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80th Division Blue Ridge Veterans Association We exist to further awareness and support of the 80th Division Veterans Association, Training Command, its Soldiers, Civilian employees and their Families.

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Source: WWII Pictures (Facebook)An American Medic and a GI of the US. 80th Infantry Division reading a comic at Reisdorf...

Source: WWII Pictures (Facebook)
An American Medic and a GI of the US. 80th Infantry Division reading a comic at Reisdorf in Luxembourg near the German Border. 12th of February 1945. Left to right : Pfc Reynold H. Bush Middletown, Ohio , and Pfc Aurelio Maltese, New York. [Colorized by Johhny Sirlande]

WW II uncovered

WW II uncovered

🇺🇲 A Salute to Paul Wiedorfer. Hero of the Battle of the Bulge

On Christmas Day 1944, Private Paul J. Wiedorfer, Company G, 318th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division, showed great valor when he single-handedly eliminated two German machine guns which pinned down his company near Chaumont, Belgium. Paul received the Medal of Honor for his actions that Christmas Day. He was subsequently promoted to Staff Sergeant then Master Sergeant.

⭐Paul Wiedorfer's Medal of Honor Citation reads as follows:

He alone made it possible for his company to advance until its objective was seized. Company G had cleared a wooded area of snipers, and one platoon was advancing across an open clearing toward another wood when it was met by heavy machine-gun fire from two German positions dug in at the edge of the second wood. These positions were flanked by enemy riflemen. The platoon took cover behind a small ridge approximately 40 yards from the enemy position. There was no other available protection and the entire platoon was pinned down by the German fire. It was about noon and the day was clear, but the terrain extremely difficult due to a three-inch snowfall the night before over ice-covered ground. Pvt. Wiedorfer, realizing that the platoon advance could not continue until the two enemy machine-gun nests were destroyed, voluntarily charged alone across the slippery open ground with no protecting cover of any kind. Running in a crouched position, under a hail of enemy fire, he slipped and fell in the snow, but quickly rose and continued forward with the enemy concentrating automatic and small-arms fire on him as he advanced. Miraculously escaping injury, Pvt. Wiedorfer reached a point some 10 yards from the first machine-gun emplacement and hurled a hand grenade into it. With his rifle he stopped the remaining Germans, and, without hesitation, wheeled to the right and attacked the second emplacement. One of the enemy was wounded by his fire and the other six immediately surrendered. This heroic action by one man enabled the platoon to advance from behind its protecting ridge and continue successfully to reach its objective. A few minutes later, when both the platoon leader and the platoon sergeant were wounded, Pvt. Wiedorfer assumed command of the platoon, leading it forward with inspired energy until the mission was accomplished.

On February 10, 1945, while crossing the Saar River, he was severely wounded by a mortar shell that blew up near him. Paul was evacuated to the 137th United States Army General Hospital in England where he was presented with his Medal of Honor while still in the hospital.

During his service Paul was also honored with the Bronze Star and two Purple Heart acknowledgments. A native of Baltimore Maryland, he returned to his home after the war to a ticker tape parade with General George C. Marshall and Maryland governor Herbert O'Conor in attendance. After leaving the Army, he worked for Baltimore Gas and Electric and retired from there in 1981. Master Sergeant Paul Wiedorfer passed away on May 25, 2011 at the age of 90. Lest We Forget.

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Original description and photo sourced from: cmohs.org, militarytimes.com, ancestry.com and US Army Archive

New blog up: "Veteran's Day & Happy 1st Anniversary..."A year ago on Veteran's Day 2019, I launched "A Veteran's Journey...
#56 - Veteran's Day & Happy 1st Anniversary, "A Veteran's Journey" — A Veteran's Journey

New blog up: "Veteran's Day & Happy 1st Anniversary..."
A year ago on Veteran's Day 2019, I launched "A Veteran's Journey." And oh what a journey it's been! Thank you for reading, but more importantly...
Thank a veteran. We owe a lot to those who served.
#AVeteransJourney #LifeIsAJourney #NeverForget #VeteransDay

I launched "A Veteran's Journey" a year ago on Veteran's Day. Most blogs are Navy-related, but a few Army. My dad & FIL served in the Army. All are proud veterans.

Forever Young Veterans

Forever Young Veterans

On this Gold Star Mother's and Family's Day we pay tribute to those who know the cost of war, remembering and honoring the surviving families of fallen service members. 🇺🇸


FYI - Now available on the 80th Division website...

A "searchable" PDF spreadsheet of more than 4,320 Silver Star, Bronze Star, Air Medal, Soldier's Medal, and Medical Badge recipients.

NOTE that this does NOT include Purple Heart recipients (that's my next project).

I've been working on this project for a while (a little more time the past few months). I have to type the basic information, but it will be well worth it for those researching their 80th Division WWII veterans.

Spring / Summer 2020 Blue Ridge Magazine  http://80thdivision.com/blueridge/20apr.pdf

Spring / Summer 2020 Blue Ridge Magazine http://80thdivision.com/blueridge/20apr.pdf



As this year’s reunion chairman, it is my sad duty along with a very disappointed reunion team to notify our membership that the 101st Annual Veterans Reunion, which was planned to meet in Richmond, VA July 30-August 2 has been cancelled.

The reason for this decision is based totally on our concern for each of you. With the Coronavirus Pandemic we are concerned that there could be a spread of the virus and that cannot be an option.

This year’s reunion was planned to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the End of WW ll. As you may know celebrations abroad and here at home have been taking place in 2019 and continuing throughout 2020.

In keeping with this 75th Year Anniversary celebration, we had planned a "commemorative" edition of the reunion program. We wanted this commemorative reunion program to be filled with as many photos of our 80th Division WWII veterans as possible.

Good News! We are still planning to do this very special commemorative edition of the reunion program for the 2021 Reunion. This is Where We Need Your Help with the collection of photos of our 80th division WW ll veterans, so that we may honor these great men and women who have served our country, in the most difficult of times.

Please send your photos (300 dpi minimum) with name and unit affiliation, to my email at [email protected] or send a copy of the photo to my home address: 1609 Dracka Rd., Traverse City, MI. 49685. (If you need your photo returned, we will be happy to do so.)

If you are unable to attend the 2021 reunion or would like additional copies, we will be selling these commemorative programs for $7.50 each. You can contact us at the address above or mark how many you want when you send in your 2021 registration form.

We will miss gathering together with each of you this year! However, we pray that you will be safe as we navigate through this difficult time.

If you have any questions please contact me by e-mail [email protected] or by cell 231.218.1747.

Don’t forget we want your veteran’s picture to be included in the 2021 Commemorative Edition and Celebration of the Veterans of the 80th Division.

May God Bless You and May God Bless America!

Douglas Knorr
Reunion Chairman
Chaplain and Senior Vice-Commander

It’s Friday! Hopefully, this Navy Friday Funny will help ease you into the weekend. Feel free to share.#AVeteransJourney...
Navy Friday Funny - The Chief and the Gunny — A Veteran's Journey

It’s Friday! Hopefully, this Navy Friday Funny will help ease you into the weekend.
Feel free to share.

#AVeteransJourney #LifeIsAJourney #NeverForget

Each military branch of the United States has its own cultures, language, and traditions. In the Navy, the Chief Petty Officer serves a dual role as both a technical expert and as a leader; emphasis being more on leadership. There is always... Read moreNavy Friday Funny – The Chief and the Gunny

Happy 100th Birthday to WWII 80th Division veteran, Benjamin Rupp!!God bless you, Ben.

Happy 100th Birthday to WWII 80th Division veteran, Benjamin Rupp!!God bless you, Ben.

Forever Young Veterans

Forever Young Veterans

Help us find WWII veterans for this historic 'Trip of Honor'. We're looking to return 12 vets who fought in Weimar, Leipzig, or took part in the liberation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp (and the sub camp Ohrdruf). There are vets out there who are well enough to travel and this trip would bring honor and healing to their lives, at no cost to them. But we need help finding them. We have only 3 spots left for this April trip. Would share this post for us? Together we can get the word out. If you know of a veteran, you can nominate him/her here: https://www.foreveryoungvets.org/nominate

THE PAST MEETS THE PRESENT.80th Division WWII veteran Robert Burrows (317 Reg. Co HQ) shares a Battle of the Bulge story...

80th Division WWII veteran Robert Burrows (317 Reg. Co HQ) shares a Battle of the Bulge story with Major General Bruce E. Hackett (current Commander of the 80th Training Command) while traveling together last week in Luxembourg to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. MG Hackett has so much respect for the history, accomplishments and integrity of the 80th. It was a pleasure traveling with him and CSM Dennis J. Thomas throughout Luxembourg.

Bill Black
National Commander
80th Division Veterans Association

Laurent Hénart

Laurent Hénart

Quelle joie de recevoir cet après-midi à #Nancy Mr. Robert H. Burrows, accompagné de sa famille ! Vétéran américain débarqué en Normandie le 6 juin 1944, il a participé à la #Libération et s’est battu jusqu’au bout pour faire chuter l’Allemagne nazie.

J’ai écouté son récit avec beaucoup d’émotion. Son parcours est une source certaine d’inspiration pour toutes les générations. Il est de ces hommes à qui l’on doit notre #Liberté. 🌟

Au nom de la Ville de Nancy, je tenais à lui rendre un hommage appuyé.

Merci pour tout, infiniment. 👏🏼


If anyone is searching for a very high quality shadow box for an army soldiers uniform , there is a seller on Ebay who makes makes these . You can search for military uniform display cases. These are custom built so that you can choose the wood that you like. Thought I would share as they are very hard to find.

From our friends at WWII 317th FB group.

From our friends at WWII 317th FB group.

The 80th division, 317th suffered 1,524 casualties from November 8 through November 29, 1944. They fought in the Lorraine campaign, Seille River, Laudrefang Woods, Folschviller, Valmont and Farébersviller France.

Since it's Veteran's Day, I thought I'd share another thought. This one reflects back to a trip Becky & I took several y...
A Veteran’s Journey – 2

Since it's Veteran's Day, I thought I'd share another thought. This one reflects back to a trip Becky & I took several years ago to visit where both our father's fought in Europe.

Following My Father’s WWII Path A.Z. Adkins, Jr.Luxembourg (1945) This year marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Europe from terror. For us baby boomers and veterans, this is a somber re…

80th Training Command (TASS)

80th Training Command (TASS)

This 80th Training Command (TASS) historical video celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of the 80th Infantry Division in World War II, using actual archival footage and photos from the war.


Highlights of the 2019 reunion



Let's help Simon and ASPOLT restore Block 3 of Fort Laudrefang

80th Training Command (TASS)

80th Training Command (TASS)

Remembering Medal of Honor Soldiers

During their 75th Anniversary tour of D-Day, Maj. Gen. Bruce Hackett, commander of the 80th Training Command, and Col. Jay Gilhooly, 80th's G7 deputy chief of staff, visited the burial site of #80thInfantryDivision #MedalofHonor Soldier Sgt. Day Turner at the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial. One of two #MOH Soldiers buried in Luxembourg, Turner was awarded the medal for commanding a nine-man squad, holding a critical flank position, and fighting against the Germans until the enemy squad surrendered. The other MOH Soldier buried in Luxembourg is Private William McGee. Also buried in the Luxembourg cemetery is Gen. George S. Patton. U.S.Army

More of Turner's and McGee's stories can be found at the links below.

Forever Young Veterans

Forever Young Veterans

This German young man and his dad saw Stan Friday’s patch. “You liberated my town from the Germans,” he said. “We did not want to follow Hitler. Thank you for saving Germany too!” He wants to be Stan’s pen pal. 😊 This is one of the reasons we personalize their Forever Young jackets with their unit patches...we see these kind of relationships formed. 🇺🇸

After the beaches were taken in Normandy

After the beaches were taken in Normandy

CBS News

CBS News

Back in 2004, the 60 Minutes commentator, who had been a war correspondent during WWII, remembered what he saw on Utah Beach 75 years ago.

Forever Young Veterans

80th Division 317th HQ Co., Stanley Friday, of Philadelphia. Notice that Blue Ridge patch on his arm.

Stanley Friday was awarded the French Legion of Honor Medal by French President, Emmanuel Macron, in front of 12,000 people at the official ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day. It is a distinct honor to be awarded this medal by the French President. We’re so happy for him and thankful for his remarkable service during WWII.

D-day statement to soldiers, sailor, and airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force, 6/44,

D-day statement to soldiers, sailor, and airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force, 6/44,


Registration is open for the 2019 Reunion in Richmond, Virginia. This will be the 100th Reunion of the 80th Division Veterans Association.

Please click the link below, print off the registration packet. We are NOT mailing forms this year.


The 80th only moves forward!

The 80th only moves forward!

On this day in 1944 at 5:30 in the morning, the Battle of the Bulge began.

Also called Battle of the Ardennes or Ardennes Offensive (since it took place in the Ardennes region), it was Hitler’s last great counteroffensive in the West. The German attack took the Allied powers by complete surprise.

The aim of the offensive was to retake the city of Antwerp (in Belgium) in order to stop the Allies use the port facilities and to split the Allied lines.

The Battle of the Bulge would be one of the bloodiest battles fought by the U.S. Army in World War Two.

#OnThisDay #OTD #WW2 #WWII #BOB #BattleoftheBulge #Military #History

Drawing by Horst Helmus: German troops crossing the Our river into Luxembourg (Collection MNHM).

A wonderful organization that is honoring veterans during the holidays with wreath layings . Find out how you can help s...
Learn about Wreaths Across America's Mission to Remember, Honor and Teach

A wonderful organization that is honoring veterans during the holidays with wreath layings . Find out how you can help support or sponsor in an area near you.


Each December on National Wreaths Across America Day, our mission to Remember, Honor and Teach is carried out by coordinating wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as over 1,200 additional locations in all 50 U.S. states, at sea, and abroad. Help us by sponsoring Veterans....

Black Rifle Coffee Company


To All Veterans, Young and Old, Thank You!

“God Bless America” performed by WWII Veterans

#veteransday Best Defense Foundation

Every year the Best Defense Foundation accompanies WWII veterans back to Europe to pay homage to their fallen brothers and the battlegrounds they once fought on.

Performed By:
Jack Myers
692nd Tank Destroyers

Richard Klein
3/501st Airborne, 101st Airborne Division

George Smilanich
67th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Divison

Jack Foy
347th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division

George Ciampa
607th Graves Registration

Francis Turner
17th Engineer Battalion, 2nd Armored Division

Boris Stern
2/424th Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division


6702 Strathmore Rd
Richmond, VA


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Looking for any pictures, from the times in Tennessee through the war for A Company..319th.....My dad, George W Allen Jr...was from eastern KY...only 17 when he enlisted, so he would have been very young. He enlisted in 42.... Would appreciate anyone who may have pictures of even those alive that may recall him. We lost my dad at the age of 60...in 1985..... He never spoke much about the War.....just told me a few times he saw things he could never forget...and lost many buddies along the way... God Bless the Blue Ridgers.