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For ALL Portage Township Residents:

For ALL Portage Township Residents:

Brendan Clancy, Portage Township Trustee announced the Bonner Senior Center will be open for cooling and internet service beginning Thursday, Aug. 13 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day until power is restored to Portage Township residents.
“In addition to dealing with COVID-19, and families settling back into virtual school, our residents have now been met with the new challenges of power outages after Monday’s wind storm. We are here to help Portage Township residents weather the storm”, said Clancy.
The center, 5800 Lexington Ave., Portage, will serve as a cooling center and families will have access to the internet for school needs, power to charge phones, etc. Minors 16 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult and everyone is required to wear a mask and socially distance.
The Portage Township Food Pantry, 3590 Willowcreek Road, will be open daily, to help Portage Township families who have lost food due to the power outage. Distribution will take place daily from noon to 3 p.m. until power is restored. Families are encouraged to bring a cooler for perishable items.
Other locations within the township with internet service for Portage Township Schools students are Portage Township School Corporation and Woodland Park. The Portage Township School Corporation has free internet access outside of all their schools and Woodland Park, 2100 Willowcreek Road, also has internet access available. Masks and social distancing are required at Woodland Park. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Contact the Portage Township Trustee’s office at 219-762-1623 or portagetrustee.org and facebook.com/portagetownship.

Portage Township School Corporation

Portage Township School Corporation

If you need Wi-Fi access following this week's storm, there are options available.

All PTS schools offer sidewalk-to-sidewalk Wi-Fi access. Park in the lots, bring your chairs, and practice social distancing while you complete your work.

Woodland Park is open to provide Wi-Fi access to those who need it. Visitors must wear masks and practice social distancing. Children must be accompanied by an adult. This is available on a first come, first served basis.

Please use these option in lieu on visiting the Portage Police Station at this time. The PTS and Woodland Park options are move conducive to a healthy environment, and we want to ensure our city police officers remain healthy as well.


Portage Police Department (Indiana)

Here's an option for our families still without power. Please read the post from our police department.

The Sycamore room at Woodland Park is now open for students who are still without power. The Park Department has WiFi and they are setting up tables for students to ensure social distancing. MASKS are REQUIRED for everyone entering the building and must remain on. A parent will need to stay at the Park Department with any child under 16 years of age.


We are aware of the many Portage residents who are still without power. Please know we are in constant contact with NIPSCO and have relayed our frustration with the delay in restoring power to you. Unfortunately, due to the severity of Monday's storms and the amount of damage suffered to our entire region, it is going to be a few days before all households will regain service. Below is the latest update from NIPSCO:

UPDATE: Outage Update at 1:30pm. CT, August 12, 2020 (Next Update at 4:30 p.m. CT) Portage currently has 1181 affected customers.

NIPSCO crews, along with 300 additional line workers from mutual aid assistance, continue to work around the clock to repair damage and restore power after Monday’s severe storm. Approximately 85% of customers affected have been restored, as we work to restore the remaining 14,700 customers, which is down from the estimated 95,000 total customers who have been affected.

Monday’s storm brought heavy winds – some gusts reaching up to 80 mph – that downed trees, poles and power lines across our service area. The widespread damage has left many individual repairs that need to be made including removing trees from lines and replacing broken poles.

Crews continue to assess damage and make repairs in order to restore service. If you see a truck driving by your house or neighborhood, please note that the assessment process requires our crews to move around to find the source of the outage. An outage affecting your home may call for a repair needed down the street or in another part of your neighborhood. Rest assured, even if you don’t see our trucks, our crews are focused on finding and fixing your outage as quickly and safely as possible.

Based on current information, we expect nearly all customers to be restored by Friday evening, with some extending into Saturday. We will provide updated information on restoration times by community as the event progresses. We recommend customers make the plans necessary to keep themselves and their families safe during this time frame.

We understand that any service outage is an inconvenience and thank you for your understanding during our restoration efforts.

Safety First – Stay Away from Downed Power Lines
Most important to your safety is to avoid downed power lines, damaged poles or other hazardous situations. Every downed wire should be treated as though it is a live wire.

Restoration Process
Following an assessment of the damage, NIPSCO’s restoration process begins with repairing large transmission and distribution lines that supply electricity to large numbers of customers in large geographic areas – including critical customers such as hospitals and emergency response. Repairs to other lines that serve smaller groups of customers can’t be made until the larger lines feeding electricity to those areas are repaired.

When crews work on damaged trees during storms, they focus on repairs that are critical to our facilities and to restoring power and do not clean up or remove branches and debris that may be left behind. Contact your local municipal officials for more information on storm debris disposal.

The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana will host a Mobile Market tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 12 at Real Life Church.Please see...

The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana will host a Mobile Market tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 12 at Real Life Church.
Please see the flyer for details.

Portage Streets and Sanitation

Some advice from our street and sanitation department.

Tree/Limb/Brush Pickup Due to the August 10 Storm

The Street Department uses specialized equipment to retrieve brush and limbs. This equipment at times is very hard to maneuver around some streets due to parked vehicles, radius turns and narrow passages of the layout of some roads. Be careful in selecting a location for limb and brush pickup, this will greatly reduce any possibility for an incident of residential, personal or city property damage.

 The area between the curb and sidewalk (easement area) is the best place for limbs.

 Do not place limbs under low hanging service electrical lines or tree limbs.

 Do not place limbs near objects such as electrical boxes, hydrants, mailboxes, poles, vehicles, etc.

 Parked vehicles in front of your limb pile will always prohibited service pick up.

 Please cut down your limbs maximum length of eight feet and placed neatly at the easement area.

 Limbs and brush cannot be combined with any man made material or garbage.

 This severe storm event has increased limb/tree volumes and your route may see delays in pickup services, please be patient in these situations.

We will be routing ZONE 01 (Monday Trash Route) for limb pickup. Four grapple trucks and a Misc crew will be working this area. once this ZONE is complete, we will continue to ZONE 02.

Thank you for your advance cooperation.

Here’s the Portage Township Schools meal plan during virtual learning.

Here’s the Portage Township Schools meal plan during virtual learning.

Portage Township Schools Food Service and Transportation departments are proud to make Mobile Meals available to all Portage Township Schools students throughout Virtual Learning. Students may purchase meals at a bus stop near their home from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday starting Wednesday, August 12. See the flyer below for more information and visit our website at https://www.portage.k12.in.us/back_to_school_plan/mobile_meals for routes, stops, menus, the meal pre-order form, and more. #PortageProud

Portage Streets and Sanitation

Portage Streets and Sanitation

Road closure alert for Portage.... check for updates

County line Road just north of Stone Avenue ... NIPSCO

Blake south of Central ..... NIPSCO

Please avoid these areas and use alternate routes

Photo: looking North on Countyline Road from Stone Ave.

Airport Road is closed at the entrance to the Hidden Waters neighborhood due to a downed power line. Samuelson Road betw...

Airport Road is closed at the entrance to the Hidden Waters neighborhood due to a downed power line.

Samuelson Road between US6 and Robbins Road is closed due to a downed tree. Please use McCool as an alternate.

Good afternoon, this is Portage Fire Chief Tim Sosby. The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm WARN...

Good afternoon, this is Portage Fire Chief Tim Sosby. The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm WARNING for Porter County until 5 pm. It is expected to hit our area around 4:30 pm. This storm has brought heavy rain and wind gusts between 70 and 100 miles per hour.

Portage Fire Department is urging all people to avoid travel during these times and would like to provide these safety tips to everyone affected by this storm.

- Unplug all unnecessary electrical devices such as computers, T.V.’s and cell phone chargers. These devices can cause sparks and fires during a lightning strike.

- If safe to do so, secure all lawn and patio furniture as they can be blown away and become hazards.

- Stay inside and only go outside if absolutely necessary. If you are not in a building, stay in your vehicle if possible.

- Stay away from all downed power lines. All lines should be considered live until the electric company can prove otherwise.

- Close all windows in your home. Blinds, shades and curtains should be closed to protect against the possibility of broken glass.

- Make sure all doors are secured tightly.

Please everyone be patient until these potentially dangerous storms pass. They are fast moving storms that will move through the area quickly. Thank you and please stay safe.

Dangerous storms approaching our area with damaging straight line winds. Please stay alert, charge your cell phones, and...

Dangerous storms approaching our area with damaging straight line winds. Please stay alert, charge your cell phones, and prepare for possible power outages.

Extremely dangerous line of storms will move rapidly across northern IL over the next couple of hours. Widespread 70 to 100 mph winds are likely w/these storms that are moving at 70 mph!! Do not wait for the storms to arrive to seek shelter, get indoors BEFORE storms arrive!

Important severe weather information from the National Weather Service. Please stay alert this afternoon and evening for...

Important severe weather information from the National Weather Service.

Please stay alert this afternoon and evening for potentially dangerous severe weather moving into our area.

A particularly dangerous situation has developed with severe storms moving into northern Illinois / Indiana between 1 & 7 PM CDT; strong wind gusts up to 100 MPH are possible, along with large hail and a possible tornado or two. Please prepare accordingly by securing outside items like lawn furniture or trashcans!

Portage FD Water Rescue, Search and Recovery Team

Portage FD Water Rescue, Search and Recovery Team

Today while on patrol, Portage Dive members found an occupied float drifting alone out on the lake. After retrieving the occupants, dive members were notified that the boat pulling the float was having mechanical problems and were unsure as to why the line towing the float detached allowing them to drift away. Occupants were returned safely as Marine 1 and 2 remained on scene until help arrived to tow the disabled boat.

Not unlike a lot of young adults, Gina Giese-Hurst left Portage shortly after her graduation from Portage High School in...

Not unlike a lot of young adults, Gina Giese-Hurst left Portage shortly after her graduation from Portage High School in 1985.
She and her husband, Jamie, pursued their careers across the country.
But there was something about home that called them back.
"Family brought us back and I'm thankful. The friends you have in the community are your family," said Giese-Hurst, the Portage City Council 1st District representative.
Initially, her family settled in her great-grandfather's home on County Line Road, but about 10 years ago, they moved to their present home on Dombey Road. It had been her parents' home where she grew up.
A radiology technician for 30 years, Giese-Hurst began to get involved, She volunteered with the Portage Resale Shop and worked with youth groups through her church.
Last year, she said, she knew she wanted to do more for her community and she decided to run for City Council.
"This side of town is my passion. I'm here to listen. This is my community," she said.
"My goal is to listen to my community. I've grown to appreciate the history of this area and I want to move it forward," said Giese-Hurst.
She has been working with city officials and volunteers to bring new life to the former Garyton school building on Central Avenue. Once slated for demolition, preliminary plans call for it to be resurrected into a community center and gathering place.
"So many things could happen. It would be a safe place for kids, a place for seniors. I want to see the youth and elders merge together," she said.
A consulting group is expected to present a preliminary vision and cost estimates on what the building could become to the city's Redevelopment Commission next month.
Another project in the 1st district she'd like to tackle is the installation of sidewalks to not only provide safe transit for residents, but to provide community connections across the city.
Job development is also important to Giese-Hurst, offering youngsters, who once like her wanted to leave the city, a reason to stay and make Portage their forever home.
"Our town is our family, our family is our town," she said. "I want to make this a family town."

Portage Police Department (Indiana)

Portage Police Department (Indiana)

Motor Vehicle Collision on Airport Road

We’ve received a few requests for information regarding the vehicle crash and subsequent power outage occurring last night around midnight on Airport Road.

At approximately 12:30am officers responded to the 3100 block of Airport Road in reference to several 911 calls reporting a single vehicle crash resulting in a roll over. The involved vehicle left the roadway for undetermined reasons and struck three utility poles, shearing one in half and causing minor damage to the other two. This resulted in lines down and a power outage. Upon arrival officers located one vehicle on its roof with the driver still inside. The driver, a thirty year old male, was extricated by Portage Fire Department personnel and transported to a trauma center via University of Chicago Medicine Aeromedical Network (UCAN) helicopter. Despite sustaining serious injuries the driver is expected to survive. The collision remains under investigation as no statements could be obtained from the driver at that time.

During this original crash response Airport Road was closed between Robbins Road and Monda Avenue. Then at approximately 12:51am a southbound vehicle disregarded four police vehicles with emergency lights activated that were blocking Airport road and drove into the crash scene. Officers were able to get this second vehicle stopped a few yards away from the fire department apparatus before a second collision could occur. The driver was identified as Tatyana Schmitt (21 years old) of Portage. Ms. Schmitt failed several field sobriety tests and ultimately tested at a .291% blood alcohol concentration. Ms. Schmitt was taken to the hospital and medically cleared for jail. Ms. Schmitt is being held pending bond at the Porter County Jail on several enhanced charges of driving while intoxicated due to her high BAC level and endangering first responders working the scene of the original crash.

Shout out to all the Portage residents who have completed the 2020 Census form.You are helping us bring home our share o...

Shout out to all the Portage residents who have completed the 2020 Census form.
You are helping us bring home our share of the more than $600 billion in federal dollars distributed each year to communities based on Census numbers.
But, if you want to bring more of your federal tax dollars home for your police and fire departments, schools and parks, let's boost that number.
It would be wonderful if we could reach an 85 percent response rate by the time the Census ends Sept. 30.
Census takers are out knocking doors, but if you'd rather, you can fill out your Census form online or by telephone.
Visit the 2020 Census website at 2020census.gov for more information.

Portage police are looking for your help.

Portage police are looking for your help.

We are trying to identify the subjects and the vehicles in these pictures, they were involved in the burglary at Zip Foods 1856 Samuelson on August 2nd 2020 at approximately 3:00 am. We have several photos taken from video that show the two suspects breaking the door/window and going inside of the business. There is a second white vehicle involved that circled the area and acted as a lookout. If you think you may know something about this crime. Please contact Detective Garzella at 219-764-5710. Thank you


6070 Central Ave
Portage, IN

General information

The City of Portage Indiana is a City of Pride. Mayor: Sue Lynch Clerk Treasurer: Nina Rivas The City currently has 7 City Council Members including: Council At-Large: Debbie Podgorski Council At-Large: Ferdinand Alvarez First District: Gina Giese-Hurst Second District: Patrick Clem Third District: Scott Williams Fourth District: Brian Gulley Fifth District: Collin Czilli


(219) 762-5425


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I applied for a building permit 25 days ago. When I dropped off the application the lady said it would take 15 to 20 days to process. I called on Thursday 8-8-20 and asked about the status of my permit. The lady I talked to was very nice and stated that someone should be calling me later that afternoon. No one called. I called again late on Friday 8-9-20. The lady I talked to was very rude. I told her I was calling about the status of my permit. She asked has anyone called you and I said no. She said then obviously it's not ready. I told her about my call the day before, she said well because of Covid-19 people were taking things home to work on over the weekend. I said well I ran into the same problem last year when I put up a fence and there was no Covid-19. It's not a multi-million dollar apartment complex, a house, or even a garage. It's a shed. What an inept city department!
Does anyone remember the A&W or Jerry Lewis theatre ?
Sirens blazing, horns honking. That is how people who work midnights and live on Lexington Ave were awaken several times this morning. Was there a fire or emergency? No, a celebration. Where is the respect for those living in this neighborhood?
Where could one find more information on running for the school board in Portage?
All this so called road Construction crap on Willowcreek is messed up it's causing traffic backup with the way they're doing it. It would have been better off if they would have closed Willowcreek off to do it all at once. The way they are doing it now is doing nothing but causing headaches and is one giant cluster f***
Juat a heads up portage residents. In front of (La cabaña) a sink hole is forming near sewer may wanna look At getting fixed.
I pray over our city, states and countries that we get through the virus, and God is over all of the decisions and guides our leaders into making good decisions for our lands, people, families and children. Our children are our future.
Are we under a ‘boil’ order?
New stop sign needed. When coming out of the national park you cross over Burns waterway. The sign to stop there is bleached out to white!
Do we have any rules about where on a residential lot a large RV may be parked? Some cities do not allow storage beyond the front edge of the house. There is a large 5th wheel trailer parked on Wyandot Ave the nearly extends to the front sidewalk.
6y666 i 66
A motor cycle gang has taken over our neighborhood and has been allowed to continue to operate illegal motorcycles that have modified exhaust systems for the purpose making them louder. My meter registered their sound at 122 dBA. (Violation of Portage Code of Ordinance CHAPTER 42 Article II SEC 42-32 (a)) They rev these machines to unnecessary levels when accelerating rapidly through our streets, that may occur dozens of times a day, and even when slowing or stopped. (Also violation of same section 42-32 (b)) They rip through our streets at night (11:32 last night) and wake up the neighborhood. Dogs bark, cats run around our homes in a panic. Those with heart conditions and vertigo issues wake to chest pain and dizziness and that is just counting myself and two immediate neighbors. When speaking to an elderly neighbor he will hear them coming and grab onto whatever is close so he doesn’t fall over from the effect the unreasonably loud noise has on his condition. Portage Police refuse to take our calls on these people seriously from the first week they took over our block driving recklessly and threatening us with a firearm for asking them to be respectful to their neighbors. After roughly three years of calling Portage police on this matter, they have allowed them to not just keep these motorcycles (which is prohibited under Indiana Code 9-19-8-4.) but to continue the illegal operation of them in our neighborhood and our streets. The morale risk this created has greatly increased the problem as they are now above the law and our neighborhood has become increasingly unpleasant. Everyday there is talk about how dangerous this place has become and how much people miss Portage. You see, when this started there was a Portage Police Officer that lived across the street from these people and due to the reputation of Portage police allowing such behavior, they decided to put it to the test. What they found was they truly could do whatever they want and that law enforcement in our town don’t care about Portage enough to lift a finger to protect it. What I request is for action to be taken on matters such as this and that Portage Police are made aware of the negative impact that have on this town when they refuse to enforce basic laws and regulations and even encourage illegal activities. We have a right to the Portage we once called home and to have a law enforcement to protect it. As a personal note, I would like to make known that I moved away from Lake Station to Portage to escape people who practice behaviors such as this. To have peace and being able to live a life without the feeling of dread and anxiety was nice. For my own local law enforcement to invite it into our town and rob us of the peace we worked hard to protect is unacceptable.