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Argyle Hills Home Owners Association A page for residents and homeowners of the Argyle Hills Neighborhood, by the Argyle Hills Home Owner Welcome to the AHHOA page!

The AHHOA Board has gone inactive and this page is being used to organize and reestablish it. We are your neighbors and we care about the quality of life in Argyle Hills. Articles of incorporation and bylaws are published here, as well as occasional tidbits of county or neighborhood news. Like our page if you live in AH!


So how is your mail?Mundy Lane never gets mail on Mondays and now also no mail on Tuesday...twice. Package sat at post office for over one week after dropped off on Jan. 16 by UPS for them to deliver. After 2 visits with supervisors, one found it in the back room on the 26th.They try to tell me no one on our street had any mail to deliver!!!


Well, 19 Mundy Lane renovation is done and sold. Closing was today, Dec 12. We hope everyone in Argyle Hills likes it. Welcome to our new neighbors!!!


OPEN HOUSE Nov.17 Sun 1 to 4! 19 Mundy Lane..For Sale by commissions...A great buy and all upgraded! Must see to believe!




COMING SOON! 19 Mundy Lane is almost done rehabbing..plan to put on the market in November. It has taken us a year but pretty much a brand new house. Drive by or wait for the Open House in Nov...If you remember what it looked like year will be amazed.Still have lawn beside driveway yet to do. Pass the word around!🏠


I am sorry to see that it seems our HOA again has failed to organize. I was hoping this time it would stick. Even if we don't collect dues, it would be nice to have a few regulations so our neighborhood homes don't lose value.
As some of you may have noticed. The junk house beside mine has been bought by us and it will take us about a year to renovate it fully.There go my weekends! It never would have gotten this bad if we had an active association. We have plenty of money we all contributed to to keep it going for years. Let's not let it die!


ATTENTION: AHHOA is holding a meeting on Sat.Aug. 25, 2018 at 5PM at the Falmouth Volunteer Fire Dept. on Butler Road. Hope to see you there!


Just wanted to update everyone about the Association. The signs were picked up and I was told that there will be another meeting soon. The acting president has been out of the country for a few weeks which put things on hold. Be sure to keep an eye out for the signs and I will also put the date and time of the meeting on the website. News! Two out of the three vacant properties have been foreclosed and sold. Unfortunately the worst one beside my house on Mundy Lane has not. Hope something can be done soon before it falls down. Everyone, have a great week and enjoy the sunny weather!!!


Update from last month’s meeting
A meeting was held with acting president, Steve White, to appoint a new temporary board from those willing to serve. (They signed up at the last meeting.) Steve then resigned as President.

The board voted to grant the sewer easement to the adjacent homeowner. Since the strip of land has no value to the Association, we decided it would be a good public service for that neighboring homeowner. The land will still be ours, we just granted the right to dig through it.

The following are the new board members:
President- Bill Davis
Vice President -Steve Roberts
Secretary- Terese Vogel
Treasurer- Gary Linden
Architectural Control Committee- Steve Berra, Brad Miller, Tommy Duffy (chairman)
Technology Officer- Greg Barbieri
Election Committee- Scott Ewing, Theresa Berra, Meghan Pache (pardon if spelling is wrong)

The board will let the homeowners know when there will be a new meeting, the agenda for
that meeting, and when there will be elections for a permanent board.


Minutes from AHHOA
March 27, 2018 7PM
Steve White, acting president, ran the meeting. Approximately 80 people were in attendance. Steve told the attendees that this association is a legal state entity and is still registered with the state and all fees have been continued to be paid. The required insurance through Nationwide has also been paid. This is liability insurance for the “green space” and unbuilt lot. George Snead has been our legal counsel. The Association has a copy of the original by-laws. But it was requested that if anyone has copies of any amendments made to the by laws to please make a copy for Steve. There are 257 lots in this community and each homeowner has one vote. There approximately 30% renters in the neighborhood. The green space is approximately 12 acres. There are 5 lots that builders still own. A board can be voted by a majority vote while to disband requires a 2/3 vote. Also, to disband, Stafford County would have to agree to take over the right of ways, and green space. Our legal council said that would probably not happen. Right now, this association has $9000 in HBT and $22,000 in a Wells Fargo account. These are not interest-bearing accts. Steve has been paying bills out of these accounts since we do not have a treasurer. There were also 42 letters to collection agencies for back payment of dues. Dues were originally $35 and were $65 when they were stopped being collected. People spoke of wanting this association to continue because the neighborhood seems to be “going downhill”. But to continue, the covenants need to be rewritten to reflect the current times and wishes of the homeowners. Some also spoke to getting rid of it. Most were worried about the cost. It costs about $4,000 a year to keep the association going. It would be reasonable to maybe start collecting the $35 a year to start as dues. Also, to forgive those that have not paid in the past. But going forward to expect all dues paid on time. Steve also suggested getting an audit of the books to be able to make sure we start with a clean slate of where we stand. The state registration money id due in May so it is necessary to get things moving. Steve needed 7 people to volunteer to be on a temporary board. 11 people gave Steve their name as a volunteer. He said he would contact them and let the homeowners know what will happen from here.
One other business discussed was that a homeowner on Colebrook can no longer support a septic sewage system and have asked us to grant “right of way” across our easement to be able to hook up to county sewer system. This homeowner would pay all fees incurred by the association (legal and otherwise.) I, Janet Smoot, took these minutes for the meeting. I have also offered to keep the website updated while Molly Amman is out of state. I will let you know as soon as I hear about the future of the AHHOA.


HOA meeting: Tuesday, March 27 at 7:00 p.m. New Hope United Methodist Church, 164 New Hope Church Road, Fxbg, 22405. It’s not far from Argyle Heights. A letter is going out to everyone announcing the same.


We managed to cover over half the neighborhood this weekend for signatures. We will keep plugging away this week after work, but... if we have not yet been to your house and you want to support having a meeting, please message me at this account to save us time and after-dark door-knocking! We still need 40 households to be in support of a meeting. :)


Neighbors: a few volunteers will be knocking on doors this weekend to seek signatures on a call to hold a members meeting. Without a meeting, we can neither act as an HOA nor disband it. So wherever you stand on this issue, a meeting is needed to do anything. We need 85 member households to support a meeting, or we can’t have it.

If you’d like to give us a signature, you can also message me here at this account and I’ll send you the form to be signed, scanned, and returned. Or dropped at one of our houses.

Thank you!


Who would be willing to grab a notepad and try to get signatures to support a general meeting? Even if it’s just a few houses. Even if it’s just your neighbors. Even if you just ask them and write the name down yourself—I see no requirement for an official signature. It just says 1/3 of the membership can get together and call for a meeting.

Please comment if you are willing to help.


Hello all! I’ve been talking with a management company, who was kind enough to review our Bylaws pro bono and advise me on what they require. They recommend we have a community meeting to assess interest in electing an active Board. If 1/3 of voting members are willing to move ahead (that’s 85 households), those members can call for an official HOA meeting, where we can begin taking back control of our HOA including finances, insurance and legal obligations, etc.

To elect a board to begin taking action, we need a majority—128 households. I’m not sure if we can get that right out of the gate as things stand now, hence the thought about a community meeting to get rolling.



The White Oak FD costs $100 to have their space for a meeting. Unfortunate, since we don’t have access to our HOA money. Does anybody have an idea about a free or less expensive, and nearby, space for an HOA meeting?

Association Management - ARMI Northern Virginia Community Association Management

One thing we could consider is hiring an HOA management company to essentially run the HOA for us, though we would still have to elect officers and hold meetings (which they could handle logistics for). That would reduce the time commitment of our volunteers to a very low level. Check out: I personally think it would be well worth it to get the HOA back on track.

Austin Realty Management (A.R.M.I.) is the local leader among Community Association (HOA) Management firms. Our primary goal is to use our years of experience to assist you in running your Homeowner’s Association in the most effective manner possible.


Hello, neighbors! A quick progress note. I will start to make calls to look for meeting location early next week. Apologies, the holiday season got away from me, once I return from overseas. So February may look more realistic at this point. It does seem that the page is getting a few more likes, but not a tremendous amount. So I would ask everyone to please continue encouraging your neighbors to follow this page.

Also, I found out that I am being transferred to the Midwest, and will be departing at the end of March. We plan to come back in a couple of years, but that means I will not be able to be involved in a new HOA board for awhile. At this point, maybe I should call for comments to this post, if anyone out there feels that they would be able to volunteer time to serve. I realize that none of us have tremendous amount of time, but as we all know, it’s the only way! I’m sure the bylaws, which I probably should have reviewed before this post, call for meetings to be held a certain frequency. Those can probably be amended. This neighborhood really needs a functioning architectural committee to help neighbors understand the HOA rules when they let their property fall in to disrepair, etc. We also need to take control of the bank account, which has I believe a significant amount of money in it—enough to hire a lawyer to handle minor things, as needed. Also, that bank account can pay for a new neighborhood sign at Colebrook and Argyle Hills.

Thanks, all!


Brrr. Keep warm, neighbors.

Fredericksburg, an Arctic Air Mass has arrived bringing extremely cold weather that will last into the New Year. Tonight's windchill will make it feel like its 4 degrees outside! FPD would like to remind everyone to bring your four-legged friends inside. If it is too cold for you, it is too cold for them.


Hi everyone! I'll be home from overseas within a week, and then we roll into the holidays, etc. I'd like to make a big push to try to get an HOA meeting set up for January. Not sure how realistic that is, but it would be great to get going without delay. At our last meeting a few years ago we had a decent turnout but not overwhelming compared to the number of households. I think there were fewer than 100 in attendance. Maybe more like 50-60? We barely got enough votes turned in during the subsequent election to consider it valid. So participation is a challenge if we are to restart the HOA, take control of the bank account for a new board, etc. We must do this if we are to ensure neighborhood upkeep that is so terribly critical to property values, neighborhood quality and safety, etc. We have neighbors living next to virtual junkyards and this absolutely hurts everyone in AH.

NOW is the time to start talking to your neighbors and getting them engaged and enthused! Not everyone has to volunteer to do work, but we must have people to attend a meeting and vote--- generally support the HOA process. Let them know this is coming and encourage them to care and engage. The bylaws and articles of incorporation are posted on this page. If we have any lawyers in the neighborhood who would donate time to help us understand how to certify an election and take control of the bank account, that will be desperately needed. If anyone can identify former board members and members of the architectural committee (the ones who deal with neighbors who let their properties fall into disrepair), that would also be a win because they will have valuable history of the association and its challenges. We will need signs to advertise a meeting and a vote.

Plan to hear from me again very soon as I try to explore some logistics for that first step-- a meeting. We had the last one at White Oak Volunteer FD, so that might be a possibility again. I welcome anyone'e help at this stage, too, but I don't mind doing it. Mainly, please chat your neighbors up about the HOA and how much we need it to be active.



Huge thanks to super volunteers Caroline Pilkerton and Neil O'Hare for working on our HOA sign on Argyle Heights! We'll keep working on beautifying that spot until we can get control of the HOA finances and pay to have the sign redone. Yay team!


Hello neighbors. Seeing no objections on taking action on the neighborhood sign at Colebrook and Argyle Heights, we will work on that. Plan is to prune the plants around the sign to make it look nicer and basically get them out of the way of the sign. This may likely involve taking out the fir trees, as the big one interfered with the ability to even read the sign. Thinking of propping up the sign on bricks for now, until we can reorganize the Association and use our funds to replace it. The old sign is done-- rotted and split down the middle on the back side. But it looks like we can prop it up for now.


Hello neighbors! As some of you will have noticed, our neighborhood sign at Colebrook and Argyle Heights is broken and overgrown with plants. Our HOA board is currently inactive as we know (more on that later-- in a couple of months I'd like to spearhead an effort to restart things as an active community body is in all of our best interests). Some of us are volunteering to spruce up the sign area by cutting back overgrown plants, maybe adding some flowers, and rehanging the sign. If anyone is interested in helping or has a comment on the sign issue, please feel free to post. :)


If you are a resident of AHHOA, PLEASE refer this page to your neighbors who are on Facebook! This page can be an effective means of communicating with each other and sharing news.


AHHOA ByLaws. These are the bylaws as provided to me at closing when I bought here in March 2006. There have been no official changes since then to my knowledge. I had to attach it as a JPEG because that is all FB will allow anymore.


Happy spring, everyone. Our HOA's articles of incorporation are scanned and posted. My goal is to get our bylaws put up soon, as well. We have an inactive Board at the current time.

Stafford County, VA

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Hi everybody and happy summer! I'm not sure how active our board is going to be, although some data is available via this page. Recommend this page to your neighbors and we'll have a good way of communicating with each other, making announcements, reminders, etc.


Hello to those who have "liked" our page. :) Share this with your neighbors so they can like it, too!


Hello neighbors! Welcome to our new FaceBook page. We hope this will be a good forum for communication with each other and the incoming AHHOA Board. Encourage your neighbors to "like" our page so that we can all connect!


Stafford, VA





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Hi everyone! I’m your friendly neighborhood potter. Just letting you know that I have purchased a school bus and it is parked on Twin Lake and Briarwood. It will be going to its temporary home for renovation tomorrow. IT IS NOT STOLEN. I have the title in hand, I just got in at 2 am and wasn’t able to get it where it needs to be. If you feel the need to call the police (again), please know that we have had a wonderful chat and it’s perfectly fine being there for a few days. Thanks for your concern. There is a note on it with my contact information if you need to get in touch with me about anything concerning the bus. Thank you 😊
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Come and see this beautiful home 🏡 83 Melanie Hollow Ln
Free Curb Alert! Outdoor conversation set (loveseat, two chairs, table) for free to whomever picks it up first - in front of 27 Melanie Hollow.
She is still missing and has not been spotted since Saturday evening on Hillcrest Terrace in Ferry Farm.
Please be on the look out for her.
Do not chase or call her!! She will not come to you she is very scared.
Please just text her location to her foster mommy at 540-424-2923 and/or myself at 540-764-2601.
She has scars on her head and back as well as a limp on her hind left leg due to old injuries.
We have traps set for her at her last sighting location.
Please share this post.
Hi! Is this anyone’s cat? We’ve seen it for a few days on Briarwood Drive. Thanks!
Hi All! I just created a Facebook group for residents of Argyle Hills to connect/get to know their neighbors. Feel free to check it out/join :).
I do not understand why I continue to receive your notes since I moved from there in Jan of 2015. Please take me off your list.
What happened to all the people from the summer meeting who said they were going to get this going? I haven't heard a thing since the meeting in July.
Hi everyone! Your neighborhood Girl Scouts are selling cookies. This year my daughters goal is 1000 boxes to earn a free week of summer camp. Two years ago, this was her goal and you all helped make it a reality! Thank you 🙂 We will be hitting the streets this week so be on the look out. We will be leaving a door sign if we’ve missed you, and setting up a “drive through order” table in the neighbor hood after 5pm. Also, you can pm me with orders. Cookies come in on Feb 14th ❤️ and you pay on delivery. See you around the neighborhood!
I noticed work being done at the abandoned house on Mundy - looked it up and saw it was sold a few weeks ago! 👏🏼 This is such a relief!
Where is the open space in our development?