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UPDATE @9:18 a.m. - Roadway is now clear.  Thank you Traffic Alert:  Please avoid the area of Jackson Street and Fern.  ...

UPDATE @9:18 a.m. - Roadway is now clear. Thank you

Traffic Alert: Please avoid the area of Jackson Street and Fern. Due to an accident.

Lake County Sheriff's Office  Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

Lake County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

September 14, 2020

On Sunday, the 13th of September at 0149hrs, the Lake County Sheriff Office and the Painesville Police Department were dispatched to the area of Northridge Rd. and Casement Ave. for a report of two bodies lying by a bridge. The initial information was vague as to the exact location and given the close proximity to both Painesville and Painesville Twp., both law enforcement agencies responded. Additionally, Painesville Twp. Rescue was being sent to the area.

Upon arrival, it was found that there were in fact two bodies lying on Northridge Rd. just east of Casement. They were located directly under the CSX railroad over pass. The female, later identified as Bianca Pizzie (age 38), was found to be deceased. The male, who was identified as Todd Campbell (age 43), was found to have serious, life threatening injuries. He was transported from the scene by Painesville Twp. Rescue to Tri-Point Hospital. He was then flown to Cleveland Metro Hospital.

Investigation determined that both parties were on a four-wheeler, traveling W/B on the elevated CSX railroad right of way. The four-wheeler then impacted a concrete barrier on the railroad bridge. This impact caused the abrupt stop of the four-wheeler, which in turn ejected both Mr. Campbell and Ms. Pizzie off the machine. They both fell off the elevated bridge onto the roadway below. The landing impact was the instant cause of death of Ms. Pizzie and the cause of the life-threatening injuries to Mr. Campbell.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing. Anyone with information relevant to the incident is encouraged to call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at (440) 350-5620

Lt. Dan Bachnicki #65
Sheriff of Lake County

A day of remembrance. We will never forget the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

A day of remembrance. We will never forget the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

Thank you to everyone at the American Legion Post 336 for thinking of us.  💙

Thank you to everyone at the American Legion Post 336 for thinking of us. 💙

Unit 336 Auxiliary delivered cookies to our first responders at the Painesville Police Department, Fire Department, Lake County Sheriff’s Department and The Fairport Police Department!

Shout out the Anderson family at 4 Seasons Construction & Roofing, Inc for dropping off cookies for the Painesville Poli...

Shout out the Anderson family at 4 Seasons Construction & Roofing, Inc for dropping off cookies for the Painesville Police Department. Thank you for your support.

SCHOOL BUS SAFETY REMINDERImagine being in a large car with 40 noisy 6th-graders. Could be pretty stressful. Do your par...

Imagine being in a large car with 40 noisy 6th-graders. Could be pretty stressful.
Do your part and make the bus drivers' lives easier.
🛑STOP when the bus lights are flashing.
🛑Yield when they are attempting to merge, and maintain a significant distance behind them, as they often make unexpected stops.
🛑Pay special attention to intersections: The percentage of pedestrian fatalities happening in intersections is up to 20% (revealed by Traffic Safety Facts). Drivers, including school bus drivers, should keep alert when driving at the road interactions. Never run a red light.🚦

🚧Painesville City has a lot of children & college students walking to school. Please use caution while driving. Leave early, slow down, and put the cell phone away. Nothing is worth hurting or killing a child, because you were distracted or in a hurry.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cleveland Police Department as they mourn the loss of Detective James Skernivitz. ...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cleveland Police Department as they mourn the loss of Detective James Skernivitz. Please keep their family, friends, and colleagues in your thoughts and prayers!

Painesville City

Painesville City

🚧 CONSTRUCTION NOTICE 🚧 The Lake County Engineer’s Office will begin work on removing approximately 106 cubic yards of concrete and steel remnant dam materials from the Grand River near the East Main Street Bridge in Painesville. All dependent on dry weather, an estimated end date of September 15 has been set. The road will remain open.

This project is financed in part through a grant from the State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) under the provisions of Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act. The project will improve floodplain access and restore natural flow along at least 500 linear feet of downstream areas on both river banks.

The goal of this project is to reduce pollutants in the water shed, improve flow and water quality by returning natural sediment transport, reduce riverbank erosion, and improve aquatic habitat and fish passage.

Abbott’s Mill occupied the west bank of the Grand River from the 1860s through 1958 when it was destroyed in a catastrophic fire. The remaining portions of the structure were scrapped out in 1960. Previous to Abbott’s Mill, this location saw at least two other mills dating back to 1807.

Downtown Painesville

Downtown Painesville

📢 Good news: The Painesville Car Cruise is back on! Starting this Friday, August 28 from 5 to 8 at Veteran's Park (weather permitting). We hope to see you and your beautiful cars! 🚗🤩

Painesville City

Painesville City

🚧 ROAD NOTICE 🚧 On Wednesday, August 19 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon the Electric Distribution Tree Crew will be removing a tree on E Jackson Street. The road will be closed from Courtland Street to the Painesville Post Office driveway. Emergency services will still have road access.

Lifeline, Inc.

Lifeline, Inc.

We're still looking for volunteers for our Volunteer Guardian Program! It's an amazing way to help our community's most vulnerable from the safety of your own home!

Contact us today to learn more! And please share!

Facts Regarding Animal Abuse Case on Ridgelawn AvenuePAINESVILLE, Ohio— The Painesville Police Department has been made ...

Facts Regarding Animal Abuse Case on Ridgelawn Avenue

PAINESVILLE, Ohio— The Painesville Police Department has been made aware of misinformation being spread on social media regarding a possible animal abuse case on Ridgelawn Avenue. We would like to clarify the facts of the case and the role the police department played.

On Sunday, August 9 around 12:40 p.m., Painesville Police were dispatched to Ridgelawn Avenue for a report of animal cruelty and disturbance between neighbors. When they arrived on the scene they learned that a neighbor had taken a dog that appeared to be dehydrated, overheated and tied up with a heavy chain, from a neighboring backyard and carried the dog into their own home to cool down and hydrate. Officers observed the dog in the neighbor’s home, which could not lift its own head. Officers proceeded to interview everyone on the scene, inspect the chain in the backyard and was shown a video of the dog’s condition prior to being moved.

The Lake Humane Society was called and officers gave them a description of events. Because the dog’s owner was not present, the Humane Society was unable to take the animal. In the state of Ohio, pets are considered personal property and the Humane Society cannot take an animal without the owner’s knowledge, unless an extreme circumstance. Best practice in these types of cases is to find a family member who will provide care and relief for the animal.

Painesville Police were able to contact a close family member of the owner, who came to the scene. The family member was distraught over the condition of the animal and took the dog to their separate residence to care for it until the Humane Society was able to take possession. Officers called the family member Monday morning to follow up on the condition of the dog and the Humane Society picked up the animal later that day.

The Lake Humane Society filed a probable cause hearing in Painesville Municipal Court on Tuesday, August 11 and will be seeking charges. Their investigation is ongoing. When animals are involved, the police department always contacts the Humane Society or dog warden for investigations. The Lake Humane Society has impounded the dog and is providing care.

*** CONTACT HAS BEEN MADE, THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE ***If you have any information please contact Detective Crews o...

If you have any information please contact Detective Crews or Detective Smith at (440) 392-5840.

Lake County Sheriff's Office  Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

Lake County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

PRESS RELEASE …. August 11, 2020

Three individuals have been arrested for Burglary and Complicity to Commit Burglary. Rudy Miller (DOB 4-30-91), Rocky Mason (DOB 11-5-91) and Apple Miller (DOB 5-6-94) are in the Lake County Adult Detention Facility awaiting arraignment which is scheduled for tomorrow. All three persons are from the Chicago area.

LCSO Detective Bureau Commander Lt. Larry Harpster reports that on Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 1:45 p.m., the Lake County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Girdled Road in Concord Township for a report of a distraction burglary. The 73-year old homeowner indicated a black sedan, possibly a Dodge, pulled into the driveway as the resident was working in her yard. Two males exited the vehicle and claimed there had been a water main break in the area. One male was described as a shorter, stocky build Hispanic-looking male wearing a reflective safety vest. The second male was described as thinner male who also had a darker complexion and was Hispanic-looking. The thinner male began talking to the resident while the heavier male began walking to the door of the residence. Despite the resident’s verbal refusal to allow him into the residence, the heavier male entered the home while the thinner male distracted the homeowner by arguing with her. Eventually the resident entered the home and found the heavier male walking throughout her home. The males then left the home and area in the black sedan. The resident found that a charm bracelet was missing from her jewelry box.

On the same date, at 2:31 p.m., a second distraction burglary was reported to this agency at Carter Road in Leroy Township. On this incident, a 90-year old resident was met at his front door by two males with the same description as the Girdled Road incident. The males walked into the unlocked door without being permitted claiming there was a water issue in the area and they began walking through the home. The resident followed the males and then ordered the males out of the home or he would contact the police. The males then left the residence and area in what was described as a black sports car. Nothing had been stolen during this incident.

Just a short time later, Deputies were called to 13165 Carter Road in Leroy Township. The residents here stated two Hispanic-looking males arrived at their home in a black Dodge. The younger looking male met them at their door and claimed he was there inquiring about the Buick they had for sale, however the resident did not own a Buick. The heavier-build male remained in the driver’s seat of the vehicle but told the resident that he had done some roof work at this home, which was also not true. The males were not permitted into the home and left the area.

The Pennsylvania State Police also reported a similar distraction burglary with two males with the same description driving a black Dodge with an out-of-state temporary registration. In this case, the males talked their way into the home of an elderly resident and stole a floor safe containing nearly $10,000 in cash along with other items.

Shortly after 6:00p.m., the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office reported a similar distraction burglary where two males with similar descriptions in a black Dodge 2-door claimed to be from the water company and made entry into their home. Over $6,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from this home. The vehicle left the area on Route 90 westbound.

At 6:20 p.m., Madison Township Police located the suspect vehicle, a black 2012 Dodge Challenger with an Indiana temporary registration. Madison Township Police called for assistance and followed the suspect vehicle to the BP at Vrooman Road. Once the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Ohio State Highway Patrol arrived, the suspect vehicle fled, almost striking a Sheriff’s Office cruiser. A pursuit ensued westbound on Route 90. Mentor Police Department deployed spikes near the Route 615 exit. The suspect vehicle continued to flee at a high rate of speed and police lost sight of it near the Route 615 exit from Interstate 90.

A short time later, an Uber driver said he was called to Garfield Park in Mentor to pick up two males and a female. The Uber driver arrived and picked up the three individuals from a black Dodge Challenger. Unbeknownst to the three suspects, the Uber driver had been scanning police channels and heard a pursuit with a black Dodge. The Uber driver took the three whom he described as being of Hispanic descent and dropped them off near the Holiday Inn on Route 306 after refusing their offer of $500 to drive them to Chicago, Illinois. The Uber driver remained in the area and called 911 to report this.

All three occupants of the Dodge Challenger were detained, and the Dodge was impounded. Evidence to several of these cases was later located within the vehicle, including the safe, currency and jewelry. The three occupants were booked in to the Lake County Jail and are awaiting arraignment on Burglary and Complicity to Commit Burglary charges, along with criminal and traffic charges relating to the pursuit for the vehicle driver. Similar cases from multiple counties across northern Ohio and Pennsylvania are being investigated.

Frank Leonbruno
Sheriff Frank Leonbruno
Lake County Sheriff’s Office
104 East Erie Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077

Lake County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

UPDATE to the Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office and Lake County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Frank Leonbruno posts that two suspects are in custody.

UPDATE...Two suspects are in custody at this time in relation to these Burglaries. If you experienced a similar incident please contact the LCSO or your local police department.


The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating two distraction burglaries , one in Concord Twp. and one in Leroy Twp.. It was reported two Hispanic males are pretending to be with a water department are in a black two-door vehicle. One male is wearing a hi-visibility yellow vest. While one male speaks to the resident, the other makes entry into the home to commit theft. Madison Township Police are investigating a similar crime. If you see anyone matching this description, please contact us at (440) 354-3434 or 911.

Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office

Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office

*UPDATE* - The suspects were arrested by the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

The Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office is investigating a distraction burglary that occurred on Clay Street near SR 534. It was reported that two Hispanic males are involved, one older and heavy-set, wearing a florescent green vest and claiming to work for the water department and the other younger and wearing a bandana around his neck, driving a dark colored car described as looking like a Dodge Charger. The vehicle left the residence traveling west on Clay Street. The Lake County Sheriff's Office is investigating two similar incidents, one in Concord Twp. and one in Leroy Twp., with suspects matching the same description. Madison Township Police are investigating an incident as well. While one male speaks to the resident, the other will gain entry into the home and commit theft. Anyone having any information is urged to contact the Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office at 440-576-0055.

Lake County Sheriff's Office  Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

Lake County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

PRESS RELEASE .... August 6, 2020

For the past two days and continuing today, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with Concord Twp. Fire, Painesville City Police, Painesville City Fire, and the Auburn Career Center, has conducted the third annual Mass Casualty Drill. This training is for police, fire and dispatch personnel throughout the county to work in a collaborative effort for response to critical incidents such as active shooters in populated areas.

Over 200 personnel from our first responder agencies will have taken part in this training which was being held this year at the Auburn Career Center in Concord Township. Critical Incident instruction was given by members of the partnering agencies. The following Lake/Geauga County agencies were in attendance over this three-day training:

• Lake County Sheriff’s Office
• Concord Township Fire Department
• Lake County Emergency Operations Center
• Painesville City Police Department
• Painesville City Fire Department
• Painesville Township Fire Department
• Perry Fire District
• Willoughby Police Department
• Willoughby Fire Department
• Kirtland Police Department
• Kirtland Hills Police Department
• Eastlake Police Department
• Madison Township Police Department
• Madison Fire Department
• Perry Village Police Department
• Perry Fire District
• Perry Fire District Fire Explorers
• Mentor Police Department
• Mentor Fire Department
• Mentor Dispatch Center
• Leroy Township Fire Department
• Lake County Emergency Management Agency
• Lake Metroparks
• F.B.I. Painesville
• Ohio State Highway Patrol
• U.S. Marshall’s Office
• Grand River Fire Department
• Chardon Fire Department
• Lubrizol
• Chagrin Valley Dispatch
• Heights Hillcrest Call Center
• Hambden Fire Explorer’s
• Thompson Fire Department
• Chesterland Township Fire Department

We would like to note that during this training, safety protocols pertaining to Covid-19 were exercised. Masks were worn by every instructor and every participant. We want to thank all the volunteers and first responders for making this exercise a success. We believe that this training is critical, and this collaboration helps to prepare everyone to respond effectively and professionally in meeting the safety and security needs of our communities.

Special thanks to Lake County Sheriff's Office Detective Bureau Commander Lt. Larry Harpster, Lt. Mike Slocum and Detective Don Ticel from the Painesville City Police Department, Fire Chief Thomas Hummel and firefighter Rob Hendershot from the Painesville City Fire Department, and Deputy Fire Chief Ron Terriaco, Lt. Wally Brainard and firefighter Adam White from the Concord Twp. Fire Department who did the planning and instruction for these three days of training. Their great planning and innovative training, as well as the collaborative work of so many first responders across our area, continues to increase the safety and security of communities here on the north shore !

Sheriff Frank Leonbruno


28 Mentor Ave
Painesville, OH


(440) 392-5840



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There is a post going around that the PPD picked up a kitty acting in distress around TOWNMILL CT/TRAILWOOD area in Painesville possibly yesterday. Can info be posted about this kitty; what happened and where kitty is, because somebody may be missing their kitty and have no idea what happened to it. Thank you.
any up dates on the stuff at Erie st. And casement where a girl died on a 4 wheeler wreck
This large TRUMP 2020 banner was stolen from the front porch of our house this afternoon, around 2:30 pm, August 18, 2020, in Painesville, Ohio. A report has been filed with the Painesville Police Deapartment. GO TRUMP!!! THANK GOD FOR THE MEN IN BLUE! :)
Is this true that the dog who was having heat stroke, out in full sun with no shade, no water given back to the owner? Must the dog be dead first before you do anything. Why wasn't the dog warden called? How is this right?
There are citizens concerned about a dog left outside today in the heat/sun with no water or shelter and a heavy chain around it's neck. This was on Ridgelawn Ave., Painesville. A video was taken, which I'm sure you are aware of. The dog absolutely had heat stroke. Humane Society did not respond and the Police Officer made the rescuers return the dog to the irresponsible owner. Why was nothing done to the owner and/or why was the dog returned to the owner? This is considered abuse. People are outraged regarding this incident.......
My new cat escaped on Fobes st. Have not seen him in a few days
Thank u very much for the speed tracker u guys had put on Nebraska st!! I've noticed not too much speeding going on now! Thank you so much. Keep up the good work