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Town of Wappinger The official page of the Town of Wappinger. Located within Dutchess County in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley. Settled 1659, Incorporated 1875



The US is doing a very good job on managing health risks at this early stage.

I know that many people have growing worries over the coronavirus. There should be little concern, if any, in the US at this time. Even though the World Health Organization has just declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern (after an emergency committee reconvened Thursday in Geneva), there is no reason to be alarmed or to panic. Continue with your daily lives uninterrupted in Wappinger.

As one who lived through the SARS outbreak in Taiwan in the early 2000s, a basic health and hygene regimen will make a big difference including: washing hands with soap and warm water for at least 25 seconds, no touching of face, cleaning hands frequently with medical grade sanitizer; limited if any foreign travel; purchasing a supply of medical grade masks (once they are available); covering mouth when coughing; routinely monitoring temperature (which I do anyway).

Please refer to the US CDC website for further information.

FYI - We have hand sanitizer in Town Hall for use when you visit and we are wiping down door knobs and faucets as well.

We will place announcements as they become available.


Please see January Report from the Sheriffs Department. Thanks to Sheriff Butch Anderson and his team for their ongoing efforts to protect the health and safety of our community.

In the month of January the Sheriffs Deputies completed 5 Targeted Traffic Patrols in areas that have had recent complaints.

If you have a location you would like traffic enforcement please let us know. Kent Road and Ketchamtown Roads are also in our list.

Five (4) hour patrols were conducted resulting in 59 operators stopped with 47 tickets issued and 13 warnings for minor violations.

Roads patrolled this month are as follows:

Degarmo Hills with 12 tickets issued and 5 warnings;

Chelsea Road with 28 tickets issued and 4 warnings;

Wheeler Hill with 1 ticket issued and 2 warnings; and

River Road North/South with 6 tickets issued and 2 warnings.

*** Town of Wappinger Zoning Board of Appeals Cancellation ***January 28, 2020 ZBA meeting is canceled due to a lack of ...

*** Town of Wappinger Zoning Board of Appeals Cancellation ***
January 28, 2020 ZBA meeting is canceled due to a lack of agenda items.

#HappeningNow Our Wappinger community is coming together to sew pouches for endangered and threatened wildlife. Animal l...

#HappeningNow Our Wappinger community is coming together to sew pouches for endangered and threatened wildlife. Animal lovers and Town officials are cutting and sewing fabric to make these custom pouches. Supervisor Richard L. Thurston, Town Clerk Joseph P. Paoloni, Councilman Al Casella, County Legislator Joseph D. Cavaccini and many other animal lovers in our community are making these custom pouches today at Wappinger Town Hall!

Special thanks to Jessica and Donna in our Parks & Recreation Department for spearheading this great event.

***Residents now able to pay their Water & Sewer Bills Online***In addition to now being able to pay your tax bill onlin...

***Residents now able to pay their Water & Sewer Bills Online***
In addition to now being able to pay your tax bill online, Wappinger residents are now able to pay their Water and/or Sewer bills online with Wappinger Town Online Bill Pay.
Supervisor Thurston, the Wappinger Town Board, and Receiver of Taxes Lee Anne Freno are excited to offer this easy to use software for tenants of the Town's Water & Sewer districts.

*** Notice from the Office of the Reciever of Taxes regarding Water & Sewer Billing ***If you are a water/sewer customer...

*** Notice from the Office of the Reciever of Taxes regarding Water & Sewer Billing ***
If you are a water/sewer customer and feel your bill is unusually high, this is to remind you that if you were previously an off calendar customer, your bill is every four months. A letter was included with the October bill advising of our new water/sewer billing software program and the change in the billing schedule. If you have any further questions, please contact the water/sewer billing department at (845)297-1850.


Update from Supervisor Thurston - snow is now falling moderately throughout our Town.

Highway Superintendent Mike Sheehan has the crews starting to go out to pretreat the roads.

As the storm develops please report any areas of safety concern.



It has been a while since we last posted on a winter storm.

Now, we are under a Winter Weather Advisory.

As posted by Hudson Valley Weather:

Preliminary Storm Forecast : Saturday

– 11am to 2pm : Snow begins from west to east
– 2pm to 7pm : Snow falls steadily… possibly heavy at times
– 7pm to 10pm : Snow tapers off from west to east

– Temps in 20s at start of event, snow sticks to all surfaces
– Snow covered and icy roads, hazardous travel
– Reduced visibility, snowfall rates up to 1″ per hour

Snow Accumulation:
– Catskills : 4 to 8 inches
– Hudson Valley: 2 to 6 inches

The Town’s Highway Department is prepared.

Be safe and do not drive during the storm!


***United Wappinger Water District Water Outage******Update*** Pipes have been pressurized and water has been restored.A...

***United Wappinger Water District Water Outage***

***Update*** Pipes have been pressurized and water has been restored.

At 1:30 PM today, during a private construction project, a water main break occurred in the area of All Angels Hill Road and Carmel Heights. Residents in this area will be without service while Camo Pollution Control repairs the water main. Please call CAMO Pollution Control at 845-463-7310

Supervisor Richard L. Thurston, the Wappinger Town Board, and Receiver of Taxes Lee Anne Freno are proud to launch for t...
BAS | Internet Tax

Supervisor Richard L. Thurston, the Wappinger Town Board, and Receiver of Taxes Lee Anne Freno are proud to launch for the first time ever online tax payment software.
Residents and taxpayers of the Town of Wappinger will now be able to search their tax bill and be able to pay their tax bill through the Town of Wappinger Government website. The Town has built off of our tax bill search software to now offer payment options to make the process easier and more transparent.

It is Registration Day for Town of Wappinger Little League! Stop by Wappinger Town Hall today to register your little sl...
Town of Wappinger Little League

It is Registration Day for Town of Wappinger Little League! Stop by Wappinger Town Hall today to register your little slugger for the 2020 season!

In-person tomorrow!

Registration is open online at for the 2020 Spring Season!
in-person registration at Wappingers Town Hall:
Jan. 11, 10am-12pm
Feb. 8, 10am-2pm
Opening Day Ceremonies tentatively April 18

We have once again partnered with the NY Mets and their Future Stars program. All active participating players will receive a free ticket with a paid adult ticket at Wappingers Day at Citi Field (tentatively May 17)

Movie nights planned in season at Robinson Lane!

Fund raising raffle:

1st prize 50' TV

2nd prize Autographed Edwin Diaz Jersey

3rd prize Autographed Jacob deGrom Ball

League picnic tentatively June 6 (drawing will also be held at the picnic

2nd Inaugural SpeechDr. Richard L. ThurstonSupervisorTown of WappingerJanuary 4, 2020 ​Thank you for coming today. First...

2nd Inaugural Speech
Dr. Richard L. Thurston
Town of Wappinger
January 4, 2020

​Thank you for coming today. First, a special shout out to: (i) our residents who have shown great confidence in me; (ii) to our Wappinger staff and elected officials who have acknowledged my leadership and especially our mutual partnership; (iii) to my family for their support, patience, and understanding; and (iv) to my wife, Yvonne, my soulmate and my muse, for being there by my side for nearly 44 years.

​“2020’ is not just a new year and the beginning of another decade, but those 4 numbers exemplify both accurate judgment and realistic assessment. Spiritually, the numbers 2020 also symbolize “huge potential”. Our responsibility going forward this year is to be accurate in our judgment and realistic in our assessments, to be true to nonpartisan convictions working for the benefit of the entire community and not just to a particular interest group, and to unlock Wappinger’s huge potential. Anything less than full and resolute teamwork and partnership to the betterment of our community will not be well accepted by our constituents. There is, no longer, any place for fabricated drama and tale spinning that will distract us from the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

​Jamil Qureshi once stated that “we must learn how to dance on a shifting carpet, not see the rug as being pulled from under our feet.” Too often, some people waste time over-calculating risks and in minimizing their losses. WE DO NOT HAVE THE LUXURY OF TIME for hand wringing and procrastination!

​I strongly agree with County Executive Marcus Molinaro that we must “think differently”. But, in Wappinger, we must also be about acting proactively and positively. In 1640, in the work Jacula Prudentusm, George Herbert wrote: “To him that will, ways are not wanting.” By the 1820s it had been altered to where there’s a will there’s a way. Throughout my career, I have lived by and will continue to be guided by this proverb.

​Arising from the voices of our concerned residents, our will and way in Wappinger must focus on certain key initiatives, including:

• Creating an even more transparent and inclusive government, most especially through additional Town Code reform, and by establishing more diverse and inclusive membership on our respective Boards, committees, and volunteer activities;

• Ensuring and expanding the continued availability of quality Town water and sewer services – lest we forget, only ½ of our Town is now on Town-supplied water and sewer services. We must explore water and sewer interconnection options both with our neighboring communities, with Dutchess County, as well as through our partnership with New York City;

• Promoting more environmentally-sensitive policies, programs and initiatives such as by creating fully integrated park/trail planning, development, management, and facility remediation through a much more targeted “recreation fee’ allocation. And, we must implement “conservation pricing’ for our water/sewer rates and services;

• Promoting, more strategically, our small businesses, organizations, and historical hamlets through: (i) revisions to the relevant sections of our Town Plan; (ii) creation of historical overlays; (iii) expansion of sustainable development and promotion of “Wappinger” without the “s” (in other words “Wappinger Proud”); (iv) more interactive engagement with (a) our County such as by creating sustainable development infrastructure and services around the airport (I truly expect much help from Legislators Bolner, Cavaccini and Paoloni), and (b) cooperation with our neighboring communities such as our Village, and the Towns of Fishkill and East Fishkill (thanks to Matt Alexander, Nick D’Alessandro and Ozzy Albra);

• Addressing our Town’s growing transportation logjams through new infrastructure initiatives such as the County’s highway redevelopment of Old Hopewell Road, that is just beginning. More must be done on Routes 9 and 9D. We must add sidewalks and crosswalks along Route 9 , and we must find a way to interconnect our Town within Ward 4 between Route 376 and Robinson Lane.

• There are many more items on our list, but I would be remiss not to note our ongoing efforts to support our veterans, our residents with special needs, working with WCSD to better enable our youth; and better integrating within our community our 37 interfaith organizations.

​Today, as we enter this new decade, the Town of Wappinger, in partnership with everyone in this room and many others, must embark on a forward looking journey that continues to be resilient, fiscally responsible, and exemplifies the spirit of working together in harmony, while continuing to achieve substantive accomplishments.

​Before closing, may we bow our heads in a moment of silence for the safety of our young men and women who have been and are now being deployed to foreign lands …..


©Dr. Richard L. Thurston, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that Supervisor Richard L. Thurston and the Wappinger Town Board directed the flag, at the Memo...

It is with a heavy heart that Supervisor Richard L. Thurston and the Wappinger Town Board directed the flag, at the Memorial Plaza in front of Wappinger Town Hall, to be lowered to half staff in memory of the Town's Greenway Chairman Emeritus Joseph J. Ennesser. Mr. Ennesser passed away on January 1st, one day after his birthday on December 31. Mr. Ennesser served the people of the Town of Wappinger for decades as Chairman of the Wappinger Greenway Trail Committee, a member of the Town Recreation Commission, former Director of Recreation, and much more. He and his loving bride, Eileen, were always a fixture at all Town events and he will be dearly missed. Thank you Joe for everything you have done for our community.

We will miss but never forget Joe. I am glad that we had the chance to honor him at a recent town Board meeting. More honors and recognitions will surely follow for all that Joe did for
Our community. Our prayers go out to Eileen and family. May Joe Rest In Eternal Peace!

Wappinger Town Hall and all Town Offices will be closing early today, New Years Eve, Tuesday, December 31 at 2:00pm and ...

Wappinger Town Hall and all Town Offices will be closing early today, New Years Eve, Tuesday, December 31 at 2:00pm and will also be closed on Wednesday, January 1 for New Years Day. Have a very happy and safe holiday as we enter into both a new year and a new decade!

CAUTION WHEN DRIVING TONIGHTBe safe this evening driving - the sleet/hail that has been falling and freezing on the surf...


Be safe this evening driving - the sleet/hail that has been falling and freezing on the surface is leaving hazardous driving conditions. Our Town crews are out salting and adding material as will be county crews. Be careful in areas prone to have icing conditions as temperatures hover in the icing range.

***the water break within the White Gate community has been repaired by White Gate management company. The town has turn...

***the water break within the White Gate community has been repaired by White Gate management company. The town has turned the water back on.

Please consult with White Gate Management to determine whether water should be boiled before using.


United Wappinger Water District Water Main Break at White Gate Condominiums***
CAMO Pollution Control, has identified a water main break at White Gate Condominiums and is actively working on the repairs. This event is isolated only to White Gate and not the rest of the United Wappinger Water District.
For more information please contact CAMO Pollution Control at 845-463-7310.

Supervisor Richard L. Thurston, the Wappinger Town Board, and all of our employees hope that our residents are enjoying ...

Supervisor Richard L. Thurston, the Wappinger Town Board, and all of our employees hope that our residents are enjoying this wonderful holiday season! Together, in 2019, we achieved much towards the betterment of our community, its residents and businesses. There are no words to express the special place you all fill within our Town. With this new year fast approaching, our community will enter this year with an attitude of gratitude and hope that your year will be filled with much satisfaction and happiness. A new year is a time to set new goals for yourselves and our Town. It is a time to reflect upon the things that are important to you both in your career and family and the things you wish to achieve in both.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa Wappinger!

Wappinger Town Hall will close early at 2:00pm on December 24, Christmas Eve, and will be closed on December 25, Christm...

Wappinger Town Hall will close early at 2:00pm on December 24, Christmas Eve, and will be closed on December 25, Christmas Day. Town Hall will reopen on December 26. Justice Court will close on December 24 at 12:00 and re-open Monday, December 30 at 8:30am

Residents of the Hughsonville Fire District are in store for a special treat today! Be on the look out for Santa Claus a...

Residents of the Hughsonville Fire District are in store for a special treat today! Be on the look out for Santa Claus as he makes his way through Wappinger with our volunteer firefighters! 🎄🎅🏼

Santa Claus comes to the Hughsonville Fire District today beginning at 9am. See the estimated times of his arrival below in the comments. 🎅🏻 Merry Christmas from the Officers and Members of the Hughsonville Fire Department! 🎄

Please remember to remove all ice and snow from your cars and trucks before driving on the roads.

Please remember to remove all ice and snow from your cars and trucks before driving on the roads.


Updated Hudson Valley forecast is for continued light snow.

The Town’s highway crews are out applying salt and sand on all Town Roads and are treating spots of special concern.

Since the accumulation has been light and there is frost coming up from the ground, the Highway Department is not scraping off the roads because doing so will remove the existing protective layers of salt and sand and the. turn the roads to sheets of ice.

Neighboring Communities of Beacon, Towns of Fishkill and East Fishkill are also open for business.

If you have any particular areas of concern please call the Highway Department @ 845-297-9451 or call Town Hall (which is open for business).

Thank you, and if you must go out, please drive safely.


20 Middlebush Road
Wappingers Falls, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 08:30 - 16:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 16:00
Wednesday 08:30 - 16:00
Thursday 08:30 - 16:00
Friday 08:30 - 16:00


(845) 297-4158


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Wappinger, NY

Welcome to the Wappinger area! Located in New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley, just 70 miles north of New York City, sits the Town of Wappinger. Boasting a Hudson River shoreline coast Wappinger is home to 28.5 square miles of quiet neighborhoods, five star dining, premier shopping amenities, breathtaking natural sites, fascinating history, exceptional schools, and so much more. Whether it’s to live, work, or travel we are so excited that you have chosen Wappinger and we hope you enjoy your time in this Hudson River Valley Greenway Community!

Wappinger is home to over 27,000 residents and is governed by a five member Town Board. The Town Supervisor, Richard L. Thurston, is the presiding officer over Town Board meetings and is the chief operating and fiscal officer of the Town. The town is structured as a ward system with Town Council-members representing different areas within Wappinger. Councilman William H. Beale represents Ward 1, which includes the Village of Wappingers Falls, northern US Route 9 corridor, Hughsonville hamlet, and Middlebush hamlet. Ward 2 Councilwoman Angela Bettina represents the southern areas of Wappinger which consists of Chelsea hamlet, Fleetwood subdivision, White Gate and Pavilion complex, Swartwoutville hamlet, and the southern part of the US Route 9 corridor. Representing Ward 3 is Councilman Christopher Phillips which includes the middle of the town including part of Myers Corners hamlet, Rockingham Farms, Quiet Acres, Wildwood, Oakwood Knolls, and Shamrock Hills subdivisions. Councilman Al Casella oversees the northern part of Wappinger in Ward 4, which consists of New Hackensack hamlet, Myers Corners hamlet, Hudson Valley Regional Airport, Royal Ridge and Edgehill Manor subdivision. The Town of Wappinger has an elected Town Clerk, held by Joseph P. Paoloni, who is tasked with maintaining town records and taking minutes of Town Board meetings. The Town Clerk’s office is considered to be the information center and gateway to our Town. The Highway Department is overseen by the elected Superintendent of Highways Michael Sheehan. The town has two Town Justices, Carl Wolfson and Heather Kitchen.

Wappinger has a total area of 28.5 square miles. Bordering the majestic Hudson River to the west, the scenic Wappinger Creek to the north, and the Sprout Creek to the east, Wappinger has a lot to offer in terms of waterways. Residents can access the Hudson River from our Chelsea Boat Launch or sit high above the valley and experience breathtaking views from Carnwath Farms Historic Site & Park. Paddle-boarding and kayaking are favorite pastimes along the lower Wappinger Creek and Lake. The Town of Wappinger maintains over 900 acres of land for recreation and environmental protection. You can hike along the Hunter Creek ridge at Reese Park Town Nature Preserve or hit a home run at William “Big Guy” Farrell Fields at our Robinson Lane Baseball Complex. Our Recreation Department offers a number of programs and events annually for our residents. At Martz Field Recreation Facility our ever growing and popular Summer Camp attracts children from around Wappinger to enjoy the sun and be with friends. Come spend your Thursday nights, June - August, out at Brexel-Schlathaus Park listening to local bands preform during our Wappinger Summer Concert Series. Then every Friday, from late May to August, to Mesier Park in downtown Wappingers Falls for the Mesier Summer Concert and Movie Series! During the month of July, the Town of Wappinger takes part in National Parks & Recreation Month in which our Parks & Recreation Department has planned fun summertime activities for the entire month of July! Wappinger Community Day, a day filled with action packed fun and excitement for the whole family with a parade, amusement rides, live music, over a dozen different food trucks, craft and art vendors, and fireworks! Head over to Wappingers Falls Junior High School in Middlebush during Fourth of July weekend to be apart of the fun!

The dining scene in Wappinger is definitely hot! We are proud to boast some of Dutchess County’s top chefs and entrepreneurs have opened their doors here in town. Scattered along the Town’s Route 9 corridor, one can find local eateries spanning the cultures and stimulating your taste buds. Farm to table style dining is growing in the Hudson River Valley and the Town of Wappinger is fortunate enough that much of the produce served in both restaurants and store come from farms in and around Wappinger. The Wappingers Falls Downtown Historic District is the place to be to take a night out! Breweries and wine bars have become attractions in and of themselves, most establishments hosting live entertainment on weekends. We encourage our residents and visitors to take the trip to one of the farm stands in town and try out some fresh local crops made right here in our backyard!

First settled in 1659 as an illegal settlement along the Wappinger Creek, our town’s past is quite impressive! During the American Revolution, Swartwoutville was a strategic meeting place for George Washington, Von Stueben, and LaFayette at the home of General Jacobus Swartwout. At the Mesier Homestead Historic Site in Wappingers Falls, Nicholas Brewer was a member of the Committee for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies, where he carried out spy missions for John Jay. Later in May of 1777 the Homestead passed to the loyalist Mesier family. The tory ties of the Mesiers sparked the Wappinger Tea Party in which residents of the area protested Peter Mesier’s high price of tea. By the time of the Industrial Revolution, the Village of Wappingers Falls had spiked to be one of the most populous and industrial places in Dutchess County. With over 30 factories producing everything from hats and textiles to combs and cigars. The most notable locations were the Dutchess Bleachery which mass produced and dyed textiles, and the Sweet Orr Overall Co. which produced the first denim overalls in the world. Dutchess County resident and United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt frequently visited and passed through Wappinger. Often at times Winston Churchill landed at Hudson Valley Regional Airport when visiting the President at his Dutchess County home. Roosevelt also oversaw and designed two WPA projects in Wappingers Falls, the Old Post Office (now Village Police Department) and the Wappingers Falls Junior High School. The Town of Wappinger was officially carved from the Town of Fishkill on May 20, 1875 through an act of the New York State Legislature.

Ensuring the best education for Wappinger children is a top priority of our schools. Within the Town of Wappinger there are three separate school districts and one private school. Chelsea Hamlet, southwest corner of town, is served by the Beacon City School District. Diddell hamlet, the northeast corner is served by the Arlington Central School District. The rest of the Town of Wappinger (almost its entirety) is served by the Wappingers Central School District. Wappinger is home to James S. Evans Elementary School and Myers Corners Elementary School, but some Wappinger students depending on where they live attend Oak Grove, or Sheafe Road Elementary Schools in Poughkeepsie. Children in grade 7th through 8th grades attend Wappingers Falls Junior High School in the Village of Wappingers Falls but some students in Swartwoutville, the southeastern corner of town attend Van Wyck Junior High School in the Town of East Fishkill. Roy C. Ketcham Senior High School is located on Myers Corners Road and is home to 1,500 students. Both students and adults show their Ketcham Indian pride at varsity sporting events at the school throughout the year. Some students that live in Swartwoutville, the southeastern corner of town attend John Jay Senior High School in East Fishkill. The Randolph School is a private institution for children kindergarten to 6th grade and is located on Route 9D.

Wappinger Town Hall is located at 20 Middlebush Road, directly across from Wappingers Falls Junior High School in the Middlebush hamlet. The departmental offices of the Town of Wappinger are located here. For information on property values our Town Assessor’s office will be glad to assist you in providing information to you on your home or a prospective property. Our business friendly Building, Planning, and Zoning offices are there to help on anything from a home addition to starting a business in town. Much of the Town of Wappinger is connected to our United Wappinger Water & Sewer districts. Our Water and Sewer Billing department along with Camo Pollution Control monitors our underground infrastructure keeping water quality as the best in the area and ensuring that you have nothing to worry about. The Town Clerk’s office is the record keeping entity of the Town of Wappinger, with that our Town Clerk is also responsible for Hawkers and Peddlers licenses, Dog licenses, Birth, Marriage, and Death certificates, and permits to our Town’s Recycle Center and Transfer Station. The office of Town Historian oversees the historical aspects of our town from documents to historical sites and attractions in Wappinger. The Town Justice Court is located within Wappinger Town Hall and is open for the payment of fines and small claims cases. For additional information please feel free to contact us at 845-297-4158, visit our website at or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @townofwappinger

Social Media Policy of the Town of Wappinger. Adopted August 6, 2018 1. General Policy Statement. 1.1. This policy provides overall guidance for Town of Wappinger (“TOW” or the “Town”) Government use of social media. Individuals and entities that participate in social media on behalf of the Town shall abide by this policy. 1.2. Social media tools are creative and interactive forms of online communication. They provide a platform for the Town to develop stronger and more successful relationships and communications with members of the public, residents, visitors and organizations (“Members of the Public”). Social media refers to the creation and exchange of information among individuals through Internet-based applications. This includes, but is not limited to, information in the form of text, pictures, videos, links to other sites or any other type of communication posted to the approved social media site. 1.3. Social media provides the TOW with the ability to: 1.3.1. Promote Town programs and initiatives by engaging Members of the Public; 1.3.2. Provide Members of the Public with an additional way to interact with the Town; 1.3.3. Complement and integrate traditional media for wider message distribution; 1.3.4. Engage in local and Dutchess County discussions on relevant TOW issues; 1.3.5. Act as a service provider and connect Members of the Public with programs or information; and 1.3.6. Provide public outreach to share pertinent government issued informational messages. 1.4. All content posted on the social media pages, including comments submitted, and including that removed, and a list of subscribers or “followers”, is considered a public record and subject to the New York State Freedom of Information Law. Any content removed based on the guidelines below should be retained and maintained by the Town Clerk pursuant to the TOW Record Retention Policy to the extent technologically feasible. 1.5. Social media accounts may include but are not limited by definition to the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 1.6. Town social media sites are intended to be informational. Users should not use these forums for making any official communications to the Town; for example, reporting crimes or misconduct, requesting an inspection, giving notice required by any statute, regulation or ordinance, such as, but not limited to, notices of claims. 1.7. Since Town social media sites will not be maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and immediate responses to any requests via post, email, direct message, etc. may not occur, the readers should be advised accordingly. 2 1.8. The Town reserves the right to not reply or decline to reply to any/all comments posted to its social media accounts. It is also understood that the Town will not automatically “friend”, “like”, “follow” or “connect” to users who follow, comment or “like” Town posts. 2. Employee Use of Social Media. Any employees representing the Town via its social media sites shall conduct themselves at all times as representatives of the Town and in accordance with the Employee Handbook and other applicable policies. When a Town employee posts or responds to a comment in his/her capacity as a Town employee, the employee should do so in the name of the Town Department, and the employee shall not share personal information about him or herself, or other Town employees except as required for Town business. 3. Creation and Use of TOW Social Media Sites. 3.1.Registration. All existing official Town social media sites must be approved by the Town Board (“Board”) and registered with the TOW Supervisor's Office (TSO). The Board and the TSO retain the ability to deny the creation of any new social media account if the requesting Office, Department, Committee, or individual (“Organization”) cannot provide a legacy system and a unique need for said account. Prior to starting a new social media account, one must submit an application on the TSO, using the registration form provided by the TSO. 3.2. Organization Use. Each Organization involved in a social media effort must have a clear understanding of the Town's social media policy. Additionally, Organizations must clearly define internal policies to complement the overall Town policy. This internal policy must include roles and responsibilities for any personnel involved in managing social media, including affinity groups, vendors and volunteers, and a process to ensure there is consistent messaging across all media that the Organization uses for public communication, including social media. Training should be provided for employees authorized to engage in social media on behalf of the TOW. Employees not authorized to engage in social media should be warned of the potential consequences of posting in an official capacity. 3.3.Organization Policies and Procedures. Organizations should develop an organizational structure and Department-specific social media policy consistent with Town-wide policies. It should address the following elements: 3.3.1. Roles and responsibilities for staff members that create and manage the Organization's social media presence. This must include a protocol for responding to complaints or other service requests, and complying with records retention policies; 3.3.2. Organization members or staff responsible for managing social media sites must be trained on the use of social media and records management issues presented by social media. This includes review and approval processes for social media messaging and content, if deemed appropriate. Online communication should be consistent with any information and advice provided through other media and forums; 3 3.3.3. Oversight of the social media site(s) developed within the Organization (whether developed internally or through a vendor or consultant); 3.3.4. Clear protocol for personal posts and comments by non-social media Organization staff on official accounts; and 3.3.5. Consultant/Vendor/Contractor guidelines for use of social media. 3.4.Internal process to address customer issues, questions or complaints. An Organization’s social media policy may depend on the nature and purpose of the Organization. One central contact should be designated to oversee the Organization's social media program and to coordinate with TSO for policy updates. 3.5.Consultant / Vendor / Contractor Use of Social Media On Behalf of an Organization. Vendors or contractors hired by an Organization to assist in developing Organization's social media presence must comply with all elements outlined in this policy and any other additional internal policy that an Organization may develop. In contracting out social media related tasks, it is critical that the Organization retains permanent ownership of the created webpages. For legal review of the vendor contracts, please contact TOW's legal counsel. 3.6.Branding Social Media Accounts as Official Town Sites. Organizations engaging in social media should clearly brand their websites as an official g 4 account for an individual, like the head of the Department, or a press officer. Personnel may be authorized to use social media for many reasons, including (but not limited to) promoting an Organization's message, engaging with other government and community leaders, or participating on an Organization's social media site as subject matter experts. 3.7.2. Personnel authorized to engage with Members of the Public via social media platforms as part of their TOW work should comply with all TOW and Organization guidelines while doing so. Personnel should also keep in mind that they are representing their Organization and TOW at large with every social media interaction. 3.7.3. Accounts created and maintained by individuals to use for official purposes become TOW municipal property and do not transfer to the employee should they leave the TOW Government. 3.7.4. Personnel who wish to use social media in a personal capacity must indicate they are only representing themselves, and cannot do so on Town time and using Town resources, including personnel. 4. Security. 4.1 It is important to take all necessary steps to ensure that social media accounts are secure from accidental or purposeful attacks. 4.2 Passwords must be adequately complicated to prevent cyberattacks. It is advised that passwords are never sent through email, but are communicated verbally. If a cyberattack is suspected, the agency must first contact TSO. 5. Legal Considerations. 5.1.While there are many benefits to working with social media, there are some areas of legal vulnerability that are unique to these forms of communication. 5.2.Content Posting and Sharing. 5.2.1. Many social media platforms allow users to share and post their own personal photos, videos and other creative content on fellow users' account pages and sites. The TOW should not allow or encourage this practice. 5.2.2. Organizations should work with the TSO in crafting their social media message and strategy. Organizations may, where necessary, are allowed to post to outside links including, but not limited to, other Organizations, news outlets, and other social media 5 pages. However, Organizations should create original content where possible, and a majority of published content needs to be original. 5.3.Privacy. 5.3.1. As TOW social media sites grow in popularity and usage, issues of privacy become paramount. Organizations (particularly those that handle sensitive or protected information) need to be mindful of customers' privacy and identities. Organizations with fundamental privacy concerns (e.g. Recreation Department that is serving minors or manage health information) should consider their customers' privacy before joining the various social media platforms disclosing customer involvement. In addition, those Organizations may choose to alert customers that by affiliating with certain social media sites, they may be openly associating themselves with the specific Organization or TOW service. 5.3.2. Organizations posting material featuring identifiable private individuals and children are encouraged try to get permission where possible/feasible before publication. Releases or permissions should be in writing or by an email authorization from the source confirming that the TOW's use is acceptable. 5.4. Terms of Service. 5.4.1. When private individuals and organizations join social media sites, the sign-on process almost always includes a Terms of Service (TOS) clause. New members must agree to the individual site's Terms of Service before they are granted full-access privileges to the site. TOS clauses vary across social media platforms; as such, Organizations should carefully read the TOS of each social media tool before developing its presence. For example, many of the sites provide that the site's operator is automatically provided with a broad license to any posted material, that the user consents to choice of law and venue in a remote jurisdiction and that the site's operator has the right to place advertising in close proximity to the user's content. 5.5. Moderating Customer Input. 5.5.1. Social media platforms often provide users the ability to voice their opinions and reactions to posted information. This may result in comments or feedback from users that concern TOW or Organization officials, department heads or other staff. An Organization should not use social media if it is uncomfortable with the idea of users posting negative or unsavory comments about itself, its leaders, or its programs. In other words, if the agency is uncomfortable with the level of exchange on a particular site, the site may not be appropriate for that agency. 5.5.2. To keep track of incoming feedback and follower contributed content, Organizations should check their social media sites at least once a day. If a TOW social media site is 6 created under guidelines or policies that limit the site to a particular topic (as opposed to general or all-purpose agency communications), off-topic comments or contents may be deleted under the guidance of TOW legal counsel. Otherwise, agencies may not delete or modify comments that are posted or otherwise sent or shared by outside parties on their social media sites. For guidance on the narrow exceptions (e.g., obscene comments, hate speech, solicitations and comments that violate the Terms of Service of the host site), please contact the TOW’s legal counsel to determine an appropriate response. 5.6. Notice. 5.6.1. The interactive nature of social media enables Organizations to directly engage customers. However, Members of the Public also have the ability to communicate with Organizations and may choose to report an issue, request a TOW service or seek more information regarding a TOW program available to them over the various social media sites. For information requests that the Organization cannot accommodate, or if a service complaint needs to be submitted, agencies should loop TSO and TOW legal counsel into the conversation and then they will then offer a reply. 5.6.2. All employees should be alerted to the fact that a request received through a social media site may also serve as a notice of some possible issue or problem. For example, if a customer notifies the TOW Highway Department about a pothole over a social media site and another resident or visitor is subsequently injured by the same pothole, the notification may potentially be used by the injured as part of a resulting legal action. Any suspicious comments of this nature should be communicated to TOS and/or TOW Legal Counsel. 5.6.3. All social media sites maintained by the Town shall clearly set forth that they are maintained by the Town as the Town’s “official” social media accounts. The following disclaimer shall appear on all Town social media sites: The Town be the sole owner of all social media accounts and the Town reserves the right in its sole discretion to delete any postings it deems offensive or inappropriate, and reserves the right to deny access to any individual who violates the Town’s social media policy without prior notice. Postings other than by Town officials do not constitute opinions of and are not endorsed or approved by the Town. The Town specifically disclaims any and all liability to for any damages, which may result from accessing links to other posts, pages, or website that are not owned, operated, controlled or reviewed by the Town. Inappropriate content, includes, but is not limited to:  Potentially libelous comments;  Comments on disability, religion, or national origin;  Private, personal information offered without express consent;  Hyperlinks to materials not directly related to the discussion;  Material known to be plagiarized; 7  Commercial promotions, including for-profit advertisements or products for sale;  Content appearing to be “spam”;  Comments pertaining to organized political activities, including political endorsements;  Comments not topically related to the particular post being commented upon;  Comments that promote, foster, or perpetuate discrimination on the basis of creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation;  Comments that include vulgar, offensive, derogatory, threatening or harassing language, racist; personal attacks or unsupported accusations;  Obscene or sexual content or links to obscene or sexual content;  Illegal activity or encouragement of illegal activity  Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems  Comments from children under 13 cannot be posted in order to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. By posting on a Town media site, users acknowledge that they are at least 13 years old  Content that violates a legal ownership interest of any other party;. and  Any content that is not deemed to be in the best interest of the Town. 5.7. Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). 5.7.1. Organizations should ensure that relevant staff are provided with guidelines and training before posting any material to social media sites. Once information has been posted, it may be considered an agency record subject to applicable retention requirements and to the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), under which government records are made available upon request to members of the public. Even if the communication, information, photo, video, etc. is immediately removed from the host site, once it is has been featured on a social media site, it still may be subject to record retention requirements and to FOIL. The same would be true of third party comments or materials posted on the agency's social media sites. 5.7.2. All TOW social media should be archived to the extent possible. TOW’s IT Consultant should try to procure a social media archiving tool and provide guidance on appropriate record keeping practices. 8 6. Applicability. 6.1.. This policy shall apply to all Town Organizations as well as any affiliated government or non-government agency or official permitted by the Town to post on Town media sites. 6.2. . Notwithstanding the above, nothing in this Policy is designed to interfere with, restrain, or prevent employee communications regarding wages, hours, or other terms and conditions of employment. Nor is it meant to imply any restriction or diminishment of an employee’s right to appropriately engage in protected concerted activity under law. Town employees have the right to engage in or refrain from such activities as they choose. 6.3. Anyone with information as to a violation of this Policy is to report said information to the appropriate Organization Head. Once the Organization Head is informed of the violation, a formal process, consistent with the Employee Handbook, Union Contract, and/or applicable law, will commence. 6.4. An employee who violates this Policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


WE HAVE NOT YET FOUND RILEY SINCE DEC 30TH WHEN HE WENT MISSING. Riley is very friendly and does not bite- - please share with all you know in Stormville AND SURROUNDING area - he may want to land on your head or shoulder - he may be scared of finger let him go on shoulder. Just bring him in house or put in car if he comes to you - he is trained - - if you keep bird feeders please keep them filled as he may visit them - Riley may also be within a shed, open garage, or barn to get out of the rain/snow. We are told by the avian vet birds are resilient and can survive this weather - please keep a look out for him - REWARD FOR FINDING RILEY - thanks!!!!! PLEASE PM ME WITH ANY INFORMATION OR SIGHTINGS!
Can you tell me what people love about living in Wappinger for an article I'm writing for a Hudson Valley Magazine? thank you
Hello all, for an article I'm writing for a Hudson Valley Magazine, what do you all love about living there? Homes? Schools? Thank you
Whats on my right now, Im glad there is a video of a Wappinger Highway Superintendent candidate, stealing his opponents literature to try and help his victory by robbing constituents information of said opponent, who is the better candidate not only in my opinion but in most persons opinion and now that it has made main stream media attention, Im sure the good people of the Town of Wappinger will have no problem as to who their vote will go to, Mike Sheehan, Highway Superintendent. This cuts deep for me, when I ran for Supervisor in 2009 for the 2010 term, against an incumbent, I won, hands down, on polling stations despite being falsely accused of having forged signatures on my petitions, I ran as a Republican, I had MANY Democratic supporters, in fact, at the Democratic Caucus, I was ahead to also be on the Democratic line on ballot but Joe Rugerio in fear Id also have that line as well, shut caucus down causing the DCSO being dispatched to Town hall to maintain order. Let me rewind just a bit, about 1 week before the primary, Mr Colsey and his crew had filed a complaint with the DCSO and the DA of Dutchess accusing me of having many forged signatures to try and have me thrown off ballot, that failed, however I was investigated, as were all 350 signers that supported me to get name on ballot. It was terrible, one elderly lady was so upset, she actually moved from the TOW. I went and apologized to her up and down. She was scared. Anyhow, all 350 signatures were deemed legit, after I won @ polling stations so the people had spoken. Problem was, there was eye witnesses from law enforcement agents who saw the polling stations being tampered with, I was still ahead but who knows how many votes I lost, and the absentee ballots ? Incredibly they were late bit were still counted, all from nursing homes and all had same hand writing other than signature. With what I was accused of with being fraudulent, it effected my family, my business, me as a person and my faith in the electoral process, I was a proud Military Policeman and I upheld the law with dignity, pride and integrity. This desperate maneuver of the incumbent for Highway Super opens old wounds for me and I hope he is held accountable for his actions, Im sorry for the rant but this is all true, my story and Im surprised after nearly 10 years to see dirty politics in my back yard it still cuts deep. My life is much different because of the unjust done to me and my family. Maybe its time I get back involved, Im still passionate about Our Town and to keep this type of dirty politics out of out Town, thank You for reading, James F. Bosch III proud Town of Wappinger resident.
It's that time of year again where the signs are put up on a street corner that tell you nothing about the person running for office.Just a FYI CAMPAIGN TIP 101.. Nowadays people would like to know something about the candidate running just putting Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse and the position they are running for is like a game of roulette especially when more than one person is running for that office.. Working for the postal service for 35 years they have a door to door mailing which works great you can put on their your accomplishments about you even about your contender good or bad... With many people not getting newspapers nowadays and many people don't recognize your name on the sign does not help you.... So just a suggestion going the old fashioned way door-to-door , Or mailing something to everybody can only help boost your chances of winning.. I can attest to the fact it helped one individual luckily last time good luck to all...
Where will the fireworks be shown? Where is the viewing area?
In the area of Brothers Road and Myers Corners Road at approximately 1:45am-2am there were individuals throwing eggs at motorists. Be alert and careful when traveling in that area at night. School is almost out and I’m sure there are a few bored adolescences out and about around that time, this time of year.
Sending out a HUGE THANK YOU to TJ and the Boyscouts for making this program possible for the community! My son loved this opportunity and had a Blast shooting off his rocket 🚀Can't wait for more programs like this in the future it really makes a difference in these kids lives!!!! Way to go Boyscouts & Town of Wappingers!!!! 🇺🇲
Can someone please advise who I can speak to regarding a permit issue? I went through the entire process, permit (2) for violations we were unaware of, variance (for one), town board (2x), town board came to "inspect" & permit was granted, variance was granted. Now I'm told I have to open new permits for the 2 issues because building inspectors had to come out. At no time did anyone tell us that or we would have arranged for it. We were led to believe at the final board hearing that the "I's" were dotted, "T's" crossed. Not one individual, and we spoke to/dealt with many, told us this & everyone involved knew we were new to suburban town living because we had relocated fro the city.