Lake County Dog Shelter

Lake County Dog Shelter Our mission is to reunite stray dogs with their owner or find new homes. This page is not monitored 24 hours a day. Please call with questions.

The Lake County Dog Shelter houses all the stray dogs of Lake County. Our Deputies enforce the Ohio Laws under 955 including dog licensing and dogs at large. All stray dogs are held four business days for the owners to reunite with their dog. If no owner is found the animal can become eligible to see the Veterinarian on Tuesdays and Fridays. Our goal is on this page is to reunite dogs and owners or find a new home for the dogs. Any negative comments will be deleted.

Operating as usual

FOUND 3/22/2021 #5460 male Cattle Dog no collar/microchip. Painesville Warren/Kniffen, Leroy

FOUND 3/22/2021 #5460 male Cattle Dog no collar/microchip. Painesville Warren/Kniffen, Leroy


Licensing Your Dog
All dogs three months of age and older must be licensed immediately according to state law. New dog licenses are sold during the annual renewal period between December 1 and January 31. Dogs acquired after January 31 must be licensed immediately to avoid penalty fees. Licensing is a requirement of Ohio law, and the current dog license attached to your dog's collar will identify you as the owner should the dog become lost. Anyone finding a dog with a license on it can call local law enforcement if our office is closed and get owner information. You will be notified if your dog is actually impounded by the Dog Warden's office and is wearing its current license. Dogs not wearing their current license are held only three days for reclamation. Under Ohio law, each stray must be held for 72 hours prior to adoption, while dogs wearing current licenses are held for 14 days. Every attempt is made to locate dog owners during holding periods, including the mailing of a certified letter to any owner of record of a dog wearing a valid Ohio license.

Lake County Dog Shelter

Lake County Dog Shelter

Donation Idea!!! The Deputies are almost out of one of their favorite cleaners.....Lavender Fabuloso that makes the kennels clean and fabulous!🤩

Donation idea, besides the lavender Fabuloso, another favorite that is running low is Lemon Pine-Sol.

Donation idea, besides the lavender Fabuloso, another favorite that is running low is Lemon Pine-Sol.

Donation Idea!!! The Deputies are almost out of one of their favorite cleaners.....Lavender Fabuloso that makes the kenn...

Donation Idea!!! The Deputies are almost out of one of their favorite cleaners.....Lavender Fabuloso that makes the kennels clean and fabulous!🤩

2021 Licenses are on sale now!

2021 Licenses are on sale now!

Lake County Dog Shelter's cover photo

Lake County Dog Shelter's cover photo

Lake County Dog Shelter's cover photo

Lake County Dog Shelter's cover photo


2600 N Ridge Rd
Painesville, OH

Opening Hours

Monday 13:00 - 16:00
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(440) 350-2640



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Lost cat from big creek vet at 8:30 am today. Carrier door popped open in parking lot and he took off into woods. His name is Korona. But he’s semi-feral. Likes other animals and is afraid of people. Tends to hide in dark places when scared. Black with white whiskers and white paws and a little white on chin and chest. About 10 lbs. He’s wearing a reflective collar with my number on it but it’s breakaway so he might lose it in the woods, and he’s microchipped. Please call or text 802-734-0575 or 440-364-5841 or call big creek vet if you think you see him. Last possible sighting was at 9:52 am, 3 houses east of Big Creek Vet.
What dogs are available for adoption???
UPDATE!!! PICKLES HAS BEEN FOUND!!!! SHE IS HOME, BUT SHE IS HURT. Thank you so much everyone for sharing, keeping an eye out and helping me get my baby back. It looks like she was hit by a car. She has some cuts and scrapes. She cannot put any weight on her back leg and she can't sit or lay down normally and she yelps when she tries to move. I have to get her to a vet. I know that it's a big ask but if anyone has it to give we could really use some help towards vet bills. Also I need of any programs that might help, and a vet that might work with us. Offering anything I'm capable of doing house cleaning, organizing, yard work, babysitting, pet sitting, personal assistant / shopping / errand running. Dishes, laundry, other chores. Computer/office/filing. Anything of the sort done as soon as we get through this on your schedule in exchange for help with vetting costs now. My daughter, 17, is a great tutor and willing to plege tutoring services for elementary-middle school age in any subject-but her strong suit is math. In exchange for help. I know that the last year has been rough and money is tight for everyone and that it's a big ask but I can tell my girl is hurting just looking at her. If you have even $2 to spare it would be appreciated and it's $2 more than we were starting with. If you have anything any project that you need another set of hands on we will gladly put in work for any funding you're able to spare. You can send funds to these places or I will happily drive anywhere to pick up cash or check. I'm sure in the morning, when we find a vet willing to work with usdonations may be called directly into their also and I will post that as soon as I find one. Funding funding for pickles vet care may be sent to PayPal Cash app$thatbtchjordan Chime [email protected] , jordan elrad Venmo Facebook on Saturday i left my teenage daughter home alone at some point during the night she says around 7:00 or 8:00 she let our baby miss pickles outside to go potty. She says that she was on the chain and must have slipped off, however, her collar is not attached to the chain and she has been caught before not putting pickles on the chain for her potty breaks which makes me think that it is more likely that she just let her out loose to go potty. She didn't call me and let me know last night... I did not find out until I came home. Pickles has never run away. She is so loved and so spoiled. Up to date on shots and spayed but we have not got a chip yet. She should be wearing a brown leather collar about the same color as her and it has a tag on it that you can look up on the internet and find our information. I am heart sick. She was my son's birthday present last April. Please help us find our baby 3303476995 please text or leave a message on 93 near tuslaw school Massillon ohio
Tuffy is in Heaven and in our hearts forever. My sweet baby boy.
I'm curious to know how Kiki and her pups are doing. I adopted one of them (Mr Willis), in August 2019. How are the others?
My female husky lab went missing this morning. Her name is Abby she has an Ohio state collar on. She went missing from my home on county line rd in Geneva. Please contact me at 4406611826 if you see her or know where she is at. She’s very friendly and will come when you call her
hi i dont know who to let know but I was on the freeway near Willoughby and seen looks like a German Shepard dog about where 90e and 271s split..
theres a little puppy or dog that looks like a corgi chihuahua mix white an tan spots with a pink collar at rec park between baseballfields next to river (painesville) running around and wont let me near her :( im gonna try and get a picture of her
Update on your KoKo I adopted in May. Her name is Elsie and she’s finally learned it! She mostly is patient waiting until mom finishes work at home. Then we like to lay together a while. Sometimes both of us nap. 😉 she gets more visitors than I do because she is such a sweetie pie! Thank you lake county dog shelter!!
Female pitbull wandering at Beatty landing. Very friendly. No collar. Stuck around for 30 minutes . Wandered south down river.
Willowick Pet Food Pantry helpful information. Email the Pantry with questions you may have or see their FB Page.
it is really hard to see WHO needs adopted... would be nice if you highlighted them, i have been looking for a furbaby for over two years now to rescue