Boardwalk Circle

Boardwalk Circle Our neighborhood is located off of Old Porter Rd. In Portage, IN

Operating as usual


As warmer weather approaches, more and more Boardwalk residents will be out and about the Boardwalk community, especially children playing and riding bikes. Drivers please be aware and abide by the posted speed limit of 25 mph within Boardwalk. One of the most frequent complaints the board receives is speeding within Boardwalk. It is not worth the extra 10 seconds that you get home quicker, to endanger the life of another person. If you have drivers within your household that will not see this email, please take a minute to remind them that there are A LOT of children that live in Boardwalk and to please drive slowly and not be distracted while driving.
We greatly appreciate everyone doing their part to keep Boardwalk a safe place to live!


With the spring weather peaking in on us every once in awhile, we will be seeing more dogs out and about the neighborhood. Please remember to courteous and clean up after your pet. No one wants to step in dog p**p, especially when you don't even have a dog. Also, this is a friendly reminder that ALL dogs no matter how well trained or well behaved, should always be on a leash if walking around Boardwalk.

Thank so much for helping to keep Boardwalk a clean and safe place to live.


We have been notified by 2 different homeowners that their cars had been broken into/attempted to be broken into last night. Please be aware and be sure TO LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS!
Thanks and be safe.


Good Morning! I hope this post finds you all well.

As many of you know, Sonny Otano, the HOA President, moved earlier this month and resigned as HOA President.

I am taking over his position as President. I have served as the HOA Secretary/Treasurer for many years. Junanne Powers will be taking over my position. She had served on the Board previously and is returning.

Below is our contact info in case you have any questions or concerns.

Melanie Scanlan (President)
[email protected]

Junanne Powers (Secretary/Treasurer)
[email protected]

Melanie Scanlan


I would like to thank everyone for the last 7 years. It has been a pleasure serving on the board as President. I wish you all the best and many blessings to you and your families.

Sonny Otano

The City of Portage has just completed upgrading its notification system in an effort to keep residents better informed of happenings throughout the city.
We have selected Hyper-Reach to bring residents the latest information on city news, events, activities or emergencies.
Hyper-Reach is a state of the art mass notification system and will become fully operational at the end of today, replacing the city's present notification system.
Residents can register to receive notifications through a mix of telephone calls, texts and email messages. TTY/TDD service for the hearing impaired is also available.
The system sends thousands of these messages to geographically targeted households within seconds.
Enrolling in the new system is fast and easy and residents are encouraged to enroll now either by calling or texting “Alert” to (219) 203-1861 or by going to the website Residents can choose what kind of notifications they wish to receive and through which method they are delivered during enrollment.
Residents can also download the Hyper-Reach Anywhere app on their smartphone. Hyper-Reach Anywhere is a free smartphone app that allows individual citizens to manage and monitor the alerts they receive, both for their home and office addresses and for other addresses they care about such as those of elderly relatives or friends.
Landline phones are automatically enrolled for Community alerts, but Weather alerts to landline phones and Community and Weather alerts to mobile phones and email addresses are only included when people enroll.
Please take advantage of the new notification system and enroll as soon as possible.


Speed Limit & Tree Trimming Concerns:
Many Boardwalk residents have small children, and their safety, as well as the safety of all residents should be all of our concerns. It has been observed and reported multiple times that cars drive through Boardwalk clearly exceeding the posted speed limits.
Please take a minute to remind ALL drivers within your household to take extra care when driving through Boardwalk. The posted speed limit within our community is 25 mph.

In addition, it is each homeowner's responsibility to maintain the trees in front of their yards. As a courtesy to residents who walk in the neighborhood, please trim your tree branches so that no branches hang lower than 6 feet. This is for the safety of everyone.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation on these issues!


This is a friendly reminder about what parking should look like in the Boardwalk community.

1. If you have multiple cars and park some of them on the street, please park in front of your own home. It is the neighborly thing to do. A resident should not have to look out at their front yard and see cars that do not belong to them. Also, when cars are parked in front of someone else's home, it can create unsafe and difficult situations when it comes to mowing.

2. Please avoid parking on the inside curves of Boardwalk Circle. It creates unsafe driving situations for cars who pass through that area because of limited visibility. It especially creates a more dangerous situation for children in the area who may not be seen by passing drivers.

3. Please do not park on the street in front of crosswalks or block sidewalks within Boardwalk. Many people use the sidewalks of Boardwalk for recreation. When crosswalks and sidewalks are blocked this causes people to walk on lawns and use the street to get through/around, and creates especially unsafe situations for children, elderly and handicapped residents.

We appreciate your prompt attention to these matters and thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Just a remember the rules for fireworks.

Just a remember the rules for fireworks.


The mailboxes are all installed. Helpful tips:
1. Pull handle to open
2. When closing the mailbox tug upward using the handle.
3. The steel mechanism of the hinges on the mailboxes need to be loosen , it will over time.
4. Some mailboxes are sticking and for this reason please follow the helpful tips.
5. Total project cost of 47 mailboxes and 22 post installed $11,450.00.
Have a great day.... Maybe a block party next !?!?!


Hello everyone! Update on mailboxes. We have ordered the mailboxes and they should be arriving soon. Once we receive them, we will start to put them in, expect to be installed sometime in June.
Also, since originally this subdivision was to have 50 homes they installed 50 mailboxes. We only have 47 homes and we will only install 47 mailboxes. The same place where your mailboxes are at now will be the same place the new mailboxes will be installed. If you have questions please let us know. Thanks

Heads up Boardwalk Family.

Heads up Boardwalk Family.


Hello everyone. Hope all is doing well during this quarantine.
We have a special message regarding Mailboxes. We are in the process of possibly replacing the mailboxes. We will have more information regarding this in the next coming weeks. We will have a special meeting regarding this hopefully next month if we are able too. If you have any questions, or concerns please let us know. We prefer if you inbox us with the questions or concerns. You can also reach out to me on my personal cell, text or call or reach out to Melanie. This is my info. Please be safe and have a great day!

Sonny Otano


Please be cautious, we have a coyote that has been seen walking through the neighborhood. Please watch over your little ones and smaller animals. Usually coyote don't attack unless its provoked, but we still need to be aware of their presence in the area. If you see a coyote, please stay away and do not provoke it, as it may attack. If you have questions or concerns please don't hesitate to message us here. Also you can contact Portage Anilmal Control at 219-763-1825. Thank you, have a great and safe week.


We are expecting snow tonight into tomorrow. For the new people in the Subdivision, the front entrance coming into the Subdivision gets very slippery and can cause you to drift towards the sidewalks. Please drive slowly coming into the Subdivision. Thanks.


We need your help. If you would like to join the HOA board we have spots open. If your interested in helping out, please leave us a message. Thank you and have a great weekend.


The Annual Boardwalk Community Garage Sale is THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY June 7th & 8th from 9am-3pm.

We will be putting up signs to advertise. All you need to do is put your stuff out and make some $$!!!


Severe Weather Notification: Most everyone is aware of the impending weather-snow & extreme temperatures and it never hurts to have a plan in place.

The snow will begin tonight and go well into tomorrow. There are varying reports on the amount of snow (3-8 inches). Following the snow, we’ll experience record breaking frigid temperatures.

A warming center at Woodland Park (Oakwood Hall) will be open beginning at 7am on Monday (28th). The warming center will be available through Friday. Staff will be on hand until 10 pm every night. If you need the warming center after 10 pm and before 7am you will need to contact the Portage Police Department to gain access.

Also remember to move vehicles off the streets so the plows can get through easily. Check on your elderly and disabled neighbors, but if you don’t need to be out during these extreme temps please stay inside. If you need to get something, now would be a good time to get it.

If you have to travel, have some extra blankets in your car along with snacks, water, jumper cables, flashlight and an ice scraper. Also, do not leave pets outside, the impending temperatures are extremely dangerous.

Remember to charge your phone in the event you lose power and need to call 911. Your first responders (Police, Fire, Streets, EMS, Dispatch) will be out there to assist you if/when needed.

Chief Troy Williams

City of Portage Snow Plow Policy

City of Portage Snow Plow Policy


A Boardwalk Circle family reminder about snowfall.
Tomorrow we are expecting snow fall between 1-4 inches and possibly more. Please use caustion driving into and exiting out of Boardwalk. The entry into the Boardwalk when it snows, is very slippery and the dips in the roadway from Old Porter road make it more challenging to drive over. Snow plows will be out, but as you know we are the last to get plowed. We have talked to the street department of Portage of the concerns of the entry. If we do have snow fall, please do not use the retention pond area to go snow boarding, or to play in the area. If you have any questions, or concerns please let us know. Stay safe.


There has been a coyote spotted in our neighborhood, who apparently has a home nearby. Please be aware and keep your pets safe!

Merry Christmas to our Boardwalk Circle  families.  Feliz Navidad a nuestra familias de Boardwalk Circle!

Merry Christmas to our Boardwalk Circle families. Feliz Navidad a nuestra familias de Boardwalk Circle!


The HOA Board is currently working on updating ALL HOMEOWNER email addresses. We use email and Facebook as our preferred means of communication to all Homeowners. An email was sent out this morning. Please check to see if you received this email. If you DID receive it, please RESPOND TO THE EMAIL. If you DID NOT receive it, please private message us with your current email address, name and house number. Thank you!!!


Just a reminder that our
Hope to see you there.


SAVE THE DATE: Our 2018 Annual HOA Meeting will be held on Wednesday Dec 12th at 7PM at the Portage Library Conference Room.

ALL HOMEOWNERS are invited to join us at the meeting.


Hello everyone,
How many people would be interested in participating in a block party for 2019? If you would be interested please inbox us, also if you would like to help set it up, please let us know. The dead line is this Friday. If we have enough people interested, we will include it in our budget for next year. Also, we are trying to update our email system, if you can inbox us with your name and email to get that updated. Thanks.


Road Closure: We were notified by the Porter County Highway Department, that they will have Old Porter Rd closed to thru traffic for guard rail repair at the bridge, on Thursday 6/28/18 from 9am – 3pm. County will have barricades up at Adams St. and Samuelson Rd.

Movie night on the square! First night June 8th!

Movie night on the square! First night June 8th!

Interested in joining the all powerful HOA board??? ok... maybe not ALL powerful, but at least make a difference....  Me...

Interested in joining the all powerful HOA board??? ok... maybe not ALL powerful, but at least make a difference.... Message us today! We meet once a month on average and you can be a part of planning our special projects, ensuring our community is maintained, and help plan events such as our annual neighborhood garage sale! #neighborhoodpride


Alert from Indiana American Water: water will be disrupted today from 8 AM until possibly 4 PM due to work in the area. Once it's turned back on, run the faucets until the water is clear.

Important Message

Important Message


The Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale is coming up. Mark your calendars for Friday May 18th & Saturday May 19th. ANY & ALL Boardwalk residents are welcome to join in. Just get your stuff ready and put it out for sale on May 18th & 19th. No permits are needed. The HOA Board will display signs in Portage on the 18th & 19th to advertise the event.


*** Last night a total of 2 vehicles where broken into. Please lock your car doors, close your garage doors, and lock your front and rear home doors before going to bed. If you see anything suspicious call Portage Police Department non-emergency line 219-762-3122 or 911. Use caution if walking around neighborhood in dark hours. Please wear bright colors and carry flashlight with you. ***


Portage, IN


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In case anyone missed this in the mail recently.
Does anybody have no power or partial power after this storm just rolled through?
1 month later speeding continues, white pickup truck slow down before I call the cops
Who is missing their garbage cans??? Last week wind was blowing everyone’s garbage cans all over the street on garbage day (Wednesday), it has been 5 days since and there are 2 garbage cans in front of our house (1944) 🏡 that are not ours. Someone almost hit them today, and I think wanted to complain about it, thinking they were ours, so the frantic doorbell woke up both of my kids from their naps. Can HOA please pick up those 2 garbage cans that are on the side of the street in front of 1944 Boardwalk Cir? Thank you!
This is the best!! How fun!
Anyone knows this sweet kitty? He/she seems domesticated and friendly keeps coming by our house every few days.
I was just wondering if anybody's basement dump pump has been running a lot lately because of water in the your croc??? I have never heard mine come on at all until last week and now I can hear a constant flow of water going from the one croc to the other? I dont know if that road work has anything to do with it or not but any help in trying to understand what's going on would be appreciated
Is someone missing a dog?
Nevermind all good
This kitty has been coming for food, then might have been hiding under our deck. Young, very shy and scared, found on Boardwalk subdivision in Portage.
small black cat with white feet and chest by the hill, seems very hungry, but too shy to come in, anyone is looking for him / her?
When's the next meeting