Muskego Way Forward

Muskego Way Forward Muskego Way Forward connects residents, partners and resources around residents’ hopes for the Muskego Way neighborhood.

Our responsibility is to work with community residents to empower them to want to make a difference in their community. This is done through various means that include building a resident driven advisory committee, helping neighbors to find ways to solve identified quality of life issues, strengthening the capacity of block watch groups, and meeting/working with other near south side neighborhood agencies to held effect positive change. The priorities of MCC Building Neighborhood Capacity Program include the following: Resident Engagement: Getting to know and gain trust of residents who are typically underrepresented in advocating for their concerns; ensuring they have a voice in neighborhood decisions. Resident and Organizational Leadership: Providing residents and neighborhood stakeholders with skill building opportunities that foster an understanding of how to most effectively tackle local challenges. Financing: Identifying/helping to pursue resources that can assist residents in their effort to set concrete goals and effect positive change in their near south side neighborhoods.

Come visit us at God Touch MKE for our Mobile Food Pantry at 10:30AM this Wednesday August 5th! ------------------------...

Come visit us at God Touch MKE for our Mobile Food Pantry at 10:30AM this Wednesday August 5th!


¡Visítenos en God Touch MKE para nuestra despensa móvil de alimentos a las 10:30 a.m. este miércoles 5 de agosto!

Milwaukee Christian Center

Milwaukee Christian Center

Looking for positive, safe activities for your child? MCC's Youth Development team is hosting activities for youth age 6-17 all summer long in Kosciuszko Park. Call (414) 645-8440 for more info. Masks, social distance, and hand washing/sanitizing are required. All activities are outdoors or online.

Barby The Book Fairy

Barby The Book Fairy

!Feliz Domingo! Happy Sunday! Your girl got interviewed by 88Nine Radio Milwaukee! Stay tuned for the radio episode.💝 #MariposaPark #SoyQuienSoy #HeyEveryone

Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices

¡Muy buenos días amigos! hoy en Explorando Milwaukee estamos introduciendo el Parque de las Mariposas ubicado en la calle 13 y la avenida Forest Home. Un regalo enorme para la comunidad lo podemos encontrar aquí, que por tercer año consecutivo el proyecto muralista con Cosmic Butterfly Design by Tia Richardson, jóvenes artistas de la comunidad y Milwaukee Christian Center estarán completando este mes de junio. Y para terminar, agradecemos este espacio para meditar y agradecer este inicio de semana en este lugar especial en el vecindario de Muskego Way Muskego Way Forward.
Les invitamos a visitar este parque y tomarse una foto y dejarnos saber cuál fue su parte favorita! ¡Feliz lunes!

Southside Organizing Center

Southside Organizing Center

We challenge you to #MaskUp and continue the conversation about safety related to COVID-19 with your family and friends!

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to help protect our communities against COVID-19? Make sure to use the hashtag #MaskUpChallenge and challenge your friends too by tagging them! And feel free to share why you wear a mask!

We challenge Latino Arts, Inc., Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers, Southside Organizing Center, & Mexican Fiesta!



Gardeners from Bumblebee Haven will have mint plants available this Saturday, the 27th. 10-2 p.m!

Residents can pick it fresh themselves and then replant it later.

The price depends on the resident. We've got a 'pay what you can' philosophy.

Bumblebee Haven Community Garden is located on: 1459 West Historic Mitchell Street


Los jardineros de Bumblebee Haven tendrán plantas de menta disponibles este sábado 27. 10-2 p.m!

Los residentes pueden recogerlo ellos mismos y luego replantarlo más tarde.

El precio depende del residente. Tenemos una filosofía de "paga lo que puedas".

Bumblebee Haven Community Garden está ubicado en: 1459 West Historic Mitchell Street


Safe & Sound, Inc.

Safe & Sound, Inc.

The We Care Crew wants to make sure you are safe and healthy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The We Care Crew encompasses County, City, and community partners like Safe & Sound coming together to provide resources and support to neighborhoods of color during this challenging time.

Short-term goals include limiting the spread of COVID-19 in communities of color by providing support and resources to these neighborhoods. Long-term, the We Care Crew strives to transform historically challenged interactions between communities of color, government, and law enforcement into interactions of support. Outcomes include a more collaborative approach that fosters relationships, builds trust, and improves community health.

#WeCareCrew #MKE #MKEHome #SafeSoundSummer #SafeSoundMKE

Consejo COVID-19: Use una mascarilla

Mire este video para aprender cómo usar una máscara facial correctamente.

Usa una mascarilla al salir para ayudar a disminuir la propagación de COVID-19.

COVID-19 Advice: Wear a Mask

Watch this video to learn how to wear a face mask properly.

Use a mask when going outside to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Safe & Sound, Inc.

Safe & Sound, Inc.

News You Can Use for the week of 6/15! 💚💙‬

‪Resources and information you can use THIS WEEK! Be sure to follow @SafeSoundInc on your favorite social media and check back here every Monday at 9am for more. #SafeSoundMKE

‪SHARE to help someone in need! 🤲 #MovingMilwaukeeForward

#community #resources #covid19 #coronavirus #MKE #MKEHome

ACTUALIZADO: A partir del lunes (6/15), DPW reanudará la aplicación de TODAS las restricciones cronometradas y medidas. ...

ACTUALIZADO: A partir del lunes (6/15), DPW reanudará la aplicación de TODAS las restricciones cronometradas y medidas. A medida que más y más empresas vuelven a abrir, la necesidad de rotación en los lugares de estacionamiento ha aumentado.

El cumplimiento de las restricciones cronometradas (no medidas), incluidos los permisos de estacionamiento durante el día, NO entrará en vigencia en este momento y se aplicará gradualmente en una fecha posterior que aún no se ha determinado. Los permisos diurnos que no comenzarán a aplicarse incluyen permisos de estacionamiento diurno para áreas residenciales afectadas por el viajero, permisos de estacionamiento solo para residentes y permisos de estacionamiento diurno para uso residencial no conforme.

Los permisos alternativos de estacionamiento lateral y de estacionamiento nocturno no se aplicarán hasta una fecha posterior que sea TBD.

UPDATED: Effective Monday (6/15), DPW will resume enforcement of ALL timed & metered restrictions. As more and more businesses reopen the need for turnover in parking spots has increased.

Enforcement of timed (non-metered) restrictions, including daytime parking permits, will NOT take effect at this time and will be phased in at a later date that is yet to be determined. The daytime permits that will not begin enforcement include commuter impacted residential area day parking permits, resident-only parking permits, and residential non-conforming use day parking permits.

Alternate side-parking and night parking permits will not be enforced until a later date that is TBD.

Bublr Bikes is offering FREE 30-DAY Bublr passes for Milwaukee County residents beginning June 1st, 2020Residents can ta...
Free 30 Day Bublr Passes | Bublr Bikes

Bublr Bikes is offering FREE 30-DAY Bublr passes for Milwaukee County residents beginning June 1st, 2020

Residents can take advantage of this offer by signing up on Bublr’s website:


through the Bublr app
using the promo code: Free30dayMKE


Bublr Bikes ofrece pases Bublr GRATUITOS de 30 DÍAS para los residentes del condado de Milwaukee a partir del 1 de junio de 2020

Los residentes pueden aprovechar esta oferta registrándose en el sitio web de Bublr:


a través de la aplicación Bublr
utilizando el código de promoción: Free30dayMKE

FREE 30-Day Bublr Passes for Milwaukee County Residents Milwaukee (June 1, 2020) Bublr, the Milwaukee area’s nonprofit bikeshare operator, is proud to announce that thanks to a generous grant from the Anonymous Fund at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation all Milwaukee County Residents can sign up for...

Southside Organizing Center

Southside Organizing Center

Survey for Chief of Police Morales' review (survey hosted by SOC)

***DEADLINE: 12 noon on Thursday, June 11th***

SOC is offering neighbors an opportunity to provide input on the review of Chief of Police Morales (people who live in our near southside district).

To allow folks to give input and feel safer, we are gathering input on his review via this survey and then submitting it all together as one whole response to the FPC.

Folks from outside our area may provide input to the Fire and Police Commission [email protected]

If you have questions contact our offices at (414) 672-8090 or [email protected]


Encuesta para la revisión del Jefe de Policía Morales (encuesta organizada por SOC)

**PLAZO: a las 12 del mediodía del jueves 11 de junio**

SOC está ofreciendo nuestros vecinos la oportunidad de brindar su opinión sobre la revisión del Jefe de Policía Morales (personas que viven en nuestro distrito cercano al sur).

Para permitir que las personas den su opinión y se sientan más seguros, estamos recopilando información sobre su revisión a través de esta encuesta y luego la presentamos como una respuesta completa al CPF.

Las personas de fuera de nuestra área pueden brindar su opinión a la Comisión de Bomberos y Policía [email protected]

Si tiene preguntas, comuníquese con nuestras oficinas al (414) 672-8090 o [email protected]

Southside Organizing Center

Southside Organizing Center

Today, June 3rd live on 3 o'clock with SOC! Historical and contextual analysis of police community relations in response to recent unrest due to police brutality, with special guest: Dr. Deborah Blanks, President of Kairo Communications.


¡Hoy, 3 de junio en vivo a las 3 en punto con SOC! Análisis histórico y contextual de las relaciones policiales con la comunidad en respuesta a los recientes disturbios debido a la brutalidad policial, con invitada especial: Dra. Deborah Blanks, Presidenta de Kairo Communications.

Arts @ Large is giving out Art Bags to the Community today from 11:00am and 3:00pm! The Art Bag includes art supplies, c...

Arts @ Large is giving out Art Bags to the Community today from 11:00am and 3:00pm!

The Art Bag includes art supplies, children's book and an activity sheet for families to engage youth at home.


¡Arts @ Large está regalando bolsas de arte a la comunidad hoy de 11:00 am a 3:00 pm!

La bolsa de arte incluye suministros de arte, libros para niños y una hoja de actividades para que las familias involucren a los jóvenes en el hogar.

Stop by Arts @ Large, 1100 S 5th Street, today between 11:00am and 3:00pm to pick up a My Art Bag! Our Cafe is open too!

See you soon!

Southside Organizing Center

Southside Organizing Center

Today on "3 o'clock with SOC"!!! Tuesday, June 2 at 3:00pm

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes will be discussing Governor Tony Evers' and the state's response to the unrest due to police brutality!
Markasa Tucker, Fred Royal and Tammy Rivera, the Executive Committee of the Community Collaborative Committee, who is appointed by The City of Milwaukee Common Council to continue the work of The United States Department of Justice review of the Milwaukee Police Department and the Fire & Police Commission - MKE


Hoy en "3 en punto con SOC" !!! Martes 2 de junio a las 3:00 p.m.

¡El Teniente Gobernador Mandela Barnes discutirá la respuesta del Gobernador Tony Evers y del estado a los disturbios debido a la brutalidad policial!
Markasa Tucker, Fred Royal y Tammy Rivera, el Comité Ejecutivo del Comité de Colaboración de la Comunidad, quien es designado por el Consejo Común de la Ciudad de Milwaukee para continuar el trabajo de la revisión del Departamento de Justicia de los Estados Unidos del Departamento de Policía de Milwaukee y el Departamento de Bomberos y Policía Comisión - MKE

!!!Town Hall Postponed!!!  !!! Ayuntamiento aplazado !!!

!!!Town Hall Postponed!!!

!!! Ayuntamiento aplazado !!!

Southside Organizing Center

Southside Organizing Center

Critical Topic: Governor’s response to recent unrest due to police brutality.


Tema crítico: la respuesta del Gobernador a los recientes disturbios debido a la brutalidad de Policía.

Southside Organizing Center

Southside Organizing Center

📆 TODAY! May 28th, special guest Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes with us on "3 o'clock with SOC" to discuss WI Supreme Court ruled to strike down of the “Safer at Home Order” & C19. Tune in at 3:00pm! 🕒


📆 HOY! 28 de mayo, el invitado especial, Teniente Gobernador Mandela Barnes nos acompaña en nuestro foro en vivo "3 en punto con SOC" para hablar sobre la eliminación del "Mas seguro en el hogar" que la Corte Suprema de WI dictaminó y el coronavirus. ¡Sintonice a las 3:00 pm!

Milwaukee Police Department - District Two

D2 May Crime and Safety Meeting! Check it out!

The Milwaukee Police Department District Two will provide crime statistics of our area. If you have any questions after the video, please contact District Two CLO Officer Acevedo or Officer Contreras at 414-935-7228. Thank you.

Milwaukee Police Department - District Two

Milwaukee Police Department - District Two

Si tiene alguna pregunta despues de ver el video, por favor comunicarse con el Oficial Acevedo y Oficial Contreras al numero 414-935-7222.

Southside Organizing Center

Southside Organizing Center

Small Business/Entrepreneurship in COVID 19 times 🏬 with special guest Nelson Soler, Founder of Latino Chamber of Commerce and Latino Entrepreneurial Network


Microempresas / emprendimiento afectadas de forma negativa por la crisis del Coronavirus 🏬 con el invitado especial Nelson Soler, fundador del Latino Chamber of Commerce y Latino Entrepreneurial Network

Southside Organizing Center

Southside Organizing Center

Breaking news!! WI Supreme Court ruled to strike down "Safer at Home" order, BUT... what legal and other battles could happen next to either keep the decision or change it???

Join us and a panel of legal experts Thursday, May 14th at our live community forum "3 o'clock with SOC"

Confirmed guests:
Marisabel Cabrera, State Representative

Pedro Colón, Circuit Court Judge

Ed Fallone, Marquette University Law Professor

Dr. Robert Smith, Chair Milwaukee County Human Rights Commission, Marquette University Professor and Director of the Center for Urban Research, Teaching & Outreach


¡¡Noticias de última hora!! El Tribunal Supremo de WI dictaminó anular la orden "Más seguro en el hogar", PERO ... ¿qué batallas legales y de otro tipo podrían ocurrir después de mantener la decisión o cambiarla?

Únase a nosotros y a un panel de expertos legales el jueves, 14 de mayo en nuestro foro comunitario en vivo "3 en punto con SOC"

Invitados confirmados: Marisabel Cabrera, Representante Estatal

Pedro Colón, Juez del Tribunal de Circuito

Ed Fallone, Profesor de Ley de la Universidad Marquette

Dr. Robert Smith, Presidente de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Condado de Milwaukee, Professor de la Universidad Marquette y Director del Centro de Investigación, Enseñanza y Alcance Urbano

Southside Organizing Center

Southside Organizing Center

🕒 May 13th, special guest Congresswoman Gwen Moore on 3 O’Clock with SOC!
🕒 13 de mayo, la invitada especial Congresista Gwen Moore en ¡3:00pm con SOC!

Coronavirus Resources / Recursos de coronavirus

Coronavirus Resources / Recursos de coronavirus

News You Can Use 5/11! 💚💙‬

‪Resources you can use TODAY! Be sure to follow @SafeSoundInc on your favorite social media & check back here Monday - Friday at 9am for more. #SafeSoundMKE

‪SHARE to help someone in need! 🤲 #AloneTogether

#community #resources #covid19 #coronavirus #MKE #MKEHome

Paper Maché Mask

Fun Activity to do at Home!

Basic paper maché mask making tutorial. Enjoy!

Máscara De Papel Maché

Actividad divertida para hacer en casa!

Un tutorial básico de hacer máscaras de papel maché ¡Que lo disfruten!

Everyone Counts! ¡Todos Cuentan!

Everyone Counts! ¡Todos Cuentan!


While there is a temporary ban on evictions right now due to the public health emergency, it's important for tenants to stay on top of their rent and utilities bills. It’s important for landlords to stay in contact with tenants to prevent problems from developing.

Community Advocates Rent HelpLine: 414-270-4646 provides assistance to both Landlords and Renters.
Or, contact them online at:

[email protected].


Si bien existe una prohibición temporal de los desalojos en este momento debido a la emergencia de salud pública, es importante que los inquilinos se mantengan al tanto de sus facturas de alquiler y servicios públicos. Es importante que los propietarios se mantengan en contacto con los inquilinos para evitar que se desarrollen problemas.

Community Advocates Rent HelpLine: 414-270-4646 brinda asistencia tanto a propietarios como a inquilinos.
O contáctelos en línea en

[email protected].


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All are invited to this free film screening about one woman who dared to champion the voices of the people against big developers who threatened their neighborhoods! Brought to you by Jane's Walk MKE.
A whole lot of holiday cheer at our Senior Program today! Thanks students from Hapa-Hmong American Peace Academy and Korean Language and Culture School of Milwaukee for making it an extra special day!