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NJ EMPLOYERS, ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE IN COMPLIANCE?Join NJDOL's Business Services Staff from the Southern Region for a Lunc...


Join NJDOL's Business Services Staff from the Southern Region for a Lunch & Learn webinar this Thursday! Our team is here to help employers comply with the Garden State's employment laws and guide their businesses as they grow!

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Our staff are reminded every day of the tremendous toll COVID is taking on NJ workers and businesses. We're pushing forward on dual fronts – serving workers in need AND urging Congress to pass a comprehensive and long-term relief bill before current benefits expire on March 13.


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Completely inappropriate for Kevin Lynch and Stephanie Beth to post such horrific things about Kristin Baum who has helped more people in NJ over the past year then almost anyone.
My e-adjudication confirmation email clearly states, "While your claim is under review, it is important to remember to claim benefits for each week. If you are determined to be eligible for benefits, you can only be paid for weeks that you have received credit for." However, the system will no longer allow me to claim benefits for each week. What is happening? Can I PLEASE get a call back?
Why has my temporary disability benefits been unceremoniously stopped, and why do you never answer the darn phone!!!
Can you get your appeal tribunal to do their jobs and call for the appeal hearings? 2 appeal appointments in a row, no phone call, and no one's answering the phone. Then you send a letter saying WE didn't answer the phone? You still owe US money, but you're saying we owe YOU money back for over payment. This is wrong, fix it.
I have tried to call everyday this week. It is impossible to get through to even leave a message, let alone talk to someone. I am trying to figure out why there is no partial unemployment rate listed. Does that mean you're still figuring it out? I tried to fill out the form online to send an electronic inquiry, but your system wouldn't allow that either. That's ridiculous. What kind of antiquated system do you use? What's ironic is that with so many people unemployed, you would think that you could possibly hire more people to answer the phone and talk to people.
It took me a week, I finally got through to do the call back and got a call back several hours later - from a woman who could NOT be LESS helpful! Every question, "Well I don't know" - try training your employees! How am I supposed to fill things out correctly if the only help you have is someone who literally cannot answer a single question?!
Ty for everything you do. You're amazing .
Hey y'all can some one me show to the PUA I think I filed to the wrong one that's how I got denied
Can someone explain to me how New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development lines have call waiting backed up since 8:30am every day of the last week? Are you not working your 888 number? I haven't changed my cell phone number from 407 area code and so I cant even call in to the local number although I've been a NJ state resident for over 3 years!
Couldn't claim for the past 5 weeks (until today), even after receiving the email on February 7th stating everything was fine and could do so. Today, the system let me claim all 5 weeks yet is telling me via the confirmation emails that my claim "is not payable at this time." Has anyone else received this in their confirmation email (if you were able to claim)? I've contacted my attorney to try and get answers since you can never get through on the phone with these people.
I started receiving my benefits for the 11 week extension last week but not my 300 dollars is there a problem with that to🤔
It's time for everyone to call your media/news outlet and inform them of what is happening here in NJ. Time to put the pressure on.