Megaton Nice people, good residences, secure from attacks and nice nightlife! Megaton is a sprawling settlement set in and around a crater of an unexploded nuclear bomb, protected by large metal walls made of various scavenged materials, primarily the scrap of old pre-war aeroplanes.

It is one of the two largest settlements in the Capital Wasteland, with 28 named inhabitants and several Megaton settlers, rivaled only by Rivet City in sheer size of population. Megaton was built by a large group of people who sought shelter in Vault 101 but were denied access because the residents of the Vault were not allowed to leave or let anyone in as part of their subterranean installation's policy. Locked out of the Vault, the people settled down around a large crater with an atomic bomb in it. These settlers, led by Manya Vargas' father, constructed their homes using aircraft debris from a nearby air station. The Air Station is no longer visible since all of its parts were used up for the creation of the town. Because the town's construction was aided by the Children of the Atom, who worship the undetonated bomb, the settlers had no choice but to leave it unmoved in exchange for their help. In February 2241, an expeditionary party of Vault 101, led by Anne Palmer and sent by the Overseer of the Vault, made contact with the residents of Megaton. Initially, the locals were cautious of the strangers before eventually accepting and welcoming them into their settlement. Palmer appointed two Vault residents, Agnes Taylor and Lewis, as Vault ambassadors to Megaton. A record of this expedition was archived in the Overseer's terminal. That same year, a group of raiders attacked the town, resulting in the death of the 14 year old Colin Moriarty's father. After the raid Moriarty inherited his father's wealth and his bar, Moriarty's Saloon. Boppo's raidEdit Boppo's raid sectionEdit

In 2277, a gang of raiders occupy the nearby Springvale Elementary School, with the purpose of mining their way into Vault 101. Some of these gang members, led by Boppo, attempted a raid on Megaton. However, the attackers could not breach Megaton's defenses, and the town's very own sheriff Lucas Simms shot Boppo in the head, killing him, albeit getting shot and injured himself. Megaton is roughly circular, with a central plaza around an atomic bomb resting in a puddle of radioactive water. Starting in the north and proceeding clockwise, the plaza is ringed by The Brass Lantern, Mister Burke's House, Church of the Children of Atom, and Megaton Clinic. Pathways lead from the plaza to the gate of Megaton, Craterside Supply and the common house. A major attraction of the plaza are the sermons of Confessor Cromwell. Around the central buildings, a ring of buildings is built higher up in the crater. The Water Processing Plant and Moriarty's Saloon can be found here along with most of the inhabitants' private houses. The left side of town is mostly residential, whereas the right side is mostly commercial. Outside and around the back of the city is the Hollowed-out rock. This article uses material from the "Nuka-Cola" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License

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Fallout 4 :)


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Behemoths found the secret stash of giant fire hydrants.


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The atomic bomb in Megaton is the same model used by the US to bomb Hiroshima


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You can blast a kid with a fat man and he runs away- alive!!


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I'd eat the baby....... Just saying


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