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Operating as usual


Greetings, Near & Far, the Federation of Kraveitya-Ratmanovia has been in a dormant state for the past two weeks in an unannounced temporary operations shutdown, the government has been resumed, and shall remain resumed, with many more projects and operational occurrences coming very soon. We still encourage citizenship, and are still here!!

-Premier, Kody Barnett.


Today is September 13th, 2016, not only is it the birthday of the Perpetual Premier, and the Marshal of the Armed Forces, Kody Barnett, it is the day in which the Federation of Kraveitya-Ratmanovia resumes basic operations and functions as a government and a state as we have been in an un-announced temporary shutdown of government and basic federal operations since August 28th. To come with the growth and advancement of the Federation: The release of a "Developmental Structure Annual Protocol" to help create a structured and consistent growth.


ATTENTION: The web portal of the federation has been temporarily suspended. For contact please use Facebook.


We would like to cordially welcome our new citizens, X**a Grassby from England, and Peter Verspey living in the Netherlands and from Germany.


Government operations shall resume at 9:00 P.M. today, and all pending citizenship applications will be resolved.




We would like to welcome our first ever Canadian citizen, Raeann Metcalfe, this now makes for citizens in the following nations: the US, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia, India, Czech Republic, and Japan.


We are continuing to accept and grant citizenship to those #gishwhes scavenger hunters.


If you have attempted to send an email through the "Send Email" call to action on this page it was not received and we encourage you to re-send that email through the call to action that is updated or through "[email protected]".


The government of Kraveitya-Ratmanovia has passed a dictum stated that every region, state, and subject republic shall be awarded its own sub-federal coat of arms, and regional flags, by the date July 21 the federal government shall release the flags and CoA's for the Ratmanov , Federal Republic of Kraveitya, King Island, Siverian Republic of Belene, Siverian Republic of Sarengradska, Siverian Republic of Great War Isle.


"Coup largely suppressed — mutineers are being arrested

It appears that the coup, which had earlier imposed a curfew; earlier instituted martial law; blocked access to the bridges in Istanbul; seized an army chief commander as a hostage; and which had seized Turkish Radio Television (TRT); has been largely squelched by a combination of an Erdogan-inspired massive popular uprising against the coup organisers, and the dominant factions of the military loyal to the government.

Coup organisers were largely supporters of secularism (not members of the Gulenist Network as initially reported), supporters of the Kemalist ideology of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and lamented that the country had become a corrupt, and undemocratic Islamist state — which is true, by the way.

Coup organisers perhaps underestimated the support for the current Islamist government, but they also probably did not wish to start a massacre because they did not want to become associated with the very same Islamist crimes against humanity they see daily in Turkey.

The very same Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and President of Turkey, who often tries to silence the media, saw no hypocrisy in using the same media to preserve his position of power. That the Turkish people can't see this hypocrisy will not help Turkey in the future neither economically."

TAKEN FROM CESIDIO TALLINI - the Federation does not claim to write the above information it was taken from the above mentioned name.


Consulate Of BDFR
Washington D.C., DC


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