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Miles Township Government 174 E. Main St., Rebersburg PA 16872. Supervisors - Eric Miller, Jason Bartlebaugh, and Joel Freed.


We have alot of people asking if it would be ok to dispose of pumpkins in the grass collection bin at the Twp. The answer is absolutely! Please keep them to the back of the bin!


Trick or Treat is set for Oct 30th from 6-8!!!
Enjoy!! And be safe

We have our grass collection bin completed! Please be respectful to only put grass and unwanted flower in this and no br...

We have our grass collection bin completed! Please be respectful to only put grass and unwanted flower in this and no brush!! It’s located by the recycling bins!


Tomorrow Penn Dot with be coming through town running the street sweeper! Please remove cars from asphalt areas in town along the streets so they can work!


We are fully stocked and open through Sunday. Call or stop in for your Valentines Day flowers!


Let us take care of cooking for you tonight!
Call 349-8149 to place your order for pickup.
We greatly appreciate your continued support!

Photos from Miles Township Fire Company's post

Photos from Miles Township Fire Company's post


Please stay home if you DO NOT need to be on the rds, crews will be out all night working at clearing the rds to make them passable.

If you dont see a plow truck it could be due to visibility and the drivers waiting for it to slow down! We are doing our best to keep up!


FYI, Seems to be alot of confusion with sr192 being closed, as far as we know after talking to Centre County penndot that sr192 is infact open from the 144 in Centre Hall to sr477 in Livonia. We are being told it is closed in Union County.


We have taken a few calls whether the polls are open tomorrow.

Reminder for November 3 the polls will be open for Miles East is at the Miles township Fire hall as normal

And Miles West is at the Madisonburg Civic Center as normal.


Trick or Treat is still on for the 31st from 6-8pm!

Come out and support our local Fire Company!

Come out and support our local Fire Company!


Trick or Treat night will be October 31 from 6-8pm! Enjoy and be safe!

Reminder that Old Pike Rd from 192 to Smullton rd will be closed the next few days while we are having the road widened ...

Reminder that Old Pike Rd from 192 to Smullton rd will be closed the next few days while we are having the road widened and paved, please avoid the area. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Millheim and Miles Township Fire Company
CHICKEN BBQ at the Millheim Fire Company carnival grounds with drive thru service or eat outdoors
Miles Township Fire Company preparing the chicken at the Millheim Fire Company
Elk Café serving beverages
July 11th 2020
11 AM to sold out
Meal to include Chicken half w/baked beans, macaroni salad and dinner roll - $10.00

This is to help benefit both fire Companies to off set expenses due to carnival cancellations!


Chicken BBQ Saturday, June 27! Meals will be ready by 11am.


Please support our local Fire company, these men and woman are always here for our community and time of day or night!!


Chicken BBQ this Saturday, May 16. We will be selling meals again for 9$ will include a half of chicken, mac salad, baked beans and a dinner roll!

Hope to see you Saturday.
We thank you for your continued support!!

Heads up!!

Heads up!!

For anyone who would normally pay taxes at the civic club

Big thanks to Mammoth for keeping our crews safe!

Big thanks to Mammoth for keeping our crews safe!


Please share!


After Governor Tom Wolf's executive order yesterday to immediately close the vast majority of Pennsylvania's small and local businesses, I felt it was very important to pass along this critical information. Please share.


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has implemented its disaster declaration for Pennsylvania so small businesses and private non-profits statewide can access SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans to help alleviate economic injury caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The loans may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable, and other bills that can’t be paid because of the disaster’s impact. The loans offer up to $2 million in assistance for each affected small business. These loans can provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing. The interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses. The interest rate for non-profits is 2.75%.

SBA offers loans with long-term repayments in order to keep payments affordable, up to a maximum of 30 years. Terms are determined on a case-by-case basis, based upon each borrower’s ability to repay.

The loans also are available to small agricultural cooperatives and small aquaculture businesses.

Applicants may apply online using the Electronic Loan Application via SBA’s secure website at

Here is a link that will help you answer questions about COVID-19.

Here is a link that will help you answer questions about COVID-19.

PA Department of Health: Public Health Terminology: We hear "official sounding" terms in the news that are often confusing. Phrases like "isolation", "quarantine", "community spread" and "contact tracing". This document, provided by the PA Department of Health, helps to explain what each of these te...


174 East Main Street
Rebersburg, PA




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Years ago , myself , Dennis Price and Richard Schwartz all attended a Township Meeting , we ask for the Stars to be replaces. A few years later I again ask and so did Randy Brungart from Smullton . He also ask for his son's name to be put on. We were told there was no money . We later found out the money left over that was donated was moved to the school house moving project and before that put in a general find and not a fund specifically for the up keep of the veterans Monument , which it was donated for . Later another Veteran , Gerome Abbott ask for his name to be added to the IRAQ war list . he was in that conflict also. he was told you would only have a persons name on one place ?? Gerome was in 20 years and was involved in more then one war. he also was listed as a Vietnam Era veteran , which he agrees he is . His brother Harlan was at that meeting and Gerome ask for the Stars to be put back on the Vietnam veterans names. Harlan is a Vietnam Veteran !! Gerome also got contacted by Kathy Witherite and she ask for Jock's name to be listed correctly under the Iraq war. He also ask for Donald Witherite to get a Star if I remember correctly ? Donny was a Vietnam Veteran also . Then just this last year Kenny Guisewhite , who used to be in charge of the Veterans Monument also ask for the Stars to be placed beside the names of all who earned the Vietnam Service medal or can legally prove they were Vietnam Veterans . He also took the time to tell the township supervisors the difference between a Vietnam Veteran and a Vietnam Era Veteran . In all the years I have ask for the Stars to be replaced the township has never once replied to me exactly why they refuse to honor the Vietnam Veterans by giving them a Star like we had , till someone in the township took it upon themselves to not replace the Star when the pillar was replaced. Only one name was wrong ,and they incorrectly were given a Star that we ask to have removed because that person " didn't earn it ". That persons name was Phil Meyer and at the time he was a township employee ?? Was someone so petty that they pitied him so bad that they removed the Star from those Vietnam Veterans that did earn it by being in harms way so Phil wouldn't get his feelings hurt ?? Over a half a dozen of we " Vietnam Veterans " want out Stars replaced so people in the future will know that " we were there " , unlike Vietnam Era Veterans who only served during the same time period as the war . Their service is also as honorable and should not be diminished. I think most would agree we earned the Star and they need to be replaced. If the township supervisors won't replace them after 6 Veterans ask for this , I ask them to explain in detail why and who originally had the Star removed in the first place !!
New 45 MPH Speed Limit in Livonia is now posted! Thanks very much to Miles Township, Eric Miller, Dustin Auman, and also to Dave Delcamp! Awesome!
To all Vietnam Veterans who have lived in Miles Township for over 10 years. Please demand that the Star be replaced beside the names of those of us that earned the title " Vietnam Veteran ". It was removed when the newest panel was replaced. We are not " Vietnam Era Veterans ". Please send your DD-214's to Kenny Guisewite showing you earned the right to have a star placed beside your name. You will have to prove through your DD-214 : that you earned the Vietnam Service Medal , The Vietnam Campaign Medal and in some cases The Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm . Mr. Guisewite is not asking for this. I am so that all Vietnam Veterans can be Honored correctly on the Miles Township Veterans Monument. All Veterans deserve to be Honored correctly for their service to their country. Thank You for your service.
I cannot understand why Miles Township refuses to Honor their " Vietnam Veterans " correctly on the Veterans Monument. They are , by law, under the VA guidelines " Vietnam Veterans " NOT " Vietnam Era Veterans " !! Those Veterans earned that title !! It was not given to them and it is not a " rank " !! I was told that the township will not correct the monument because " they don't want to rank people " ?? That is a totally ignorant statement. This just shows that the people in charge of the Monument have zero knowledge of the classifications of Veterans and how they earn those classifications !! This is also apparent when they also incorrectly have people that were " never activated " and either in the National Guard or Reserves , listed incorrectly as : Vietnam Era Veterans !!! Vietnam Veterans " earned " that title. They were in harms way and many saw combat and were decorated for it. Vietnam Era Veterans were never in harms way or ever saw any combat . This is fact , not something I am making up. Any fool can look it up on the VA web site or call the local VA. To not list the very Veterans that did go into a war zone and were in harms way correctly is " just hateful " !! They used to have a Star beside their names , of the ones they knew about. There was one that wasn't a Vietnam Veteran and his Star was ask to be removed. There were also 2 names missing Stars. Melvin Stamm and Richard Schwartz. Instead of removing the one Star and adding the 2, the township removed all traces to show who the Vietnam Veterans were and are. There is no excuse for this to have happened. It only hurts the townships Vietnam Veterans !! Time for those responsible to fix the errors and quit the childish games. They are the ones who look stupid and are hurting the Vietnam Veterans !! All Veterans should be named correctly on the monument. All deserve equal respect , even the inactive Reserves and Guard should be listed as just that. You are what you are. Nothing more !!
I was informed that the reason that Miles Township Supervisors refuse to put the etched Star beside the names of those that earned the title " Vietnam Veteran ' beside their names , as they had been prior to the stone pillar that they were one being replaced , was because " They didn't want to rank people " ???? The title " Vietnam Veteran " is earned , not ranked . There is a vast difference between a " Vietnam Veteran " and a " Vietnam Era Veteran ". Any " True Historian , that was college educated and studied or taught History would know the difference and respect History enough and Veterans to want to Honor the Vietnam Veterans for the sacrifices they faced and give them the title they earned " !! This was done by the prior true Historians that were in charge of the monument prior to the township taking over. These true Historians were " Jeffery Wert & Fred Johnson Sr. " both former History teachers from Penns Valley " . They were educated enough to know that you Honor your Veterans properly !! All Veterans are to be respected equally , all served their country. All Veterans should be Honored correctly for their service and not incorrectly put under a category they should not be in. This is why there are " Vietnam Veteran hats and Vietnam Era hats " THERE IS A DIFFERENCE " !!! It is too bad the township supervisors cannot get a College Educated and well informed Historian to help them in their decision making process. They have no one that is up to standards on Military History and Veterans Affairs that knows that to not Honor their Vietnam Veterans correctly is wrong !! It is also hateful and childish. It is bad enough that donated money was moved to another project , years ago , and the person responsible was not removed from township committees . This was immoral and should not have been tolerated. The money that was donated was to be kept for the monument upkeep and not to be used for anything else !! It was proven that it was not used for the monument by Jerome Abbott !! Jerome is also a college educated Historian and a teacher in Sugar Valley. he also wants the monument corrected !! Please go to the Township Meetings and speak up and demand the Monument gets corrected and the Vietnam Veterans get the Stars put back beside their names or they get listed correctly as " Vietnam Veterans ". They earned that title. They ARE NOT - Vietnam Era veterans !! Any idiot knows that !!
I sent a PM to the Miles Township Social Club. It was very unprofessionally replied to concerning my question about the Veterans Monument. I ask if anyone ever discussed it . I was told I would be blocked from that site. That is also a public site. I was also spoken to in the PM with profanity from someone who apparently does not respect Veterans or knows how to speak with respect when replying to someone they disagree with. The profanity is already posted in their PM . Even if they remove it , FACEBOOK can recover it. Please have Eric Miller call me about this issue , since he is in charge of the fire company and all that goes on with it. It is just one or two people that did this, Not the whole fire company. He needs to take care of this issue. he has my home phone number. Please have him call me when he gets this or is notified. I could and may report this to FACEBOOK if it isn't taken care of . Thank you . I respect the Firemans club, I expect the same in return.
Eric, Please check your PM's. 😊
Why aren't the Monthly Township Supervisors meeting notes posted within a couple of days of the meetings being completed . They need to be more complete and have notes on all the discussions that are made at these monthly meetings ? This would let the people of the area know what was being talked about and who brought up the subject for discussion. The township needs to be more transparent , as it is run by a few for the many .
Reminder to all Miles Township Veterans : Hopefully you will attend the dedication tomorrow for the " Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway of Central Pennsylvania ". Contact Rep. Bprawicz Office for information and ticket availability . 🙂
Thank you for unblocking me. Please pass this onto the Miles Township Supervisors, that you have unblocked me , as I put a letter in the mail to each one of them today about this problem. They may not know you did , as I just this evening ,found out about it after I already mailed their letters out this morning . Please inform other's , that you cannot legally block people from a public site just because you disagree with them. God Bless the First Amendment !! Now if we could just get the Vietnam Veterans Honored correctly on the township Veterans Monument !! They deserve it , especially since the highway going through the very center of Rebersburg is going to be " The Vietnam Veterans Highway of Central Pennsylvania ". Thanks again , God Bless !!