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United States Air Force Bands We organize, train and deploy professional Airman musicians, harnessing the power of music to inspire immediate, positive, and long-lasting impressions of the USAF and the United States of America in the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

USAF Heritage of America Band

How cool is this? Thanks again to our medical professionals as we approach this pandemic with a whole of government and talent of the people approach! We salute your call to service.

In many places our civilian and military medical professionals are working side by side. In tribute to their dedication and service, the Heritage of America Band and Train join together on a special version of "Sing Together," bringing you this message of unity.

Train, Sentara Healthcare, & The 633d Medical Group

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Airmen of Note

Universal uses for music! #LetsBandTogether

7 NATIONS JOIN FORCES FOR INT'L JAZZ DAY | The U.S. Air Force Band’s Airmen of Note led a unique collaboration with military musicians from across the globe! The song “I’ll Be Seeing You” is a message of hope during separation that was very popular during WWII for both those serving abroad and back home. In this current enviroment the world once again looks forward to reuniting with each other. We are honored to have military vocalists and instrumentalists from Australia, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom partner with us on this extraordinary project. Listen to the powerful words of this timeless song and share it with those you can't wait to see again soon.
International Jazz Day | #JazzDay

Australia 🇦🇺

Royal Australian Air Force
Air Force Band

Senior Leadership - Flight Lieutenant Daniel Phillips
Trumpet - Leading Aircraftman Michael Fraser
Tenor Sax - Sergeant Ralph Whiteoak
Trombone - Corporal Matthew Hamilton
Vocal - Leading Aircraftwoman Samantha Morley

Brazil 🇧🇷

Exército Brasileiro
Banda de música
10° Batalhão de Infantaria
Leve Montanha

Senior Leadership - Tenente Coronel Luis Felipe Moraes Daltro Campos & Tenente Carlos Giló
Trumpet - Corporal Francis De Moura
Trombone - 1st Sergeant Norton Ferreira
Alto Sax - 1st Sergeant Cássio Baptista

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Royal Air Force
The Royal Air Force Squadronaires

Vocal - Sergeant Matt Walker
Alto Sax - Sergeant Andy Mears
Trombone - Corporal Jonty Hill
Bass - Senior Aircraftman Thomas Maddison

Japan 🇯🇵

航空自衛隊 Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Senior Leadership - Colonel Tetsuo Matsui & Major Migasa Haga
Trumpet - Master Sergeant Shunichi Namioka
Trombone - Technical Sergeant Mitsuo Yosh*ta
Drums - Technical Sergeant Yuki Tsukayama
Vocals - Airman First Class Saki Morita

Finland 🇫🇮

Ilmavoimat - Flygvapnet - Finnish Air Force
Ilmavoimien soittokunta - Flygvapnets musikkår - The Air Force Band

Senior Leadership/Trumpet - Major Juha Ketola
Trombone - Sergeant First Class Jussi Kosonen
Piano - Sergeant Sauli Hämäläinen

Germany 🇩🇪

Big Band der Bundeswehr

Senior Leadership - Lieutenant Colonel Timor Oliver Chadik
Trumpet - Master Sergeant Hoerg Brohm
Trombone - Master Sergeant Bert Conzen
Tenor Sax - Staff Sergeant Johannes Mueller

Band: U.S. Air Force Airmen of Note
Composer/Lyricist: Sammy Fain & Irving Kahal
Arranger: Gil Cray


Executive Producer: Colonel Don Schofield
Producer: Chief Master Sgt Dennis Hoffman
Director: Senior Master Sgt Brian MacDonald
Video Editor: Technical Sgt. Tim Hilgert
Assistant Video Editor: Master Sgt. Kevin Cerovich
Audio Engineer: Master Sgt. Josh Voyles
Audio Supervisor: Master Sgt. Ben Patterson

USAF Band of the West


Trans-Pacific Teleworking! Members of the Band of the West teamed up with members from the USAF Band of the Pacific in Japan for this killer tune, "Deep Space Nein!" Just another example of how technology can keep us connected in this time of social distancing!

USAF Band of the Golden West

Our Air Mobility Command continues to get people and things to the sick and needy during this crisis around the world. This Flag flies for you... #AirForceSalutes AMC and the Men and Women in uniform and not, fighting to keep our nation healthy. #LetsBandTogether

To the Airmen of Air Mobility Command, delivering supplies, personnel, and evacuees in the fight against COVID 19, Thank you. Your selfless dedication to the mission and the United States of America inspires us all.

We hope you enjoy “This Flag”, written by Senior Master Sergeant Matt Ascione.

The United States Air Force Band
Air Mobility Command

#USAF #USAFBand #LetsBandTogether
#StayHealthyStayReady #COVID19

All Day Long (The Coronavirus Song)

Air Force Bands won’t endorse any individual cute kids with immense talents (or the talents of their parents who blessed them), but these are special times.

BTW, I’ve got a signed 485 here holding a job for you in any of our Air Force Bands let me know when you want me to send it to the recruiters.

The #AirForceSalutes you for your talent and humor to get us thru this and your help to #LetsBandTogether. https://youtu.be/SJM-u6IABGQ

words and music by Chloe Langford and Paul Langford Chloe Langford: Vocal, euphonium, ukelele, trombone Paul Langford: all track programming Cassidy Langford...

USAF Heritage of America Band

#LetsBandTogether - Our USAF Heritage of America Band reaches out to teachers and students in Hampton, VA. The #AirForceSalutes you, and we won't give up on you.

In this time of social distancing, we can still connect with our local community -- this special version of Andy Grammer's "Don't Give Up on Me" features Full Spectrum alongside Hampton City Schools music teachers and students.

Tag and share with a student and teacher you would like to thank!

#USAF #USAFband #FullSpectrum #FightsOnCOVID #StayHealthyStayReady #PeopleFirstMissionAlways #teleworking #stayathome

USAF Band of the Pacific

We can't wait to get back out around the world and get back to what we do. Our military continues to support the whole of government's efforts during this COVID-19 outbreak around the world. For now, #LetsBandTogether and stay safe.

Facebook cover video, this time with music! ;) Thanks to TSgt Nicholas Daniels for the sweet cover music!

USAF Band of the Pacific

Our bands love showcasing what our Air Force does and the talents that not only exist in their daily jobs, but also what they bring to the culture of our profession.

The USAF Band of the Pacific would like to recognize the amazing efforts of our United States Air Force maintainers, working hard during these challenging times to keep our planes flying. Our U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) priorities right now are focused on supporting America in this global effort as the Air Force brings back stranded Americans and delivers necessary medical supplies and personnel around the world. A Loadmaster on C-5s and C-130s in his first job, former USAF Band of the Pacific vocalist TSgt Nicholas Daniels, now assigned to the USAF Band of the West in San Antonio, wrote this song as a tribute to the maintainer career field.

We honor these hardworking Airmen who keep our planes always ready to fly, fight and win!

"One" composed, performed and produced by TSgt Nick Daniels

Mix/mastering Engineer - TSgt Pedro Rodriguez Ramirez, The United States Air Force Band

Shot on location Sept, 2018 - Dec, 2019 at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii

Video footage, graphics and production by MSgt Patrick Brush

Special thanks to SMSgt Hord and his amazing maintainer airmen at the 15th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, JBPHH Hawaii


U.S. Embassy North Macedonia

As a whole of government, we welcome Macedonia to NATO and congratulate this unity. We are excited and grateful for this deeper partnership between nations and their people.

Watch as our USAFE Band pays tribute to this historic celebration.

U.S. European Command (EUCOM) U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa NATO United States Air Force
#USAFBands #LetsBandTogether
#StrongerTogether #AirForceSalutes #NATO #WeAreNATO

An ensemble from the USAFE Band in Europe was due to travel to Skopje to perform at a public event to celebrate North Macedonia's NATO accession and NATO Day. Though the event was cancelled, COVID-19 could not stop the band from bringing their performance to you.

Here they are with their musical tribute to North Macedonia - their arrangement of the NATO hymn!

#WeAreNATO #LetsBandTogether #StrongerTogether #USAFBands #NATO

USAF Band of the Golden West

George Balanchine said, "I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance."

We have musicians who have to play, and composers who have to write!

Our bands are doing their part keeping their mission and readiness up as is the rest of our military! Thanks for your support, and the #AirForceSalutes you in your efforts to curb the COVID-19 virus. Stay safe, be well, get well. #LetsBandTogether

HOT OFF THE PRESS!! The Commanders Jazz Ensemble presents “The Last Dinosaur” written by our very own SrA Ally Albrecht. The tune was written for our March tour that was recently cancelled. For those who were planning to see us play live, here is an 18-video layered performance of the tune. #livefromhome

This tune is dedicated to the Airmen serving around the world who are delivering critical supplies to those in need, providing medical treatment to affected populations, and evacuating Americans who are stranded abroad.

We hope this brings joy to your day and reaffirms to you that we will get through this. #bettertogether

As much as we want to get out and thank you all again, we will continue to reach out in other ways.  Our military is wor...

As much as we want to get out and thank you all again, we will continue to reach out in other ways. Our military is working with the whole of government to assist our state and local agencies during this fight, and want to do our part to continue being compliant with our restrictions while still reaching out.

The #AirForceSalutes all of the men and women on the front lines keeping Americans healthy and safe, while risking their own lives caring for the ill.


United States Air Force Bands's cover photo

United States Air Force Bands's cover photo

United States Air Force Bands's cover photo

United States Air Force Bands's cover photo

United States Air Force Bands's cover photo

United States Air Force Bands's cover photo

USAF Heritage of America Band

Another great video from our USAF Heritage of America Band. Recorded before COVID-19 and finally produced from home, this video highlights our Total Force siblings... an F-22 pilot and Operations Group Commander who uses his love of music whenever he can.

Want to know how one of our very own F-22 pilots at JBLE relieves stress and stays mission ready? Watch to find out!

192nd Wing 192nd Wing Command Chief ACC Command Chief

#usaf #usafband #F22 #fullspectrum #ANG

Need a break from the news for a few hours?  Enjoy the passive screen time you allow yourselves to be reminded that our ...

Need a break from the news for a few hours? Enjoy the passive screen time you allow yourselves to be reminded that our military is still working for you, and even our musicians are offering a little Honor, Inspire and Connect -- and reassurance.

Our good friends over at Ft Meade are doing some FANTASTIC virtual concerts. This week's poster is a little late, but hope to see you on Wednesday and Thursday - we'll be there!

Since 1756, U.S. Army bands have stood side by side with Americans helping inspire them during times of peril. This virtual concert series is a new way to accomplish our mission of connecting the American people to their Army. We Stand Ready to bring you exciting daily performances!

#usarmybands #militarymusic #armymusic #songsofcomfort #musicalambassadors

USAF Heritage of America Band

As we all continue to struggle with social distancing and a new normal, we want to ensure you that the mission of the military never stops. We will always continue to defend our country and our country’s interests around the world.

Here we are doing our part to share the message of our uniform and our pledge to our nation... even as we telework! Enjoy these amazing Airmen from Langley AFB!

As the nation faces the challenge of COVID-19, the USAF remains globally engaged in their continued readiness and response. Chief of Staff of the USAF Gen David Goldfein often says, "In every challenge there’s an opportunity." Here at the USAF Heritage of America Band, we remain optimistic and look for the silver lining.


We are very proud of our heritage as heroes of the air and live to see that heritage of service continue. Break a leg, S...
USAF Band of the Golden West

We are very proud of our heritage as heroes of the air and live to see that heritage of service continue. Break a leg, SSgt Doolittle. Honor those who have Inspired us to Connect!

Tomorrow our very own SSgt Michelle Doolittle will be performing “America the Beautiful” with the USAF Band of the West at the memorial service honoring the last Doolittle Raider, Lt. Col. Richard “Dick” E. Cole.
SSgt Doolittle is a second cousin, twice removed, to the legendary commander of the Raiders!


USAF Band of the West

One of our bands is down in Puerto Rico this week! Great opportunity to share some music!

Wepa! Our Puerto Rico tour is underway! Check out this video in which SSgt Luis Rosa explains a little bit about our mission on the island.

Stay tuned for more updates from our tour! #USAFBands

Video by Mr. Alex Goad, 502ABW/PA

Colonel Lang, thank you for your service. Keep your attitude up and power on. Calm seas and the wind ever at your back.

Colonel Lang, thank you for your service. Keep your attitude up and power on. Calm seas and the wind ever at your back.

For those of you joining us for the retirement ceremony of Colonel Larry H. Lang and Change of Command on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling tomorrow, please observe the following changes to the schedule of events:

10:30am Retirement Ceremony
2:30pm Change of Command

All events will be held at The Bolling Club. We look forward to seeing you on this very exciting day for The United States Air Force Band!

USAF Band of the West

Enjoy our 12 Days of Christmas and our good friends down USAF Band of the West -- Have the most Merriest and Happiest of Holidays this Season!!

Guess how many days until Christmas! Turn your SOUND ON and check out our holiday greeting to all of our wonderful friends and fans. What you are about to see was recorded in ONE CONTINUOUS TAKE - no cuts - in our very own band hall, and involves every last member of the USAF Band of the West! Comment and tell us which verse was your favorite! #happyholidays #12Days #USAFbands

SSgt Jaime Parker - Executive Producer
SSgt Justis MacKenzie - Music Arranger, Staging
A1C Pedro Rodriguez - Audio Engineer
Alex Goad, Ruth Medina, Todd Holly (502 ABW/PA) - Camera, Video Editing
SSgt Jennifer Mendez Daffinee - Set Designer

Singing Sergeants

In the Spirit of Unity... May we wish you the joyous noise of the season thru music. May you all find the time to bring the spirit of the season into your hearts and remind ourselves what this time of year gives us all. Hope, Joy, Peace... and Love. Happy Holidays to all.

This holiday season The U.S. Air Force Band offers the beautiful song, "One Voice"…a reminder that together we can create a better world. Watch until the end as one voice becomes a chorus inside the
stunning Washington National Cathedral. Let the power of unity light the way throughout this season.

Music and Lyrics by The Wailin' Jennys
Performed by The United States Air Force Symphony Orchestra and Singing Sergeants (Air Force Strings)
Special Thanks: To all the community choirs and families that helped bolster this rendition.
Executive Producer - Colonel Larry H. Lang, Commander, The USAF Band
Producer - CMSgt Jebodiah Eaton, Chief of Production
Co-Producer - SMSgt Dennis Hoffmann
Arranger - SMSgt (ret.) Robert Thurston

Air Force District of Washington
Joint Base Andrews
Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling

USAF Heartland of America Band

Enjoy a quick Stars and Stripes from our Heartland of America band... https://www.facebook.com/AFHeartlandBand/videos/544626915988073/

If you’ve attended a military band concert, you’ve probably heard John Phillip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever. There is a famous piccolo solo near the end that is usually played by our piccolo trumpet player in Offutt Brass. Somebody was feeling left out and decided to play it on their instrument. Here’s 30 seconds to brighten your day.


One of our Air National Guard bands in Pakistan last week as part of their tour as the AFCENT Band. First AF band visit to Pakistan as they help celebrate 70 years of cooperation with US. Anyway -- from the morning host on Atv Mehekt! ..."It was surprising to see the soft image of the so-called "military boys" you know because we have the hardcore image in our head...

It's why we do it... but thanks!! Great job!

On a recent trip to Pakistan, we had the privilege of sharing music and interacting with children and adults alike. The people of Pakistan welcomed us with open arms and genuine hospitality, and we were grateful for open dialogue that allowed us to appreciate and respect each other’s cultures and further the positive relationship between our two countries.



Washington D.C., DC

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Many thanks to the members of the Ceremonial Band, In Flight and High Altitude (ANG Band of the Northeast) for your awesome performance tonight at Rose Tree Park in Delaware County, PA. Apologies to High Altitude for walking out after "Little White Church", but that sky was looking ominous and we senior citizens can't sprint to the car like we used to! You guys were nailing the vocals, and the crowd was clearly into it. Great job, everyone! Will definitely try to catch you all again. Please come back to Rose Tree next year and every year! Tim Sell, CWO4 (ENG), USCG (ret.)
Drum Set/Percussion Audition 🔰𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄 LINK🔴🆗 https://pastelink.net/Drum%20SetPercussion%20Audition 🔰𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄 LINK🔴🆗 https://pastelink.net/Drum%20SetPercussion%20Audition
Vocalist Audition 🔴🅻🅸🆅🅴🔴🔴>>> https://pastelink.net/27yf1 🔴🅻🅸🆅🅴🔴🔴>>> https://pastelink.net/27yf1
Vocalist Audition 🔴🅻🅸🆅🅴🔴🔴>>> https://pastelink.net/27yf1 🔴🅻🅸🆅🅴🔴🔴>>> https://pastelink.net/27yf1
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Saya mohd zainuddin bin mohamed dan alamat saya desa sri kemunting A.K.A kampung beoh 16090 gunung bachok kota bharu kelantan darul naim dan saya original atas istana Atholl Estates and Blair Castle
Check this out for Kyra.
Smooth, wonderful, great looking. Thank you for your service.
Joplin, Mo
Happy Holidays from the Latvian National Guard orchestra! https://www.facebook.com/ZemessardzesOrkestris/videos/2344786415750495/
Saw the United States Air Force Airmen of Note Jazz Band at Milligan College, TN tonight. Awesome concert! Magnificent music and performances. No kneelers were at this concert! Total respect for the flag and for those veterans who have fought and are still fighting for our freedom. Thank you for a wonderful evening! If you have opportunity to see and hear them perform, don't miss the opportunity! They received a standing ovation twice and played the Tennessee Waltz for an encore!
The United State Air Force Band performed at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, Maryland on Veterans Day!! It was one of the most delightful concerts that I have ever attended!! I am proud to say that the band's headquarters is located in my hometown, Washington, D.C.!!!