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The William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations Encouraging statewide leaders to take courageous action on North Carolina's most pressing issues through civil dialogue and by engaging across differences.



Hi Friends - how about a little good news for today?! We will be LIVE streaming our MerleFest 2012 Watson and Cabin stage sets during April 23 - 26. This was Doc's last year performing and their are some pretty amazing sets to see. We are so excited to bring this to our fans. Grab a lawn chair, gather your friends (at a safe distance), and get ready to relive some Music, Moments, and Memories!

The Root
The Root

The Root

To mark Earth Day 2020, NYUAD, in partnership with Carolina Performing Arts, CAP UCLA, and Singapore International Festival of the Arts, is streaming Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower – The Concert Version today, Wednesday, April 22 at 12 p.m. ET:

The On Being Project
The On Being Project

The On Being Project

We’ve created a new content care package, this time for those in the health care community. We hope this selection of poems, podcasts, and meditations might offer a brief respite to those working — in myriad ways — to care for others during this crisis.

“...The great globe reels in the solar fire,Spinning the trivial and unique away.(How all things flash!  How all thing f...
Calmly We Walk through This April’s Day by… | Poetry Foundation

“...The great globe reels in the solar fire,
Spinning the trivial and unique away.
(How all things flash! How all thing flare!)
What am I now that I was then?
May memory restore again and again
The smallest color of the smallest day:
Time is the school in which we learn,
Time is the fire in which we burn.”

Full poem “Calmly We Walk Through This April’s Day” below

Calmly we walk through this April’s day,

NC Department of Natural & Cultural Resources

NC Department of Natural & Cultural Resources

On April 15, 1960, about 150 student leaders from 10 states met at Shaw University in Raleigh for the “Southwide Leadership Conference on Nonviolent Resistance to Segregation.” The meeting took place just two months after the Woolworth sit-ins in Greensboro had launched the protest effort.

The session was designed to consolidate isolated sit-in efforts and map strategy. It was organized by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference whose executive director, Ella Baker (pictured here), was a Shaw graduate. The conference created the “Temporary Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee” headquartered in Atlanta.

The weekend’s keynote speaker, the Reverend James Lawson of Nashville, criticized established older groups such as the NAACP for moving too slowly and acting too conservatively. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to a large group in Memorial Auditorium, urging students to adopt the nonviolent philosophy of Ghandi and face jail time for peaceful protest if necessary.

SNCC members were the “shock troops” and frontline leaders in the civil rights movement, especially in Mississippi in the summer of 1964. John Hope Franklin called them “probably the most courageous and the most selfless” of the civil rights workers.

The On Being Project
The On Being Project

The On Being Project

We’re in a season of renewal in the natural world and in spiritual traditions; both Easter and Passover this year are utterly transformed. It’s drawing us back to the wisdom of Br. David Steindl-Rast (founder of A Network for Grateful Living), who makes useful distinctions around experiences that are life-giving and resilience-making, yet can feel absurd to speak of in a moment like this.

International Leadership Association

International Leadership Association

Discussing the current global crisis, Kathleen E. Allen Leading from the Roots looks at how a whole systems approach to leadership would enable both/and thinking, data-driven decisions, & cooperation vs competition. Read ILA's latest blog in our "Leadership for the Greater Good: Reflections on the 2020 Pandemic" series:

WEAll - Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Ackland Art Museum, UNC-Chapel Hill

Ackland Art Museum, UNC-Chapel Hill

Color our collection!

We're excited to share the Ackland's first-ever coloring book! This free, printable, 14-page packet includes 12 works from the Ackland's permanent collection. Find it here, along with our other new resources to use at home:

Can't print? Let us mail you one for free (limited quantity available).

Want to follow some different data?  Check out the 2020 Census self-response rates at the link below.  When checking in ...

Want to follow some different data? Check out the 2020 Census self-response rates at the link below. When checking in with folks on the phone, you can share this info from the NC State Demographer in the pic below to increase self-response rates now and decrease the need for in-person follow up later this year.

The Royal Family

A leadership message from a head of state an ocean away

"We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again."

Her Majesty The Queen addresses the UK and the Commonwealth in a special broadcast recorded at Windsor Castle.

North Carolina State Parks and Recreation

North Carolina State Parks and Recreation

North Carolina Symphony

North Carolina Symphony

Our music education mission remains constant—we’ve released a virtual North Carolina Symphony Education Concert and its companion Student Book, to support teachers engaging their students with online resources and parents continuing their children’s education at home. These educational materials are available free of charge for anyone and everyone worldwide!

Access with password 1932 >>

NC Department of Natural & Cultural Resources

Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery at Coretta Scott King's funeral

RIP Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery - his opening words at Coretta Scott King’s funeral - “How marvelous that presidents and governors come to mourn and praise, but in the morning... will words become deeds that meet needs?” And so much more...

"We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there [standing ovation]... but Coretta kew and we know that there are weapons of misdirection ri...

North Carolina Museum of Art

North Carolina Museum of Art

In this first edition of NCMA Recommends, our new weekly series inspired by the visitor favorites you submit, we offer some new ways to engage with an iconic NCMA work of art from anywhere. This week's pick: North Carolina artist Thomas Sayre's "Gyre," 1999.

"Gyre": How do you say it? Soft g. Think gyration. Gyre, as a verb, means to spin, revolve, or whirl. As a noun, it means a circular or spiral form: a ring or vortex. The rings of the NCMA’s "Gyre" have inspired lovers for decades. Some romantics have even popped the question in front of North Carolina artist Thomas Sayre’s popular outdoor sculpture. As the adventure of marriage can be a whirlwind, we like this connection.

Explore related music, poetry, films, guided meditations, and more at And head to our Instagram Story for an exclusive interview with Sayre.

#NCMArecommends #ArtNaturePeople

Mindful Christianity Today

Mindful Christianity Today

NC Oral Health Collaborative
NC Oral Health Collaborative

NC Oral Health Collaborative

Oral health emergencies won’t disappear during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we must take steps to reduce strain on our emergency departments and meet our communities' needs. Find urgent oral health practice sites near you with our interactive access map

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Take a virtual tour of the Naturalist Center, an extensive collection of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects, plants, fossils, rocks, minerals and MORE! 🔎✨ Explore one of our most popular spaces from home:

Steven Charleston

Steven Charleston

One of the things I have learned over so many years of service to the Spirit is to look fear in the eye. I can do that because if it comes to a test of wills between us, I know which one of us is stronger. Fear is real because it grows from what is real: real suffering, real loss, real death. But it is never as strong as faith: real courage, real compassion, real love. It may overwhelm, for the moment, but it can never overcome. Yes, the struggle with fear is one of the hardest challenges we face. No point pretending otherwise. But it is a contest we have won before, can win now, and will keep winning because fear will never look hope in the eye. It is a bully. It will look away and, in time, it will run. Stand your ground, people of faith, and let your hope stare fear down whenever it raises its head.

North Carolina Museum of Art

North Carolina Museum of Art

See the latest segment of our documentary with UNC-TV about the newly acquired King Saul statue. It is drawing visitors from near and far—just like this Englishman with a special connection to the masterpiece. Get a reminder to tune into the full documentary by joining King Saul: Mad King of the Museum UNC TV Debut event!

Need resources learning about NC history - esp for the 4th and 8th grade curriculum- at home?  Or just for fun?  Check o...
The Earl Scruggs Center

Need resources learning about NC history - esp for the 4th and 8th grade curriculum- at home? Or just for fun? Check out the resources at The Earl Scruggs Center online! H/t Blue Ridge Music Trails

Did you know the Earl Scruggs Center has online resources for learning about regional musicians and storytellers? Dig in to our Musicians and Storytellers page to learn more!

Rural Forward NC

Rural Forward NC

Updates on Meals for Kids During COVID-19 School Closures in North Carolina compiled by No Kid Hungry NC. This list is about school meals. Other food resources might be available in your area. Start by finding your local food bank.

North Carolina Museum of History
North Carolina Museum of History

North Carolina Museum of History

Created by our BEYOND The Exhibits team, our Videos on Demand bring history to life through conversations with historians across North Carolina, and narrative and documentary films, based on primary sources, which explore the people, things, and events of our past that together help tell the stories of the Tar Heel State!

Shared by Friday Fellow Lana Dial (Class of 1997)
Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free

Shared by Friday Fellow Lana Dial (Class of 1997)

The 8 Ivy League schools are among the most prestigious colleges in the world. They include Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia universities, and the University of Pennsylvania. All eight schools place in the top fifteen of the U.S. News and World Report national univer...

Friday Fellow Michelle Pearson is leading Black Box Dance Theatre in the continuation of work from last year’s partnersh...

Friday Fellow Michelle Pearson is leading Black Box Dance Theatre in the continuation of work from last year’s partnership with Wildacres Leadership Initiative. Last night a preview was held in Raleigh. Read more in the photos and see where the events will take place across North Carolina in spring 2021.

Pauli Murray Project

Pauli Murray Project

Pauli envisioned a society where everyone - no matter their background - can feel included and valued. She envisioned a society where everyone can live in wholeness, where they can fully be and embraced the totality of who they are. Pauli did not see exclusion as a form of rejection, she saw it as a way to give more love and strive for more inclusivity. Let us continue to do Pauli’s work including all of our brothers and sisters, especially the most marginalized groups of people.

The News & Observer

Hear a bit about Gates County in northeastern North Carolina - one of NC’s 100 counties

1 stop light. No McDonalds. No Walmart. No Starbucks. So how does a county like Gates work towards attracting a younger population?

Reagon 7

3 minutes of timeless wisdom for people of all ages from Bernice Johnson Reagon -- Some of her writings were part of the recommended reading for the most recent Friday Fellowship class.

Steven Charleston

Steven Charleston

We may ask our ancestors to tell us what is to come, thinking that they can see it more clearly than we, and surely they would tell us if they could. But they are silent. It is not for us to know the future any more than it is for them to presume on the plan of the Spirit. No, the answer always comes: do not worry about what will happen next, but rather look to what is happening now. For it is in how well we mind this moment, this time of discontent and challenge, with the full attention of our intellect and the full commitment of our souls, that will shape the change to come. The ancestors know. We are not to see the future, but to create it.

International Civil Rights Center & Museum

International Civil Rights Center & Museum

The International Civil Rights Center & Museum celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Greensboro Sit-Ins. On this day, Franklin McCain, David Richmond, Ezell Blair Jr. and Joseph McNeil courageously sat down in protest of the “whites only” lunch counter of the Greensboro Woolworth. Their actions would spark the non-violent Sit-In Movement that would spread like wildfire. The Sit-Ins would serve as a catalyst of change during the Civil Rights Movement. To learn more about the legacy of the Sit-In Movement and Civil Rights history, make a visit to the International Civil Rights Museum today.

"I have found that without organizations, coalitions, and leadership teams, there is no collective strategy or accountab...
Ella Baker’s Radical Democratic Vision

"I have found that without organizations, coalitions, and leadership teams, there is no collective strategy or accountability. An independent or freelance activist may share their opinion, and it may be an informed one, but if these words are not spoken in consultation or conversation with people on the ground, they are limited as a representation of a movement’s thinking and work."
--Barbara Ransby writing about Ella Baker's vision

How can we better work together? Across difference?

Ella Baker was one of the unsung leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. What can she teach us about movement-building today?


"When we have transcended the [Drama] Triangle we embody the 'both/and' of the famous quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: 'Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.'" -- page 97 of Decolonizing Wealth by Edgar Villanueva, quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. in "Where Do Where Go From Here?"

An example of continental coalition-building that trades "ideological compromise" for a "stable government." Governing a...
Austria’s Kurz to Govern With Green Party in Unlikely Partnership

An example of continental coalition-building that trades "ideological compromise" for a "stable government." Governing across difference - for whose benefit? at what cost? What can we learn from this - and other - unlikely and imperfect partnerships?

After months of negotiations, conservatives and leftists have agreed on a coalition that could set an example for the rest of Europe.

Caswell, Orange, Wake, Cumberland, Wilson counties

Caswell, Orange, Wake, Cumberland, Wilson counties

Ronald Heifetz - On Leadership

From the 3:05 mark:

"We need leadership in societies and organizations when people are facing new kinds of challenges that require people to learn new ways.

And that challenge then of learning new ways is a discovery process which sometimes is quite painful.

Because sometimes to learn new ways, you’ve got to unlearn old ways. And that sometimes means departing from tradition and departing from history.

So leadership in its practice can sometimes be quite dangerous and risky work.

Because you’re trying to engage people in facing up to realities that require departures from historical traditions and other ways of operating….

…developing that kind of stomach to… and listen to people and hold people through and ongoing process…. That begins to describe the heart of the practice of leadership."

--Ronald Heifetz and his work with adaptive leadership have long been a part of the Friday Fellowship curriculum

Ronald Heifetz founded the Center for Public Leadership and is the King Hussein bin Talal Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School. Hei...


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A data expert, a doctor, a dancer, and a financial advisor walk into a barre.....
Q: How do smart leaders give the adaptive work back to the people? It takes a lot of discipline; most people who have gotten to the top of the pyramid in an organization have done so because they’ve been willing to take the work off of other people’s shoulders: Mr. Fix-It, Ms. Fix-It. One of the challenges of exercising leadership is making people who have to live with the results of decisions work those issues through. When two people come in your office and say, “Gee, we can’t figure this out; whatever you decide is OK with us,” that’s a good signal that you ought to send them into the conference room and lock the door and shove pizzas under the door and tell them to figure it out themselves.
If you give youth books, consider checking these ones out. If you have connections with public schools, these too may be good recommendations to them for their reading programs and/or additions to their libraries.