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My own island is mine.

My own island is mine.


President Biden accused Facebook and other social media companies of "killing people" by allowing the spread of COVID-19 misinformation online. Lilia Luciano...

We will be judged as a generation for allowing them to force anyone to take the vaccine.We will be laughed at for allowi...

We will be judged as a generation for allowing them to force anyone to take the vaccine.
We will be laughed at for allowing them to make us wear masks that we contaminated every time we took them off with every single surface area we touch.
This very well could be why I've never seen the CDC just hold off on the full suit and just put their underwear on their head's.
It's why a nurse can't touch their face... I could go on but.
Time to stop the spread alright!
Of unconstitutional mandates!
The time to stop letting them hurt the citizens is today.
Start with removal of everyone in the FBI, remove their clearance and start over.
No one goes to jail for things like the many covid numbers fraud.
Emergency power comes with great responsibility.
The one's responsible for us not having correct facts to fight with need to be in jail.
The issue is something north of half of Washington DC also should be in jail.
Notice I no longer only included a party name.
It was intentional.
Stand back and just look at the way they do business.
How is it we have things like lobbyist?
How is it the people fully responsible for causing the spread of covid.
Are making hundreds of trillions of dollars from it with no end in sight.
Why do we allow them to keep increasing the deficit without a vote from the people.
Why don't we sell debt bond's to Americans so no one but Americans own our debt?
We had no need to let it start and it's time to stop this fast.
If you want to know how China got so powerful just look at NAFTA.
But also look at the products in your home.
It's always the dog you feed that gets big.


Wickliffe, OH


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