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City of Virginia Beach ​​​​Located in the southeastern corner of Virginia, the city of Virginia Beach is about 300 sq miles and home to approximately 450,000 people.

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The official City of Virginia Beach page is named Virginia Beach City Government.


2400 Courthouse Dr
Virginia Beach, VA

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​Virginia Beach is the most populous city in Virginia and the 39th largest city in the United States, with approximately 450,000 residents. The City encompasses 307 miles: Land 248 miles, 59 square miles of water and 38 miles of beaches. ​​​​Located in the southeastern corner of Virginia, where the state meets the sea, the Virginia Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) , also known as Hampton Roads and Coastal Virginia, is the 36th largest in the United States. The MSA encompasses 15 cities and counties with a population of more than 1.7 million and a workforce of more than 850,000. Virginia Beach has a unique environment. Within minutes, residents and visitors have access to the popular oceanfront resort area, bountiful wildlife preserves and parks, a vibrant financial district, urban amenities, pastoral rural areas, distinctive cultural centers and museums, a variety of military facilities, and neighborhoods as diverse as the people who call the city home. To learn more about Virginia Beach, check out the Virginia Beach​ Community Profile at​ It provides a summary overview of the place, people, demographics and economy of Virginia Beach.

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Are restrooms open at oceanfront, at First Street playground area?
Sweet how you allow your employees to spend their days on social media hating on our President during office hours. I guess with Government jobs, that is just an added benefit for some, just show up, that is all that is required and you receive a paycheck.
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Ms. Cahill was forced to endure a toxic and hostile work environment in and out of the Virginia Beach Magistrate’s Office while at work and work-related functions due to the Commonwealth’s lack of control and oversight of its employees,” Cahill’s EEOC letter states.
4. Help your organization diversify rather than discriminate. Please read.
Ages 16 and up!!! On the spot interviews and offers!!! You may contact me personally for any questions! Children are welcome.If you cannot find childcare. You will get a guest pass for them to go to stay and play until your interview is over. Mt. Trashmore YMCA 4441 South Boulevard Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452 Lifeguard coordinator Anthony Defore (404)322-8633 [email protected]
Hello Mr. Dyer & Mrs. Jones, Our community is in need of your help! The property at 1148 Acredale has been sub-divided to build another home in the back yard. When we learned of this issue in January 2018, our neighborhood civic league representative Mr. Knowles called Zoning and was informed the property could not be sub-divided. We learned this morning that it has been sub-divided. The builder hired a lawyer to find a loophole and got it approved without letting our voices be heard! If this property is sub-divided, it will not stop there! We have been fighting to keep our neighborhood from being taken over by people like this for years. My husband and I are 21 yr. residents of Acredale and this is unacceptable. We cannot let this go through. WE NEED TO KEEP ACREDALE UNIQUE & TRUE TO ITS ORIGINAL DESIGN. I bought in this neighborhood for several reason, #1 because its 1 of the only places left in Virginia Beach that homes are not built on top of each other unless your rich and can afford to live in high class Virginia Beach neighborhoods. #2 Its peacefulness, the established trees, neighbors who take pride in their homes. #3 no HOA to tell me how or what I can do to my home.#4 it’s an affordable neighborhood for the middle class people who want a nice home w/land they can garden, or have friends over and not infringe on our neighbors. This has to stop. We the Acredale residents DO NOT WANT THIS PROPERTY TO BE SUBDIVIDED. We should have been told about his before it was approved so we could have our voices heard and expressed our voices against this. If you allow this it will pave the way for other builders to do the same and worse have businesses buy houses and turn them into offices like some of them have already gotten away with. Please don’t let them ruin our neighborhood. I am in the home building industry and have been for 25 yrs. Sometimes the greed of a builder should be stopped when it doesn’t represent or preserve the traditions of a 1 of a kind neighborhood. What do we do? How do we get our voices heard? We are looking to you for help. Please don’t let us down. Thank you. Michelle Hicks - Acredale Resident
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