Save Pocatello Mail Processing Center

Save Pocatello Mail Processing Center This is a part of bigger attempt to help save the United States Postal Service ....but ALSO Eastern Idaho Pocatello, Idaho and Eastern Idaho as a whole has a strong possiblitly of losing its competitive edge when it comes to our mail service......this is a way folks can help and recieve valuable information, thats factual, so everyone is on the same page


Well folks....Idaho State Journal published a letter to the editor to help us out and so did the Post register (idaho falls) and as well as the standard journal (rexburg) so i hope we get a lil more turn out to fight this......keep telling folks to show up to the meeting tomorrow night...the MORE SUPPORT we get the better off we are!!!!


Alright folks we got about two days before the big meeting so try to get as many folks as you can there!!! Need moms, dads, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives folks you know !!! need as many folks as possible :) here we go


Howdy folks!....still growing so it seems the word is getting out...make sure you keep forwarding this page if you would please.....and let folks know around eastern idaho and your home towns that the meeting is Thurs. Dec 1st, 2011 at 6pm at Goranson hall on the ISU there and make plans to be there!!!!!!!

Who knows how long the main office over on clark has been in that facility?? I know for sure the 22 years I've been here...

Who knows how long the main office over on clark has been in that facility?? I know for sure the 22 years I've been here in Poky its been there...anyone know the exact time frame?
I want to release the info about the main office going up for sale at.......

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Alright folks....heres the scoop, the main office on 720 clark st. is recently up for can find that at the financial, this begs the questions of where the mail carriers will be housed at??? Its simple, here at the Processing Plant and the PROCESING PLANT WILL BE HOUSED IN SLC UT.....we need to get loud and as active as possible!!! Whos IN???? were runningout of time to get the message out!


First heres a list of al he area papers....
Pocatello...Idaho State Journal....Fired off letter to editor Nov 18th,2011
Pocatello...Idaho State Bengal
Idaho Falls....Post Register
Blackfoot...Blackfoot Morning News
Rexburg.....Standard Journal
Salmon...Recorder Herald
Preston...Preston Citizen
Soda Springs... Caribou County Sun
Ashton/St. Anth....Hreald Chronical
Montpelier...The News Examiner
American falls...PowerCounty Press
Malad ....The Idaho Eteprise
Aberdeen....The Aberdeen times
Fort Hall...Sho-Ban News
Eastern Idaho Thrifty Nickle.....Bought and Paid for an AD in this....Joe Yeaman

We need to start firing letters to the editor at these respective papers WHO'S IN??
If you/your family name is from one of these hometowns let me know!....We need last names to write to these papers that people in these commuties would recongize!!! I'll Leave this up....but lets get our assignments and FIRE OFF letters to the EDITOR to these papers...I can give ya a template if ya don't know what to say.....WHO'S IN???


First of all.....we need to get not only Pocatello fired up! But also 832/834 zip codes that Pocatello mail processing heres what we can do


Hi everyone!!! 33 likes since this page was created!! Remember we need tokeep growing this .....however heres some ideas to hopefully help save our plant!!


Heading up to 30 likes now!!! Thanks for all your support.....tomorrow we get to the information and hopefully how to best attack this thing!!! So please keep helping to grow this page!! We have to get not only Pocatello but all of Eastern Idaho to fight this!!


We are growing quicker by the minute everyone please keep sending this on!!! Going to start to add info tomorrow!!!


OOOOO THanks sooo MUCH Were upto 20 Keep up the good work and remember to keep sharing this page PLEASE....Information about this whole mess will soon come out and be on here!!! SO the MORE the MERRIER!! THANKS ALL!!!


Hi everyone up to 17 likes already....remember this page is to get the word if you wanna help and have that time please forward too all your friends...Thanks SOOO MUCH!!!!


Ok folks thanks for all the quick joins!!! 12 since this page has been created!!... Anyways, we need to get the word out not only to those of you on my friends lists....but also your friends on your friends list......secondly, we have to make sure that everyone that joins contacts the Postal Regulatory Commission at and as them NOT to change the service delivery standards....and also contact Rep. Simpson, Sen. Crapo and Sen. Risc and ask them to REPRESENT Idaho jobs!! that are going to go to Salt Lake City UT


Forward this Page if you would please


Thanks for the all likes so far this Morning.....Now we have to go big folks and we are going to need everyone help!!! First thing first is to send this to EVERYONE on your friends list here on facebook if you would I can update and inform with as much information to as many folks as possible!!!! Thanks for you support!!


Hi everyone!! This an attempt to help save the USPS, where many family people work and get thier living from. This is also a site that will keep folks updated about Pocatello Mail Processing plant...hopefully.....lots of information is going to be on here


1750 Flandro Dr
Pocatello, ID


(208) 220-6564


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