployed and mobilized several times: Desert Shield/Desert Storm 1990-1991; Hurricane Andrew relief 1992; Operation Enduring Freedom 2003 and Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004-2005 & 2008-2009.
Again I look forward to working with you all.
SFC David Wenner

The Best Christmas Party Ever
By Sgt. Brian Moore
On Sunday, December 11, the 317th EN CO had its annual Christmas Party at the Exline Sportsman Club in Kankakee, Illinois. The word annual implies that this will happen every year, but sometimes you get called up. You could end up in Iraq on Christmas Day and it would be a normal business day or somewhat. Actually on Christmas Day 2009 we spent our day being mortared. More than once. Every time it happened NCOs would scramble to do a head count to be certain that everyone in your section was alright. Our pad remained unscathed. So many thought of the mortar attacks as an annoyance. But they weren’t just an annoyance, people were trying to kill us. You always heard stories about people in other pads that were not lucky when mortars fell. So the threat was real even if we did tend to laugh it off at times. And on that Christmas Day I remember people trying to kill us three times. I wrote a joke on a Christmas card that said, “From Iraq where the mortars are nothing personal.” Then I tore up the card and wrote another.
When we got back from Iraq it was in August. After a deployment there is a cool down period where we don’t come to drill. So by the time we had drill in December there were so many briefings that had to be done that we didn’t really have time to have a Christmas party that year.
I think that 2011 was definitely our year. This is the year Sgt. Michael Kurdenok’s wife, Kristin Kurdenok took over the 317th EN CO Family Readiness Group. The Family Readiness Group is a volunteer group organized to coordinate families of Soldiers serving at home and abroad in the Army Reserves. Each unit has its own Family Readiness Group. They also tackle the job of organizing things like the Christmas Party that may or not be Annual

depending on circumstances. Mrs. Kristin Kurdenok of Coal City, Illinois, took up the charge with the help of her mother Diane Crawford. They began to network and reach out to the community. As a result the Exline Sportsman Club donated their space for free to hold our 2011 Annual Christmas Party. You might think that a Christmas party is a simple thing: You expect a Christmas tree, a lot of food, and maybe a Santa in a red suit. But we all know from just the Holiday festivities we keep in our own homes that those three things are never that simple. Now factor in that you have around a hundred people coming over for dinner. It takes a lot of planning and organization and it also takes a lot of heart. You know that you are at a good Christmas party if you look around the room and can see love and warmth in the eyes of the young and old.
And that is why we of the 317th Engineer Company wish unto Mrs. Kristin Kurdenok and her mother Diane Crawford a Very Merry Christmas and our Special Thanks For The Best Christmas Party Ever.
Volunteers for the 317th EN CO Family Readiness Group and people seeking to give donations to the Family Readiness Group Fund may reach Mrs. Kristin Kurdenok through her e-mail at:
[email protected]


The January newsletter will be coming out soon. So look for it.

Look for the the November's 317th News letter
317th En CO, ARMY Reserve

Look for the the November's 317th News letter

Welcome to our own page. If you have any ideas for this page, please let us know in the front office. We want this to work for everyone!


Good Morning soldiers. If you have an LOD please call the unit and make an appointment to review your LOD,. Bring all paperwork related to the LOD.


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