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Trenton, NJ


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Hey, Folks. I am looking for a photographer to do some cover art/live still work for my firm. I am committed to creating a conservative economy - I'll only support someone in our party. Strictly. I am new to the area and could really use the help in finding someone. If you are/know of someone who might be interested, please message me or tag me in this post. Amateurs/young photographers are ok too, as long as they are committed to the job. God Bless.
Why hasn’t NJ counted absentee ballots?
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Good Morning Patriots! Please join Us for a Pro Police Pro Trump Pro American Rally Oct 17th!
*DATE CHANGE* Due to the inclement weather on Sunday we’ve changed it to Saturday the 10th Hope to see everyone there!! 🇺🇸💪🏼
Some info for those of you in NJ 7th district!
Voting Tidbits from the Primary WHY I WANT VOTING MACHINES Mail-in-Ballots were sent to everyone. Who is everyone? Are they alive or dead? A friend emailed me that a ballot came for a relative who was dead for over 17 years! Did just legal citizens get Ballots? Or did illegals get them also? Who counts the ballots at the Board of Election office? Are they all Democrats? Did the Primary Ballots have oversight by a citizens group? An insider reported that when there was a glitch with a machine, apparently when Curie-a Democrat was there, he made the decision and it always went to a D. Interesting! Could Murphy and his henchmen be calculating every precinct to figure things out in advance? When we wake up, we will already be entrenched in Orwell’s 1984 and it will be too late. Voting Tidbits from the Primary WHY I WANT VOTING MACHINES! The Primary Election in Wayne was an eye opener. People came in, gave their name and the party they were voting for (no secret Ballot here) but SURPRISE they didn’t have to SIGN the book. Someone from, I presume the Board of Elections, photocopied the Voting Book in a very strange way and there was no signature line. Only names/signatures copied. It looked suspicious? One name after another, no signature line. Someone came in, gave their name, if you found the name, they could vote. If Jane Smith was no longer living and her age was 53 and someone came in and said I’m Jane Smith and maybe she looked around that age, she could vote! Let it sink in, how many deaths have we had from COVID? Did anyone request those names be taken off Voter Registration Rolls? How are the rolls cleaned up? Does the Township Clerk report deaths for the town? How long does it actually take to get a name off the list? Questions to ponder! Voting Tidbits from the Primary WHY I WANT VOTING MACHINES One clever young man decided to wander over to the table where all the BALLOT’S were placed. He took a picture of the Republican Ballot. I asked him what he was doing, he asked “why” as if the little darling never had to answer for anything. I told him that taking pictures and essentially anything done in a Voting Precinct that was not part of the process, could be construed as “Voter Tampering.” The dear boy had no idea. He showed me the picture. I asked him to delete it or I would report him to the Board of Elections. He was stunned that what he did could be looked at as a form of Voter Tampering. Voting Tidbits from the Primary WHY I WANT VOTING MACHINES At the end of the night ballots were counted by a Democrat. Ballots were put in a bag by the same Democrat. Wait for it, the same Democrat proceeded to take them to the Township Clerk. Did it go directly to the TOWNSHIP CLERK? I don’t know. Who brought it to the Board of Election in Paterson, I don’t know! Do we know for sure those ballots made it to Paterson? Why were two Voting Machines set up and yet when the Democrat in charge was asked “who exactly qualifies as “Disabled” to vote by machine, Physical Disability? Learning Disability? Blind? Deaf? The response, CRICKETS! Not one person used the machines. How much did that cost the Tax Payer? WHY no voting by machine? Why did we have Provisional Ballots? When Hurricane Sandy struck, we used Voting Machines. Maybe two people at most completed Provisional Ballots because they were from another town and couldn’t get back there to vote. I had to call the Board of Elections to verify if this could be done. It was run in a strict, follow the rules way. How much did “Murphy’s “Provisional Ballot “primary cost the taxpayer? Do we know? During the Primary in July there was no Hurricane. Ask yourself, why would “citizens” who were registered voters have to fill out a Provisional Ballot instead of voting on a machine. Machines can be wiped down with Clorox wipes, EASY! Pens were used and weren’t wiped down after someone used them. Paper, does it not carry germs? Do we know if paper carries germs? Remember the scenario, don’t bring in your cardboard box from Amazon for 24-48 hours. So many inconsistencies and they are always changing. My TAX DOLLARS at work for who exactly? Voting Tidbits from the Primary WHY I WANT VOTING MACHINES Another interesting fact, the Republican Blue Ballot was pretty straight forward. Then I looked at the Democrats Ballot. It had Biden for President and right under it was an insurance policy for Bernie supporters saying that Bernie’s electoral votes would go to Biden and it served as a wink, wink to Bernie supporters. Bernie is helping Joe with the platform! Never in my life have I seen anything like this.