Oak Center Neighborhood Association

Oak Center Neighborhood Association OCNA provides a forum to solve problems with crime, blight, City services, education, and jobs to improve quality of life and to celebrate Oak Center.

The Mission and Vision of the Oak Center Neighborhood Association (OCNA) is to
work to together to celebrate what we love about our neighborhood through a
commitment to solving community problems, maintaining a residential community,
organizing outreach events, and creating a safe, healthy, and beautiful place with
opportunities for everyone: children and adults, residents and business owners,
renters and homeowners.

Please join us for tonight's Oak Center Neighborhood Assn Meeting!We have a wonderful agenda, including:Update on Assess...

Please join us for tonight's Oak Center Neighborhood Assn Meeting!

We have a wonderful agenda, including:

Update on Assessment and Cleanup of the 1230-14th Street Former Service Station - Ms. Dilan Roe (Alameda County Dept of Environmental Health) and Ms. Tracy Craig
East Bay Municipal Utilities Department (EBMUD) Your Questions Answered - Mr. Ben Glickstein
West Oakland Development Concept-Theoretical Project focused on West Oakland Library Site - Ms. Dori Ganetsos and Team (UC Berkeley)
City Government Update - Mr. Justin Tombolesi - City Council District 3 Liason

....and all the regular topical updates and Open Forum!!!!!!!

Join our Zoom Meeting here:

Meeting ID: 811 8700 4926
Passcode: 025031

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+16699009128,,81187004926#,,,,*025031# US (San Jose)
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Meeting ID: 811 8700 4926
Passcode: 025031

Please join us for tonight's Oak Center Neighborhood Assn Meeting!

We have a wonderful agenda, including:

Update on Assessment and Cleanup of the 1230-14th Street Former Service Station - Ms. Dilan Roe (Alameda County Dept of Environmental Health) and Ms. Tracy Craig
East Bay Municipal Utilities Department (EBMUD) Your Questions Answered - Mr. Ben Glickstein
West Oakland Development Concept-Theoretical Project focused on West Oakland Library Site - Ms. Dori Ganetsos and Team (UC Berkeley)
City Government Update - Mr. Justin Tombolesi - City Council District 3 Liason

....and all the regular topical updates and Open Forum!!!!!!!

Join our Zoom Meeting here:

Meeting ID: 811 8700 4926
Passcode: 025031

One tap mobile
+16699009128,,81187004926#,,,,*025031# US (San Jose)
+12532158782,,81187004926#,,,,*025031# US (Tacoma)

Dial by your location
+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 811 8700 4926
Passcode: 025031


OCNA Meeting is tonight! 6:30pm at the DeFremery House. District 3 Councilmember McElhaney will be in attendance.



Because the first Monday of July (July 3rd) falls on the day before July 4th, we will not have a July meeting. Please spread the word to friends and neighbors. We look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting on Monday August 7th, when we will be hosting District 3 Councilmember Lynette McElhaney.


Our June Meeting is TONIGHT! 6:30-8:00pm at the DeFremery House. We hope you can make it.

The agenda tonight includes Mailee Hung from Touchstone Climbing Gyms, who will speak to us about her organization and their ideas for the Pacific Pipe building (next to American Steel, on Mandela and 20th).

We'll also share a note from the city inspector assigned to the 14th & Union gas station and some updates on environmental inspections of the property.

Come and bring your neighbors!


Quick reminder -- our May meeting is THIS MONDAY, 6:30pm!

Stephen Curiel from the Oakland Public Works Department will be visiting to talk about the state of the DeFremery Pool and how we can support its repair.

We'll also have an update on our non-profit status. Please show your support by making a donation towards our application fees here: https://www.gofundme.com/ocna-nonprofit-status/

Hope you can make it - bring your neighbors!


Don't forget, we meet tonight at 6:30!


Reminder everyone - the April meeting is *tomorrow*, 6:30pm!

Jason Patton (Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager, Transportation Services Division, Bureau of Engineering & Construction for the City of Oakland) will be presenting an overview of the planned bike lanes coming to Adeline Street this Summer and will do Q&A on this and other such projects in our neighborhood and the town in general. Jason will be presenting from 6:40 to 7 PM.

Hope you can make it - bring your neighbors!


Dear OCNA'ers. March meeting is tonight. 6:30pm.



Our next monthly meeting is this Monday February 6 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at DeFremery House at 1651 Adeline Street. This meeting is very important. We will scope out our goals for 2017 and begin the process of nominating members for Board and Officer positions.

OCNA needs your support more than ever. The very existence of our organization depends on increasing membership and participation. Else, OCNA will not be equipped to serve the needs of the community. With two recent resignations, we now only have 4 Board members. Our By-Laws specify a minimum of 5 Board members and a maximum of 13 Board members. We also have two vacancies in our Officer leadership. The positions of Vice-Chair and Corresponding Secretary are open. We cannot be an effective organization unless two critical occurrences happen: 1) Several existing members must be nominated from the ranks and elected to serve on the Board and fill leadership roles on Committees, and 2) We must nominate and elect a new Vice-Chair and Corresponding Secretary.

Please tell your friends and neighbors about OCNA and invite them to join us this month. Please also bring your ideas for nominations to our meeting. You can ask a fellow member (or me) to nominate you. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday!
We also look forward to working with you to beef up our organization for the times ahead,

Think globally and act locally" is more important now than ever!


Michael Taffet,
Chair Oak Center Neighborhood Association


Please joints for our next monthly meeting of the Oak Center Neighborhood Association, this Monday November 7, 2016 from 630 to 800 PM at DeFremery House (1651 Adeline Street).


Come to the meeting.
2X 5X NCPC Meeting
Thursday, November 3, 2016
6:30 P.M.
West Oakland Senior Center
1724 Adeline


Annie Sloan
Neighborhood Services Coordinator
Neighborhood Services Section
Oakland Police Department
Phone: 510-238-2340
Fax: 510-238-7685


Our next OCNA meeting is on Oct. 3rd. 6:30 to 8pm. Defremery House.



As mentioned at our monthly OCNA meeting, our West Oakland / Jack London / Old Oakland (WOJLOO) Candidates Night is this coming Thursday, September 29th @ West Oakland Senior Center from 6:00 to 9:00! It is the time for the candidates to describe what they will do for our neighborhoods (with special emphasis on the unique issues facing West Oakland). Steve Lowe of WOCA and Jack London Association is the driving force behind these annual candidate forums. OCNA participates each year. Please do attend. I am teaching at CSU East Bay on Thursday eve and unfortunately cannot attend

From 6:00 to 7:00, we’ll be listening to the 3 candidates for BART Director
(District 7) as they ponder the questions listed below.

From 7:00 to 8:00, we’ll be listening to the 2 candidates for Oakland City Council
(District 3) as they, too, ponder the questions most relevant to their area of concern.

From 8:00 to 9:00, we be listening to the 5 candidates for Oakland City Council
(At Large), who will be addressing the same questions as the D3 candidates,
as most of WOJLOO’s rationale will require a pledge of cooperation among all the
candidates in order to happen as soon as humanly possible!

Additionally, we are asking that the candidates address our questions, as below,
in writing, so that we can improve on our combined vision for this most central
location within the entire Bay Area!

Thanks for your participation!
Michael Taffet, Chair OCNA

Questions for Council Candidates to be asked at WOJLOO Forum:


• Will you share with us a list of select WOJLOO residents you will
ardently support for being the next Port Commissioner?

• Will you commit to the soonest implementation of the
West Oakland Specific Plan (WOSP) and the process for selecting
the promised Implementation Committee so that the social justice
issues therein can be addressed in a timely fashion?

2. WON

• Will you help expedite the EcoPark in the North Gateway by
voting for more incentives for the recyclers and OMSS, and thereby
fast-track the reduction of pollution in West Oakland?

• What explicit percentage of affordable, mixed and low-income housing
should the WOSP be amended to include?


• Obviously, Oakland alone cannot deal with the explosion of homeless
encampments and, beyond what little help it receives from the County with
respect to Operation Dignity and other programs, much more is needed in
terms of resources that only the regional agencies can provide. Will you work
to streamline the all-important connections between our all-but-abandoned
WOJLOO community, the epicenter of the region after all, and the emerging
regional government that the ABAG-MTC merger impends?

• Will you work hands-on with OONA to construct a retail-specific policy
that can help ensure a coordinated operation meant to encourage more
foot traffic and less rowdyism?

• The promise of Old Oakland as a six-block development (made three
decades ago at the inception of the Project itself) needs to be revisited and
incorporated into Plan Downtown so that slipshod development doesn’t erode
that prospect. What steps will you take to ensure such inclusion?


• In seeking a community-wide congress, advisory or area committee,
our WOJLOO groups have the backing of Mayor Schaff and await only
the promise of our At Large and District Councilmembers to bring such
an entity to life: How soon after the November election will you be ready
to meet and discuss the surest pathway to activation of such an entity?


• What assurances can you give to WOJLOO that you are willing, wanting
and waiting to work with us in bringing the kind of economic development
to our area that we foresee as essential, even though the experts uptown,
in deference to the “development community” or “market forces,” may not
agree with our priorities?

6. OCNA:

• Given that the State of California is as responsible for UCB system as for the
chain of Unified School Districts from Alameda and Alpine to Yolo and Yuba,
some sort of merger ot the two systems needs to be investigated so that the
disadvantages built into the one can be eradicated by the best practices of
the other, yes?

• How will you as the official representative of one of the most disadvantaged
school districts in the State use your voice, position and community backing
to bring both attention to and a cure for this years-old dilemma?

7. OaklandWORKS:

• African-Americans are 28% of the Oakland population yet obtain
only 5% of the jobs on most city-funded construction projects.
This reality is contributing to the displacement of the Black population
in Oakland. African-Americans should not be expected to pay taxes for
such initiatives as the $600 million infrastructure bond, if their taxes
are not providing equitable employment.

Policies to improve this situation have been discussed by various
Council committees for eight years or more. Will you pledge to support,
encourage, and vote for the immediate passage of such a policy by the
City Council without further delay?

8. WOCA:

• Coping with the Ten Barriers to Economic Development & Envirocrime*
effectively requires that the City’s Economic Development Department write
a comprehensive plan that imagines a long term solution for dealing with
the problems with a provision for accommodating those most sorely affected
communities, otherwise Oakland will forever be dependent on default mechanisms
for dealing with envirocrime and sanctioning the stopgap methodologies that,
as they haven’t worked in the past, obviously cannot work in the future.

• What assurances can you bring to the table today that the same kind of
economic forum that the County nurtures, the City nurtures and even the
region nurtures can be available at the community group level so that we
can provide to those other forums the hands-on solutions we would like to
see implemented?

* Ten Barriers to Economic Development & Envirocrime

• An extremely substandard public infrastructure
• Abandoned rail lines in the middle of the streets (with large impassable potholes)
• Excessive crime of all types, need of improved means of response, communication, reporting and prosecution.
• Excessive amounts of illegal dumping from local and non-local sources
• Massive amounts of local and imported graffiti on public and private property
• Excessive weeds and debris on public and private property
• Homeless encampments and human excrement
• Excessive blight, needing improved means of response, communication, reporting and prosecution.
• Lack of immediate removal of hazmat, creating environmental damage and health hazards.
• Substandard public transportation and community movement.

* * * * *

Questions for BART Candidates to be asked at WOJLOO Forum:


Proper development in the Jack London Area is impacted by BART’s
ever-changing vision as to where a new station should be, if any at all,
especially since the land needed for improvements there is getting to be
all but barely affordable. Plans for a new tube from San Francisco to
the Coliseum may or may not include a mid-estuary station that would
(maybe) serve both Jack London Square and Mariner Square in Alameda,
and a redevelopment of the Oakland Wye is necessary in any event.

It is unfair to the folks in Jack London – and Oakland City Planning, as well –
to leave us all perpetually in limbo while the head-scratching at BART continues:

Will you lead the way for a community-invested process to finalize a vision
for this epicentral and overly-impacted congestion point in the BART system
so that we can make plans for great buildings that won’t require being
uprooted someday when BART finally comes to its senses and decides that
unravelling the Gordian Knot simply has to happen rather than continuing
to kick the gr***de down the road?


Similarly, the West Oakland BART station has been designated by
Director Crunican as one of the four most important stations in the system,
alongside Embarcadero, Montgomery and Powell – and yet the amount of
attention given this central-most station is meager by comparison, and the
prospects for its improvement are, if past treatment is any indication, bleak.

What will you do in terms of a community-involved process to ensure
that, in achieving parity, WOBART will come into its own architecturally,
economically and sociologically, representing as it should the East Bay’s
equivalent to those already-identified sister stations across the Bay?

3. WON

Last mile solutions are slow in forthcoming, especially for those in
West Oakland who have to wait long stretches of time for the bus to finally
lumber along and take them near enough to their residence so that they can
walk the rest of the way, sometimes in dark and/or dangerous neighborhoods.
For the wealthier folks in town, there’s Uber, Lyft and a host of other
Demand Response Transit services that may or may not service BART riders,
depending on the whims of the individual contractors who are DRT-dispatched.

What will you do to make sure that DRT rides are either partially subsidized
as part of BART’s responsibility to assure passenger safety, or made a part
of ACTC’s interactivity with BART everywhere throughout the East Bay?


Old Oakland is the only designated Historic District in the Bay Area
through which BART passes, as serviced by the City Center exit at 11th Street.
What kind of advertising and/or promotional work is being done by BART
to build ridership for special destinations like Old Oakland to help improve
the connectivity and context of our urban culture?

Will you help lead the way in making BART a contributor to our Bay Area
cultural resources, ostensibly the reason for having cities in the first place
at all?

5. OaklandWorks

BART’s ever-increasing fares represent a tax on worker income in that
transportation for the poor always takes greater percentage of salary than
for the wealthy. Even a chauffeur-driven executive pays less of his or her
total annual income for transportation than does a manual laborer who all
too frequently suffers from some sort of deprivation – nutritional, housing,
communications, etc. – as a result of income reprioritization.

Will you help eliminate altogether fares for BART riders, based on the
rationale that – better than the minimum wage! – more redound to our
regional economy must ensue, and a transportation tax instead will be
a fairer means of cutting the division of wealth in the Bay Area?


While BART doesn’t pollute as much as some diesel belching monstrosity,
its noise and clatter (always through the poorest residential areas) are a
tremendous detriment to the formation of business and have been the cause
of many a business closure. Surely with today’s advances in high tech systems,
mitigations can be found to make BART run at least somewhat more quietly
than it does at present – every four or so minutes through West Oakland,
as opposed to far flung neighborhoods where once every half hour or so
may be acceptable.

What will you do, just in terms of parity alone, to quiet BART?


1027 Adeline St
Oakland, CA


(510) 451-1440



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