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Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh

Genuflecting to the altar of progressivism.


A moment where politics and beliefs come crashing together: couldn't make it through 5 minutes of Bill O'Reilly ' s "killing Jesus" last night because of all the horrible inaccuracies and down right blasphemous rendition and portrayal of our lord.
What are y'alls thoughts?
Could you watch the whole thing?
And what does that say about a person like O'Reilly given that he has such a large microphone and has apparently let his fame go to his head?


Happy Texas Independence day.
179 years ago, a coalition of American and Mexican ex-pats banned together to take on the 2nd largest army in north America.
While this was happening, a small group of hearty men defended a mission outpost that was crumbling in the town of San Antonio.
The struggle brought even Davy Crockett, a rockstar of his time, to join in.
To this day, the world knows what the Alamo is because of the freedom loving, never say die, mentality of Texans.
With the way that this world is heading today, we may be saying remember the Alamo once more. And have to fight for our freedom once more, but this time from a corrupt American federal government.
Stay vigilant my friends.


It has been over a year since we last posted anything here. Since that time we have witnessed what Obama would call "a fundamental changing of America".
We have had the courts abolish the immigration policy and the white house attacking the very states themselves who are trying to protect themselves from outside invaders.
We have had the courts abolish our abilities and rights to our own healthcare and freedoms through legalizing unlimited taxation, only to have the white house (fearing losing the election) said that it still wasnt a tax, but wouldnt verify that then it would be unconstitutional.
And we have seen how easy it is for the liberal media, and even some conservative medialytes, to force us to have to chose once again between a far left liberal and a middle left republican.
The only way to bring our country back in line with what the constitution and our founding fathers created is to fight back against the system that has made the voice of the people silenced by the noise. Once again, it is time to work, and to make the change yourself. Read your constitution and then share it with your friends. God bless yall.


To relinquish your command of the US military is to relinquish your power as the united states president. I salute you for stepping down. Please now ask congress to appoint someone in your place as it is well seen that you have no desire to be our president.

Herman Cain: "The water tastes the same"

The water taste the same yall. A good choice possibly for 2012. Like it if you think he has a chance in 2012.

While traveling in Iowa, Herman Cain discusses his childhood experiences during the segregation era with Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller. Through these trying experiences, Cain learned "the water tastes the same."

I Am America
I am in this video, just incase you think this whole page is just talk. It isnt, we are there to hit it hard. Its time to react and time to fight who is with me?

Krista Branch debuts the video to her recent single release, "I Am America." Find it now on iTunes and share this patriotic song with your family and friends. "I Am America" is a hopeful song with heavy dose of truth. It's time we stand up and restore honor in America! Special t...


In a time when we need to stand united more than ever, we have a President that is actively trying to pit one American versus another. The shame of it all is that there are many out there that think that P-BO actually has never told a lie and never will. I pray soo hard everyday that the Lord will make all this stop. He has his will and his way, I will be patient and continue to pray.

Open war is being threatened onto our lands. It might be time for our government to start fighting backhttp://www.youtub...
Mexican Drug Cartel Threatens Nogales, AZ Police Officers with Snipers

Open war is being threatened onto our lands. It might be time for our government to start fighting back IT HAS BEGUN. On the same day 15 Federales were gunned down in Mexico by drug cartel gunman, the cartel has threatened American police in Nogales, AZ with gunman and sniper attack if they again interfered in drug smuggling activity while off duty. This follows an inci...

Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd!

Probably the best rendition of the national anthem that I have heard. It is amazing that most do not know that there are two versus. We sing this is church and I have always wondered why they never use the second verse of our Anthem. Now I think I understand, because it gives direct reference to God as our foundation. I would love it if someone singing the anthem at a sporting event would bust out into the 2nd verse.

Herman Cain lead a Q&A session at the Douglas County Tea Party when a young woman asked him about the attack by the Left on our Judeo-Christian heritage in America...He addressed her question, then went to the last question of the night, and the crowd was not expecting what happened next...

Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany

Dude, how in the heck do we let things like this be said, and yet we have the same people complaining about racial hatred in AZ? Just because she is old doesnt mean she can say anything she wants unfettered. Just rediculous.

Rabbi Nesenoff broke this story on Rabbi David F. Nesenoff interviewed Helen Thomas on the White House Lawn on American Jewish Heritage Celebration Day at the White House.

Hearken upon those that speak the truth, into them are the words of the salvation.

Oh and by popular demand I am back and I am HOT! Watch this video in entirety, and I am sure you will understand what it is to be a Realocrat!! Thanks to all that are here, and I hope that you will share this with all your friends, its time to take the country back.

A rant that spans from taxes, to the gulf of mexico, to OBAMA, to the rest of the illegitamate US government.

NBC Reporter To Black Republican: Are You Aligning Yourself With The "Racism" In The Tea Party?

MSNBC HOST: Lt. Col., our time is limited, but my last question to you. The Tea Party has raised concerns that it may have, I guess, racism built in it. We have seen some racist signs at past events. People have said that is not apart of the Tea Party movement, but are African-American candidates al...

Movement Radio with James Cox Mike Shanklin 5/7/2010 - Movement Radio on Blog Talk Radio

take a listen to this radio station done every friday at 8pm est

Join Us 8PM EST Every Friday Movement Radio with James Cox Mike Shanklin Call in Number 347 633-9636 - The hosts will be discussing recent News Politics Philosophy War Peace Freedom Prosperity Gold Economics Government United States United Kingdom The World Globalization Objectivism Laissez-faire Ca...


This is the statement that I just wrote the Phoenix Suns higher command and executive officers about their overstepping their own bounds while making a political statement they obviously do not know anything about.


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