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FSM Delegation in Dubai for COP28


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) opened, has officially opened in the United Arab Emirates. A delegation from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), including government representatives from the Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Emergency Management, the Department of Resources and Development, and FSM Congress are representing the nation.

The UNFCCC Conference of the Parties is the largest global meeting on climate change, gathering representatives from governments and organizations from around the world to discuss how to solve the climate crisis.

At COP 28, countries will negotiate a wide array of topics that strengthen action on climate change including ways to reduce emissions and prevent the worst impacts. In particular, this year countries will evaluate the progress made during the first five years of the Paris Agreement, a new accord under the Convention that aims to hold global temperature rise “well below 2℃” with a view to staying below 1.5℃—the level that is truly safe for island nations. Achieving this goal is vital to avoid triggering the worst and irreversible impacts of climate change. Recent scientific reports, including the global Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report, indicate that the world is on the path to 3℃ temperature rise, or more, which in the Pacific islands would increase deadly heat waves, extreme weather, and sea level rise.

The FSM will continue to lead the charge in demanding greater climate ambition.

As a Champion of the Global Methane Pledge, the FSM will push for large polluters of methane, a greenhouse gas that is 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2), to take concrete actions. This includes mobilization of financial resources for efforts in developing countries, mandatory measures to control methane pollution from the oil and gas sector, and a pathway towards a global methane agreement.

The FSM is also supporting the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Pledge, led by the United States, to triple global capacity for renewable energy, double the yearly improvement of energy efficiency between now and 2030, and to make tangible commitments to realize this goal.

Emphasizing that small island states contribute little to but suffer greatly from the climate emergency, the FSM—with the Pacific Islands—will continue to engage with developed countries to secure financing for loss and damage to address the present and real-life costs of climate change in vulnerable countries. A Loss and Damage Fund, additional to existing climate financing, was created last year at COP27 and this year countries are working on ensuring it is able to support countries like the FSM that are already suffering from high temperatures, coastal degradation, and typhoons.

The delegation will be negotiating and networking for the two weeks of the COP, closing on December 12th 2023.

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Photo credit: IISD/ENB


President Simina issues Executive Order to Implement Constitutional Amendment related to Revenue Sharing of Fishing Fees with the States


President Simina meets with MRA – Partnership Remains Strong


Palikir, Pohnpei – On November 29th, 2023, the Micronesia Registration Advisors (MRA) Inc.’s Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Mr. James F. Moonier paid a courtesy call on H.E. President Wesley W. Simina in Palikir.

MRA Inc. is a registered corporation based in the FSM that was established in 2005. This public-private partnership primarily assists Japanese companies in registering foreign entities, notably captive insurance companies, with approximately a quarter of all Japanese captive insurance companies currently registered within the FSM. Since its establishment the FSM has emerged as a prominent hub through MRA’s close collaboration with the FSM government while also providing other advisory services.

The meeting provided an opportunity for CCO Moonier to update President Simina on MRA’s performance in 2023, including its captive insurance program, as well as discuss proposed next steps for its reorganization based on mutual interests. President Simina thanked CCO Moonier for his update and the MRA for its important work that it contributes to the FSM as a longterm partner.

Present with President Simina in the meeting were Secretary of Finance T.H. Rose Nakanaga and Acting AG Jeffrey Tilfas. The Simina-Palik administration looks forward to continuing its important partnership with MRA to continue to benefit the people and economy of the FSM.

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The Federated States of Micronesia Continues its Leadership at the Global Plastics Treaty Negotiations in Nairobi


November 28, 2023, PALIKIR, Pohnpei – The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) continues to play a leadership role at the international plastics treaty negotiations, the third round of which concluded in Nairobi, Kenya last week. Formally known as the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) to develop an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, including in the marine environment, the plastics negotiations have now completed three of five planned sessions to develop a final treaty. In addition to spearheading a proposal on a financial mechanism to support developing countries in implementing the treaty, the FSM has joined the Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS) and numerous others in demanding that countries fulfill the agreed mandate of the negotiations process to address the full lifecycle of plastics, including limiting primary polymer production as well as the use of certain polymers and chemicals of concern.

In Nairobi, the group of countries supporting the financial mechanism proposal spearheaded by the FSM grew from eight original co-sponsors at INC-2 in Paris in June to sixty-two co-sponsors at INC-3. The co-sponsors of the revised proposal submitted in Nairobi included all fifty-four countries of the Africa Group, as well as Chile, the Cook Islands, Dominica, Ecuador, the FSM, Grenada, Nauru and Panama. These countries are calling for the new treaty to establish a dedicated fund, or Multilateral Fund, to support the actions taken by developing countries to implement the treaty, including any core obligations as well as capacity building and transfer of essential technologies. Taking as their model the famously successful Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol ozone treaty, the proponents highlight that treaty’s Multilateral Fund as one of the key reasons the Montreal Protocol has become the world’s most successful environmental treaty. Also similar to the Montreal Protocol, the plastics treaty aims to prevent harmful pollution from a single primary industry by addressing human made products across the production, consumption, collection, reuse and waste
management stages of the lifecycle of plastics. The proponents emphasize that a dedicated fund can be designed to precisely address each of these elements of the plastics lifecycle.

Among the challenges in Nairobi, however, was a number of oil-producing countries who strongly resisted taking on plastics production, insisting that countries focus their efforts to address plastics pollution downstream instead, and consider it primarily as a waste management issue. These countries and others with plastics production facilities also sought to avoid examining the health impacts of chemicals used in plastics and the possibility of banning certain inputs. “These countries are backtracking from our agreed treaty mandate in order to keep profiteering from fossil fuel products. The producing countries expect those of us who are already most overburdened by plastics pollution, particularly PSIDS like the FSM, to undertake a disproportionate amount of the management and remediation work,” said Andrew Yatilman, Secretary of the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Emergency Management. “We need to bring plastics production to sustainable levels. We can’t just keep mopping up for profiteers who overrun the taps. And we need to ensure that the chemicals and additives in plastics are not harmful to human health and the environment, including the marine environment.”

H.E. Wesley W. Simina, President of the FSM, sees his country’s efforts on finance, production and chemicals as part of the same overall goal, one of equity in eliminating global plastics pollution. “We need plastics production at sustainable levels with inputs vetted for safety. We need the effort to address plastics pollution to be balanced among countries across the full lifecycle of plastics; and we need the distribution of resources to implement the treaty to be fair and consistent as well,” he says. “When all are dedicated and enabled to do their part effectively, we can achieve our goal of ending plastic pollution worldwide.”

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(Photo credit: UNEP)


Today is Thanksgiving Day in the the United States. This same date of November 23rd also coincides with the FSM Presidents Day, which is now a designated hoilday in the FSM honoring all FSM Presidents. The date of November 23rd was picked by our leaders to commemorate the birthday of the first President of the Nation, the late President Tosiwo Nakayama. As a Nation, we have so much to be thankful for. And in thanksgiving, we continue to honor those Presidents who have led the way, from #1 - #10. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy FSM Presidents’ Day from your FSM Embassy in DC.


On this FSM Presidents Day, we give thanks to those who came before us.


On behalf of a proud nation, the Simina-Palik administration extends its heartfelt wishes of good luck and congratulations to each of the members of 🇫🇲 as they represent our nation at the 2023 Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands.

Your hard work and talent have led you to this prestigious event, and we know that you will represent our home with the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence that reflects our beloved home and people.

The team is already off to a great start through swimmer Tasi Limtiaco’s winning gold at the 200 meter breaststroke competition.

Congratulations to all on making it this far, and know that a grateful nation stands behind you, cheering you on.

We also acknowledge and thank the FSM Olympic Committee for their funding support through the IOC Olympic Solidarity grant, that made the team’s participation in this year’s games possible.

Photographed here from left to right we have:

Sebsastian T. Tairuwepiy, Derick Daniel, Susan Kihleng, Kestra Kihleng, Kyler Kihleng, Tasi Limtiaco, Taeyanna Adams, and Jake Scaliem.

The entire team, including those who are not photographed, include:

1. Sebastian T. Tairuwepiy- Chef de Mission- Yap State
2. Jake Scaliem- Admin- Pohnpei State

1. Scott Fiti- Athletic Athlete and Former Olympian (Tokyo Olympic 2020)- Chuuk State
3. Jarret Robert- Athletic Athlete- Chuuk State
4. Weakness Alfred- Athletic Athlete- Chuuk State
5. Stanislaus Kostka- Athletic Athlete- Pohnpei State
6. Karatel Phillip- Athletic Coach- Chuuk State
7. Reloliza Saimon- Athletic Official- Pohnpei State
8. Lerry Dakanno- Athletic Official- Pohhnpei State

1. Alexander Eliam- Boxing Athlete- Pohnpei State
2. Jennifer Chieng- Boxing Athlete and Former Olympian- Yap State
3. Erick Divinagracia- Boxing Coach- Philippines
4. Andrea Galbiati- Boxing Coach- USA
5. Ognjen Topic- Boxing Coach- USA

1. Tasi Limtiaco- Swimming Athlete and Former Olympian (Tokyo Olympic 2020)- Chuuk State
2. Kyler Kihleng- Swimming Athlete- Pohnpei State
3. Kestra Kihleng- Swimming Athlete- Pohnpei State
4. Taeyanna Adams- Swimming Athlete and Former Olympian (Tokyo Olympic 2020)- Pohnpei State
5. Derick Daniel- Male Swimming Coach- Pohnpei State
6. Susan Kihleng- Female Swimming Coach- Pohnpei State

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On this FSM Veterans of Foreign Wars Day, we remember and honor those who have served and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. We thank them for their services and their sacrifices. Happy 11th!

On the Occasion of FSM Independence DayPress StatementAntony J. BlinkenU.S. Secretary of State

On the Occasion of FSM Independence Day

Press Statement
Antony J. Blinken
U.S. Secretary of State

On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I extend my warmest wishes to the people of the Federated States of Micronesia as you celebrate your 37th Independence Day on November 3. Since establishing bilateral ties, the Federated States of Micronesia and the United States have enjo...

Over the weekend, families and friends in the DMV Area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), gathered for an outdoor get-togethe...

Over the weekend, families and friends in the DMV Area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), gathered for an outdoor get-together to commemorate the FSM Independence Day! Friends from Palau and RMI joined the fun as well. All enjoyed the good food, each others’ company and songs from the Kosraen community. A game of trivia questions and answers relating to the FSM was played, and prices were awarded to a few winners. We thank all of those who were able to join the fun at the park. Happy 3rd!!


Happy 37th FSM Independence Day!

(Saturday, October 28th) - In Concord, North Carolina, the Embassy visited and concluded another citizen’s outreach and ...

(Saturday, October 28th) - In Concord, North Carolina, the Embassy visited and concluded another citizen’s outreach and advocacy program. Many citizens took advantage of the consular services we provided including passport applications, renewals, and retrieval of I94s.

Mr. Kembo Mida Jr., and Mr. Erick Paul successfully completed their participation at the first inaugural fellowship at “...

Mr. Kembo Mida Jr., and Mr. Erick Paul successfully completed their participation at the first inaugural fellowship at “US-Pacific Institute for Rising Leaders Fellowship” at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC. The fellowship, announced by the White House in conjunction with the first US-Pacific Summit of 2022, brought together rising Pacific leaders from many Pacific Islands countries. The Embassy congratulates both participants for representing FSM very well.


President Simina issues Executive Order 23-07: Implementing Constitutional Amendment for Dual Citizens in the Federated States of Micronesia


Palikir, Pohnpei, October 26, 2023 – On October 20th, President Simina issued Executive Order 23-07, the final step in implementing the Constitutional Amendment for Dual Citizenship. Those who wish to seek dual citizenship are now able to do so by applying for an FSM passport.

The order defines citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia as individuals who meet the criteria outlined in Article III of the Constitution. This includes individuals born to parents who are FSM citizens and those who were citizens of the Trust Territory prior to the effective date of the Constitution. The order clarifies that a "dual citizen" is a person recognized as a citizen of both the Federated States of Micronesia and another country. Importantly, it reaffirms that citizenship in another country does not affect one's FSM citizenship, provided the latter persists.

To support passport applications, several documents are accepted as proof of citizenship, including certificates of live birth showing FSM parentage, previously issued FSM passports, and court orders declaring the applicant an FSM citizen. In certain cases, supplementary proof of citizenship may be considered if reliable. Notably, an affidavit alone signed by the applicant is insufficient as proof of citizenship.

Dual citizens, as defined by the order, can apply for passports through the Division of Immigration & Passport Services of the FSM Department of Justice, following existing procedures. Passport application services are also available at FSM consulates and embassies. Standard fees for passport application, renewal, and lost passport replacement are applicable. Former FSM citizens who renounced their citizenship in the past may regain their FSM citizenship through naturalization in accordance with existing procedures.

This Executive Order, following the successful ratification of the constitutional amendments on July 4, 2023, reflects the FSM’s commitment to upholding the rights and privileges of its citizens, including those seeking dual citizenship. For further information, citizens are encouraged to contact the Acting Chief of Immigration at the Department of Justice, Mr. Apiner Hadley at [email protected] or call their passport hotline number at (+691) 320-8866.

The passport application can be found at:https://www.fsmgov.org/passport.pdf

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For our FSM citizens residing in North Carolina, take advantage of our trip and use the opportunity to seek consular ser...

For our FSM citizens residing in North Carolina, take advantage of our trip and use the opportunity to seek consular services from our team.


On this UN Day, we wish to acknowledge our team at the FSM Permanent Mission to the United Nations!

From left to right we have:

First Secretary Mr. Kenneth Welles,
Permanent Representative H.E. Ambassador Jeem S. Lippwe,
Second Secretary Mr. Martin Zvachula,
Administrative Secretary Ms. Lian Nicole Ramos

Not photographed but are just as critical members of the team are Deputy Permanent Representative Mrs. Universe Yamase Lawrence and Legal Advisor Mr. Clement Yow Mulalap.

From Palikir - Kalahngan, Kinisou, Kulo & Kammagar to each of you for your service and representing the FSM at the United Nations day in and day out!

Wrapping up three days of meetings in Texas, in three different cities with the final visit to Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW).

Wrapping up three days of meetings in Texas, in three different cities with the final visit to Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW).


Happy United Nations Day to you all

October 21 (Saturday) - Day Two of the Embassy’s continued community outreach and advocacy meetings with FSM citizens in...

October 21 (Saturday) - Day Two of the Embassy’s continued community outreach and advocacy meetings with FSM citizens in Kileen, TX, and honored to have Mayor Michael Blomquist of Harker Heights joined the Town Hall meeting. We were able to assist citizens with consular services. And thanking all the citizens who showed up and for the great hospitality. Moving on to the next neighboring city. DFW!!

October 20th… Great day of meetings in Austin, Texas at the State Capital with Rep. Buckley and Sen. Johnson, with staff...

October 20th… Great day of meetings in Austin, Texas at the State Capital with Rep. Buckley and Sen. Johnson, with staffers, and great partnership with CANN-Texas leadership, Mr. Francis Sakate and Mr. Yakana. Looking forward to engaging with citizens in Kileen and Dallas-Forth Worth for the next two days.


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