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Happy Indpendance Day to all. Please be safe and have a Great Day


New Jail opening is June 2nd. A huge thanks to all that made this happen. The County Judge and Qurom Court and the county residents who understood the need and are sacrificing their hard earned dollars to pay for it, All the contracters and most especially the Sheriffs office for having a vision and drive to not give up and to see it through. I have personally witnessed how hard Sheriff Martin and his team have worked through this entire process to reach this reality. Thank you so much


If you need to get in touch with your county or city officials go the
County website at It has our couny officials and links to all others including the Schools, the Chamber and several businesses. If you would like a link added to the page for your business or have any suggestions send me an email at [email protected] call me at 870-826-0014. Each county office has its own links to the colletors pay online, District court to pay on fines and the Assessor has Data Scout to look up personal and real property.
Ricky Reyenga


This is an attempt from my feeble little mind to explain a General Primary Election. A primary election is solely for electing one candidate from each party affiliate to participate in the November General Election.
So all Republican candidates will be shown on a Republican Ballot. All Democratic candidates will be on a Democratic Ballot. We do not have any Independent Candidates or Green Tea ect... We do have Non-Partisan Candidates that show on all ballots as required by law. (Non-Partisan is Judicial postions)
Now all that being said, my point is this; if all local candidates have filed as Democrats in a general primary election they will only be on the Democratic ballot for that election. Remember you are picking one candidate per each Political Party to Advance to the November General Election. Each candidate that filed for office decided which Party they want to Affiliate with. Arkansas has open elections. What this means is how you registered is not how you have to vote. You could have registered Democrat but vote Republican or vice versa. In the primary you can only vote one party line. However, in the November General Election you may vote for one Republican Candidate in one race and a Democrate in another.
At no time in ANY ELECTION do you have to vote for a candidate you do not wish to vote for. Simply leave that race blank and it will be an undervote. Which means no one got that vote.
I hope this clears up a General Primary and a General Election somewhat. The Laws that govern the Election are Title 7 of the Arkansas Code.
If you have any questions feel free to call me at 870-826-0014
I am the Election Coordinator for the County and work directly for the Election Commission.
We hope everyone will come out and vote.
Ricky Reyenga


The Little Rock Vet Center has a Mobile Vet Center (MVC) to provide outreach to the veterans in our county and anyone from surrounding counties as well. The Mission of the Readjustment Counseling Services is to provide information to Veterans in far-reaching rural areas on the service the Little Rock Vet Center has to offer. They are as followed: Individual Readjustment counseling, Group counseling, Military Sexual Trauma counseling, Bereavement counseling, Marital and Family counseling, Referrals, Substance Abuse Information and Referral, Community Education and Liaison with Community Agencies.
I have attached a picture of the van it will be in Nevada County FEB 24 from 10 am until 2pm. Any Veteran from any county is welcome . The Van will be stationed across from the courthouse on the Vacant lot. The Courthouse address is 215 E. 2nd Street, Prescott, AR 71857

Thanks and if you have anymore questions please let me know at 870-826-0014

Ricky Reyenga

Nevada County Veterans Service Officer


Poll worker Certification Training will be on 01 FEB 2016 at 6:00 P.M. at the Nevada County Courthouse. All poll workers or anyone wishing to become a Poll Worker must attend this Certification Training.


Dang i am losing it meant to say full of promise and inspiration.


Hello All Hope 2016 has started full of promise and hope.
Don't forget the Quorum Court meets this evening at 4:30.


The Nevada County Courthouse will be Closed Thursday 24 DEC 2015 and Friday 25 DEC 2015 for Christmas. On behalf of all the Nevada County Staff, I wish all of You a very merry and safe holidays.


The courthouse is looking grat for? christmas thanks to all sonsoring the trees outside and all the ladies for their hard work on the inside LLOOKS AWESOME


i want to wish all a very happy and safe holiday season.may god bless those who are suffering and give them the guidence and strength to get you through you hard time. give yourselk to G od and and he will guide you through.


Citizens of Nevada county fell free to post your feelings about the local events of late


The courthouse will be semi closed Monday Oct 12. By that I mean circuit court will be in session from 9 until completed. I will be on hand during this time and can assess your taxes or collect taxes as best I can. Please try to bring check or correct amounts if possible. Change will be very limited due to banks being closed. I will b there at 8 am and will remain until the court session has completed. I have no idea how long that will be but maybe will help some


The local national guard armory has survived this years cuts.
Everyone needs to keep pressure on our State Representatives and Senators to keep our local Armory and call our federal officials as well this is extremely important to our local economy


215 E 2nd St S
Prescott, AR

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 16:30
Tuesday 08:00 - 16:30
Wednesday 08:00 - 16:30
Thursday 08:00 - 16:30
Friday 08:00 - 16:30


(870) 887-5821


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