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Central Old Bridge Emergency Medical Service Welcome to the page of the Central Old Bridge Emergency Medical Service. The roots of The Central Old Bridge Emergency Medical Service, Inc.

began in 1953 , when we were known as the Old Bridge Volunteer Emergency Medical Services, Inc. We have served the Township of Old Bridge and it's residents by providing emergency medical care during their time of need. We are a 100% volunteer organization with a wonderful group of individuals who given their time to help the neighbors. Our squad was originally housed on the corner of Englishtown

Road and Third Street, which currently houses the Old Bridge Fire District 3's Board of Commissioners. This building housed our squad until a new building was built in the 1980's on property that we lease from the Old Bridge Township Board of Education located at 133 Ticetown Road, just off Route 9. As of January of 2015, we officially changed our name to Central Old Bridge Emergency Medical Service, Inc. and in June of 2015 we officially became licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Emergency Medical Services. Today, our building on Ticetown Road still stands where it houses our first responder vehicle, two ambulances, our Special Operations Unit and our Special Operations Trailer. It is also a home away from home for our dedicated members. Currently, we have about 35 members who range in age from sixteen to those members in their forties and fifties.


Well some of you may have already heard, some may have not.

Straight from the horse's mouth...Central Old Bridge Emergency Medical Service (formerly Old Bridge Volunteer Emergency Medical Services, aka Green and White) has officially closed ours doors after 70 years of service to the residents of the Township of Old Bridge.

Over the years, your family members, friends, and neighbors have answered the call for those in need, anytime time...day or night. We are grateful for those who have dedicated their time and energy to the organization and to our community, and to the community in general, THANK YOU for all your support over our 70 years of operation.

As a charitable organization, our vehicles and equipment must go to another organization. It's is with great pride that I can say that those vehicles and equipment will be staying in town to continue to serve the residents. Our sister agencies have taken over the use of our vehicles to continue the care of those in need.

As someone who has committed 25 years of serve to this town, I can speak for all the members of the Central Old Bridge Emergency Medical Service (Old Bridge Volunteer Emergency Medical Services) and say that it's been honor to serve this wonderful community.

Many of our members have seen the worst of times with responding to the 9-11 attacks in New York City, the New York blackout, numerous outbreaks of diseases, Covid pandemic, and much more. We have also seen some of the best in people as well...the lives we helped save, the children we helped deliver, and the kindness of strangers.

If you know someone that was a member at any point in time, please feel free to tag the in this post.

Let's show our appreciation to the people that served our community on this wonderful organization.



We would like to thank Robert Bohny, president of VCI Emergency Vehicles and VCI - Jeff Herzog and all the fine men and women of VCI Emergency Vehicles for their assistance in the purchasing of our new Horton 553 ambulance. Our new ambulance, which will be replacing our older ambulance designated 958, was delivered today by the President of VCI to our Captain, Jeff Rowan at the VCI facility in Berlin, New Jersey. Once properly stocked, inspected and licensed by the State of New Jersey, our new 958 will be serving the residents of Old Bridge for many years to come.


The Chirurgeon's Apprentice

For : this is the DEATH MASK of a young woman who drowned in the River Seine in the 1880s. As was customary in those days, her co**se was put on display in the Paris mortuary, in the hope that someone might recognize her and claim her body. The pathologist on duty became entranced by the girl with the enigmatic half-smile, and so he commissioned a plaster cast made of her face. This mask was replicated many times over. She became known as "L'Inconnue de la Seine,” or “The Unknown Woman of the Seine.” In 1955, a toymaker named Asmund Laerdal created what we now know as the CPR doll. Asmund wanted his mannequin to have a natural appearance. Remembering a mask on the wall of his grandparents' house many years earlier, he decided that the L'Inconnue de la Seine would become the face of Resusci Anne. So you see, this anonymous woman who drowned in the 19th century is responsible for saving many, many lives the world over. It is said that she has the most kissed face of all time. I hope you enjoyed this little tale!

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Old Bridge Township Police Department


Old Bridge Township Police Department

Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office announces, “Blue Cares,” a new program to combat drug use and addiction.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey announces a new initiative in Middlesex County entitled, “Blue Cares.”Its mission is to coordinate efforts between members of law enforcement and our community partners to most effectively use all available resources to prevent and treat drug addiction.

Read more here...

Treating Injured Police Officers

Treating Injured Police Officers

There are important considerations to consider when EMS providers are called upon to treat law enforcement officers who are shot or otherwise assaulted.


Central Old Bridge EMS is once again honored to standby at the annual Old Bridge Relay for Life at Carl Sandburg. Always a wonderful event for a great cause.


Today is joint training between Central Old Bridge Township OEM and Old Bridge Township OEM in basic active shooter awareness.

Khary Penebaker

Khary Penebaker

The The Weather Channel shows the difference between "Category 1-5" hurricanes.



Some of our EMTs got the opportunity to pose with Wonder Woman while standing by at the Relay for Life at Lombardi Field today. Thank you Enchanted Wishez for stopping by.


I feel this article goes for EMTs too not just paramedics.

As a teenager I witnessed a kid get hit by a car. There were a few bystanders and we just stood there, everyone wanting to help but no-one really sure

Remember REHAB for prolonged incidents

Remember REHAB for prolonged incidents

Use this acronym to plan for 5 key elements (resources, environment, hydration, assessment and breaks) needed to handle fireground rehab over several


Cabot Creamery Co-operative

ATTENTION VOLUNTEER EMTs! Win an extra special prize from Vermont Teddy Bear Company when you log your volunteer hours this April! Each volunteer EMT location with volunteers who log time in April will be awarded 12 Cabot Little Hero® Bears (https://goo.gl/EsRULa) to give to children in their local community. These Bears are specifically designed to ensure kids get a Bear hug when they need it most: during crisis situations.

Learn more about Reward Volunteers, and start logging your time today: www.RewardVolunteers.coop


Our new ambulance 957. VCI Emergency Vehicles did a fantastic job. Thank you VCI!!!

Central Old Bridge Emergency Medical Service takes delivery of their Horton 553A!


Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office

It’s NOT rude to NOT open your door!

If your concerned call a neighbor or the police!!

Be wary of unsolicited contractors who come to your home claiming that they have left over materials from a job in the neighborhood and can fix your roof or repair your driveway if you give them CASH up front. Many times these unscrupulous individuals work in pairs, while the homeowner is distracted, the accomplice is stealing your belongings.

Last week in the Fords section of Woodbridge Township, an elderly woman was scammed out of $8000. Two men came to the woman’s house offering to do a roof repair. One man stayed with the woman while the other looked around the house. The victim was told that the repairs would cost $8000 and that they would only accept cash. The woman drove one of the men to the bank where she withdrew the money and gave it to one of the men. When she returned to her house, she discovered that jewelry was missing.

The men spoke with a heavy unknown accent and drove a small black pick-up truck. There were described as having olive complexions with dark hair and scruffy beards.

If you have information on the suspects, please call Woodbridge Police Detective Penicaro at 732-602-7345



For a volunteer EMS organization to flourish, its personnel need to exemplify these four attributes:



Christopher J. Davis was charged with second-degree assault, a felony, and criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, a misdemeanor.


New member CPR and 2 year refresher course. We suggest that any professional that deals with the public in any form gets certified in CPR. Come join us for our next refresher course! Message us for more information on taking this course. You never know when a neighbor, loved one or a perfect stranger will need your help!

Quiz: What type of EMT are you?

Quiz: What type of EMT are you?

Take this quick quiz to find out if you are an Adrenaline Ju**ie, Caregiver, Burnout, Clinical Thinker or Dinosaur

Wound Packing

Wound Packing

What do I do if the tourniquet doesn’t reach up high enough on the limb and there is still heavy bleeding from the arm pit or groin? Once someone learns about tourniquet use and becomes proficient,…

EMS Flight Safety Network

EMS Flight Safety Network

Here are three proven strategies to deal with good Samaritans who are more preoccupied with making a viral YouTube or Facebook Live video�

The Blue Star Society

The Blue Star Society

This crap has to stop. Tragic article but a strong reminder about being diligent about your surroundings.



Taking the time to prepare for court will help you when you’re on the stand.



The man, who was taken to a hospital, suffered from burns as a result of an electric shock.



The man was taken by a private ambulance service to a hospital for burns on his leg and hands.

Kidde Recalls More Than 5 Million Smoke/CO Alarms

Kidde Recalls More Than 5 Million Smoke/CO Alarms

Kidde is recalling 3.6 million smoke alarms in the United States, and another 1.5 mllion in Canada, the company and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said on Thursday.


133 Ticetown Road
Old Bridge, NJ


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Happy Easter to everyone. Stay safe.
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Special Deliveries! We would like to thank Riddle Hospital who took delivery today of their beautiful VCI stock remount from VCI - David DiGangi. The VCI stock remount program utilizes VCI sourced modules as opposed to customer supplied modules. This allows a customer to obtain a Horton built body for a fraction of the price of a new truck. The details in this vehicle are absolutely stunning. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you again in the future. We also would like to thank Central Old Bridge Emergency Medical Service who had the pleasure of working with VCI - Jeff Herzog and today they received their keys to their new Horton 553 from our President, Robert Bohny. We hope you enjoy your new vehicle, and thank you again for your service! If you’re looking to start a new ambulance project or are interested in the stock remount program, contact VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists today at 1-800-394-2162 to set up a consultation. At VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists… IT’S WHAT WE DO!
Guys, thank you so much to the crew who handled my run on Sunday night. Friendly, professional, all the best.