Warren County Indiana Sheriff's Office

Warren County Indiana Sheriff's Office The WCSO is a small rural department in Indiana that lies between the Illinois border and the Wabash River. Located in Williamsport Indiana. We are a 8 man department dedicated to serving the people of Warren County.

Sheriff Bill Miller is in his third term as Sheriff and has 21 years with the department and 7 years with Sullivan County Sheriff's Department. Chief Deputy Rusty Hart is a two term Sheriff serving from 2007-2015 with 21 years of experience . Sergeant Donny Hensley is a 25 year veteran and has worked under five different Sheriff's. Deputy Vince Evans is the current School Resource Officer for MSD of Warren County and has 11 years with the department. Deputy Chris Fruits has 9 years with the department after working several years with the Attica Police Department. Deputy Anthony Pruitt has 7 years with the department after working a short time with the Attica Police Department. Deputy Greg Grimmett is in his 2nd year with the department after working 5 years with the Attica Police Department. Deputy Jason Dexter is in his 2nd year with the department after working several year with the Benton County Sheriff's Department.

Operating as usual


The Warren County Sheriff's Office is accepting applications for Corrections Officer. ONE FULL TIME position is available. 2020 Salary for this position is $36,250, and holidays are paid at additional overtime rate. County benefits including health insurance are also available for full time CO's. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equiv., be motivated and detail oriented individuals, have no criminal history and a good driving record. Applications must be picked up in person at the Sheriff's Office. No experience is required, training provided and annual training is required, an interest in the field is certainly needed. Must be able to work any day, and any shift. CO's work 12 hour shifts.

Thank you to Warren County Farm Bureau for sponsoring a First Responder Lunch.  Much appreciated!  Also Wabash Valley Bi...

Thank you to Warren County Farm Bureau for sponsoring a First Responder Lunch. Much appreciated! Also Wabash Valley Bible Baptist Church hosted an appreciation lunch on Saturday as well!

The Governors signed order reportedly does not include a criminal penalty.  After Law Enforcement Leaders and State Legi...
Indiana Governor Drops Mask Violator Penalty After Criticism

The Governors signed order reportedly does not include a criminal penalty. After Law Enforcement Leaders and State Legislators objected to the Misdemeanor penalty the Governor apparently listened and did not include the penalty in his order.

PLEASE, consider everyone’s opinions on this issue of mask wearing and be respectful, wear a mask when you will be close to others outside your home whenever you can. Let’s all do what we can to help keep everyone safe. I for one am thankful that this turned out to not be a criminal issue, but realize many believe it will help control this virus and we should respect that. Thank you all for your support, and let’s continue to keep Warren County a safe place to live and work.
Sheriff Hart.


Indiana’s governor dropped a planned criminal penalty from the statewide face mask mandate that he signed Friday after objections from some law enforcement officials and conservative legislators. The decision comes after Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb had said Wednesday in announcing the mask requir...


Attention Warren County Residents,

As you all have likely become aware, Governor Holcomb has enacted an executive order to mandate mask wearing in public places beginning Monday, July 27, 2020. As your Elected Sheriff, I want to address my stance on this executive order and some other concerns people have shared. I understand the Governors ability to create such a “law” by executive order is still being debated, and the Indiana Attorney General has released his opinion on the matter but nonetheless:
The Warren County Sheriff’s Office will NOT be out looking for violations of or enforcing the current executive order. We will not be taking anyone to jail for solely not wearing a face covering. We will continue to enforce the law as guided by the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Indiana, and those laws which are put into place by our elected legislators, as we are sworn to do. Also I am unaware of any Indiana Law that prevents someone from legally carrying a firearm while wearing a protective mask in compliance with COVID recommendations.
Please do not contact the Sheriff’s Office or dispatch regarding violations of this executive order. Instead, if you feel you must, I might suggest you contact the Indiana State Department of Health or the Fountain/Warren Health Department with any concerns or complaints. If a disturbance or other issue were to develop, then Deputies would respond as always; however, we will not respond solely for allegations of a violation of this executive order as I understand it.
Please remember that any business or organization may refuse service to any individual who refuses to wear a mask. Failure to leave the business or organization when asked to do so could be treated as Criminal Trespass, creating legal ramifications.
Whether you support or oppose the Governor’s decision, I would like to encourage everyone to please be respectful and tactful when addressing another person about their use of a mask. Respect business’s and people’s private property, and if they request you leave then please do so, remain calm, and take your business elsewhere. We all will get through this together!

Sheriff R.K. “Rusty” Hart

The Sheriff's Office was notified yesterday by officials from The Indiana Nature Conservancy that they have CLOSED the P...

The Sheriff's Office was notified yesterday by officials from The Indiana Nature Conservancy that they have CLOSED the Potholes (Fall Creek Nature Preserve) until further notice. Despite our efforts to keep visitors to a minimum, and control entry somewhat, the property was reportedly being destroyed by the overuse, and total lack of respect for the rules. This is a very unfortunate result of people just not caring, and sad for all those that enjoyed a nice walk and great scenery. We will post the official notification from Conservancy Officials when we receive it. The property has been posted NO TRESPASSING with signs and purple paint and the Parking Lot has been blocked. Anyone caught on the property in violation is subject to citation. This action was not the Sheriff's decision or doing, but was made by Indiana Conservancy officials and we do not know when to expect the property to re-open.
Sheriff Hart

MESSAGE WAS UPDATED after the original posting to correct my mistake of this being a DNR property, The Nature Conservancy is a separate Non-Profit Organization, and NOT an Indiana Government Organization. My mistake....


The Warren County Sheriff’s Office took a report this morning in reference to vandalism that has occurred near Kramer Road and Hunter Hill Road. Multiple County Highway signs were spray painted with graffiti including graffiti on the roadway near Mudlavia. There were also signs painted along Moore’s Hill Road, Williamsport Road and the Green Hill area. If anyone has any information regarding these incidents, you can private message the Sheriff’s Office or contact dispatch at 765-793-2449.

So Listen Folks,  I get it, its hot, and The Potholes is a very pretty place, BUT....It is NOT a park, its not a State P...

So Listen Folks, I get it, its hot, and The Potholes is a very pretty place, BUT....It is NOT a park, its not a State Park, Not a County Park, it is a Dedicated Nature Preserve, which has a totally different set of rules. The Rules are clearly posted on numerous signs. SO we at the Sheriff's Office wont be down giving people a hard time about getting your feet wet, BUT, we cannot have 30 cars parked alongside the roadway, it creates a traffic flow problem. If a fire truck had to get thru or an ambulance, it can get hard to negotiate the roadway. Signs are very clear, DO NOT PARK along side the road. IF the parking lot is full, then the preserve is at their capacity and you have to go on. That is THEIR Rules, Our rules are, NO PARKING on the roadside. That is the way it has to be, so don't say "I didn't know" when you find a citation on your vehicle, because you walked past numerous signs! Thank You! (PS, Most of the violators were from outside the county, some from as far away as Morgan County and farther)


As we wind down Corrections Officer Week I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Warren Counties Fine staff at our Jail. While all the first responders and nurses and such have been rightly recognized during these trying times our Jail Staff have come to work every day and aren’t able to work from home or social distance. Our officers are here 24/7/365 and deal with issues nobody hears of. Our most recent Jail Inspection conducted in April was passed with zero deficiencies noted and the staff was praised by our state inspector. Very proud of our staff, and thankful for them. If you see one of our Corrections Officers please take a moment to thank them for their hard work.
Sheriff Hart

We took delivery of our two newest Tahoe Police Vehicles today.  Chevrolet would not offer the Tan or Brown color this y...

We took delivery of our two newest Tahoe Police Vehicles today. Chevrolet would not offer the Tan or Brown color this year so we basically had to choose between Black or White. Obviously I chose Black and I love the new look. Sergeant Grimmett and Deputy Johnson were quite happy to get the new patrol vehicles.


The Indiana Sheriff's Association has sent out the membership drive letter's for this spring. The Association is a good organization that I have served as Treasurer and as Trustee for in previous years. I currently serve on the Board of Directors. The Association provides valuable training to our Deputies and Jail Staff, scholarships for youth going to school for law enforcement, our Youth Leadership Camps (which is held here in Warren County for the northern half of the state) and is an overall good organization to contribute to. If you have questions about the organization please feel free to contact me. If you can and want to join the Association or make a contribution, we will use those funds to support your Warren County Sheriff's Office and all our Sheriff's Offices across our great state. Sheriff Hart


*****UPDATE***** Mr Heinold has been located and is safe. He is being taken to an Indianapolis Area Hospital to be evaluated. Thank you to all that assisted with locating him.

Very sad news from Indianapolis.  IMPD Officer Leath was killed in the line of duty this afternoon.  Our thoughts are wi...

Very sad news from Indianapolis. IMPD Officer Leath was killed in the line of duty this afternoon. Our thoughts are with Officer Leath’s family and the IMPD.

National Sheriffs' Association

National Sheriffs' Association


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No April Fools Prank Post this year, just doesn't seem like it'd be proper. I've been asked by some residents if they can take a motorcycle ride on the country roads, or can they drive someplace to fish, or to take a walk in the woods. Absolutely you can, good healthy outdoor activity will do everyone some good keeping in mind large group activities would still be discouraged. Just be smart and don't go visiting people's homes or unnecessarily going to a store or other places. We will not be stopping folks out on a motorcycle ride getting some fresh air, just stay close to home, don't go out of state or to other populated areas, enjoy some back road spring beauty around home! Stay safe and be smart!


The following action was taken today by The Warren County Commissioners. We will also ask that anyone that has business to do here at the Sheriff's Office to call first, and we will make every effort to handle your business without you being required to come to the office. We can handle most all transactions via telephone and mail. Call the Office at 765-764-4367 prior to coming to the jail. Below is the notice issued by the Commissioners. We are committed to continued service to the community, Deputies are still on patrol, and we are continuing to serve the court and perform all of our normal functions, and we are doing our best to keep all of our staff and our inmates at the facility healthy during these difficult times. Thank You, Sheriff Hart


To All,

As of today, the Warren County Courthouse will be closed to the public. It will be open for appointment only. We are asking for the public to use as many sources other than face to face to conduct your business. If your business can be handled by phone, online or by email please do so to lower our employees and yourselves possible exposure to the Covid 19 Virus. We are going to lock all doors for entry to the building please use the east entrance next to the Jail for entry to the building. If you have an appointment for court or with an office holder you will be allowed to come to the courthouse to conduct your business. This will remain in effect until April 6th and then be re-evaluated at that time.


W. Brian Jordan
President of Commissioners
Warren County

**Update**  We would like to thank everyone for their assistance in identifying these individuals as arrests have been m...

**Update** We would like to thank everyone for their assistance in identifying these individuals as arrests have been made. The Warren County Sheriff’s Office and the Williamsport Police Department are seeking assistance in identifying two individuals below. They are involved in a burglary/theft at the Williamsport Laundromat on March 20th 2020 at approximately 7:00am. If you can provide information regarding these subjects or vehicle, please contact the Warren County Sheriff’s Office or Williamsport Police Department at 765-793-2449.


SCAM ALERT: People please be mindful that with this virus outbreak, talk of government payments, stock market tanking, etc. There WILL BE an increase in criminals trying to take advantage of these trying times. PLEASE DO NOT ever give out bank account and personal information over the phone. These scammers are threatening people with jail, and with police coming to your home, HANG UP, they are just trying to scam you. They are instructing people to buy gift cards as well and give them the numbers, DON'T DO IT! Please don't be a victim to these criminals, please tell your parents and grandparents to not give out any information to ANYONE over the phone, EVER!


Notice: In consideration of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the escalating uncertainty of the situation, there will be no inmate visitation Sunday March 15th. We ask all monetary deposits for inmates be made by mail at this time. We will continue to take these measures to protect our staff and inmates until further notice. If you have further questions, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 764-4367.


The Warren County Sheriff’s Office will be participating in Click It To Live It Blitz 101. Click it To Live It Blitz 101 is a state wide enforcement effort supported by federal funding allocated from the Traffic Safety Division of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute which allows our deputies to work overtime to provide extra patrols during this dangerous time of year.

The blitz will begin on February 28th and continue through March 22nd. During that period, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office will join more than 250 law enforcement agencies across the state in targeting impaired driving and aggressive driving behavior that leads to crashes.

Saturation patrols and high visibility enforcement activities will be utilized to identify impaired motorists. The enforcement blitz is scheduled to coincide with spring breaks, the NCAA tournament, and the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. According to ICJI, in March of 2019, there were 433 alcohol-related crashes across Indiana, resulting in 205 injuries and five fatalities. Of those, 65 crashes and one fatality occurred during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday weekend alone.

The following list includes several safety tips to prevent impaired driving this March.

• Before the celebration begins, plan a safe way home.
• Never drive impaired.
• Remember: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving.
• Designate a sober friend or family member, and give them your keys.
• If you see a drunk driver on the road, call 911.
• If you know someone who is about to drive or ride impaired, take their keys and help make arrangements to get them home safely.

All of Indiana’s 92 Sheriff’s in the room with Indiana’s Governor. Governor Holcomb and the legislature listen when this...

All of Indiana’s 92 Sheriff’s in the room with Indiana’s Governor. Governor Holcomb and the legislature listen when this group of elected officials speak.


Job Announcement

Courthouse Security Special Deputy

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications for a Special Deputy to be a Courthouse Security Deputy. This position requires an applicant to be a High School Graduate, be at least 21 years old, be in good physical condition, have no criminal history and a respectable driving record, and be of exceptional character. An extensive background check will be completed and a polygraph exam may be required. Applicants must be able to complete certain training requirements, and will be trained and certified in firearms and defensive tactics. Applicants must have strong oral and written communications skills, including an ability to interact positively in all community relations. Prior law enforcement, corrections, military, or like experience is preferred, but not required.
The Courthouse Security Deputy (CSD) will have certain limited arrest powers, and be responsible for maintaining order and security in the Warren Circuit Court during all times court is in session. The CSD will serve the court and enforce any orders, rules, or regulations the court enacts. The CSD will guard offenders while in court and may be responsible for movement of offenders to and from the County Jail. The CSD will also help in drafting and implementing a Court Security Plan.
During days when the Courthouse is open and court is not in session, the CSD will maintain security in the Courthouse as a primary responsibility, and will assist with needs that arise at the County Jail. The CSD will maintain a schedule when the Courthouse is open, Monday to Friday, mostly day shift with occasional variations, with weekends and most County Holidays off. The CSD will also attend training events and staff meetings during off hours, and may be asked to travel on occasion, including overnight.
Salary for this position is $38,000 annually, with county benefit’s available. Warren County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free Workplace.


29 E 2nd St
Williamsport, IN


(765) 764-4367


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Located in Williamsport Indiana. We are a 9 man Sheriff’s Office dedicated to serving the people of Warren County. Sheriff Rusty Hart is in his third term as Sheriff and has 24 years with the Sheriff’s Office. Chief Deputy Anthony Pruitt is in his 12th year of service. Sgt Greg Grimmett is in his 6th year of service here, after starting his service with the Attica Police Department. The other deputies are Jason Dexter, Kody Perry, Brennan Hutchinson who is serving as our School Resource Officer, Bryant Pearman, Brant Needler, ad Tayler Johnson.

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Will they announce when santa is coming threw tonight on the scanner like they did last year???
WHY are all the RailRoad crossings in town closed?
I don't know the officers name, but last night I hit a deer. First time ever. The officer that came out (I was on 55 south of Pine Village) was the nicest, kindest officer I've ever met. He put me at ease and didn't make me feel like I was a hassle or a terrible driver. So to whoever you were, thank you so much for making a terrible situation bearable!
i miss you bill miller
Enjoy your retirement Bill, and thanks for your service
Stop by to report a high Wind damage!
Thank you to the officer yesterday who helped us safely get our truck on a trailer off of 41. We were in a bad blind spot. Thank you for all you do.
What happened in west Lebanon on Wednesday morning at about 3am?