Modena Fire Company Station 37

Modena Fire Company Station 37 Serving residents and guest of Modena, South Coatesville, East Fallowfield, West Marlborough, Newlin John H. At that meeting, Mr. In the Fall of 1923, Harry F. O.

On February 6, 1922, at a meeting of the Modena Borough council, W.M. Fleming of Coatesville suggested that a fire company for Modena and vicinity be organized. Tyron, a councilman, took the first step toward organizing a fire company for Modena when he called the citizens of the community together for a public meeting on March 1, 1922. Tyron successfully organized the Modena Fire Company #1, a vo

lunteer organization with 141 members. A station is built

The public school building in the borough was the meeting place for the fire company during its first two years. It still stands today, located diagonal from the firehouse and being used an apartment house. Walker offered a suitable plot of ground upon which to erect a firehouse. A contract for the construction of the firehouse building was awarded to Henry Osborn, and with close supervision the building was ready to be occupied April 14, 1924. An addition was added to the building in the 1960s, expanding the firehouse to house more apparatus. Again, an addition was put on the firehouse in 2004 in order to accomodate more of the necessary equipment, giving the Modena Fire Company its current look. Alerting the firefighters

On April 6, 1922, Mr. Reilly donated a steel rim to be used for a fire alarm. Calls for help would come through the local paper mill, and the secretary would go out and strike the steel rim with a gong to alert the firefighters. In 1924, Mr. P. Nulls placed a fire whistle on the mill's roof which the secretary still manually activated to alert the town of fire calls. On May 12, 1924, the fire alarm committee made a deal with Bell Telephone. Bell Telephone would place a private line with one exchange phone and two magnets. The one phone was placed in the fire house and the exchange phone installed in the boiler house in the paper mill. The rate was $8.50 per month for the use of the three phones was charged. The phone number in 1924 was 9-1-0...ironic, isn't it? The committee worked out a system in where depending on the number of blows from the fire whistle, the firefighters knew approximately where the fire was to be located. For instance, two blows followed by five blows meant there was a fire at the Lauria Brothers Supply Company. A fire engine is purchased

On April 19, 1923, the Modena Fire Company voted to purchase a Reo Chassis from H.F. Walkers for $150.00. Mr. Walker voted to give the first $25 toward the apparatus, leaving $125 left for the fire company to raise. The fire truck would then need three chemical tanks to become operational. Upon investigation of the chemical tanks to be mounted, they found that two were uniformed but three tanks would be a special order causing an added expense of $450.00 for the chemical tanks to be added. Total cost of the first motorized fire apparatus was $675.00. The fire apparatus made its debut on July 26, 1923 at the Modena Carnival. Fire Mothers

The Ladies Auxiliary was formed on July 20, 1922. Their purpose was to serve refreshments at meetings and fires and to make hand crafts for the carnivals that supported the Modena building and apparatus funds. They were called the Ladies Auxiliary until 1987 when the name was changed to Fire Mothers. To this day they remain one of the few Fire Mothers who will take free food to the fire scene. Fire Police

On April 6, 1922, the first fire police were appointed. At that time there were four, consisting of fire company members Mancin Brandford, Harry Dale, Ben Fisher and Samuel Fisher. To this day our fire police remain an active and integral part of the fire service. Emergency Medical Services

In 1950, the Modena Fire Company expanded onto their fire service. They purchased a used ambulance from Lukens Steel at a cost of $700.00. This service for emergency transport grew, and in 1978 a second ambulance was added. At around this time, the need for routine service from the hospital to home became great. This type of routine service was started to raise money for the fire company. This service lasted until into the 1990s when it was taken over by a routine ambulance service started in the Parkesburg area. With the lack of volunteers during the daytime (a situation faced by just about any company), the Modena Fire Company was forced to seek career staff to man the ambulances. In 2000, the fire company contracted with the Brandywine Health Services for one EMT/Driver during the daylight hours Monday through Friday. In 2005, the fire company started hiring all EMT/Drivers on its own. This was done so that better wages could be provided to the staff. Other than that, emergency medical services for the Modena Fire Company relies solely on dedicated volunteers. Our Mascot...The Road Runner? In 1989, a search was started to find the Modena Fire Company a mascot. A contest was held at local area elementary schools, but to no avail. In April of 1990, a new ambulance had gone to Wolfington Auto Body to be lettered. They were informed of our dilemma regarding the search for a mascot. They searched their records and found that the Road Runner was not used by any local company. On April 9, 1989, the then ambulance chief Douglas Dowlin decided to have the Road Runner added to the ambulances, and Wolfington Auto Body painted the logo for free. Since then the Road Runner has been added to all of the equipment and to this date remains the only mascot of the Modena Fire Company. In 1997 the Modena Fire Company celebrated its 75th anniversary with a housing and festival. We look forward to many more years of dedicated service to our community, only adding to what is already a great history for this small company.

This evenings training was on our new rescue tools, Pat Grubb from ESI was on hand to provide our delivery  training on ...

This evenings training was on our new rescue tools, Pat Grubb from ESI was on hand to provide our delivery training on our new holmatro pentheon tools, crews sat in a hour and half class room session learning all the electronics and capability’s of the tools before heading out side to train with them on cars.
The new tool 2 cutters, 2 spreaders, 1 ram will be mounted by ESI in the weeks to come onto Squad 37 (Eng-1) doubling our current tool capabilities.
We like to thank Pat for a great evening of training and we look forward to working with you more in the future.

Due to the potential early morning rain, and multiple other community events being rescheduled for tomorrow - we are pos...

Due to the potential early morning rain, and multiple other community events being rescheduled for tomorrow - we are postponing our event- Once we have secured a new date and time, we will share that with you.
We apologize for the inconvenience. We want to have the best event for all those involved.

House Fire In Coatesville CityOn September 17th at 6:38 am the Modena Fire Company was dispatched to assist Coatesville ...

House Fire In Coatesville City

On September 17th at 6:38 am the Modena Fire Company was dispatched to assist Coatesville on a house fire in the 300 block of South First ave. Engine 37-2 with a crew of 5 made the response. Ladder 41 arrived with smoke showing and asked for the working fire dispatch. Deputy 37 (Corle) went to the rear and advised they had a small fire in the kitchen. Modena’s crew secured power and water to the building before assisting with overhaul. Modena’s crews cleared the scene in under an hour.

Units: Engine 37-2

Who's up for it the Modena 3.7 Express ! Saturday September 30thHosted by Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. , this 3.7 mile road cou...

Who's up for it the Modena 3.7 Express ! Saturday September 30th
Hosted by Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. , this 3.7 mile road course will take you on a journey through South Coatesville and Modena.
Registration begins at 8am, first step off is at 9am. After the awards , stick around for vendors, food , live demonstrations by Modena Fire Company and car/truck/bike show beginning at 11am.
Visit our website for more information or email . Email your registration forms and pay at the event or drop off at the station ahead of time.

5 Alarm Fire in Oxford Borough On September 14th, at 0032 hours, Modena Fire Company was alerted to relocate to Union Fi...

5 Alarm Fire in Oxford Borough

On September 14th, at 0032 hours, Modena Fire Company was alerted to relocate to Union Fire Company (Station 21) as they were engaged in battling a 3-alarm fire right next to their station. Engine Company 37, with a crew of four, promptly made the response.

While en route to the Union Fire Company, the situation escalated, prompting command to call for a fourth alarm. Adhering to the updated command, Engine Company 37 was redirected to the scene as part of the fourth alarm response.

Upon arrival, Modena’s crew immediately assisted with interior fire suppression tasks. However, as the situation deteriorated, crews were forced to switch to defensive operations, as the affected structures were no longer safe for interior firefighting.

After 12 demanding hours of collaborative work with multiple fire departments, Modena’s crew was released from the scene, having played a significant role in containing the fire and preventing further damage.

We commend the valiant efforts of all firefighters involved and appreciate the seamless coordination between departments, which was crucial in tackling this challenging incident. Our firefighters' commitment and courage were paramount in ensuring the situation was managed as effectively as possible.

Engine 37-2 with a crew of four are currently on scene of a 4 alarm fire in Oxford Borough. Modena’s crews have been the...

Engine 37-2 with a crew of four are currently on scene of a 4 alarm fire in Oxford Borough. Modena’s crews have been there since 12:50 am this morning. The full story coming soon.


Dear Modena and surrounding community members,

We are relieved to share some crucial news affecting our county's safety. The Pennsylvania State Police, in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, have successfully captured Danelo Cavalcante. The threat to our county is officially over.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to the brave men and women of the Pennsylvania State Police and all supporting local agencies for their dedication and swift action. Your relentless work has restored peace and security to the County of Chester.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time.

Stay safe!

Modena Fire Company


Firefighter Joseph Agnello Ladder 118
Lieutenant Brian Ahearn Engine 230
Firefighter Eric Allen Squad 18
Firefighter Richard Allen Ladder 15
Captain James Amato Squad 1
Firefighter Calixto Anaya Jr. Engine 4
Firefighter Joseph Angelini Rescue 1
Firefighter Joseph Angelini Jr. Ladder 4
Firefighter Faustino Jr. Battalion 9
Firefighter David Arce Engine 33
Firefighter Louis Arena Ladder 5
Firefighter Carl Asaro Battalion 9
Lieutenant Gregg Atlas Engine 10
Firefighter Gerald Atwood Ladder 21
Firefighter Gerald Baptiste Ladder 9
Assistant Chief Gerard Barbara
Firefighter Matthew Barnes Ladder 25
Firefighter Arthur Barry Ladder 15
Lieutenant Steven Bates Engine 235
Lieutenant Carl Bedigian Engine 214
Firefighter Stephen Belson Ladder 24
Firefighter John Bergin Rescue 5
Firefighter Paul Beyer Engine 6
Firefighter Peter Bielfeld Ladder 42
Firefighter Brian Bilcher Squad 1
Firefighter Carl Bini Rescue 5
Firefighter Christopher Blackwell Rescue 3
Firefighter Michael Bo****no Battalion 48
Firefighter Frank Bonomo Engine 230
Firefighter Gary Box Squad 1
Firefighter Michael Boyle Engine 33
Firefighter Kevin Bracken Engine 40
Firefighter Michael Brennan Ladder 4
Firefighter Peter Brennan Rescue 4
Captain Daniel Brethel Ladder 24
Captain Patrick Brown Ladder 3
Firefighter Andrew Brunn Ladder 5
Captain Vincent Brunton Ladder 105
Fire Marshal Ronald Bucca
Firefighter Greg Buck Engine 201
Captain William Burke Jr. Engine 21
Assistant Chief Donald Burns
Firefighter John Burnside Ladder 20
Firefighter Thomas Butler Squad 1
Firefighter Patrick Byrne Ladder 101
FF Firefighter George Cain Ladder 7
Firefighter Salvatore Calabro Ladder 101
Captain. Frank Callahan Ladder 35
Firefighter Michael Cammarata Ladder 11
Firefighter Brian Cannizzaro Ladder 101
Firefighter Dennis Carey Haz-mat Co. 1
Firefighter Michael Carlo Engine 230
Firefighter Michael Carroll Ladder 3
Firefighter Peter Carroll Squad 1
Firefighter Thomas Casoria Engine 22
Firefighter Michael Cawley Ladder 136
Firefighter Vernon Cherry Ladder 118
Firefighter Nicholas Chiofalo Engine 235
Firefighter John Chipura Engine 219
Firefighter Michael Clarke Ladder 2
Firefighter Steven Coakley Engine 217
Firefighter Tarel Coleman Squad 252
Firefighter John Collins Ladder 25
Firefighter Robert Cordice Squad 1
Firefighter Ruben Correa Engine 74
Firefighter James Coyle Ladder 3
Firefighter Robert Crawford Safety Battalion 1
Lieutenant John Crisci Haz-Mat Co. 1
Battalion Chief Dennis Cross Battalion 57
Firefighter Thomas Cullen III Squad 41
Firefighter Robert Curatolo Ladder 16
Lieutenant Edward Datri Squad
Firefighter Michael D'Auria Engine 40
Firefighter Scott Davidson Ladder 118
Firefighter Edward Day Ladder 11
Battalion Chief Thomas DeAngelis Battalion 8
Firefighter Manuel Delvalle Engine 5
Firefighter Martin DeMeo Haz-Mat Co. 1
Firefighter David DeRubbio Engine 226
Lieutenant Andrew Desperito Engine 1
Battalion Chief Dennis Devlin Battalion 9
Firefighter Gerard Dewan Ladder 3
Firefighter George DiPasquale Ladder 2
Lieutenant Kevin Donnelly Ladder 3
Lieutenant Kevin Dowdell Rescue 4
Battalion Chief Raymond Downey Special Operations
Firefighter Gerard Duffy Ladder 21
Captain Martin Egan, Jr. Division 15
Firefighter Michael Elferis Engine 22
Firefighter Francis Esposito Engine 235
Lieutenant Michael Esposito Squad 1
Firefighter Robert Evans Engine 33
Battalion Chief John Fanning Haz-Mat Operations
Captain Thomas Farino Engine 26
Firefighter Terrence Farrell Rescue 4
Deputy Commissioner Chief. William Feehan
Firefighter Lee Fehling Engine 235
Firefighter Alan Feinberg Battalion 9
Firefighter Michael Fiore Rescue 5
Captain John Fischer Ladder
Firefighter Andre Fletcher Rescue 5
Firefighter John Florio Engine 214
Lieutenant Michael Fodor Dquad 1
Firefighter Thomas Foley Rescue 3
Firefighter David Fontana Squad 1
Firefighter Robert Foti Ladder 7
Firefighter Andrew Fredericks Sqaud 18
Lieutenant Peter Freund Engine 55
Firefighter Thomas Gambino Jr. Rescue 3
Chief of Dept. Peter Ganci Jr.
Lieutenant Charles Garbarini Battalion 9
Firefighter Thomas Gardner Haz-Mat Co. 1
Firefighter Matthew Garvey Squad 1
Firefighter Bruce Gary Engine 40
Firefighter Gary Geidel Rescue 1
Battalion Chief Edward Geraghty Battalion 9
Firefighter Dennis Germain Ladder 2
Lieutenant Vincent Giammona Ladder 5
Firefighter James Giberson Ladder 35
Firefighter Ronnie Gies Squad 288
Firefighter Paul Gill Engine 54
Lieutenant John Ginley Engine 40
Firefighter Jeffrey Giordano Ladder 3
Firefighter John Giordano Engine 37
Firefighter Keith Glascoe Ladder 21
Firefighter James Gray Ladder 20
Battalion Chief Joseph Grzelak Battalion 48
Firefighter Jose Guadalupe Engine 54
Lieutenant Geoffrey Guja Battalion 43
Lieutenant Joseph Gullickson Ladder 101
Firefighter David Halderman Squad 18
Lieutenant Vincent Halloran Ladder 8
Firefighter Robert Hamilton Squad 41
Firefighter Sean Hanley Ladder 20
Firefighter Thomas Hannafin Ladder 5
Firefighter Dana Hannon Engine 26
Firefighter Daniel Harlin Ladder 2
Lieutenant Harvey Harrell Rescue 5
Lieutenant Stephen Harrell Battalion 7
Battalion Chief Thomas Haskell, Jr. Division 15
Firefighter Timothy Haskell Squad 18
Captain Terence Hatton Rescue 1
Firefighter Michael Haub Ladder 4
Firefighter Philp Hayes Retired- Engine 217
Lieutenant Michael Healey Squad 41
Firefighter John Hefferman Ladder 11
Firefighter Ronnie Henderson Engine 279
Firefighter Joseph Henry Ladder 21
Firefighter William Henry Rescue 1
Firefighter Thomas Hetzel Ladder 13
Captain Brian Hickey Rescue 4
Lieutenant Timothy Higgins Special Operations
Firefighter Jonathan Hohmann Haz-Mat Co. 1
Firefighter Thomas Holohan Engine 6
Firefighter Joseph Hunter Squad 288
Captain Walter Hynes Ladder 13
FF Jonathan Ielpi Squad 288
Captain Frederick Ill Jr. Ladder 2
Firefighter William Johnston Engine 6
Firefighter Andrew Jordan ladder 132
Firefighter Karl Joseph Engine 207
Lieutenant Anthony Jovic Battalion 47
Firefighter Angel Juarbe Jr. Ladder 12
Chaplain Mychal Judge
Firefighter Vincent Kane Engine 22
Battalion Chief Charles Kasper SOC Battalion
Firefighter Paul Keating Ladder 5
Firefighter Richard Kelly Jr. Ladder 11
Firefighter Thomas Kelly Ladder 15
Firefighter Thomas Kelly Ladder 105
Firefighter Thomas Kennedy Ladder 101
Lieutenant Ronald Kerwin Squad 288
Firefighter Michael Kiefer Ladder 132
Firefighter Robert King Jr. Engine 33
Firefighter Scott Kopytko Ladder 15
Firefighter William Krukowski Ladder 21
Firefighter Kenneth Kumpel Ladder 25
Firefighter Thomas Kuveikis Squad 252
Firefighter David LaForge Ladder 20
Firefighter William Lake Rescue 2
Firefighter Robert Lane Engine 55
Firefighter Peter Langone Squad 252
Firefighter Scott Larsen Ladder 15
Lieutenant Joseph Leavey Ladder 15
Firefighter Neil Leavy Engine 217
Firefighter Daniel Libretti Rescue 2
Paramedic Carlos Lillo Battalion 49
Firefighter Robert Linnane ladder 20
Firefighter Michael Lynch Engine 40
Firefighter Michael Lynch Ladder 4
Firefighter Michael Lyons Squad 41
Firefighter Patrick Lyons Squad 252
Firefighter Joseph Maffeo Ladder 101
Firefighter William Mahoney Rescue 4
Firefighter Joseph Maloney Ladder 3
Battalion Chief Joseph Marchbanks Jr. Battalion 57
Lieutenant Charles Margiotta Battalion 22
Firefighter Kenneth Marino Rescue 1
Firefighter John Marshall Ladder 27
Lieutenant Peter Martin Rescue 2
Lieutenant Paul Martini Engine 201
Firefighter Joseph Mascali Tactical Support 2
Firefighter Keithroy Maynard Engine 33
Firefighter Brian McAleese Engine 226
Firefighter John McAvoy Ladder 3
Firefighter Thomas McCann Battalion 8
Lieutenant William McGinn Squad 18
Battalion Chief William McGovern Battalion 2
Firefighter Dennis McHugh Ladder 13
Firefighter Robert McMahon Ladder 20
Firefighter Robert McPadden Engine 23
Firefighter Terence McShane Ladder 101
Firefighter Timothy McSweeney Ladder 3
Firefighter Martin McWilliams Engine 22
Firefighter Raymond Meisenheimer Rescue 3
Firefighter Charles Mendez Ladder 7
Firefighter Steve Mercado Engine 40
Firefighter Douglas Miller Rescue 5
Firefighter Henry Miller Jr. Ladder 105
Firefighter Robert Minara Ladder 25
Firefighter Thomas Mingione Ladder 132
Lieutenant Paul Mitchell Battalion 1
Captain Louis Modafferi Rescue 5
Lieutenant Dennis Mojica Rescue 1
Firefighter Manuel Mojica Squad 18
Firefighter Carl Molinaro Ladder 2
Firefighter Michael Montesi Rescue 1
Captain Thomas Moody Division 1
Battalion Chief John Moran Battalion 49
Firefighter Vincent Morello Ladder 35
Firefighter Christopher Mozzillo Engine 55
Firefighter Richard Muldowney Jr. Ladder 7
Firefighter Michael Mullan Ladder 12
Firefighter Dennis Mulligan Ladder 2
Lieutenant Raymond Murphy Ladder 16
Lieutenant Robert Nagel Engine 58
Firefighter John Napolitano Rescue 2
Firefighter Peter Nelson Rescue 4
Firefighter Gerard Nevins Rescue 1
Firefighter Dennis O'Berg Ladder 105
Lieutenant Daniel O'Callaghan Ladder 4
Firefighter Douglas Oelschlager Ladder 15
Firefighter Joseph Ogren Ladder 3
Lieutenant Thomas O'Hagan Battalion 4
Firefighter Samuel Oitice Ladder 4
Firefighter Patrick O'Keefe Rescue 1
Captain William O'Keefe Division 15
Firefighter Eric Olsen Ladder 15
Firefighter Jeffery Olsen Engine 10
Firefighter Steven Olson Ladder 3
Firefighter Kevin O'Rourke Rescue 2
Firefighter Michael Otten Ladder 35
Firefighter Jeffery Palazzo Rescue 5
Battalion Chief Orio Palmer Battalion 7
Firefighter Frank Palombo Ladder 105
Firefighter Paul Pansini Engine 10
Battalion Chief John Paolillo Battalion 11
Firefighter James Pappageorge Engine 23
Firefighter Robert Parro Engine 8
Firefighter Durrell Pearsall Rescue 4
Lieutenant Glenn Perry Ladder 25
Lieutenant Philip Petti Battalion 7
Lieutenant Kevin Pfeifer Engine 33
Lieutenant Kenneth Phelan Engine 217
Firefighter Christopher Pickford Engine 201
Firefighter Shawn Powell Engine 207
Firefighter Vincent Princiotta Ladder 7
Firefighter Kevin Prior Squad 252
Battalion Chief Richard Prunty Battalion 2
Firefighter Lincoln Quappe Rescue 2
Lieutenant Michael Quilty Ladder 11
Paramedic Ricardo Quinn Battalion 57
Firefighter Leonard Ragaglia Engine 54
Firefighter Michael Ragusa Engine 250
Firefighter Edward Rall Rescue 2
Firefighter Adam Rand Squad 288
Firefighter Donald Regan Rescue 3
Lieutenant Robert Regan Ladder 118
Firefighter Christian Regenhard Ladder 131
Firefighter Kevin Reilly Engine 207
Captain Vernon Richard Ladder 7
Firefighter James Riches Rescue 4
Firefighter Joseph Rivelli Jr. Ladder 25
Firefighter Michael Roberts Engine 214
Firefighter Michael Roberts Ladder 35
Firefighter Anthony Rodriguez Engine 279
Firefighter Matthew Rogan Ladder 11
Firefighter Nicholas Rossomando Rescue 5
Firefighter Paul Ruback Ladder 25
Firefighter Stephen Russell Engine 55
Lieutenant Michael Russo Special Operations
Battalion Chief Matthew Ryan Battalion 1
Firefighter Thomas Sabella Ladder 13
Firefighter Christopher Santora Engine 54
Firefighter John Santore Ladder 5
Firefighter Gregory Saucedo Ladder 5
Firefighter Dennis Scauso Haz-Mat Co. 1
Firefighter John Schardt Engine 201
Battalion Chief Fred Scheffold Battalion 12
Firefighter Thomas Schoales Engine 4
Firefighter Gerard Schrang Rescue 3
Firefighter Gregory Sikorsky Squad 41
Firefighter Stephen Siller Squad 1
Firefighter Stanley Smagala Jr. Engine 226
Firefighter Kevin Smith Haz-Mat Co. 1
Firefighter Leon Smith Jr. Ladder 118
Firefighter Robert Spear Jr. Engine 50
Firefighter Joseph Spor Ladder 38
Battalion Chief Lawrence Stack Battalion 50
Captain Timothy Stackpole Division 11
Firefighter Gregory Stajk Ladder 13
Firefighter Jeffery Stark Engine 230
Firefighter Benjamin Suarez Ladder 21
Firefighter Daniel Suhr Engine 216
Lieutenant Christopher Sullivan Ladder 111
Firefighter Brian Sweeney Rescue 1
Firefighter Sean Tallon Ladder 10
Firefighter Allan Tarasiewicz Rescue 5
Firefighter Paul Tegtmeier Engine 4
Firefighter John Tierney Ladder 9
Firefighter John Tipping II Ladder 4
Firefighter Hector Tirado Jr. Engine 23
Firefighter Richard VanHine Squad 41
Firefighter Peter Vega Ladder 118
Firefighter Lawrence Veling Engine 235
Firefighter John Vigiano II Ladder 132
Firefighter Sergio Villanueva Ladder 132
Firefighter Lawrence Virgilio Squad 18
Lieutenant Robert Wallace Engine 205
Firefighter Jeffery Walz Ladder 9
Lieutenant Michael Warchola Ladder 5
Captain Patrick Waters Special Operations
Firefighter Kenneth Watson Engine 214
Firefighter Michael Weinberg Engine 1
Firefighter David Weiss Rescue 1
Firefighter Timothy Welty Squad 288
Firefighter Eugene Whelan Engine 230
Firefighter Edward White Engine 230
Firefighter Mark Whitford Engine 23
Lieutenant Glenn Wilkinson Engine 238
Battalion Chief John Williamson Battalion 6
Captain David Wooley Ladder 4
Firefighter Raymond York Engine 285


0847- 09/11/2001

BATTALION 1: Battalion 1 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Battalion 1.
BATTALION 1: We just had a - a plane crashed into an upper floor of the World Trade Center. Transmit a second alarm and start relocating companies into the area.
DISPATCHER: Ten-four battalion 1.
BATTALION 1: Battalion 1 is also sending the whole assignment on this box to that area, K.
ENGINE 6: Engine 6 to Manhattan, K.
ENGINE 6: The World Trade Center - tower number one is on fire. The whole outside of the building. There was just a huge explosion.
DISPATCHER: Ten-four. All companies stand by at this time.
UNKNOWN UNIT: Transmit a second alarm on that box immediately.
ENGINE 10: Engine 1-0 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Engine 1-0.
ENGINE 10: Engine 1-0 World Trade Center 10-60. Send every available ambulance, everything you've got to the World Trade Center now.
DISPATCHER: 10-4, 10-60 has been transmitted for the World Trade Center, 10-60 for the World Trade Center.
LADDER 3: Three truck to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Three truck.
LADDER 3: Civilian reports from up here, a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center for your information.
LADDER 3: Three truck's available.
8:48 Hours

BATTALION 1:Battalion 1 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Battalion 1, K.
BATTALION 1: We have a number of floors on fire. It looked like the plane was aiming towards the building. Transmit a third alarm. We'll have the staging area at Vesey and West Street. Have the third alarm assignment go into that area, the second alarm report to the building, K.
DISPATCHER: 10-4. Second alarm assignment report to the World Trade Center, second alarm assignment report to 1 World Trade Center.
ENGINE 10: Engine 1-0 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Engine 1-0 K.
ENGINE 10: It appears an airplane crashed into the World Trade Center.
DISPATCHER: 10-4. Third alarm's been transmitted box 8087, third alarm transmitted box 8087 for 1 World Trade Center.
SQUAD 18: Squad 1-8 to Manhattan, K.
DISPATCHER: Squad 1-8 K.
SQUAD 18: ...If the first battalion transmitted that it looked like it was intentional, inform all units going into the box it could be a terror attack.
DISPATCHER: ...10-4 all units be advised. . .
LADDER 10: Truck ten to Manhattan.
LADDER 10: Truck ten to Manhattan, just so you know this is confirmed. This is confirmed.
DISPATCHER: This is confirmed. 10-4 K.
ENGINE 10: Engine 1-0 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Engine 1-0, go.
ENGINE 10: Roll every available ambulance you've got to this position.
This section (0851 hours) was in the NYT transcript, but there was no audio to match with it. A member working that day recalled hearing these transmissions soon after leaving their quarters. Their ticket is time stamped 0851 hours so this would be about here in the transcript.

Approx. 0851 Hours

CAR 40 CHARLIE: 40 Charlie to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: 40 Charlie go.
CAR 40 CHARLIE: 40 Charlie is responding. Be advised you've got all boats available for transport through the river... Rescue...
CAR 4-DAVID: Four David to Manhattan.
CAR 4-DAVID: How many rescues we got here?
MARINE 1: Marine 1 to Manhattan with an urgent message, K.
DISPATCHER: At this time you have the rescues K.
CAR 4-DAVID: Okay, I want all but one of them here.
MARINE 1: Marine 1 to Manhattan with an urgent message, K.
DISPATCHER: Unit with an urgent message, K.
MARINE 1: This is marine 1. We're in the river. You've got fire out of the north side and now coming out of the west side of the World Trade Center, the west side.
DISPATCHER: All right, fire from the north side and the west side of the World Trade Center.
MARINE 1: That's affirmative. Fire has penetrated the skin.
MARINE 6: Marine 6 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: All right box 8087 report of smoke 83rd floor, 103 floor, 104 floor. Also received reports of people trapped on floor number 106 K.
0856 Hours

DISPATCHER: Manhattan calling division 1, K.
DIVISION 1:Division 1 to Manhattan, go ahead.
DISPATCHER: Division 1, receiving reports floor one-zero-six, numerous people trapped floor number one-zero-six.
DIVISION 1: 10-4. We have units on the way up now. We're reporting fire on the 78th floor, that's unconfirmed at the time. We're going to need the PD for security of the entire World Trade Center. We have jumpers coming from the World Trade Center right now from the upper floors.
0858 Hours

BATTALION 2: Battalion 2 Manhattan K.
DISPATCHER: Battalion 2, go.
BATTALION 2: Be advised we have jumpers K, jumpers.
DISPATCHER: All right, division 1 be advised, battalion 2 advised we have jumpers from the World Trade Center, K.
DIVISION 1: Division 1 to Manhattan.
MARINE 1: Marine 1 to Manhattan K.
DISPATCHER: Division 1 go with your message, K.
DIVISION 1: Those jumpers, did they already jump?
DISPATCHER: Battalion 2, have those jumpers jumped, K.?
BATTALION 2: 10-4 Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Battalion 2, do you have jumpers down, K.?
BATTALION 2: Battalion 2, 10-4 Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Division 1, battalion 2 is advising jumpers down, K.
MARINE 6: 6 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Marine 6, K.
MARINE 6: We're 10-8 your frequency underway. You also have fire out of the east side of the building.
DISPATCHER: 10-4 Marine 6.
CAR 4-DAVID: Car 4-David to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Car 4-David.
CAR 4-DAVID: Car 4-David 10-84 at the World Trade Center.
DISPATCHER: Car 4 David repeat, K.
CAR 4-DAVID: 10-84.
DISPATCHER: 10-04. Car 4-David, we're getting reports from the hundred and fourth floor back room 25 to 30 people trapped. I also have the hundred and third floor, northwest room 1-0-3 with people trapped also. I have the eighty third floor with people trapped as well, car 4 David receive?
CAR 4-DAVID: Car 4 David 10-4.
DISPATCHER: All right, 10-04. Time is 0901 four sixty one.

MARINE 6: Marine 6 to Manhattan urgent.
DISPATCHER: Hazmat 1 standby. Marine 6 go.
MARINE 6: Be advised. You have a second plane into the other tower of the Trade Center, major fire.
DISPATCHER: Car 4 David, Marine 6 advising a second plane into the World Trade Center, K.
MARINE 6: Marine 6, that's the other tower.
DISPATCHER: That's the second tower at the World Trade center, K.
BROOKLYN CO: Brooklyn to Citywide.
UNKNOWN UNIT: . . . to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: All units stand by unless urgent. Manhattan calling Car 4 David, K. Manhattan calling Car 4 David.
CAR 4-DAVID: Car 4-David to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Be advised, report of a second plane that crashed into the second tower. Be advised on the 83rd floor, room 8311, we have people trapped, room 8311, 83rd floor. Car 4 David acknowledge.
CAR 4_DAVID: Car 4 David 10-4.
0958 Hours

MARINE 3: Marine 3 to Manhattan, urgent.
DISPATCHER: Go ahead, K.
MARINE 3: One of the buildings is partially collapsed and the whole entire area is (dead?)
DISPATCHER: Unit transmitting the urgent, identify.
MARINE 3: Marine 3, a major collapse in one of the towers.
DISPATCHER: Which tower, K?
UNKNOWN UNIT: Tower 2, tower 2.
MARINE 3: The south tower, major collapse.
0959 Hours

DISPATCHER: Manhattan to Field Comm., K. Manhattan to Field Comm.
MARINE 6: Marine 6 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Standby. Manhattan to Field Comm. (tone alert) Manhattan to Field Comm.
MARINE 6: Marine 6 to Manhattan, urgent.
MARINE 6: Tower 2 has had a major explosion and what appears to be a complete collapse surrounding the entire area.
DISPATCHER: Marine 6 10-4, we were notified.
1000 Hours

DISPATCHER: Manhattan to Field Comm.
CIVILIAN: I'm a civilian. I'm trapped inside of one of your fire trucks underneath the collapse that just happened.
UNKNOWN UNIT: Standby. There's people close to you.
CIVILIAN: I can't breathe much longer. Save me! I'm in the cab of your truck.
DISPATCHER: Person transmitting a mayday. Where are you, K.
CIVILIAN: I just told you. It's north of the world trade center; there's the north pedestrian bridge. I think it collapsed when the partial building just collapsed. I was on the street. I don't have much air Please, help me!
RESCUE 2: Rescue 2 chauffeur, I copy that. I'm going to look for her.
DISPATCHER: Manhattan to Field Comm urgent K.
CIVILIAN: I can barely breath. Please send somebody.
DISPATCHER: Okay, the person calling for help. Listen to me. You need to calm down and relax. Standby, we do have somebody on the way. You're to maintain air. Get off the air. We do have somebody on the way over to you. You're to remain calm, 10-4?
CIVILIAN: 10-4. I'm in the cab of the truck.
DISPATCHER: 10-4. We do have people on the way over there. Manhattan to Field Comm urgent.
1028 Hours

ENGINE 33: Three-three to Manhattan urgent.
DISPATCHER: Three-three.
ENGINE 33: The other tower just collapsed! Major collapse! Major collapse!
DISPATCHER: That's a 10. . . 10-4 on your urgent.
MARINE 3: Marine 3 to Manhattan, K.
UNKNOWN UNIT: ... To Manhattan K.
ENGINE 289: Urgent, 2-8-9 to Manhattan urgent. The world trade center collapsed. Building two has collapsed K.
UNKNOWN UNIT: Urgent! Urgent!
DISPATCHER: Unit calling urgent, K.
UNKNOWN UNIT: ..body get out. We had a collapse of the second tower. Everybody's running from there this is a... Here it comes, get in!
DISPATCHER: 10-4. Attention all units. We're receiving reports that number 1 and number 2 World Trade Center collapsed. All units at the scene receiving reports number 1 and number 2 World Trade Center, both towers collapsed.
ENGINE 236: Engine 2-3-6 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Manhattan responding.
ENGINE 236: Yeah, we're jammed down in the street over here. We can't even move the car. I'm leaving the chauffeur with the rig. I'm heading over that way.

We would like to thank  Triple Fresh Inc for being a sponsor for our upcoming Modena 3.7 Express (we love the new logo!)...

We would like to thank Triple Fresh Inc for being a sponsor for our upcoming Modena 3.7 Express (we love the new logo!)
Registration is open ! Email us your registration for the run/walk or car show entry and pay at the event!
Gontomour website or email [email protected] for more info!

Working House Fire in Coatesville CityOn September 3rd, at 18:42, Modena Fire Company was dispatched to assist with a ho...

Working House Fire in Coatesville City

On September 3rd, at 18:42, Modena Fire Company was dispatched to assist with a house fire in the 900 block of Merchant Street. Ladder 41-1 was first to arrive on the scene, reporting visible smoke and potential entrapment of residents inside the home. Engine Company 37 responded with a four-person crew to assist in the operation.

Battalion 37, led by Reason, promptly arrived at the scene and assisted with stretching the line into the first floor to mount an aggressive fire attack focused on the kitchen. Deputy 37, Corle, followed closely and participated in conducting a search of the premises, which ultimately turned out to be negative, confirming that no individuals were trapped inside.

Engine Company 37's crew then proceeded to the second floor to inspect for any fire extension and ensure the blaze was fully contained. After 40 minutes of intense and coordinated firefighting, Modena’s crew was cleared from the scene.

Photos courtesy of IrishEyez

Units: Engine 37-2, Deputy, Battalion

Modena Fire Police are assisting the Longwood Fire Company with closing Route 52 at Route 926. The roadway will be close...

Modena Fire Police are assisting the Longwood Fire Company with closing Route 52 at Route 926.

The roadway will be closed for an unknown amount of time.

**Please seek an alternate route**

***URGENT***Emergency Notification from Chester County 911This is a message from the Chester County Department of Emerge...

***URGENT***Emergency Notification from Chester County 911

This is a message from the Chester County Department of Emergency Services on behalf of the Pennsylvania State Police Avondale. There is currently an escaped prisoner from the Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township. The subject, Danelo Cavalcante, is a 34 year old, 5 foot, 120 pound, Hispanic male. The subject was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, grey shorts with white sneakers. If you see him, do not approach and call 9-1-1 immediately. He is convicted of homicide and presumed extremely dangerous.

Get your entry in for the upcoming Modena 3.7 Express - Run/Walk Car show on Saturday September 30, 2023.The race route ...

Get your entry in for the upcoming Modena 3.7 Express - Run/Walk Car show on Saturday September 30, 2023.
The race route is 3.7 miles through South Coatesville and Modena. Visit our website or email [email protected] for information -

zoomable course map. The informative course icons will help identify where miles, and other important locations are along the race course.

We would like to thank Belfor for being an Event sponsor for the upcoming Modena 3.7 Express on Saturday September 30 ! ...

We would like to thank Belfor for being an Event sponsor for the upcoming Modena 3.7 Express on Saturday September 30 ! This event featuring a 3.7 mile run/walk and car show will have something for everyone. We appreciate Belfor for their ongoing support.
Sign up today to participate! Information can be found on our website or by emailing [email protected]


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A photo speaks a thousand words. This one says “commitment, courage, perseverance, fortitude” and a whole lot more about our firefighters and emergency first responders here in Chester County.

Thank you Modena Fire Company Station 37 and all the brave men, women, and individuals who serve our communities here and across the Commonwealth.

We are fortunate to be home to some of the most well trained, most caring, and toughest firefighters and emergency first responders around. And many of our local companies & departments need volunteers. If you’re interested in joining, we’ll be posting some follow up resources and contacts.
At 12:26pm on Saturday, January 22nd, Avondale Fire Company was dispatched to assist Longwood Fire Company on a working house fire in the 900 block of Sills Mill Road in Kennett Township. Since we were staffed with an in-station duty crew, Engine 23-2 and Tanker 23 responded immediately upon dispatch.

Engine 23-2 arrived and finished the reverse lay from the scene to the Bayard Estates development. Crews laid over 3,000 feet of supply line to assist with water supply. Engine 23-2 reported back to the scene and provided manpower. Tanker 23 initially assisted with water supply until a permanent water supply was established. Tanker 23 was released and relocated to Kennett Fire Company No. 1.

While Engine 23-2 and Tanker 23 were responding to the Sills Mill Road incident, Engine 23-1 was alerted at 12:30pm to assist West Grove Fire Company on a working garage/house fire in New London Township. The crew of Engine 23-1 assisted with overhaul on the scene of this fire before being released. Traffic 23 assisted with traffic control.

At 2:00pm, Traffic 23 was dispatched to the intersection of Doe Run Road and Unicorn Lane in East Marlborough Township to assist the PA State Police with traffic control at a property damage accident.

At 7:00pm, Rescue 23 and Traffic 23 were alerted for traffic control for an accident at Gap-Newport Pike and Limestone Road in New Garden Township. Units cleared the scene at 9:00pm.

Photos from the original photographers.

AFC would like to thank the relocates from Modena Fire Company Station 37 (Engine 37-2), Keystone Valley Fire Department (Ladder 8), and West Bradford Fire Co. (Tanker 39) during these incidents.
This past weekend, Paraco donated 10 wreaths to Wreaths Across America - Official Page, an annual event in December dedicated to remembering the sacrifices made by Veterans.

Every year, wreaths are placed on the gravestones of Veterans to honor them for their service.

Among the community volunteers placing the wreaths this year were Modena Fire Company Station 37 and Paraco General Manager Jeff P., a volunteer fireman himself.

Marine Colonel Stuart C. Smith spoke followed by a 21 Gun Salute, and it was a beautiful day of remembrance.

To get involved with next year's ceremony, visit
Come support Greater Coatesville Girl Scout Troop 4291 this Sunday at our baked goods table! Warm up with some hot cocoa and coffee. Tummy is grumbling? We will have hot dogs, chips and pretzels. Yummy sweet goodness for everyone to enjoy. Have a girl who wishes to join? Come say hi and we can answer all your questions. Can't wait to see you!

The company was dispatched for a garage fire just before 6pm in the 1200 block of Romansville Road. The incident was changed to a woods fires with an out building involved. Crews were assisted by Thorndale Fire Company and Clubroom and Modena Fire Company Station 37
Congratulations to Modena Fire Company Station 37 and South Coatesville Police for 2nd place in your respective categories!
We hope you and your family will join us this Sunday! Santa will be arriving just after 330pm with a ride from Modena Fire Company Station 37 . Enjoy some cookies and hot chocolate and mingle with friends and neighbors. Bring your camera and get pictures with Santa. We will also have a mailbox for kids to mail letters to Santa so he can read them when he gets back to the North Pole.
Thank you to all of our firefighters, EMS, and police on this National First Responders Day! The bravery and dedication of our first responders, many of them volunteers, cannot be overstated. Their hard work helps to keep us all safe during our times of need. Thank you!

Pennsylvania State Police West Chester University Police Department West Chester Borough Police Department West Goshen Police Dept Marlborough Police Southern Chester County Regional Police Department Avondale Fire Company West Grove Fire Company Longwood Fire Company Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company West Bradford Fire Co. First West Chester Fire Co., Engine Co. 51 Fame Fire Co. No. 3 Goshen Fire Company Modena Fire Company Station 37 Thorndale Volunteer Fire Department Medic 94 - Southern Chester County EMS Good Fellowship Ambulance & EMS Training Institute
Show your support for our local first responders and service members by being a spectator, race participant, or race day volunteer.

Tunnel to Towers Chester County 5k Run / Walk
October 16th, Hibernia County Park
Event Schedule:
07:30 Registration
08:30 Opening ceremony
09:00 Race
10:00 Award ceremony
11:00 Event end

Sign up:
Congratulations to Becca and Bryan on there wedding day! Thanks to Modena Fire Company Station 37 and Rocky Run Fire Company for covering the local while our members attend.
Modena Fire Company Station 37 had a busy day! Great job as always!
Just before 6 AM on Monday, August 2, 2021, firefighters were alerted to a report of smoke coming from a building in the 700 blk of East Lincoln Highway. As Ladder Company 41 was arriving a civilian was quite actively waving us in from the middle of East Lincoln Highway which provided a good indication and that we likely had work ahead of us. Moments later, Ladder 41 arrived within 3 minutes of dispatch, confirming smoke emitting from the roof line of the one story strip mall type building, approximately 25' x 200' in size.

As firefighters gained entry and identified which unit was on fire, Engine 43 arrived and crews made quick work with just one hose line. Fire damage was held to a portion of one unit. No injuries were reported.

We would like to thank our mutual aid partners for their assistance Modena Fire Company Station 37, Thorndale Fire Company and Clubroom, Coatesville VAFD IAFF Local F257, Wagontown Fire Company, Keystone Valley Fire Department, Minquas Fire Company No. 2, City of Coatesville Police Department and of course our staff at 41 EMS.

A shout out to our partners in County Dispatch who always get forgotten about, THANK YOU! Chester County Department of Emergency Services.

Pics compliments of Chesco fire rescue photography

Coatesville Bureau of Fire