The Children's Farm

The Children's Farm The Children's Farm is a small childcare center established in 1986. We provide lots of genuine love and individual learning opportunities. Director and Teacher: Ms.

Sandra Combass; Your child will be provided two snacks and a hot cooked lunch. He/she will be taught basic pre-school concepts in order to better prepare him for public school Planned activities include experiences in creativity such as painting, block play, dramatic play, manipulative and other. We are set in a rural area surrounded by pasture and also have donkeys, geese, chickens, sheep and a pig for the children to enjoy. Our playgrounds are spacious and shaded.

Mission: We are pleased to offer a childcare facility to this community with unique learning experiences. It is our purpose to provide a Christian environment in which your child may grow physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Emphasis is placed on the development of the individual child as he plays, as he shares and as he works in a group.


Just touching base. All is well with The Children's Farm. We are busy as always. I have made a few changes that I am very excited about. The one/two year class will have two teaches, one is Ms. Amber who has 20 years of experience working with children. The assistant teacher is Ms. Rebecca, who is new to the field of childcare, but sincerely loves children and is doing a great job. With the two teachers, I will have to limit my enrollment to twelve ones/twos. I will teach threes and fours. However, this year I will not have a VPK program. I will still teach just as I have always and the children will be ready for kindergarten. I will have a few openings this month for all classes. If you should need any more information, please contact me at 352-473-7031. Thank you.


Just reaching out in this crazy time. I keep hearing about the new normal, being without friends and family can not be the new normal. I know this will pass as long as we are diligent and do what we have to for now. The Farm is still open and Ms. Amber, Ms. Hannah and I are here for the children and their families. Everyone stay safe and well.


Thank you for the applications regarding the position posted. I have filled the position, but will definitely keep applications on file.


Once again, it is hard to believe that we are in the month of October!! Time is flying by, I guess that is what happens when you are having fun. VPK is off to a great start, I have a wonderful group again this year. We are having fun and learning alot. The first assessments went out last week and we do have a lot of work to do. Ms. Amber and Ms. Cheyanne's classes are staying busy also. We will be learning about fire safety this month and also about fall changes. We will have a fall party on Oct. 31st, so be on the lookout for the sign up sheet for goodies.


We are closed on Wednesday due to Dorian. We will open in Thursday. Please stay safe.


We will be open today, Sept 3rd. I am not certain about tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I make a decision. It is all about keeping everyone safe. Thank you


I know that I said back in January that I would do better with posting and letting everyone know how we are all doing, but here it is at the end of June and I really do not know what happened to the time in between! Life at the farm is going well. We have been greatly blessed by staying full for this summer. I have some who have left that I miss very much, but new faces have come in that need all the love we can give. I have also been blessed with two new employees, Ms. Amber and Ms. Cheyanne. They are both great additions and have lots of love for children. I have been teaching and loving children here at the farm for more than 23 years and plan on going for several more. Last week I was surprised by this beautiful young lady who stopped in the see if I would have space for her baby in September. It was my little Gina, who I had when she was four! It was such a pleasure to see her all grown up with her little one and I am delighted that we will be helping her. I also have another young mother that I helped take care of when she was four and now we have the pleasure of taking care of her little one. This reminds me why I am here 12 hours a day, five days a week. I truly love my little ones and I am blessed. For those who have moved on, know that you will always have a place in my heart and hopefully you will come back to visit me. I will have a few openings coming up in August, so please give me a call if you are interested. Thank you all for your support and kindness.


I never did figure out where 2018 went and now we are more than half way through January 2019. I want to take the time to thank all of my wonderful parents. I have been so blessed to be a part of your children's lives and also your lives. I always say that we don't enroll just children, we enroll families. God has been so wonderful to me and has given me so much. I am looking forward to this new year and I KNOW that it is going to be a great one. Thank you so much for all of your kind words in the mornings and the care you give me, Ms. Pam and Ms. Lasey.


We now have openings for one and two year olds. YEA!!!! Please call me if you or someone you know are interested.


I am very excited to begin our new VPK class on the 27th. I do have a few openings for 3's and 4's if you could pass the word along. It is a privilege teaching all your children. Ms.. Pam and I thank you for letting us love and teach them.


The flu season is upon us. We have several children out with the flu and I hope that they are all starting to feel better. There seems to be a difference of opinion among physicians regarding the amount of time a person should remain home. Please rest assured that children will not be able to return to school without a note from their physician stating that they are cleared to come back to school. We will continue with bleach wipes and hand sanitizer!! Please everyone take care of yourselves as well as your little ones. Looking forward to the end of flu season.


This past week has been the saddest one of the year. Five of my little ones are now leaving to go to kindergarten next week. A few of them have been with me since they were one year old and I will miss them very much. I have had the pleasure of seeing them grow not only physically but socially and academically as well. They will always have a special place in my heart and I know each and every one of them will succeed and do great things.
I will be starting my new VPK class August 21st and I do have two openings left in my class for either an older three or a four year old. I also want to thank my wonderful parents for all that you do for us and for the pleasure of caring for your children. I truly love each and every one.


All is going well. We are very busy. Picture day was awesome. The children were great!! Pam and I really blessed with such loving little ones. All of you parents are great also!!


As most of you know I am not one to take the time to look at facebook very often. I really should reach out more and I wanted to take this time to let you all know how wonderful our God truly is. We were going through a rough patch here with enrollment low and I was really struggling. As children are my passion giving up was not an option. I knew that God knows our problems and with a lot of prayer from many people the children came. At the end of December and the first week of January we enrolled five, yes five, new children. Thank you for your support and your prayers. It is you parents who let others know about us. It is truly a joy for me to see all of our children growing and learning and it is also a privilege that Pam and I get to be a part of their lives. Thank you very much for allowing Pam and I to do that.


We have some openings in Ms. Pam's and Ms. Sandra's classes at this time. Please come by and see us. We are a small pre-school and we give each child lots of love and individual attention. I am very proud of our children's success in public school after they leave us. We work very hard to teach our children and prepare them for kindergarten.

The Children's Farm

The Children's Farm

The Children's Farm's cover photo

The Children's Farm's cover photo

We believe children need proper nutritious snacks and lunches.   Ms. Sandra cooks and provides well balanced hot lunches...

We believe children need proper nutritious snacks and lunches. Ms. Sandra cooks and provides well balanced hot lunches. We currently have limited openings for all ages. Please call to make an appointment. 352-473-7031

plenty of room to play.

plenty of room to play.

Speedy says he is looking forward to meeting new friends

Speedy says he is looking forward to meeting new friends

The Children's Farm

The Children's Farm


7536 SE 11th Ave
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I would love to work at a place like this! I owned, directed, taught, and basically did everything with the help of my husband and a couple of teachers, in my private preschool in Lake City, FL for 16 years. I am missing working with and teaching preschoolers! Please IM me if you have any openings for full or part time help. I would like to volunteer until I get something permanent