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KTOP-TV10 strives to provide high-quality programming that encourages people in Oakland to get involved in the community, promotes civic pride, and showcases the cultural diversity that makes our city a unique and exciting place to live and work. Learn more about KTOP-TV10's Award-Winning programming, find out about their studio rental program, or to contact them. KTOP Studios is a full service production facility offering a complete range of production and post-production services. KTOP Studios features a "whisper quiet" 2,400 square foot sound stage with complete lighting, grip and electrical packages. We specialize in multi-camera studio and flypack location packages. In addition, our award winning staff is available to make your next shoot a success. For more information, visit the KTOP-TV10 Studios page.

Home Alone… Together with Joanne

In this episode of Home Alone... Together, we talk with cellist, Joanne de Mars about Bach's cello suites and the project Joanne has created during the shelter in place order called "The Suite Weeks of Quarantine".


In this episode of Home Alone... Together, we talk with cellist, Joanne de Mars about Bach's cello suites and the project Joanne has created during the shelter in place order called "The Suite Weeks of Quarantine".

Home Alone… Together with Ariel

In this episode of Home Alone... Together, we talk with Ariel Dovas about the creation of the new holiday, St. Pancake's Day and helping his young daughter find things to look forward to during the shelter in place order.


News from: City of Oakland
May 14, 2020
City of Oakland Expands Plans to Encourage
Physical Distancing at City Parks
Vending in City parks and parking adjacent to Lake Merritt
will be suspended through May 31
Oakland, CA –To encourage physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic
and in alignment with the Alameda County Public Health Order in effect through
the end of May, the City of Oakland is implementing the following measures at
City parks, starting on Friday, May 15 through Sunday, May 31:
 To reduce the concentration of people at City parks, no vending—
including food trucks—will be allowed in or adjacent to City parks.
 Parking lots at all City parks will remain closed.
 No parking adjacent to Lake Merritt will be permitted on Fridays,
Saturdays, and Sundays, and the Memorial Day holiday.
We still encourage walkers, joggers, and cyclists to get outdoors for fresh air and
exercise, which is important to our health, but in keeping with the County order to
stop the spread of COVID-19, we are discouraging gatherings and crowds in our
parks. Check out Oakland Slow Streets for good options in neighborhoods
throughout the city for exercise.
On Fridays and weekends, teams of City Park Ambassadors will continue to rove
City parks and circle Lake Merritt wearing bright-colored shirts to remind park
users about park rules and physical distancing, and provide face coverings and
information about free COVID-19 testing.
“Parks and outdoor spaces provide much-needed respite for Oaklanders yearround, especially while we are sheltering in place to stop the spread of COVID19,” said Mayor Libby Schaaf. “But our parks have become overcrowded on
weekends, and for our collective health, we need to give the Lake—and our City
parks — a break! We hope that the presence of our new Park Ambassadors will
help to remind, educate, and engage the Oakland community around the Alameda
County’s Shelter-in-Place Order. We appreciate Oakland’s continued adherence to
the Order. Together we can stay healthy and beat COVID-19.”
“We are thankful our residents and businesses have complied with the shelter in
place order and helped us to flatten the curve,” said Dr. Erica Pan, Health Officer
for Alameda County. “Social distancing hasn’t been easy, but it has slowed the
increase of new cases, prevented our health systems from becoming overwhelmed,
and saved lives.”
The City is placing electronic signs around Lake Merritt displaying health and
safety rules. Also, staff will place signage and tape-off the playground on
Saturday morning to help support social distancing requirements.
To reduce the concentration of people at City parks, no vending—including food
trucks—will be allowed in or adjacent to City parks starting Friday, May 15.
Municipal Code Enforcement Officers with the City Administrator's Office will
conduct outreach to vendors and their customers with information on both how to
vend legally and how to comply with Alameda County’s physical distancing
requirements. Staff will also be distributing masks to vendors and their customers
as supplies allow.
Police Department:
The Oakland Police Department (OPD) will monitor the flow of traffic around the
Lake Merritt area when personnel are available, and when able, officers will walk
the area to educate people about the Alameda County’s Health Order and hand out
face coverings.

Home Alone… Together with Opie

In this episode of Home Alone... Together, we talk with Opie about her thoughts on what our future holds and the importance of public services now and when we are no longer Sheltering in Place.

Oakland City Council today at 1:30pm Join the zoom call!

Oakland City Council today at 1:30pm Join the zoom call!

News from: City of OaklandFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMay 7, 2020 City of Oakland Announces Next Locations for Slow Streets Ins...
Oakland Slow Streets

News from: City of Oakland


May 7, 2020

City of Oakland Announces Next Locations for Slow Streets Installations, Continues to Address Oaklanders’ COVID-19 Transportation Needs

An additional 5 miles of Slow Streets soft closures coming to Oakland streets Friday; City launches new interactive map to invite Oaklanders to shape the future of the program

Oakland, CA – The City of Oakland announced today an additional five miles of streets to receive soft closures under the Oakland Slow Streets program. On Friday, May 8 these streets will receive barriers, cones and signage indicating they are closed to through traffic to support additional room for physical distancing under the Alameda Counter shelter-in-place order, resulting in 20 miles of soft closures across the city in just five weeks. Upcoming streets include:

· E 23rd St / 26th Ave / 25th Ave / E 29th St / Sheffield Ave (Fruitvale Ave to MacArthur Blvd)

· Shafter Ave / 48th St / Webster St (Forest St to W MacArthur Blvd)

· Tiffin Rd / Potomac St / Laguna Ave / Carmel St / Coolidge Ave / Morgan Ave / Maple Ave / Wisconsin St / Patterson Ave / Bayo St / Steele St (Lyman Rd to Buell St)

A map of all Oakland Slow Streets installations is available on the program webpage, www.oaklandca.gov/projects/oakland-slow-streets.

The City launched this program on April 10 to support physically distant essential travel on foot, wheelchair, and bicycle. With 20 miles of soft closures on 18 routes throughout the City, we’re continuing to invite the public to inform the future of this program and additional transportation programs and have launched a new easy-to-use interactive method:

· An interactive map to participate in suggesting new streets and inviting the public to share preferences regarding existing and proposed routes: http://arcg.is/184a99

· Survey on Slow Streets Program: https://tinyurl.com/oaklandslowstreets (or contact OAK311 via phone)

· Dashboard of Survey Responses: https://tinyurl.com/oaklandslowstreetssurveyresult

As noted previously, while the program overall continues to receive overwhelming support among survey respondents, those responding to surveys are more likely to be White, have high incomes and live in North Oakland. Data from Alameda County Public Health Department’s COVID-19 dashboard indicates that East Oaklanders and people of color are more likely to suffer harm from this pandemic.

City staff have been hearing concerns focused on traffic safety and speeding, particularly in East Oakland, and are working on developing new strategies that address these pressing concerns to meet the transportation needs of our most vulnerable residents. The City is committed to iterating COVID-19-related transportation solutions quickly and nimbly to ensure we’re supporting residents during these challenging times -- the City will be providing additional updates regarding next steps.

Oakland Slow Streets is intended to promote physical distancing of at least 6 feet by creating new low-traffic, low speed streets to allow residents to safely pass one another. Social gatherings on these streets are prohibited. The Alameda County Public Health Department recommends that residents wear face masks while in public. All users over 12 years old should wear or carry face masks and use them when within 6 feet of others, even when walking, jogging and bicycling. The City of Oakland will continue to monitor CDC guidance on outdoor recreation, transportation, and physical distancing, and will adjust this program as needed.

To provide general feedback about how this program can best serve your neighborhood, please contact OAK311 by dialing 311 or 510-615-5566, e-mailing [email protected], going online to 311.oaklandca.gov, or using the free OAK311 mobile app for Apple and Android devices. You can also post on social media using the #OaklandSlowStreets hashtag.

For additional program information and the interactive location map, please visit: https://www.oaklandca.gov/projects/oakland-slow-streets

The official website of the City of Oakland. Find out about meetings, request City services through OAK 311, or contact the Mayor and City Council.

News from: City of OaklandFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMay 8, 2020 Local Health Order Remains in EffectCity updates service impa...
Oakland Public Library

News from: City of Oakland


May 8, 2020

Local Health Order Remains in Effect

City updates service impacts to reflect last week’s Order

Oakland, CA – While the Governor shared his plans for changes to the statewide order yesterday, Oakland and all of Alameda County remain under the local order that went in to effect on May 4. The order was jointly released by the Alameda County Health Office and six other Bay Area health jurisdictions. These local jurisdictions continue to work on responsive reopening plans that maintain progress in the fight against coronavirus.

The Bay Area orders do not currently permit curbside pickup from non-essential, non-outdoor businesses, and that is not allowed to begin on Friday, May 8. As noted, if a county order differs from a state order, the more restrictive order takes precedence.

In a joint release, officials stated, “The Bay Area Health Officers commend the residents and businesses who have made tremendous sacrifices to flatten the curve and protect community health in our region. We need to continue to work together so those sacrifices don’t go to waste. It is critical to maintain our gains.”

The Bay Area Health Officers will continue to study the five key indicators that tell how the coronavirus is affecting local communities and amend the health orders as warranted in the best interest of community health.

The following City services have been adjusted to reflect the Alameda County order that went into effect on May 4:

Planning & Building
The Order does not grant the City authority to interpret project compliance on the County’s behalf; therefore, it is the project representative’s responsibility to confirm eligibility through the Alameda County Health Department.

The City of Oakland is resuming inspection services for all project types identified in the County Order.
Each project site must comply with the protocols for operations in Appendices A, B-1 and B-2 of the County Order.
Project representatives must confirm their awareness of and adherence to the site and work conditions mandated in these appendices as a prerequisite for any inspection request. Anyone who cannot confirm awareness and adherence will have their inspection postponed until they can.
The City continues to process applications across all categories of projects for permit approval in accordance with City Regulations.
The Planning Commission will reconvene in May. Once a date has been established, the Planning Bureau will resume making administrative zoning determinations on projects and schedule entitlement cases to be heard before that body.
Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development
Remember to use all facilities in line with physical distancing protocol set by the County Order:

• DeFremery Skate Park “Town Park” and Montclair Park Skate Ramp are open for use within physical distancing guidelines.

• Free virtual programing including Youth Fitness, Adult Fitness, Student Coding Class, and more continue. Follow us on social media for more information, Facebook: @oakparkrec or Instagram: oakparksrec

Public Gatherings
Public and private gatherings of any size remain prohibited:

• Playgrounds, picnic areas, gyms, dog parks, and other shared spaces that do not permit physical distancing or have high-touch equipment must remain closed. Crowds gathering at Lake Merritt are not permitted under the Order. Please #GiveTheLakeABreak

• Bars and restaurants continue to be restricted to take-out service only, even if they have outdoor seating.

• Funerals are limited to 10 people.

• Businesses should review both the State and County orders to determine compliance and make business decisions.

Temporary suspension of enforcement of certain parking regulations announced in mid-March remain in effect to support the County shelter in place order.

The City continues NOT TO enforce:

Parking meters and time-limited parking not enforced
Residential permit parking and street sweeping parking regulations not enforced
City garages are open, but may be limited to monthly parkers at times
Towing will be suspended unless vehicles are blocking access, causing an immediate hazard, or are deemed a public safety concern
Street sweeping parking not enforced (NOTE: Street sweeping operations are continuing, and the City asks for vehicle owners’ voluntary compliance to allow street sweeper vehicles to access the curb.)
The City continues TO ENFORCE all other parking regulations in service of public safety and public health, including:

Red curbs, yellow curbs, white curbs
Blue curbs and spaces
Fire hydrants
Sidewalk and crosswalk blocking
Double-parking and bike lane violations
Wheelchair ramp obstruction
Essential construction work and other “No Parking” signage
Unauthorized use of disabled person parking placards
Oakland Public Library
Many services remain available online:

Apply for a library card online by visiting https://oaklandlibrary.org/
All holds are extended until branches reopen.
Checkout limits are increased on ebooks, audiobooks, movies and music: Overdrive (10 to 20), Hoopla (8 to 10), Kanopy (4 to 5).
Activation of Wi-Fi hotspots are extended until branches reopen.
Patron accounts scheduled to expire are extended until branches reopen.
Access a librarian through [email protected] or (510) 238-3134 - English, Spanish and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) speakers available.
All individuals in the County are directed to continue sheltering at their place of residence except for essential needs and identified outdoor activities in compliance with specified requirements.

• Non-essential travel remains prohibited.

• Everyone should continue to stay and work at home as much as possible.

• Individuals should wear a face covering when outside their homes.

• Individuals should maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from one another.

The Bay Area Order continues to restrict most activity, travel, and governmental

and business functions.


• Order of the Health Officer No. 20-10 (full Order):http://www.acphd.org/media/572718/health-officer-order-20-10-shelter-in-place-20200429.pdf

• Key provisions of the Order No. 20-10 (Order summary):http://www.acphd.org/media/572777/health-officer-order-20-10-shelter-in-place-04.29.2020-summary.pdf

• A list of City service impacts, including facility closures, service suspensions, and alternative service points (online, telephone, or by appointment) is available on the City’s website: https://www.oaklandca.gov/resources/city-of-oakland-service-modifications-suspensions-closures-in-response-to-alameda-county-public-health-order-to-shelter-in-place


In this episode of Home Alone... Together, we talk with Cheryl as she makes plans to plant a better future!

News from: City of Oakland IMMEDIATE RELEASEMay 6, 2020  Oakland Expands Free Testing, Announces New Walk-up COVID-19 Te...
COVID-19 | Project Baseline

News from: City of Oakland


May 6, 2020

Oakland Expands Free Testing, Announces New Walk-up COVID-19 Testing in East Oakland

Oakland, CA– The City of Oakland announced Wednesday a partnership with Roots Community Health Center and the emergency relief nonprofit organization Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) to open a new COVID-19 community-based testing site (CBTS) in East Oakland this morning, May 6. This site will also use the Baseline COVID-19 Program platform by Verily, an Alphabet company, and will pilot its use for drop-in testing onsite. This site will be one of the first walk-in only sites in the Bay Area. Testing will be provided free of charge Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm. Health insurance is not required.

If you work outside the home or if you’re worried you have COVID-19, get a test. Testing is available and free regardless of insurance or immigration status. The City and partners encourage anyone who feels like they might have COVID-19 to get a test at this testing site or at the City’s other testing site at the Henry J Kaiser Convention Center, especially if you have symptoms, have underlying health conditions, or work in a healthcare facility or long-term care facility. This is an important step toward ensuring all Oaklanders have free and accessible testing with culturally competent care.

Appointments for persons who are not already patients of Roots can be made using Verily’s Baseline COVID-19 Program, available at www.projectbaseline.com/COVID19. Persons need only create an online account, schedule an appointment and bring their ID to their appointment. (Persons who already are patients of Roots or wish to register through Roots do not need an appointment or an email address, and an ID, while recommended, is not required). The Baseline COVID-19 Program is a secure connected solution to support individuals from screening through testing and receipt of their test results, which is done under physician direction. Residents can contact OAK311 with questions about testing at the Roots Community Health Center site or at the City’s other testing site at Henry J Kaiser Convention Center site.

Roots will provide free COVID-19 testing from 10am-4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9925 International Boulevard.

“Testing is critical to getting our arms around the COVID-19 pandemic and moving toward the outcomes Oaklanders need to see: containing the spread, making our communities safer and providing care to those who need it most,” Mayor Libby Schaaf said. “If anyone thinks they have been exposed or might have COVID-19, please don’t wait -- get tested as soon as possible, safely and at no charge.”

“East Oakland is disproportionately harmed by the impacts of COVID-19, and I want my community to know we see that harm and we are prioritizing East Oakland for testing locations,” said Vice Mayor Larry Reid, the councilmember who represents the East Oakland district in which Roots Community Clinic is located. “Services must be prioritized in communities feeling the most impact, and we’ll continue working to address the needs of this community.”

“Oakland sees huge disparities across race and class and what neighborhood you’re in, and it’s vital that we address those disparities in part by prioritizing COVID-19 testing in East Oakland,” said Councilmember Loren Taylor, who represents the neighboring East Oakland district. “I encourage all my East Oakland neighbors to consider getting tested to help us contain this pandemic here in our community and so we can better address its impacts together.”

"Roots intentionally rooted itself more than a decade ago in East Oakland in order to provide first-rate, culturally responsive health services to our community. Roots' staff possess the skills, knowledge, and compassion to help our community through the COVID Crisis,” noted Dr. Noha Aboelata, Roots CEO & Founder. “We are delighted to continue our partnership with the City and to forge new collaborations with CORE and Verily to equitably meet the health needs of Oakland residents. Please, come by foot, by bike, by bus or by car for a free walk-up COVID-19 test, and feel free to make Roots your medical home if it is not already. We are of the community, by the community, working for the community, trusted in the community, and we are here to stay.”

“Every community should have access to COVID-19 testing – regardless of income level – and we are grateful to work in partnership with the City of Oakland and grassroots organizations such as Roots, under the leadership of the Governor’s Office to make that possible,” CORE Co-Founders Sean Penn and Ann Lee said.

The City of Oakland is working in partnership with Alameda County to bring on additional sites in East Oakland in the coming weeks and will announce more details as they are available.

“Establishing sufficient testing capacity throughout the county, particularly among communities experiencing high rates of COVID-19, is a cornerstone of our pandemic mitigation strategy,” said Alameda County Health Care Services Agency Director, Colleen Chawla. “We are deeply appreciative of this public private partnership and collaboration with the City of Oakland and Roots.”

COVID-19 cases are still rising, and we need to stay vigilant. As a community we must continue to stay home unless it’s for essential business, cover our faces when out in public, wash our hands often, stay 6 feet apart, and avoid group gatherings. Oakland, together we can #beatcovid19!

Baseline COVID-19 Program is a part of the community-based COVID-19 testing program in collaboration with local, state and federal authorities.


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