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SRJ Program is looking for C-10 contractors.

SRJ Program is looking for C-10 contractors.

Projects Going Up in Oakland, Don't Get Left Out!

Projects Going Up in Oakland, Don't Get Left Out!

Contractors say no to City of Oakland racism in contracts. You are invited.

Contractors say no to City of Oakland racism in contracts. You are invited.

City of Oakland Vaccine Ordinance City Ordinance Requiring Proof of VaccinationAt a special meeting on December 21, Oakl...

City of Oakland Vaccine Ordinance

City Ordinance Requiring Proof of Vaccination
At a special meeting on December 21, Oakland City Council unanimously adopted an Emergency Ordinance requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for patrons 12 and over that takes effect February 1, 2022, at the following indoor public locations:

Establishments or events where food or drink is served including restaurants, bars, coffee houses, clubs, and banquet halls
Entertainment venues, theaters, concert venues, museums, and recreation facilities
Gyms, fitness centers and yoga studios
Senior adult care facilities and City Senior Center programs
City Hall
Large indoor events at City- and privately-owned facilities

Vaccination proof can be an original, copy or picture of your vaccination card from the CDC, a healthcare provider, or a government agency, or a digital COVID-19 vaccine record issued by the State of California. If the patron is over 18, the proof of vaccination proof should be cross-checked with a valid Photo ID.

Important Date:
By January 15, affected businesses are required to post notification posters advising patrons of this new ordinance. These are available online here.

Impacted businesses also need to develop and keep a written record describing their protocol for implementing and enforcing the Proof of Vaccination requirements. This record needs to be retained for one year and made available upon request to the Alameda County Public Health Department or City staff.

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other details on the Ordinance can be found at

The official website of the City of Oakland. Find out about meetings, request City services through OAK 311, or contact the Mayor and City Council.


We stand up for the rights of the small African American and brown businesses. Too long we have been marginalized by the very systems put in place to provide equity.


The State of the Small African American Oakland Contractor

Millions of dollars come through Oakland every day in construction and professional services contracts. We have City of Oakland, Oakland Unified School District, SF Bart, Port of Oakland, AC Transit, Alameda County, all headquartered in Oakland. Thousands of employees, many tasked with making sure these contractors get work.

Yet, they are NOT getting any work. Many certified for years with all of these agencies and they daily watch others from outside of Oakland, outside of California come into their city and take the money through contracts.

What is wrong with this picture?

Get rental assistance for landlords and renters.

Get rental assistance for landlords and renters.

Fremont, San Francisco, Hayward & Oakland Residents apply now for rental assistance if you've been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic


The grind is real and not for the faint at heart!


Scoping out the field. Meeting COVID style.


How can the City of Oakland - Local Government increase the minimum wage when COVID has almost put small businesses out of business? Mayor Libby Schaaf,

Minimum Wage Rates Increase January 1, Noticing Deadline is mid-December
On January 1, 2021, Oakland’s minimum wage rises to $14.36. This annual increase keeps the minimum wage aligned with the regional Consumer Price Index. Employers should print posters, available here in multiple languages, for posting at workplaces by December 15.


Tuesday Tidbit

One step at a time.


Do not hire your replacement!

1. Do not teach your client's employees, everything you know. If you do, they will have no need to keep you as a consultant.

2. Do not hire the boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/Etc. of your client's employee. Not only may you lose a client, you may lose a good employee if he/she follows the money trail.


Tip of the week:

Small contractors, can avoid certain penalties by reading the policies and regulations that apply to their particular contract.

1. Don't depend solely on the Prime, read for yourself!!!
2. Seek guidance when you don't understand what you read.
3. Where your Master Agreement and the policy differs, get which supersedes - in writing!


Grant Opportunity For State Fund Policy Holders

Essential Business Support Fund and Returning California to Work COVID-19 Safety Protocol Fund is offering grants of up to $10,000 to State Fund policyholders to help defray the cost of safety expenses related to COVID-19 such as the purchase of googles, masks, gloves, cleaning supplies and services, and worksite modifications. Costs must be primarily related to employee safety. See their FAQ’s for more information. Grants are available until September 30


Note: Please ensure this message from the State of California is delivered to the owner, operator or manager who is responsible for workplace safety and health.

As the State of California continues to make necessary adjustments to protect workers and the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health, known as Cal/OSHA, and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) want to ensure all employers and workers can safely work to protect against potential exposure to COVID-19 and prevent the spread of this infectious disease. CDPH data from local health jurisdictions continues to show that transmission within workplace settings is significant statewide. The Labor Commissioner’s Office, in partnership with Cal/OSHA and CDPH, also wants to ensure workplaces are setting exemplary standards by paying wages according to the law including allowing the use of paid sick leave in order to promote the safety and well-being of California’s workforce.

A safe workplace is absolutely critical not only to workers and employers but to avoid having to go back to more expansive stay-at-home orders. It is critical we modify our workplace environments and individual actions to avoid another shutdown.

During these unprecedented and challenging times, we all need to work together. Cal/OSHA, the agency with jurisdiction over workplace safety and health, has teamed up with other state agencies including CDPH to develop guidance for employers to follow. Most recently, CDPH posted updated guidance related to the requirement for cloth face coverings and Cal/OSHA is revising its guidance to reflect this important update. This requirement is necessary to protect workers and the public against the spread of COVID-19. Employers must immediately incorporate CDPH’s Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings into their COVID-19 Workplace Specific Plan and effectively implement the plan.

No workers should be forced to risk their lives to make a living, and no worker should have to face the additional burden of lack of compensation or denied basic protections such as paid sick leave. These are all essential elements of reopening safely and building integrity into our economy. The State of California is committed to protecting worker health and safety, assisting employers with accomplishing this, and enforcing the law.

The State of California and local governments have a broad range of legal authorities available under state statute to enforce requirements associated with this pandemic. Violation of an order issued under the Emergency Services Act, including orders to follow directives issued by the State Public Health Officer, is a misdemeanor (Gov. Code, § 8665). Such State Public Health Officer directives include the industry re-opening guidance published jointly by CDPH and Cal/OSHA, which provides legally enforceable standards and practices for ensuring a healthy workplace. In addition to the orders requiring compliance with State Public Health Officer directives, violating certain health officer orders is also independently unlawful, and can be enforced by local peace officers (Health & Safety Code, §§ 120155, 120295).

Cal/OSHA and the Labor Commissioner’s Office also have several enforcement tools. For instance, failing to incorporate and implement the CDPH face coverings guidance into your company’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program may result in regulatory enforcement, possible criminal prosecution, and fines (Labor Code §§ 6306(b), 6401, 6401.7 and 6403; California Code of Regulations, title 8 §§ 3203 and 5141; Governor’s Executive Order N-33-20; Health and Safety Code §§ 120125, 120140, 131080, 120130(c), 120135, 120145, 120175 and 120150; and Government Code §§ 8567 and 8627). Additionally, retaliating against workers because they have reported violations of the CDPH face covering guidance or because they have refused to engage in activity that would violate the guidance may result in significant monetary liability, such as for civil penalties and back wages. (Labor Code § 1102.5.)

Thank you for your interest in protecting the workers in our state from injury and illness.

We encourage you to visit our webpage often, as we continue to add and update guidance and resources regularly. Links to Cal/OSHA’s guidance materials are provided below, as well as important information on requirements for payment of wages and paid sick leave:

Cal/OSHA Guidance and Resources Infection Prevention in Construction Guidance and Resources Produced with the Governor's Office and CDPH Construction Statewide Industry Guidance Construction Checklist Office Workspaces Statewide Industry Guidance Office Workspaces Checklist Guidance and Resources on Laws Enforced by the Labor Commissioner’s Office Laws Enforced by the Labor Commissioner’s Office Side by Side Comparison of COVID-19 Paid Leave Update on Essential and Non-essential Workers Guidance on Conditional Suspension of California WARN Act Notice Requirements


Capability Statements - how important are they? Just received a request to participate on a project and the first thing they asked for? Yes, my Capability Statement! Get yours done today and if you need someone to do it for you, our rates are very competitive. 😀


Simple but profound nuggets I received from Pacific Community Ventures

1. Seek others' input and advice before asking for support
2. Connect with people personally to enlist their collaboration
3. Create a clear one-pager supporting your ideas (and format it for your organization)


Visualize where you want to be then map the plan to get there. I've heard this said in so many different ways and it is really true. We are on our way.

Support for marginalized businesses.

Support for marginalized businesses.

Your Contribution Has Power!
Support reopening Oakland's Black Businesses.


I want to take time to thank all of you that have liked Tonma LLC's Page. I am excited to see where this business is going. If you, or one of your friends, etc. needs a small business to do contracts and compliance, diversity management, program management and other work that we do, we would appreciate a referral.

Continue to be safe and remember to practice social distancing. Bendu Tonma Griffin Washington


Some do's for a small business:

1. Make sure you have a written contract for ALL work (even if the contract is an agreement via email).
2. Get a change order or amend your contract when new work is introduced, prior to doing the new work (make sure the client signs or agrees via email for the change - no word of mouth agreement).
3. Keep detailed notes for work done and time it takes (this will help you figure out if you are billing at the right amount).
4. Invoice timely.
5. Be diligent in your work - word of mouth and references can make or break your small business.

Have a fabulous day and continue to be safe.


Every great journey begins with a step. Not sure who penned this but my journey to owning and growing my own business is doing just that. Looking forward to growing and employing others to help them on their road to financial freedom! Bendu Tonma Griffin Washington


Just scheduled my free small business advising session. If you need help growing your small to medium business, sign up today. Click link below, then Small Business, Advising

Thanks Sonja C Stewart for the referral! your business today, to do business with Peralta for the upcoming Capit...

Register your business today, to do business with Peralta for the upcoming Capital Program projects funded by voter approved Measure G $800M bond.

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Still need to complete your PPP Application, MBE Capital Partners is taking applications. Simple and easy process including instruction on how to calculate your PPP Request Amount. English and Spanish translations.

Paycheck Protection Loans Apply Now for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan for Coronavirus ReliefThe US Government has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act ("CARES Act"), which includes a new SBA 7(a) Loan Program designed to help franch...

When shelter in place was not in effect!

When shelter in place was not in effect!


Finally, a business page. I am so excited to see where this is going to lead! Let us get to work and let us get the work done!


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