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Lanesborough Animal Control This page is primarily designed to help reunite lost pets with their owners and facilitate communication between the public and Animal Control.

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Dog license renewals were due by March 31st. If you haven’t renewed your dog’s license by now please do so!  Late notice...

Dog license renewals were due by March 31st. If you haven’t renewed your dog’s license by now please do so! Late notices are being sent out and fines will follow soon after.

Lanesborough Police
Lanesborough Police

Lanesborough Police

Town of Lanesborough
Important Information Regarding Your Tax Bill
Under “An Act to Address Challenges Faced by Municipalities and State Authorities Resulting From COVID-19,” Chapter 53 of the Acts of 2020, the Town of Lanesborough has adopted local options to extend due dates for real and personal property tax payments and applications for exemptions and a waiver of interest on certain municipal tax and other bills. See below.
1. The due date of your real and personal property tax bill has been extended to June 1, 2020. June 1, 2020 is the new due date even if the due date for payment on your previously mailed tax bill is May 1, 2020.
2. The due date for applications for property tax exemptions has also been extended to June 1, 2020. June 1, 2020 is the new due date even if the due date for applications on your previously mailed tax bill is April 1, 2020.
This extension applies to applications for the exemptions listed in the third paragraph of G.L. c. 59, §59, including exemptions under clauses 17, 17C, 17C1/2 and 17D (seniors, surviving spouses, minor children of deceased parent); 18 (financial hardship – activated military, age and infirmity); 22, 22A, 22B, 22C, 22D, 22E, 22F and 22H (veterans, surviving spouses and surviving parents); 37 and 37A (blind persons); 41, 41B, 41C and 41C1/2 (seniors); 42 and 43 (surviving spouse and minor children of firefighters/police officer killed in the line of duty); 52 (certain eligible seniors); 53 (certain eligible properties with septic systems); 56 (National Guard and reservists on active duty in foreign countries); and 57 (local option tax rebates). This extension also automatically applies to applications for residential exemptions under G.L. c. 59, §5C, for small commercial exemptions under G.L. c. 59, §5I and for deferrals under G.L. c. 59, §5, clauses 41A (seniors) and 18A (poverty or financial hardship due to change to active military).
3. The Town of Lanesborough has also voted to waive interest and other penalties for late payment of any excise, tax, betterment assessment or apportionment thereof, water rate or annual sewer use or other charge added to a tax for any payments with a due date on or after March 10, 2020 where payment is made late but before June 30, 2020. This applies to late payments of bills that have a due date of March 10, 2020 or after, when such bills are paid late but paid on or before June 30, 2020. This wavier of interest does not apply to bills with due dates before March 10, 2020 or if the bill is not paid before June 30, 2020.
NOTE – If the municipal offices are closed on the June 1, 2020 extended due date for tax payments or filing of exemption applications as a result of the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus or the declaration of a state of emergency issued by the governor on March 10, 2020, the due dates for tax payments and applications for exemptions are not extended – they will be due on June 1, 2020 even if the municipal offices are closed. (See section 10(b) of the Act).
Tax payments can be paid on-line at, placed in the drop box outside of the Newton Memorial Town Hall or mailed to P.O. Box 1492, 83 North Main Street, Lanesborough, MA 01237.
Applications for exemptions can be placed in the drop box outside of the Newton Memorial Town Hall or mailed to P.O. Box 1492, 83 North Main Street, Lanesborough, MA 01237.
Should you have any questions please call the Lanesborough Town Hall at 413-442-1167.

Lanesborough Fire Department

Lanesborough Fire Department

This is the plan that we came up with tonight for our wave parade on Saturday. We will leave our fire house at 10 A.M. and head south on rte 7. The following will be a sequential list of the streets that we will be parading down.

Bull Hill Rd
Baglee Ave
Narragansett Ave
Balance Rock Rd
Park Dr
Putnam Rd
Meadow Ln
Billings St
Goodell Rd
Bridge St
Glenn’s Rd
Summer St
Longview St
Old State Rd
North Mtn Rd
Swamp Rd
Old Cheshire Rd
Prospect St
Brodie Mtn Rd
Bailey Rd
Victoria Ln
Lynn Ct
North Main St
Silver St
Ore Bed Rd
Miner Rd

If your street was not named and you want to see us, let us know! We’ll arrange to come see you too!

Found on balance rock rd.

Found on balance rock rd.

Found on Rte 7 near Scott rd. No tags. 😠

Found on Rte 7 near Scott rd. No tags. 😠

Lanesborough Recreation Committee

Lanesborough Recreation Committee

As part of our efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, all playground equipment and basketball courts in town parks are closed until further notice.

The parks remain open for responsible use. No group activities or team game playing is allowed.

Lanesborough Police

Lanesborough Police

Mount Greylock regional school district announced that due to COVID-19 schools will be closed for two weeks beginning March 16 and will reopen March 30 th.

Anyone recognize this pup?  From the Bull Hill Rd. Area.

Anyone recognize this pup? From the Bull Hill Rd. Area.

Found in the Grove ave/ Narragansett ave area.

Found in the Grove ave/ Narragansett ave area.

Lanesborough Police

Lanesborough Police

***********Please share**********

*********Dine to donate**********


Don’t miss it! Come support the six grade class Tomorrow night!

There will be some great raffle prizes too!

Gift certificates to:
-Bobs Country Kitchen
-Elle Day Spa
-iTunes card

-Tanglewood lawn tickets
-16” boys bike and helmet
-16” girls bike and helmet
-Alexa smart home products.

20% of your bill will go toward the six grade Cape Cod trip.

Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter

Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter

UPDATE: This boy was not claimed and will be available for adoption soon.

Does anyone recognize this handsome guy? No collar or microchip. The gentleman who brought him in is not from this area and doesn’t know what town he was in. He said he found him 20-30 minutes north of Pittsfield on Rte. 8. Please call the shelter @ (413)448-9800 with any information.

Lanesborough Police
Lanesborough Police

Lanesborough Police


“Davis-Hassan, representing Vacation Village as its real estate agent, asked the board members if they would consider accepting a gift of land and buildings located on Route 7”

I'm asking people, who are fun dog people, to join the challenge of posting a picture of their dog(s).Only one photo, no...

I'm asking people, who are fun dog people, to join the challenge of posting a picture of their dog(s).Only one photo, no description. The goal is to flood FB with positive dog pictures. Please copy the text into your status, post one photo of your dog and watch for some great photos! (Dog friends, jump right in.)❤️❤️
(In no way is this a ploy to identify unlicensed dogs in town) 😈😂

Leading by example! Aco’s dog tag #001#getlicensed!

Leading by example! Aco’s dog tag #001

Carr Hardware

Carr Hardware

Kaiser wants to remind you that your local Carr Hardware is pet friendly! #petfriendly #tasteofthewild #shoplocal

Mandy has been found.  Thanks all for sharing. Please keep an eye out for Mandy. She ran away from an area on Gulf Rd an...

Mandy has been found. Thanks all for sharing.

Please keep an eye out for Mandy. She ran away from an area on Gulf Rd and may have been last seen near the intersection of Swamp and Old State Rd.

Northern Berkshire Emergency Planning Committee

Northern Berkshire Emergency Planning Committee

Be Prepared, Not Scared:

ICE STORM Warning: Our area is expected to be significantly impacted by a combination of weather from 5pm today until 7am Tuesday. with heavy ice accumulation being the most concerning.

During this storm it is expected that power will be lost for a significant period of time, Trees and wires may also come down and be a potential danger. Travel will be potentially impossible and emergency weather notifications may be made.

What To Do Now:
Keep phones charged along with secondary charging devices
Charge wireless devices for children to have
Have flashlights and batteries available
Have non-perishable food and water available
Have salt/sand available for walkways
Have Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors
Fill gas tanks
Sign up for emergency alerts (CodeRed alerts)

During a Power Loss:
Stay away from any downed Power Lines
Keep your refrigerator/freezer closed as much as possible
Turn off/Disconnect appliances for surge protection safety
Do not use generators indoors
Do not heat your home with gas stoves/heaters indoors

Please stay connected with NBREPC throughout the day as the Emergency Managers and agency department heads are all working together throughout the region and State.

Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter

Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter

Owner found!!!!

This little guy was found in Lanesboro, MA near Wooliver Roofing. He was in the road dragging a retractable leash. Green collar- no tags, no chip. Not neutered, has some skin issues. Very sweet! Please call the Sonsini animal shelter if this is your dog or with any information: 413-448-9800. Thank you.

Cheshire Police Department

Cheshire Police Department

*** Update Owners Found***

This little guy was dropped off at our station found wandering down Wells Road. Any help finding its owners would be appreciated. 4134463920.

Lanesborough Tigers Youth Football

Rain or shine!

Come out and celebrate the Tigers win! There will be a parade today in Lanesborough from Greylock Federal down Route 7 at 3pm!!


I’d like to address a viral facebook post that has recently been brought to my attention.

The author of the post writes.
“After multiple calls to Pittsfield police and lanesborough police and this piece of sh*t hasn’t gotten in trouble”.

The post is in regards to a dog the author claims is being neglected by its owner.

The fact is that lanesborough police/ Animal control had met with the owner and the dog prior to this viral post in an unrelated matter and hadn’t observed any cause for concern of neglect or abuse. The dog appears to be well cared for despite some of the opinions and mob mentality shown in that post.

It’s disappointing that this post has generated
412 shares and 92
emojis but despite the authors claim that multiple people have called to complain the fact is not one single person has called to report this to the lanesborough police or animal control.

If you need to report an emergency please call 911 or the appropriate department directly as we do not monitor Facebook 24/7.

At a minimum this dogs basic needs are being met. As far as the claims of abuse and being left outside too long, again, not a single call to report an issue other than a “barking dog” complaint on October 30th that was unfounded.


Officer Jason Costa
Lanesborough Police
Animal Control.

Check this out! The Swans are back this year with a new addition!  📸 Debbie Storie.

Check this out!
The Swans are back this year with a new addition! 📸 Debbie Storie.

Lanesborough Police

Lanesborough Police

Trick or treat has been postponed til Saturday 5-7pm.

Happy National cat day! Share a pic of your furballs !

Happy National cat day!
Share a pic of your furballs !

Lanesborough Police

Lanesborough Police


The Rte 7/8 Connector rd. Aka the Mall rd will be closed for maintenance Monday October 28, 2019 from 6am-6pm. Please share and plan accordingly.


8 Prospect St
Lanesborough, MA


(413) 443-4107


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Hello Lanesboro animal lovers. I am not sure what type of wild cats these are but wanted to share so we can all be aware. This morning we had both of them in our back yard together fairly close to the house and in daylight. Haven’t seen them before but have heard a lot of cries at night.
Pittsfield lost dog. Please click on the link and share:
Lanesborough lost cat. Please click on the link and share:
Im hear to say I’m very disappointed in Pittsfield police department/ animal control along with lanesborough!! The fact nothing still hasn’t been done about a dog is heartbreaking. It is getting colder and colder outside as the days/nights go by. There’s a poor dog that’s been outside 24/7 both in the summer time and now as winter is coming this poor dog is still outside all day and all night. Crying, whining, not being socialized, I work ALOT across the street from this gentleman’s house and not once have I seen him get fed or get water. I always thought this poor baby was going inside but as I’ve paid more and more attention, he’s outside constantly. He is skinnier now than he’s ever been, he does nothing but pace in his cage. Many people have reported this man, between the employees at the company that is right next door to him along with myself and many many others and nothing has been done. I’ve personally seen this man and his grandson, on 4th of July, pull on this dog til he choked, cried, just to push him into the lake. The dog In the process had tried with all his strength to stop them, pulling away from them and everything. I’ve seen the boy tease him, along with both the grandfather and grandson hit and abuse this poor dog. The only time the boy comes near the dog, is too take away the only toys he has in his cage, tease him with these toys and make him think he’s gonna play, just for the boy to go inside with the toys and leave the dog alone. I’m sorry I can understand summer time but it’s getting colder and colder out now!! THIS IS ALL ABUSE AND SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE.
Lost DOG! Angelo! Loved, family cattle dog. Tan and black.No tail. Skittish. May approach if someone sits down. Lost since August 2019 (in Vermont) REWARD for safe return. Thankyou!!! Please call 406 253 6154 if seen/found. Thank you!!!
Why, oh why were the pool bags/ receptacles taken down around the park on Narragansett?????
MACK IS HOME! Found a little worse for wear but safe! TY all for sharing!
My dog Mack is missing. He bolted on Balance Rock Road because of the fireworks. He's really scared. Please let me know if you see him.
We had a honeybee hive swarm from Olsen Farm about an hour ago, it flew toward Balance Rock Park. Honeybee swarms are pretty calm, and we are trying to lure them back home but they flew off very quickly If you see a swarm of honeybees (like photo attached) around town PLEASE let us know, PLEASE do not spray them- we will come get them!! (Call or text 413-464-2481)