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DARMO Task Force The DayStar Advanced Response Ministerial Operations (DARMO) Task Force represents the finest collaboration of ministry and public safety initiatives.

Our team of Chaplains and Public safety operatives creates an effective response to building safe and productive communities. Our objective is to target depressed neighborhoods with an infusion of faith-based and public safety resources turning the tide of economic depression and rising crime!

Mission: Many American communities suffer in the wake of an illicit drug trade, rising criminality, devastating addiction rates, and economic depression. However, there is an army rising up to break the chains of disenfranchisement and social decay. With a mission to unite community churches and infuse cooperation with local municipalities, the DARMO Task Force is ready to respond to the needs of communities, bridging the gaps between community, local law enforcement, and faith based organizations. Unity is our best weapon against the forces of lawlessness and criminality. Faith is our hope and principal tool to empower and liberate!

Operating as usual

UBroadcast Media

During the civil unrest that we have observed over the past week an incident occurring in the District of Columbia has sparked public outrage and rebuke against the President of the United States. Here is the plea of one Chaplain in response to that incident occuring near St. John's Church which one block from the White House.

This was a clip from last night's Let's Do it episode. Though it is a response to yesterday's events, it is a timely message nonetheless

While these are troubling times, given the consistent images of violence on school grounds; active shooter accounts that...
RISE NOW Center for Missional & Community Supports

While these are troubling times, given the consistent images of violence on school grounds; active shooter accounts that pop up across our country; epidemic addictions in communities across the region; an attrition of morality in institution of municipal and national government, there is also the incredible opportunity to advance ideals for service, community revitalization, and profound faith! In these times we join with other organizations who strive to serve and respond to the needs of individuals and families across the region to pool our resources and expertise to establish and advance a Response Center that answers the call and the cries for help and supports in local communities.

Please consider supporting this joint project and cause. It is stand for communities to stand up to solve longstanding social concerns and meet the challenge to address growing problems that our institutions are failing to address. A host of nonprofit and service organization "rise now" to address the issues that plague our society!

With the recent increase in violence in urban neighborhoods, active shooter incidents, domestic violence, human trafficking, and civic unrest, local faith oriented nonprofits and service organizations collaborate in creating a local response center. We can no longer look to municipal or governmental...

In The Know

And a child shall lead them. Thanks Oliver for demonstrating that we have the power to show love and appreciation for those who serve, tying them to who we are in our communities. Community Policing is not just about Cops; it's about us!

This 6-year-old held a lemonade stand for police, and around 100 officers showed up


This morning at 0700 Chap. T spoke on the continuing funding abuses and lack of accountability on WFYL in PA. In these times it is important to continue the community charge and raise the banner against corruption, waste, and those abuses that stifle the progress of the under served and those in critical need. We're also excited to report the opening of our new office in conjunction with the RISE Outreach Coalition at 3847 Branch Ave Suite 116 Temple Hills MD 20748. Doors will official open on June 5th.

Stay tuned as DTF begins its summer campaign of missional service in the venue of public safety.



Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of two slain Ohio Police Officer who gave their lives in the line of duty. We now live in a hostile culture; the influence of the times clearly demonstrate the need for diligence in responding to public safety concerns. As we consider prayer for the survivors, let us also pray for "peace" to become insurgent, bold, and unyielding!


The events of #Charlottesville are deeply troubling and tragic. While we prayerfully remember the families impacted by this event and the community that must now get up from their brokenness and move forward, we resolve to demonstrate peace and an unwavering commitment to compassion. We here at DARMO add our voice to the many who have denounced the ignorance and wickedness of racism espoused in those groups known to us as White Nationalist, Supremacist, Neo Nazi, and the archaic expression of the KKK. Presidential leadership is not necessary to denounce wickedness by name. Moral and righteous leadership is all that is required and this must come from the heart of every American citizen who understand what is right!

#Charlottesville we pray for you swift healing and recovery!

Jesus once said, "Greater love hath no man, than when he lays his life down for his friends."  He also told us about a m...
Click here to support EFRAIN MERCED A HERO AND GOOD SAMA organized by Reinaldo Merced

Jesus once said, "Greater love hath no man, than when he lays his life down for his friends." He also told us about a man, who was a Good Samaritan, stopping by the roadside to aid a man in distress. Today we tell the story of a man who is a millennial "Good Samaritan." He did not hesitate to not only stop by the roadside; he gave his life as well! Mr. Efrain Merced sacrificed his life while attempting to rescue victims of a hit and run crash on I-95 in Orlando Florida early Tuesday morning.

The lives he saved where relatives of our Chief Field Chaplain, Chap. T. Today his brother, Leon Buffaloe, wife Asante Buffaloe and their two children, Little Vince & Naomi are alive and well! We all are eternally grateful for this sacrifice and our hearts and thoughts are with the surviving family members!

Please honor his sacrifice with a demonstration of support for his family. He is survived by a wife and 5 children and his siblings, one of which is Mr. Reinaldo Merced. It was related to us that this is a wonderful family and Mr. Merced was a man who did not hesitate to help others in need! He was a blazing light in a world all too dark at times! In these times where news is often distressing, it is a welcome tale and we are happy to celebrate a life well lived! These two families have been brought together in this time for great purpose and God's Grace is sufficient in this time of bitter/sweet reflection!

Please be a blessing to this family with your donation!

Thank you and God bless you as you give!

(Mr. Efrain Merced is pictured in the center w/ the black cap. For the news story, please refer to the Orlando Sentinel or Orlando News Channel 6.)

To help with funeral costs and expenses...

The 2015 season presented interesting social challenges as the DARMO Task Force geared up to respond to the needs of hur...
Homeless Camp Near Kennedy Center Cleared

The 2015 season presented interesting social challenges as the DARMO Task Force geared up to respond to the needs of hurting individuals and families. The needs of our society is rapidly evolving beyond the capacity of municipal response and compassion is often a virtue in short supply. Yet in this example, this small population of displaced individuals found hope and support! We continue to follow up with some of those aided in this effort and we continue our endeavors to create new crisis and transitional resources for the ever growing population of homeless and displaced.

Homeless people who live in tents near Rock Creek Parkway in Northwest D.C. were told Friday evening to leave the area immediately.


News Feed: Montgomery County Neighborhood Fire & Explosion

On Yesterday one of our Field Chaplains deployed to Montgomery County to render ministerial aid in the tragedy that has this small community in mourning today. Many families are now displaced and relief efforts will continue for the next several days. We ask that all who read this feed pray for the families of the Flowers Apartment community and for those families that lost loved ones. This was a largely Latino community; many residents rallied to come to the aid of those escaping the blaze prior to the collapse of one of the units. These Samaritan acts, indeed, aided in the saving of many lives,

We will continue to reach out to those in need and follow up as municipal activity winds down. Your prayers are greatly needed and appreciated. The response effort was stellar as the Red Cross and local NGO's came together to aid the community alongside Homeland Security, ATF, Montgomery County Police, Fire and Rescue, Prince George's County Fire and Rescue. Two Fire Fighter were injured as they fought the blaze! They were treated and released from local Hospitals yesterday. Our hearts go out to all those impacted by this incident.

Donations are pouring in, so we will not showcase this effort here; if you wish to contribute financially, the news services have contact information on their websites. We solicit your prayers and well wishes! Aftercare will be critical and profound!

God's Grace is sufficient!


We need you to send up prayers for the families in the Silver Spring, MD housing explosion. There are several families displaced and there are still several unaccounted for. DARMO is there on the front line assisting. If you are interested in helping out with donations contact us.

DARMO CTRD Mobile Response

We share this short clip with special thanks to those individuals who responded to our fundraiser page. Per our request for community support, we expanded our field capability by adding an additional mobile unit. We updated the safety equipment in each unit to provide a professional and proficient response to crises and support victims of violence alongside local law enforcement. The two units also comprise our newly deployed CTRD Initiative (Crisis/Trauma Response Detail.) CTRD is a number of Field Chaplains and Protections Staff within the DARMO Chaplaincy Unit and Task Force specially trained to respond to adverse circumstances where communities have been severly traumatized by acts of violence and/or social unrest! The second DARMO Field Cruiser has been deployed for 60 days now and has already been utilized in a number of public safety missions including roadside assists, neighborhood watch patrols, escort supports, and on ongoing outreach missionals in the District.

In addition, we are bringing on staff the 1st of many Field Chaplains to service our Mission DC Initiatives. Our new recruit is currently training and will become operational mid fall 2016. We will begin regular recruitment late fall! This expansion effort enables us to effectively respond in two of the DMV regions (The District and the neighboring counties in the State of MD) Again, we thank you for supporting the DayStar Advance Response Ministerial Operations Chaplaincy Unit and Task Force! We are well on our way to changing the tide of violence and social unrest in communities across the DMV. Remember, Public Safety is Not Just A Matter For The State; It's A Matter of Righteousness!

An Officer's Vigil

At the Memorial Service this past Sunday for Officer Colson an officer stands vigil. A Melody for a fallen brother!


News Feed: "Your Support In Action"

The DARMO Field Chaplaincy Unit utilizes the P71 Interceptor to execute victim service and escort missions in support of Domestic Violence/Human Trafficking initiatives.

Your support enabled us to upgrade the equipment complement for mobile unit 0731, inclusive of new emergency lights. The unit is also equipped with public safety gear for roadside assistance and crisis response.

Since it's redeployment the unit was utilized for 2 property retrieval task orders, escort support, and protections detail. This is just the beginning...

We'd like to thank you for supporting the ministry and mission of the DARMO Task Force!


News Feed: "Moving Forward"

The administration of ministry is always a necessary step in seeing critical services and responses to community concerns. When the Faith Community concentrates on mobilization of services, ministry and care, you can expect explosive results! The Emergency Services Team (Daisy Farmer, Pastor Gregory McNeil, and Chaplain T) met with The UMW Trustees for Susanna Wesley House in Baltimore Maryland. This meeting was favorable, impacting, and profound as we prepare another phase of collaborative ministry for the women and children rescued from the Safe Passage Shelter Affair! There is more going on in Prince George's County as God exposes new concerns regarding a failing shelter care system! We are preparing to meet these challenges head on in the creation of new resources to respond to families in crisis!

Good Afternoon, we are re-posting are funding campaign, with some corrections.  Alas, there are always technological cha...
DARMO Relief Services Expansion | Lisa Buffaloe's Fundraiser

Good Afternoon, we are re-posting are funding campaign, with some corrections. Alas, there are always technological challenges to overcome. We apologize for any inconvenience and we do appreciate your support!

The DARMO Unit is raising money to deploy 2 cruiser units and two ministerial response teams to support victims of Domestic Violence.


Special thanks to our Task Force members and volunteers who gallantly supported the Safe Passage relief effort. Your dedication translated frowns to smiles and you helped to alleviate suffering. Your sacrifices are eternal with earthly dividends! You are the Point of the Sword!

We also thank the members of the Baltimore/Washington Conference for the United Methodist Women's Task Force for your swift response and continued collaboration in fighting community corruption. You are the jewels of our community and your support is priceless. To the members of Wilson Memorial United Methodist Church in Gambrills MD.; we say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being the crown jewel of this relief effort. Your sacrifice gives us inspiration beyond measure and your partnership is profound. Thank you Pastor McNeil for your leadership in leading the community charge.

Special Thanks to Pastor King for your offering of Church resources and the role you are playing in providing relief supports. Supreme thanks to Mother Daisy Farmer whose instinct and passion paved the way for a stellar response. You are a Titus 2 woman and we are grateful for your leadership!

Significant thanks to 4 Him Covenant Church for being the watchman on the wall to sound the initial battle cry and expose the scheme of FCC. Mother Reather Kelly you have always been a quiet supporter and your prayers were always felt. Your labor behind the scenes brought supports in timely fashion. Pastor Gray we thank you for your prayers and responsive leadership in making resources available when needed.

Pastor Estavia Mitchell, we thank you for always having an encouraging word and a ready and steady hand to pitch in. You are always ready to role up a sleeve even when we didn't call upon you!

May God richly bless you all for all of your labor and support! On behalf of the women rescued from the Safe Passage Shelter,

Domestic Violence Shelter Investigated for Alleged Misuse of Funds

We find it interesting that Ms. Ford of the Family Crisis Center for Prince George's County would forward a statement after Ms. Wilkin's inquiry and report, when they have ignored our requests for transparency and response to numerous concerns and none of the Board members have stepped forward to personally address our concerns regarding the current staff abuses and mistreatment of our complainants as well as the mistreatment of other women in the shelter. Consider that they are actively pursuing terminations of complainants without the benefit of securing they would not be made constructively homeless; consider that they kick out one of the complainants, simply because she took a stand; consider that another resident was terminated and had to sleep in her car with her disabled 17 month old son; consider that the Dept. of Family Services is allowing these condition to continue. This is unacceptable in 2015 and should be challenged by the community and concerned citizens across the region!

Prince George's County's domestic violence shelter is under investigation after allegations of misuse of funds. County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins reports.


We pray for the peace of Baltimore and that justice finds good footing in the affairs of the city's law enforcement. We pray that the communities there find reason and temperance. Chaos is not the response needed! Let us attend to purpose and determination in peaceful and meaningful ways!

Take the time and listen!  You can now here Theresa Armstrong's account on Demand at www.ok103.org...On Demand Content: ...
WOOK-LP 103.1fm

Take the time and listen! You can now here Theresa Armstrong's account on Demand at www.ok103.org...On Demand Content: DC Voice for April 16, 2015

DC's First LPFM Radio Station!


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