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There's a very good chance any future rental properties I buy will be in Bullitt or Oldham counties. Or in Indiana. And, when the lease is up on any of my Jefferson County properties, I'll sell them and buy new properties outside Jefferson County. :)
Where is the FB Feed?
Sure would like to see the Budget Committee Meeting!
With all of the so called memorials going up why can't we create a memorial for every police officer at the location they died? And while we are at it why not create one where everybody that has a family member who passed? Can you imagine the front of hospitals or even houses even if the family living there has no relationship to the person?
Please stop this. Please!
Turn on the FB FEED!
The question: (for transparency) Why three stooges officers
"detectives" proceeded without SWAT, according to the swat commander, while he was officially at the Elliot avenue raid. Focus on why and who made the decision, that was out of the normal recognized procedure of LMPD, and resulted in Ms. Taylor's murder. Nobody cares that they raided a drug dealer's home on Elliot ave. Your constituents care about the abuse of police power by three individual officers, and not following procedures that maybe would be safer for all. Without the possibility of official containment of evidence by legitimate police, swat, was this a sn**ch and grab hope for money or drugs they just thought might be there? Again by three underqualified undertrained individual officers. What does it take for an officer to be fired? Did you not see the cleanup attempts by Hankinson after the tragedy, the proposition of other shooters, and the lies he told to the chief of police? If Mattingly saw Kenneth shoot him in the leg, as he said, why did he and his partner shoot Breona instead and over and over, are they that incompetent? Too many lies about getting the warrant, too many lies about the ex*****on of the warrant, not waiting for swat, can you get a clue.
Where is the FB Feed? Please just say you are having technical problems, if you are.
Why are my posts being deleted?
Where is the FB FEED?
Now what is the problem?!
There was no feed this morning in Planning and Zoning until I called the clerk.

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