National Guard Recruiting Office-Robinson Mall

National Guard Recruiting Office-Robinson Mall ARMY NATIONAL GUARD RECRUITING OFFICE

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Contact us today at 814-440-4982

Scott Police Allegheny County Pa.

Scott Police Allegheny County Pa.


The Scott Township Civil Service Commission will hold a competitive examination for the position of police officer. Applicants must pass a physical agility, written, oral, back ground investigation, and a medical and psychological examination prior to being appointed.
Applications may be obtained at:

The Scott Township Municipal Building
Office of Manager (2nd Floor)
301 Lindsay Road
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106

From 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Monday through Friday
From December 10, 2018 to January 11, 2019

A Non-refundable Fee of $45.00 (cash, check or money order) payable at time of receiving the application. Make checks or money orders Payable to Scott Twp.

All applications must be returned before 5:00pm January 11, 2019

U.S. citizen, 21 years of age, have a valid Pennsylvania Drivers License, high school diploma or G.E.D., must be physically and mentally fit to perform the duties of a police officer. Must be MPOETC certified or have received ACT 120 Training at the time of application (and pass MPOETC certification test upon appointment). The applicant, if hired and upon attaining permanent status must take up residence within fifteen (15) statute miles of Municipal Building.
The following must be attached to application or it will be rejected: Documentation of citizenship, Pa Drivers License, MPOETC ID Card or Act 120 Certificate, DD214 if claiming veteran’s preference, High School Diploma or GED. Complete qualifications will be provided at the time of application pick up.

The Physical Agility will be given January 15, 2019 at 10:00 am at the Allegheny County Police Academy located at 700 West Ridge Road, Allison Park, Pennsylvania 15101. Candidates that successfully past the physical agility will immediately take a written exam administered at the same location.

Starting 2019 Patrolman salary $75,455
2019 5th year Patrolman salary $94,319

Some great Army National Guard training!

Some great Army National Guard training!


Huge Black Friday sale here at the Robinson Mall. FREE enlistment into the Army National Guard. That’s right, I said FREE!!! Come one come all! Feel free to share

National Guard

National Guard

There's a sense of fulfillment when you walk in to a National Guard recruiter's office. You're making the choice to serve your country and your community. Find your local recruiter:


Serve your community, state, and country part-time and receive 100% tuition to the following colleges and universities

Bloomsburg, California, Cheyney, East Stroudsburg, Edinboro, IUP, Kutztown, Lockhaven, Mansfield, Millersville, Shippensburg, Slippery Rock, West Chester, and all Community Colleges in Pennsylvania

Additionally, we have $20,000 bonuses for the following MOS’s

11B-Infantry, 11C-Mortarman, 13B-Canon Crewmen, 13F-Forward Observer, 19D-Cavalry Scout, 25U-Signal Support Specialist, 88M-Motor Transportation, 91B-Mechanic, 92F-Petroleum Supply Specialist, 92G-Food Service Specialist

Call or text 814-440-4982 if interested

Pennsylvania National Guard Recruiting

Pennsylvania National Guard Recruiting

Tell us here! Cast your vote.

Pennsylvania National Guard Recruiting

Pennsylvania National Guard Recruiting

Prior service members? You served your country, and yet something inside you wants to do more. Consider the #panationalguard to continue serving and protect closer to home.

Pennsylvania National Guard Recruiting

Pennsylvania National Guard Recruiting

How well do you know military helicopters? What if you became a subject matter expert? #helicoptermechanic #panationalguard

Pennsylvania National Guard Recruiting

Pennsylvania National Guard Recruiting

The #PANationalGuards TOP 10 MOSs:

1. 11B Infantryman
2. 88M Motor Transport Operator
3. 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist
4. 19D Cavalry Scout
5. 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman
6. 13F Fire Support Specialist
7. 13B Cannon Crew member
8. 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
9. 92G Food Service Specialist
10. 12B Combat Engineer

Interested? Send us a message.

Flying thru NYC on a UH60 Blackhawk

Flying thru NYC on a UH60 Blackhawk

This Saturday come play some paintball and stop over to our booth to hear about some amazing opportunities in the NATION...

This Saturday come play some paintball and stop over to our booth to hear about some amazing opportunities in the NATIONAL GUARD, and enter in our free raffle!



The annual survey found that 67 percent of Pennsylvania's new college grads left school last year with an average debt load of $36,193 — about twice as much as college grads in Utah.

U.S. Army

U.S. Army

Time for a run!

Who remembers this running cadence?

U.S. Army

The Army goes rolling along...

Do you know the words to the Army's song?

Turn up the speakers and sing along.

U.S. Army

Sound off!

Time for a run!

Who remembers this running cadence?


Beautiful day for some fireworks! Happy 4th everyone!

The wall is set up at Avalon community day! Come down for some food, music, and fireworks!

The wall is set up at Avalon community day! Come down for some food, music, and fireworks!

Avalon Community day!

Avalon Community day!

Army National Guard Education Services

Army National Guard Education Services

Because of our unique state and federal mission the National Guard has the best education benefits package of all of the military services! #ARNGeducation

The Split Training Option is a great way for Juniors in High School or College students who don’t want to miss a semeste...

The Split Training Option is a great way for Juniors in High School or College students who don’t want to miss a semester!

Contact us or stop in at The Mall at Robinson to find out more!

The National Guard

The National Guard

As you get ready to watch the game today, remember the more than 550 National Guard members helping protect Super Bowl attendees in Minneapolis. Go Guard!


Often times people are confused between the differences in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves and in a nutshell the difference simply comes down to two things; funding and unit/job variation. First let me clarify that there is no difference in Basic Combat Training, as all components (active, guard, and reserves) attend initial active duty training together for 10 weeks.)

Below is a brief comparison of the two reserve components of the United States Army:

The Army National Guard has a dual-mission, state and federal, and may be funded differently depending on the mission. During drill weekends and during state emergencies the Army National Guard is funded by the state (in our case Pennsylvania) while the Army Reserves has a single federal mission and is always funded by the federal government regardless if in a drilling status or activated. When the Army National Guard is activated for overseas deployments they are then being funded by the federal government and are therefore on federal orders.

As for the difference in units/jobs, the Army National Guard is a self sustainable combat force and much like the regular army have Artillery, Calvalry Scouts, Infantry, Snipers, Strykers, Tankers, and Special Forces units as well as support elements such as Mechanics, Combat Engineers, Military Police, Military Intelligence, and Transportation. The Army Reserves is strictly a support force and does not have combat units, but does have many of the same support units as the Army National Guard.

Both Army National Guard soldiers and Army Reserves soldiers drill on a monthly basis (Typically Saturday and Sunday) which are called Military Unit Training Assemblies (MUTA) and are required to attend a two week period of active duty training once per year. Additionally, active, guard, and reserve soldiers are able to transfer into each component if approved by their command (Guard to Reserves or Guard/Reserves to Active and vise versa).

****Both are eligible for all federal benefits, but Army National Guard soldiers may be eligible for individual state benefits as well.

Now you know!

SSG Goodinformation

National Guard

National Guard

Your job is to help others and put your life-saving skills to good use. Become a Guard Soldier and serve your country and community. Start here:


Everyone please help me welcome PVT Austin Rudy to the PA Army National Guard. PVT Rudy is a 91B with CO E 128th BSB in Johnstown Pa. he is a graduate of Fort Cherry High School. He also received a $5,000 early ship bonus! Please help me welcome him to the team!

Stop and see us at The Mall at Robinson or contact SSG Macy and SSG Fuller(814) 440-4982(412) 807-1061

Stop and see us at The Mall at Robinson or contact SSG Macy and SSG Fuller

(814) 440-4982
(412) 807-1061


$5k bonus for enlistments shipping before 1 May 2018.

$20,000 bonus for enlistments into the following MOS: 11B, 88M, 92F, 19D, 11C, 13F, 13B, 92G, 19K, 91S.

Will also receive standard educational incentives such as:
FTA ($4k/year)

EAP (full tuition at any PA state school or $7482/year at PA privates schools)

GI Bill ($375/mo during academic year)

Student Loan Repayment of up to $50k


SSG Chris Macy (814) 440-4982
SSG Justin Fuller (412) 807-1061

Army National Guard Education Services

Army National Guard Education Services

It pays to lead! These ROTC Scholarships are available to select members of the #NationalGuard who are enrolled in the Simultaneous Membership Program, #ARNGeducation

Pennsylvania National Guard
Pennsylvania National Guard

Pennsylvania National Guard

The Pennsylvania National Guard is #AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere to help our fellow citizens and civilian authorities in an emergency.

National Guard

National Guard

You will never regret reaching your goal. You will only regret giving up and not trying harder. If you're curious about what the Guard has to offer, send us a message or comment below.


100 Robinson Center Drive
Pittsburgh, PA

General information

The National Guard, which traces its origins to 1636, is a reserve military component of the U.S. Army. National Guard members are citizen-soldiers, who serve in the military while maintaining their civilian lives.


(814) 440-4982


Job Training, College Scholarships, Enlistment Bonuses and much more!


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The March For The Fallen is a memorial ruck march that honors the Pennsylvania Soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice in battle. Please consider signing up for the 28 mile ruck march, the 14 miler, or the 5k. Come witness and participate in this salute to our heroes.