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>The Commander walks in to see a lot of new faces wandering around the assembly room to his shock, though un-showing.

"Well seems a lot of activity has been going on around here lately, any of you new recruits want to introduce yourselves and rank before our 'dismemberment' over the years, Narravo, The capitol wasteland, being hunted by the NCR and Brotherhood.... it only goes on. At least the NCR are weakened and distracted with too many enemies and the so called Brotherhood is in a state of disarray not unlike ourselves gentlemen and ladies."


massive RP on its way...


Be ready for war with the Legion!




On my wall I posted 3 short films about fallout and a link to a LIVE GNR broadcasting.


Hay any of you that want some entertainment I will be posting my "rants" about any and all fallout stuff and the DLC's trust me they are funny. anyway just add "James Thomas Duffy" (that's me) and look at my notes (and wall LOL) to see rants about why the holograms in dead money should STFU GTFO.




wow ok im back and uh REMEMBER join us...


people please remember no pissing in the kiddie pool!


Remember Navarro? that could happen again to you, don't trust who I don't.

Cole Porter - Anything Goes

these days this is all that can calm one down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEbYfzhYQo4

all modern music seems to make one angry, why? do we love violence so much as to feal it even in our music?

This is a song from the game Fallout 3, the background is pretty basic, as I am a newbie to that. The song is the thing, not the bloody picture. And no, I wi...


PROBLEM: what the hell? our page is not at the top any longer because of a bunch of spased out n00bs that think they can just make an enclave all of whitch are patheticaly non-connon they should die for this. WAR!


Guys I have an annoncement: GO ENCLAVE!

Our improved Banner

Our improved Banner

The TRUE Enclave's Banner

The TRUE Enclave's Banner


oh come on people JOIN ME OR I WILL KILL YOU FAMI- I mean.......not give you cookies...yes thats it JOIN ME AND TOGETHER WE WILL RE-INVENT COOKIES INTO THE WASTELAND!!!!


our main page on facebook is now open to the public just serch "Enclave" and find the one thats a group its run by a fella names James.


PS. ima just messing with you in case you thoght i was srys.


you sir are not the presidend dont you be thinking you can takeover I am the new president thanks mate ;)

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