PhantomALERT Drivers Helping Drivers. Avoid speeding and traffic tickets - Spot speed traps and red light cameras using your GPS or smartphone. PhantomALERT by Drivers Helping Drivers.

Hate Traffic Tickets? Then watch this video....

Sick and tired of Traffic Tickets? Speed Traps? red light cameras? Speed Cameras? Traffic Jams? Distracted Driving? Then you need to join PhantomALERT. A global network of millions of drivers helping drivers. Together we will make you a safe, alert and a ticket free driver...

PhantomALERT is 100% legal and endorsed by Police. It will save you money, and time. It helps you drive smart and ticket free by telling you when you’re approaching over 500,000+ enforcement zones and driving hazards.

• Instead of getting caught in a speed trap, you maintain a legal speed and avoid the ticket, the insurance points, court costs, and legal fees.

• Instead of getting a ticket from a red light camera, you stop in time and avoid the costly ticket.

• Instead of getting a ticket from a speed camera, you check your speed and avoid the costly ticket.

• And instead of sitting in mind-numbing traffic, you check LIVE traffic feeds on your SmartPhone to avoid congestion and arrive on time. PhantomALERT tells you when you’re approaching:

• Speed Traps
• Red Light Cameras
• Speed Cameras
• School Zones
• Traffic Jams
• Police DUI Checkpoints
• Railroad Crossings
• Dangerous Intersections
• Dangerous Curves
• Speed Bumps

Imagine seeing speed traps, speed cameras, red light cameras, and other driving hazards before they see you…

That’s PRECISELY what happens when you download and drive with PhantomALERT. PhantomALERT is a global network of like-minded drivers who actively report and verify new enforcement and safety zones. Join us. We need your support. Together we will fight back and save money, time and lives. Together we will fight distracted driving by alerting each other of road hazards. Our mission is to help you drive alert, safe and ticket free. Professional Drivers Use and Recommend PhantomALERT

Jay, a bus driver from Cleveland, Ohio, wrote:
“I downloaded the app…I have used it for over a year and it has saved me from getting into trouble and tickets…I have told other drivers about this app and they love it…people on my bus ask about it. I tell them about PhantomALERT and they download it. THANK YOU very much for helping me make my job so much easier.”

PhantomALERT is 100% Legal…Read these Police testimonials…

“It’s a great program.” Virginia Beach Police.

“If it is alerting the driver there is a camera ahead…that’s a great idea.” New Mexico Police.

“PhantomALERT is completely legal.” VA Police.

“[GPS systems] are perfectly acceptable,” Montgomery County Police Department. Want to Avoid Traffic? PhantomALERT gives you access to LIVE traffic camera views. See what traffic looks like before you hit the road. Save time and plan faster routs. No more traffic jams. Safe Driver? By telling you about upcoming hazards, PhantomALERT helps you remain a safe driver. PhantomALERT does NOT promote speeding, running red lights, or unsafe driving. PhantomALERT is for safe drivers who simply want the information they need to remain safe and ticket free. What You Get with PhantomALERT
• The latest information about speed traps, speed cameras, , red light cameras, traffic…and more.
• The largest and most accurate database of driving hazards.
• Outstanding service and support.
• Share PhantomALERT with your family for FREE when you Join and subscribe in a three year or lifetime plan. Your support will help us improve our services. A Simple Choice
Risk tickets from speed cameras, red light cameras, and speed traps. And spend hours stuck in traffic.
Avoid tickets and traffic with PhantomALERT. REVIEWS
“Drove all the way from Pennsylvania to Florida and did not get a ticket.”

“I am using PhantomALERT with my Garmin GPS unit and have been very satisfied with the results. It’s especially helpful when I travel outside my home territory on roads that I’m not familiar with.”

“Awesome product! Just what I was looking for. I was sick of getting speeding tickets from just drifting a little bit over the limit.”

“I am not a speeder or a reckless driver. I like your product because it keeps me cognizant of potential problems.”

Download PhantomALERT right now and avoid traffic, tickets, and other expensive road hazards. Then watch this video....
Drivers use smart phone and GPS technology to avoid traffic tickets. Police approve. 100% LEGAL

PhantomALERT TV Commercial Final 120

PhantomALERT TV Commercial Final 120

Hate Traffic Tickets? Traffic Jam and Accidents? Your smartphone is no longer just for calls and navigation, it can save you from costly traffic tickets, gri...

Simply download over 400,000 enforcement and safety locations and transform your device into a virtual radar detector. Y...
Phantom Alert Review GPS POI Database App Red Light Speed Cameras Tickets

Simply download over 400,000 enforcement and safety locations and transform your device into a virtual radar detector. You will receive Audible and Visual alerts giving you ample time to slow down and be aware of your surroundings. Speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, DUI check points, you will see them before they see you. If you hate traffic tickets, then this is a service for you. The first time it works, it has paid for itself. With PhantomALERT on your GPS or SmartPhone you can drive anywhere in the US or Canada ticket and accident free. How it works. First drivers & spotters report speed traps & photo enforcement locations on our website. Then you simply download...


"The installation of speed cameras in the Washington, DC metro area, where they are frequently installed in or near school zones, is generally couched in a public safety package. However, in reality, most local jurisdictions view them as a way to generate revenue for their coffers. Most of these jurisdictions are approached by private companies seeking contracts to install and manage the day-to-day operations of these speed cameras." -DC Traffic Lawyer Lawson Wellington



Drivers Helping Drivers. Avoid speeding and traffic tickets - Spot speed traps and red light cameras using your GPS or smartphone.


Speed cameras snare too many safe drivers. Get .Get the app that ALERTs you when you get near a camera.

Proponents of speed cameras, including The Post’s editorial board [“Slow down, and pipe down,” Nov. 4], cite a reduction in accidents and declare that if you don’t want a ticket, then don’t speed. That simple-minded reasoning fails to recognize the fundamental issue: whether too many safe drivers are being ticketed in the effort to ticket the unsafe drivers.
Suppose the speed limit is 30 mph. Suppose further that a driver must exceed the limit by 12 mph to be ticketed, as in Maryland; that the vast majority of tickets are going to those driving 42 to 50 mph; and that only those driving faster than 50 mph in this particular zone are causing the accidents.

I believe I’m one of the slowest drivers on the road, yet I find it nearly impossible to stay below 42 mph in a 30 mph zone in light traffic on a clear day. The speed limits, mostly at the lower end, are simply not realistic. Does “speeding” mean exceeding the posted limit or driving at an unsafe speed? Those are two different things.
The suspicion that too many safe drivers are being ticketed is what prevents so many of us from believing the claim that the primary motivation is improving safety rather than raising revenue.


How To Beat Traffic Tickets Legally Using Your GPS or Smart Phone

Divers Helping Drivers Avoid Costly Traffic Tickets

Satisfied Customer Testimonial -

Just wanted to drop you a quick note.

I’m in sales, cover the DC/MD region and a road warrior. Recently, I received a notice from the car company our firm uses for company cars, that my registration was up for renewal and that I needed to take care of a violation. Thinking that I forgot a parking ticket I found out that I actually had 4 speeding tickets from cameras. These cameras are in Montgomery County, MD. In order to get my registration renewed, I had to shell out $ 205.00 for the four tickets!

Oh and here is a hint. If anyone has a company car from a former employee, make sure you change the registration address. I didn’t realize this and a $40 ticket went to $85 because they send the ticket notice to whomever is on the registration, whether it is a current address or not. Being as it went to the former representative, I got hit by late fees.

So recently, I downloaded the program to my Garmin GPS. So yesterday, I went into the District and I was shocked!!! The device just wouldn’t stop binging! I was driving along New York Avenue, as I have done hundreds of times and over a number of years, and had NO idea the amount of red light cameras. I knew of the one speed camera as I got a ticket there once. The cameras are literally on every corner.

Well I’m sold. Keep improving this program.

Recently, I heard that Montgomery County, MD has approximately 67 fixed and 7 mobile cameras. They generated $15 million in tickets (naw..these devices are for safety, not revenue). I had heard that it’s such a successful program; the County is considering DOUBLING the amount of cameras. That prompted me to buy your service. (I guess you owe MoCo thanks for increasing sales).

I have been driving over 34 years; have never had an accident and only a few minor speeding or parking tickets throughout the years. These cameras are EVERYWHERE in this region. On Snowden River Parkway in Columbia, there are THREE cameras consecutively. Generally I have been a very good law abiding driver, but enough is enough. These cameras can be “fixed” a number of different ways, as in setting how long a yellow light remains on. It just isn’t fair.

I heard recently that San Francisco either has started or considering a system whereby cameras take a picture of every license plate that crosses the city limits. With doing so, they can ultimately issue “commuter taxes” to enter the city. I know DC is considering this system and waiting on some results. I had heard that NYC is considering it as well.

With driving into the District almost on a daily basis, putting up with increasing parking fees, the notorious parking meter ticket writers, speed cameras, red-light cameras and street sweeper cameras, enough is enough.

Keep at it. I’m going to evaluate your program a bit more and I am also considering buying a better, more sophisticated GPS device, it’s time that average citizens have a tool to keep big-brother at bay.



Gorilla Marketing - Give Free Apps To Help Avoid Traffic Tickets

Our unrehearsed Gorilla Marketing efforts paid off very well. Driver response was very positive and we got lots of donations, cheers, honks and encouragements. Notice how drivers were receptive and appreciative to our offer. They were generous with their wallets. 2000 flyers handed out…we raised a lot of cash and lots of people are ordering online. Video is a bit long but it will show you the great potential for PhantomALERT. Notice how drivers reacted:


Meet the team:

PhantomALERT's cover photo

PhantomALERT's cover photo


New site launched! Working hard to make improvements for everyone.


Something new is coming.... stay tuned!


Washington D.C., DC


(800) 725-8425


“It’s a great program.” Virginia Beach Police.

“If it is alerting the driver there is a camera ahead…that’s a great idea.” New Mexico Police.

“PhantomALERT is completely legal.” VA Police.

“[GPS systems] are perfectly acceptable,” Montgomery County Police Department.


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Just to let everyone know, do not do business with this company. They are nothing but Crooks. I ordered a plate cover from them on Feburary 6th for 29.99 dollars and still haven't heard from them about my order. I have sent them an email 3 times and still no contact from them. I guess I'm out 30 dollars. So please hear my warning do not order from this company all they will do is steal your money.
Is their website down? I have tried to get on it for two days, and it will not open.
Just bought a lifetime subscription for Phantomalert and no where on my android phone or tablet can I find the phantomalert app. Please help
You should STOP advertising products that DO NOT WORK!
We are going to get rid of them in this city. All we need is 10,000 signatures. We are still in the drafting phase so there is not a draft yet.