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International Nuclear Weapons Alliance Promote human rights around the world with a nuclear weapons treaty from INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE in Washington, DC. Our nuclear weapons treaty offers the world the opportunity to remove large nuclear weapons from use.

This would prevent war between two countries by placing all large nuclear weapons in an Earth Defense System where they can no longer be used for war on Earth. The INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE protects all members of the treaty from a preemptive strike or first strike. As it states under the treaty that the attacking force or country must notify the INWA before INWA can inform the target country of first strike.

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June 26 2017 This site is no longer being managed. Please use our original website we have gone back to. Our original and main website is INTNWA.ORG since October 16, 2010. Thank you for revisiting our website. The Director


Dec 2; Go to our website INTNWA.ORG and browse our Children's Health Care Fund and see if you like it. To make donations to the Children's Health Care Fund or the INWA call (202) 465-4341. Both of these accounts for deposit are not even in the same banking system. You may ask for a receipt for your tax records.


Dec 2: Sources said, Russia parked the most modern nuclear weapons firing submarine they have off the coast of Alaska on July 15, 2015, waiting for firing orders against the United States as their target. No further information is available. The why is another story.


Sep 28 2014: has been decided by the Director to be the main website for the INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE. Other website addresses for the INWA have been discontinued. The website is the original website. This website has always used an interview process beginning with a telephone call to the Director for management of the membership process, and donations. A telephone call to the Director to make a donation is used to pick a method of payment for a donation and make the donation. Donations accepted by the INWA are only based on your approval of the INWA's intentions and not anyone's views of your background. For security purposes, the INWA will not accept a donation for the purpose of expectations of the INWA. The public, businesses, and governments of all countries ideas and suggestions on Earth will be seriously reviewed and considered for the INWA to work toward non-use of nuclear weapons, and countries in a conflict reaching an agreement, cooperating for world peace. The main purpose of the INWA is to prevent by treaty using international treaty and international law in an international court, the use of nuclear weapons for war between countries on Earth which would result in the challenge of the existence of mankind, or stop mankind from existing on Earth. The main objective of the treaty is if a country objects to being attacked with a nuclear weapon by the other country, whether they have nuclear weapons or not to defend their country, the INWA Treaty obstructs such an attack, enforced by other countries that are a member of the INWA Treaty, representing the INWA International Court for hearings and penalties for the misuse of nuclear weapons. The INWA views this treaty as the only possible way to really try to avoid a nuclear war, unless two countries agree to use nuclear weapons against each other, which would contradict the further existence of mankind, animals, and crops on Earth by the release of nuclear radiation which would disperse encircling the Earth, causing disease, famine, and death. Anyone wanting to donate funds to support the INWA please contact the Director by telephone: (202) 236-0176 US.


Jul 9: It is shocking how many countries have not joined the INWA International Weapons Treaty! The INWA has no country as a treaty member. No country in process of joining. And no country is communicating with the INWA about the treaty. Meanwhile, there are no money donations to the INWA on the website, and the Director is still pulling personal funds out of his pocket toward keeping the website, and the treaty out there on website INTNWA.ORG, a publically viewable website available to the public, costs tens of thousands of dollars of expenses, and the cost of telephone lines and addresses each month, "an" such. (Meaning we are both just sitting here togrther talking to each other.)

Are YOU and I to believe the INWA could be treated as a survey, that all countries in the world don't care that the United States and Russia have enough nuclear weapons to destroy Earth several times, and that there is a possibility of an eventual full out attack using nuclear weapons! "Do you remember the United States MX-MISSILE SYSTEM and what it was designed for? -- to keep nuking Earth until computers saw all human activity had stopped, in that region! Doesn't Russia also offer total annahilation to its enemies?

Personally, if I could survive a nuclear blast in one piece, if I could withstand all of the background nuclear radiation and it just was affecting everything else, but not me -- I would not want to continue living like that. It would be a horrible life, and with no affect from the radiation on you, then, no food and death by starvation or su***de. Even if you survive, you are going to die.

It is like if you spray too much "bug spray" in your room, you have to go to the hospital because you inhaled too much, and you think you will get better, -- but what you don't know is, ""The Doctor" has already pronounced you dead.""

Maybe, if you work in a government office, or if you are non-military, or non-government - company worker, or some other type of individual, from your country, could make just a donation to ease my mind that I am not the only one who cares about living, that it is not true that, "Nobody cares if we all die tommorrow.(s).." Lets see some countries read and ask questions about treaty.

The INWA has a Director's telephone line, published on the website INTNWA.ORG


Apl 11 Automated Weapons Systems: As the United States Military may give all ICAM CAMERAS and SECURITY CAMERAS in public use control of weapons to defend the public from an attack by a person against the United States, in the absence in an area of military or local police, the citizens are concerned that the cameras would make the right decision under the United States Constitution to arrest and take a person to court for trial for attempting to create harm to the public. However, the Constitution is difficult to enforce when a person is determined to be, with high confidence, about to commit such an act and can not be stopped from creating a disaster, without extreme prejudice.

If you were to be using a computer, and you turn on the computer and enter the correct password when it is requested, and you know the password well, but the computer tells you the password is incorrect, so you try switching users, and the computer then tells you updates are ready to be downloaded, so you click on OK. After the updates are downloaded and a statement comes up that downloads were successfully completed, and you click on OK, the computer does not return you to the password request but rather dorps you off at the desktop, because youn have already entered the correct password. So what happened is the computer did not have in its operating system the knowledge of statements needed and did not give you the correct statement for the problem with the computer you were having, and instead told you that it was the incorrect password, because it did not have the correct statement to give you, to handle the problem as a software update needed before it could release control of the computer to you by giving you the desktop.

Similarly, if a computer program in control of a weapons system understands a risk problem to an attack against the United States, but is having a problem understanding the decision making process of the computer program between basic laws of the creator, between action can not be taken by hardware against humans for the purpose of superiority of hardware over humans, when distruction of hardware would result over a disagreement between humans, taking innto consideration human's war-like nature to harm each other and to break their own human laws, and to protect their own hardware kind from destruction when the war is humans against humans only, it is difficult to say the result would be inaction or a choice, when the challange of information occurs. This is in the future possibly, since computers are not that aware yet.

Computer programs are very carefully written to control weapons systems and simulations are tested for results, however the computer hardware and the computer software program must work together well at all times. Everything that can happen must be taken into consideration, and nothing that can happen can be not thought of, or overlooked.

It has happened, for example, someone at the same time placed a purchase on their credit card in Florida while another user placed a charge on their credit card in California. Both people received a charge on their credit card for the opposite user's purchase items, a couple of hundered dollars difference in the two transaction. Although there was nothing fraudulant done by anyone, the credit card transactions were explained by the credit card fraud department as being the cause of both cards were used within mili or micro seconds or each other, and the computer system must have got confused and swithced the charges between the two credit card numbers and made the mistake.

Generally speaking, the necessity for automated weapons systems outweighs misakes that could almost never be made by computer hardware or written software, however if a mistake were to be made, the results would be accordingly.

For example, an electronic intergrated circuit chip made by a manufacturer under strict government contract for Quality, to build the chip in large quantity for use in ICBM Missiles, the manufacturer did not disqualify faulty chips knowingly, because it would cause their coporation to lose a large sum of money, the manufacturer finally admitted. The first of the chips to fail in a dormant ICBM MIssile that was already installed in all of the ICBM Missiles in silos for defense of the United States, left an ICBM MIssile ahead of passcode features required before a launch, and set off the launch alarm, which left the missile committed to launch with three minutes to launch. Launch equipment technicians were able to disable the missile launch with about 57 seconds left before launch. People in the corporation in management control and responsible for inspection of the chips who refused to fail the chips and sold them to the government for use in ICBM Missiles were prosecuted and sent to federal prison for up to 20 years, but this does not change the fact, this is called a human error, and not related to the issue of hardware development or software development.

Things from time to time get out of control, and we have to correct them. That is the truth.

A toaster for making slices of bread into toast are not very complicated in design and have been around for years, yet they eventually fail. An automobile has thousands and thousands of parts which make up mechanical, electronic, electrical, and fluids under pressure systems, and it is amazing when you put the key in the ignition and start the car, the car runs perfectly and does everything it is supposed to do for months before anything goes wrong, and we have confidence and expect the car to continue to run perfectly permanently for years, but that does not happen sometimes.

We need to always be prepared for the enevitable eventual failure, that change will occur, and that that is natural.

Even a human makes mistakes.

We all have to try to do the right things all of the time, especially where lives are at risk. It becomes more difficult when a group of people in government are in charge, but that doesn't change their responsibility to the citizens, for which they are paid to protect the citizens.

Communication between the citizens on issues and the specialists in office in the United States Government is provided for as Freedom of Speech, and ways provided by government departments to contact them with citizen's ideas and thoughts on matters. Common ways to contact departments of government are by telephone numbers, and by their internet websites where text messages can be written to them. If you are having a problem finding the correct department of government to contact for your issue, you can use the telephone to ask any department of government that is as close to what you want as you can find for your issue, to ask them for the correct department contact information, such as: the correct name of the department, complete telephone number, name and title of the person you should reach, mailing address and zip code, and website address to send a text message to them. Although they may not answer your text message, they will receive it. Of the hundreds of text messages received daily, your message will be screened and decided what to do with it, and it may not reach the exact person you intended it for as it is the decision of the screener where your text message goes. Your message might first be placed in a group of the same kind of message, and then someone else is assigned to look at that type message, and your message still has not been seen by the person you requested to read it. In the end, that person you asked to address the matter, may not address that matter directly and has someone else take care of reading your type of message, so he never sees it. Careful consideration of how you send a message and who you send it to is as important as your message.


Apl 7 INWA has two websites: The newest website you may have used is down for now. The main website is www.internationalnuclearweaponsalliance .com which is designed for quick treaty registration and financial transactions and the original website is which contains in depth information not available on the other website which is very informative and educational with hard facts about survival and the seriousness of the threats to mankind's existence on Earth, and the semingly fact that all weapons designed will eventually be used.

A big concern the INWA has is we have the only insurance policy in the world for children injured in a nuclear war. This insurance policy does not require any payment(s) to take advantage of the insurance. It is completely paid for by donations prior to a nuclear war. You should examine this policy on either of the websites and If you wish to choose to donate to this much needed cause, please do, as the more money that is avaiable in funds, the more money can be paid out for sick and injured children from comming in contact with the direct exposure to a nuclear blast and its radiation. This policy is intended to be treated as part of everyone's household needs, especially if your country posesses nuclear weapons.

This picture was taken by the United States Army after the affects of the atomic bomb dropped by the United States on Hiroshima Japan during World War II. This Japaneese boy was about one mile away from the approximately 16 kiloton nuclear bomb when it went off. The injury he received is a result of turning his back to the blast.

The picture did not apply, but would have shown severe burns to the back of his legs. Other pictures of injuries to other people were too serious to show.


Mar 16 Nuclear War Disaster Upon Us: Today, most nuclear bombs should have a yield of less than one megaton, or 77 Hiroshima bombs. A 12.5 kiloton nuclear bomb was detonated over Nagasaki. For more than 40 years, people all over the world became sick with diseases like leukemia, cancer, and birth defects, for example, no arms and no legs. These infants were mostly euthanized.
This all occurred because a total of 32.5 kilotons of radiation was released into Earth's atmosphere, soil, water, plants, and animals we consume for food. As a result of these two bombs being detonated, the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere is believed to have been raised by two degrees. Since then, some older bombs had yields up to 20 Megatons, or 1540 Hiroshima bombs.
(A Megaton is the amount of energy released by one million tons of TNT!).
The largest nuclear weapon the United States has built is about 9 Megaton however nuclear weapons Russia has built in very small quantities are 25, 50, and -- 100 Megaton which has the explosive power of 100,000,000 Tons of TNT and Russia who is the builder of these three size nuclear weapons has stated they classify these as planet killers which means with certainty they are continent killers.
The United States Government believes by accident if Russia detonated three of these at the same general point of Earth, such as one country, it could push Earth out of its current orbital path to a new eliptical path around the Sun and cause the summer and/or winter month temperatures to become too extreme and shorter summers compared to longer winters that would not support many crops that the world depends on for food for survival of the total population of Earth.
300 Megatons total thermonuclear radiation compared to a total of 30 kilotons of radiation during World War II is 10,000 times the release of nuclear radiation during World War II which would not only cause diseases and deformities but also would cause humans to have rapid death from extremely high fevers caused by rapid cell damage of all those humans who were not burned up, in addition there would be many degrees rise in temperature of the atmosphere from thermonuclear detonations, by summertime would cause catastrophic crop failures in the world, but the nuclear radiation would also prevent plants from regrowing and a degree of atomic sterilization of humans and animals and make them sickly for the period they survived until they died
There are enough nuclear weapons built if some were used could eliminate mankind from Earth.
If sufficient funds become donated to the INWA, a requirement can be sought and enforced by Treaty to change the launch controls to change and install those controls with new ones that have holes provided in them for INWA international label yellow plastic ties for "lock-off" of those controls for launch of thermonuclear weapons, to be installed to "lock-off" the launches, and the INWA could afford the design and have made the yellow plastic INWA ties, using the ties much like the way electricians use plastic ties to "lock-off" breakers in electrical breaker panels in new homes being constructed, for electricians to avoid coming into contact with live city power when they want to prevent electrical outlets and other electrical equipment being wired from being in service.
The absurdity is, in theoretical example, in order to not throw Earth out of its stable orbit, since Russia and the United States are on opposite sides of the globe, in the theoretical example, the attacking country would have to nuke themselves just as hard to create a balance in opposing thrust to keep the Earth in its orbit, and the responding country with nuclear weapons would also have to nuke themselves just as hard to balance the increased thrust, because with two completely different nuclear weapons systems, neither country could allow the responsibility to the opposing country to keep Earth in its orbit by balance the nuclear power released in both countries simultaneously, as this would be a precision thrust maneuver, where no error could be tolerated. It could not be denied this would first result in Global Warming almost immediately followed by a long Nuclear Winter on Earth, and crops failure.
The people trained to give orders and to carry out the orders to launch these nuclear weapons are not well enough educated yet to avoid this catastrophe.
The original problem is, after the United States saw what they had done by using nuclear weapons during World War II, they told the world other countries should not build or use nuclear weapons ever again for war between countries, and that the United States would not, however some countries in the world felt that some countries would build nuclear weapons even in secrecy and therefore their country began a nuclear weapons program when they saw other countries began building nuclear weapons, so the United States began building nuclear weapons -- because the United States felt it was forced into building nuclear weapons in order to maintain a balance of military power in the world. The building and use of nuclear weapons in the world was originally prohibited at the end of World War II by the United States, but could not be enforced at that time, until the INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ALLIANCE stepped into the control of building and use of nuclear weapons on Earth with the INWA Treaty, offered in a Basic/Emergency starter treaty for all countries in the world to join, and a Full Treaty causing much greater control in the "manufacturing" and "existence for use" of nuclear weapons on Earth. Please Donate Most Generously to the INWA effort and goal to control and secure the continued existence of mankind, by preventing the annihilation of mankind by use of nuclear weapons..

Governments, Businesses and Citizens Please Donate and

Contact us in Washington, DC to stand united and support our treaty on Facebook.

Join now an INWA Treaty, or Donate now to Children's Fund and to INWA


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